Saturday, June 13th, 2009

“Sweet Divinity” started with Katricia and NSFW, mix it up!

Here’s the last set of four shades! :)

“Sweet Divinity”


“Sweet Divinity”


“Sweetness” started with Pageant and NSFW

Added Rx!



“Lilac Lovely”

“Lilac Lovely” started with Katricia and NSFW


“Lilac Lovely”

Note: “Lilac Lovely” is too cool-toned and too purple for me, but I thought it was a nice variation on Katricia. I would likely add Pageant and a bit of Feathered to lighten it up.

“Shell Coral”

“Shell Coral” started with Grandma, Pageant, and Feathered

Mix it up!


“Shell Coral”

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77 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tars – Custom Shades: Sweet Divinity, Sweetness, Shell Coral, Lilac Lovely

  1. Renee

    I like the last one :)

  2. Melissa

    i absolutely love shell coral on you!! wow this is my first time seeing these custom shades for lips..are these lip glosses?

  3. I want me some lip tars!!! Hellooooo IMATS. πŸ˜› That last coral color looks GORGEOUS on you.

  4. Natalie

    These are beautiful! But the more I look at them, the more lazy I feel πŸ˜€

  5. this OCC Lip Tars are so fun! haha If I get it, I think I will enjoy mixing the colour more than wearing it. haha

  6. Stephanie

    sweetness and shell coral came out great!

  7. sarah

    soooo, there’s a place in my town that sells OCC.. guess where i’m going!!!

  8. Mikki

    Shell Coral is so cute :)

  9. sandra

    I love these you should do more!

  10. Marcela

    These look amazing! Really interesting combos, it’d be great to see more…it’s nice to have products to mix and match right? You’d probably find your holy grail colour by doing this!

  11. InΓͺs Mariano

    Shell Coral is amazing πŸ˜€
    This looks just like when we where kids and have botles of primary colours and have to mix them to get the other colors πŸ˜€ ah ah ah

  12. Mara

    Thank you so much for these Lip Tar posts! I decided I need them all, LOL!

  13. Catherine

    All these posts were GREAT. I would love to see you incorporate the Lip Tars into an entire look!

  14. shell coral is beautiful but I love sweetness more (i’m a sucker for hot pinks). I have two OCC lip tars that I got rom the makeup show nyc and I love them. I have grandma and safety orange. beautiful!

  15. Christina

    could you imagine these as eyeshadow bases? hmmmmmm……

  16. claudia

    They are great fun, I loved them !!!!
    Some colours you got are so MAC-ish !!

  17. Whitney

    What do these look like dry? Or do they stay how they are in the pictures? :)

  18. aradna

    these look great! have you already done lip swatches showing the shades on their own (before mixing)?

  19. rayne

    you need to come up with more mixtures! i rly enjoy looking at them, lmaooo.

  20. Lil

    Where do you buy these lip tars at? I’ve never heard of the brand. It looks like fun to mix the colors.

  21. geri~

    this is really cool~

  22. hi

    I love “Sweetness” and “Shell Coral”! Good job making the shades – nice names πŸ˜€

  23. Susie

    I just got the clear occ lip tar to mix all my mac pigments. I love their texture

  24. livia

    Shell Coral rocks! if it was in stores I would buy it!!

  25. Kathrine

    I only like the last one.. πŸ˜€

  26. Omg , looks like a lot of fun =D
    Love Sweet Divinity … I want!

  27. Sabrina

    where can you get these? Do you have to order them online?

  28. Sarah

    Wow, how cool! These lip tars seem very economical, you could get so many colors and looks out of them :)

  29. Vness_12

    Lilac Lovely is on FIYAH!!!! LoL I love it.

  30. Gorgeous! I might pick up a few of these at IMATS this weekend.

  31. Lucy

    I still prefer lipsticks. But the Lip Tars must be a blast to play with. Do you really think they’re worth the money to just play around?I don’t know if they come with containers to mix them in. I just saw them here but really haven’t read about them.

    • They’re definitely fun to play around with! I don’t think I’d buy ’em all if you’re on a tighter budget, but maybe a few to have fun with, sure. They don’t come with any containers (I bought mine on eBay a long time ago, just search for 5 gram container).

  32. maddie

    ok another update
    i love them!!!!!
    they are very smooth and feel good on your lips
    .the oil base i have gotten used to already.. i was applying too much..
    after playing for a while i was using too much only need a dot of each when mixing or you will be wasting it
    also, you need very little for application.. wore it out yesterday and it lasted a long time before i needed to re-appl

  33. Carmen

    If anybody wants to swap some lip tar samples, please let me know, I have Vintage and Melange that I can swap for. I’m looking for Hush and Conquest sample jars. I’m on MUA as “Carmen”. You can contact me there. Hope this is ok to post, Christine…I can only afford a couple and want to expand my collection to mix.

  34. Sher

    Shell Coral looks super similar to Chris & Tell! :)

  35. Hey Christine, thought you’d be interested in my attempt to make MAC colors with the OCC Lip Tars:

    Let me know what you think!

  36. ann

    i love your lovely lilac combo. who knew purple with red would make lavender. i just recently bought katricia and feathered, hoping to get that exactly same color you made with nsfw and katricia. i haven’t received my package yet as i just placed order yesterday but do you think it will make that lovely lilac color you made?

  37. Angela

    I love seeing what colors you’ve made!

  38. peachblow

    I’m a tiny bit confused about how Lilac Lovely came to be! I have both of those colors and I don’t understand how the resulting mix is a paler white-based pastel, when Katricia is a warm purple and NSFW is red. Did you add any Feathered into the mix? Or maybe it’s just a trick of the light? Mixing any NSFW at all into Katricia here at home results in a darker and warmer purple.

    Love the photos!!