Friday, June 12th, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (also known as OCC Makeup) recently launched a new product called Lip Tar ($12.50 each). The range includes twelve shades ranging from clear to white to black to yellow. The idea behind the Lip Tars is giving you the freedom to mix and match to design your own custom lip colors. Each color is extremely rich in pigment and color–no sheer glosses here–non-sticky in texture, smooth and glossy. There are eleven colored shades, which I’ll be covering – six in this post and five in a follow-up post. After both are posted, you can expect lip swatches of the shades by themselves. I’m going to get my mixology on a bit later, and of course, will share the results with you all!

  • Feathered is an opaque white. There’s no way else to describe it! This is a shade designed to help lighten any lip color you’ve got going. If that hot pink combo is too bright, adding a bit of white will lighten it and turn it into a more wearable pink for you.
  • Tarred is an ultra glossy black. It’s fairly opaque, though if you really wanted to rock a purely black lip, I’d definitely recommend using a black lipstick underneath. For a fun look, you could also wear a vibrant red lipstick and layer it with Tarred. You can use Tarred to help mute or darken colors.
  • NSFW is a rich, glossy deep scarlet red. It’s insanely gorgeous by itself. Since it is a primary color, it can be used to create a good variety of different shades for customization, too.
  • Traffic is a heart-stopping shade of bright warm-toned yellow. Not exactly a shade one would wear all the time by itself, but as a primary color, it is best when mixed with other shades.
  • Rx is a vibrant sky blue. Again, a primary color, which makes it excellent for mixing and changing up a lip color.
  • Safety Orange is an ultra pigmented orange-red with lots of glossiness. Surprisingly, it wears well alone, though to make it more wearable, add a bit of white and pink and see what you get!

See swatches and photos!

Feathered, Tarred, NSFW, Traffic, Rx, Safety Orange, Grandma, Melange, Pageant, Katricia, Uber

Feathered, Tarred, NSFW, Traffic, Rx, Safety Orange

Feathered, Tarred, NSFW, Traffic, Rx, Safety Orange





Safety Orange

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64 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tars Review & Swatches – Part 1

  1. I would really like to see som lip swatches with these.

  2. Sarah

    VERY very cool!

  3. Crystal

    wow! NSFW would be gorgeous with lots of eyeliner…

  4. These seem like a great investment just because of the versatility. How’s the longevity for a non-sticky product?

  5. littlemissmagic

    upclose pics are amazing! really get a good sense of the color.

  6. Reminds me of the Illamasqua Intense glosses – but with even more of a range, incredibly. Tell us more! Are they sticky to wear?

  7. Just pure vibrancy. My eyes are in love….

  8. Macaddict

    Fun Fun Fun! These products are so cool!!! Where are they sold? Can they be purchased online? I don’t live inthe USA, so before I get TOO excited, I’d like to know if I can even get my hands on them. Never heard of that company name b4…

  9. inuchan

    I am in love with Pageant and Katricia!

    I never seen such concept/products before, I must admit it is brilliant! The texture seems so opaque though, it makes me shy away a bit

    • Nathalie

      Well, it seems you can make your own cooking and calm down the opacity by adding that transparent gloss we see on the left of the third pic, so there is not much concerns to have about this. I think it’s a brillant idea, very DIY.

    • I believe MAC’s PRO lipmix products are similar, but I haven’t played with them much yet.

      They’re definitely opaque though. I think if you mixed the TINIEST amount with clear gloss you could get something sheerer, though!

  10. Natalie

    I can see Katricia, Pageant and Grandma on me! I saw Katricia on someone else before and she looked awesome!!

  11. Roxanne

    WHOA — I think I’ve just gone blind. These are really pigmented! Can’t wait for your mix ‘n match, Christine.

  12. bluematilda

    thanks for this (and all of your other) review(s)! i’ve been curious about these and it’s nice to be able to see them! any chance you could review their colour lip balms also?!?!? thanks again!!

  13. wow interesting. it’s my first time so see such products..

  14. lesleykat

    are they pretty much the same as the MACPro lip mixes?

    they’d be AMAZING for avant garde looks.

    • They definitely seem similar! I have not really played with MAC’s Lip Mixes, though, so I can’t really tell if they’re similar in texture/opacity. I know the concept seems similar, though!

  15. DevilishDoll

    My first idea was to get RX and Katricia, mix them with some clear gloss and lots of glitter, and boom…homemade Dazzleglass! At least I hope they would work that way.

  16. lisa

    Love how pigmented they are!

  17. Wilcoa

    I love the idea of this, but truthfully I don’t think I would use something like this on a daily basis. Best for artistic purposes though, which I may consider investing in some in a couple months.

    • It’s definitely a bit DIY! I don’t think it’s for everyone, and for some, it can be more of a novelty than something you’ll love in the long run.

  18. These glosses are really cool and a lot of fun. They definitely make a bold statement. I think the NSFW is my favorite. However, I don’t think I would wear these on a daily basis! Thanks for the pics and descriptions! Can’t wait to hear more about them.

    i want these so much
    i plan on getting some at IMATS, hopefully they have a deal!?! im hoping, cause theyre EXXXXPEEEENSIVE !! ;]

  20. Meagan Elizabeth

    WOW I love these! It’s like literally painting your lips!

  21. Rae

    Whoo!! I’ve been hoping for someone to review these — thanks so much!! *runs off to read the other posts on them*

  22. Meta

    These reminds me of shu uemura’s Artist shades in the Rouge Unlimited lippy range.

  23. maddie

    wow i ordered 9 and they arrived today cant wait to play!!!!!!!

    • Which did you order, Maddie?

      • maddie

        11 LIP TARs:
        PAGEANT( backordered)
        just got them and cant wait to play!!!! i really have become a cosmetic whore LOL

        • Very nice, Maddie!! Enjoy! Let me know how you like them once you’ve gotten a chance to play!

          • maddie

            so im trying these out but i gotta ask you about the taste…
            these have an oil base.. did u have any problem with the clear and the black being runny or separated? im senstive to the taste of my lipsticks so im curious as to your take on this
            the colors are really nice..its late but im going to really work with them tomorrow. and give some more input zzzzzzzzz

            • They don’t have a flavored taste or anything. They smell like peppermint. I didn’t find either the clear or black runny or that they separated myself…

  24. maddie

    ok so after playing with my new OCC.. i like them . you can do so many color variations
    the only one i regret buying is the black on- tarred… i dont think i will get much use out of it.. even with mixing..and yes use very little…also one of them had a bad weird taste.. i am going to call OCC to get a replacement..
    for a quick on the go use …still u always will need a lip brush and a q-tip or wipe in case u apply off the lipline by mistake
    i tried mixing them right on my lips which works out fine .. another thing, the reds,esp, stain a bit so becareful with your clothes

  25. maddie

    ok another update
    i love them!!!!!
    they are very smooth and feel good on your lips
    .the oil base i have gotten used to already.. i was applying too much..
    after playing for a while i was using too much only need a dot of each when mixing or you will be wasting it
    also, you need very little for application.. wore it out yesterday and it lasted a long time before i needed to re-apply
    so girls, go order some and start playing