Saturday, June 13th, 2009

“Sunset Boulevard” started with Traffic, Pageant, and Safety Orange

Yesterday, I introduced OCC Lip Tars ($12.50 each) to you. I showed you eleven shades of color — and what do you know? Last night they added two shades to their line up: Plum and Vintage! Lip Tars are made to be mixed and less so to be worn alone (especially the primary colors!), so I had a little mixology session last night where I made twelve different shades, just playing and experimenting with adding different amounts and shades together.

The best way to mix colors is to use small jars. I use clear, 5 gram sample jars that I’ve long since purchased from eBay. These come in handy for a variety of things – sampling out pigments, travel size containers for creams, cleansers, etc. They’re a good thing to have around the house.

Temptalia as a Mixologist

Step 1: Squeeze out the colors and the amounts you think you’ll need into the sample jar.

Step 2: Take a toothpick (or a plastic spatula, if you have them!), and then mix vigorously. Make sure to swipe the sides to really get as much color mixed as you can.

Step 3: If it’s the color you’ve always dreamed of, then it’s done. If not, add more of a shade or another shade to change up the color.

Tricks I Learned

  • If you’re really into mixing up your own lip colors, I highly suggest picking up two tubes of white. I found I used white quite a bit, relative to all of the other shades.
  • Go easy on black. It really will darken up your lip color INSTANTLY. Like a little will do ya!
  • Adding clear gloss seemed to add more “bulk” – stretched out the color, but it didn’t dilute it or sheer it out.
  • Thinner application to lips results in a very satiny finish. A second or third layer adds more glossiness and feels more comfortable on lips to me.

Overall, I had some fun experimenting. I know some of you were concerned about having to mix up colors everyday and the like, but it doesn’t need to be. You can mix up colors every so often, and you can fill up your sample jar with that color. You’ll get plenty of uses out of it before you have to think about mixing it up again.

I do recommend using lip liner and a lip brush when applying Lip Tars during real application. (I didn’t use lip liner since these are swatches–quick and dirty–and I think it is important to show each one’s potential to bleed. For example, black bleeds the most, and all of them bleed more if you have a thicker coat on.) I took pictures of the mixing process, so as to not to overload the page, I’ll share four custom mixed shades at a time!

See four shades I created

“Sunset Boulevard”

Mix it up!


“Sunset Boulevard”

“Lady Pink”

“Lady Pink” started with Pageant and Feathered

Mix it up!


“Lady Pink”

“Sunrise Creme”

“Sunrise Creme” started with Safety Orange and Feathered

Mix it up!

Added Traffic and Pageant

Added Feathered and Pageant


“Sunrise Creme”

“Dark Mistress”

“Dark Mistress” started with Tarred and NSFW

Mix it up!


“Dark Mistress”

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51 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tars – Custom Shades: Sunset Boulevard, Lady Pink, Sunrise Creme, Dark Mistress

  1. littlemissmagic

    lady pink is so cute!! sunrise creme is also pretty, and i really LOVED dark mistress!

  2. sprut6

    these seem so fun. If they were a little cheaper I’d pick up all. I have a big problem with picking out lipsticks and sometimes they come out being too orange on me if I wanted to pick up one of these to specifically counteract orangey-ness what color do you think I would want? Or do you think that would even work?

    • Meagan Elizabeth

      The complementary color to orange is blue (Orange + Blue = Brown), so if you add a little blue to an orangey color, it will turn more neutral.

    • I do agree that they’re bit pricey. I believe you have to add blue to counteract orange!

  3. Wilcoa

    Sunrise Creme and Sunset Boulevard are gorgeous combos! If those two colors can in pre-made they’d be must-haves for me, especially sunrise creme.

  4. its fun to play wth these colors…i m tempted to do this wth my paints…:)

  5. Whitney

    Ughh I already kind of wanted these, but now that I know they can be mixed… I want all of them. LOL. *sigh* Those colors are beautiful, Christine! You make a great mixologist! hehe. :)

  6. sunset blvd, lady pink, and sunrise creme look GREAT!

  7. lisa

    I so have to buy these lip tars! Love the look of dark mistress!

  8. Mikki

    Wow, this is absolutely amazing! They are so pigmented and beautiful!

  9. cloudburst

    They are so pigmented they are like liquid lipsticks. I love Dark Mistress – I used to mix my own glosses w/ MAC lipmix but couldn’t find a container they wouldn’t leak out of.

  10. Just seems too much hassle for me. What do you do with the mixture once it’s in the container? I’m guessing you end up wasting a lot. This is definitely not for me.

    • I’d just do the same thing I do with my regular glosses and lipsticks.. put the cap (or in this case, the lid) back on until the next time it’s used. 😉

    • I made up enough of each lip color for probably 10-15 applications. Since I have a ton of lip products, I don’t really need more than that. I imagine you’d mix up a bunch of each color you liked at the same time. I just screw on the lid of the sample jar, and then I can open it up whenever I wanted to use it. No waste at all!

  11. egon

    Dark Mistress is a wow

  12. Dark Mistress is a winner! That’s the perfect name for it too!

  13. Marcela

    Sunset Boulevard = LOVE! These are great, they all look amazing on you! Girl, you can pull off anything.

  14. these are all fantastic. you’re a rockstar my friend lol

  15. Christina

    i think dark mistress looked really good…. am i the only one? but do you think these are worth it? my total on the site came to 250$ including shipping and handling…

    • Faiza

      I think if you had the money to spend then why not? I mean you would spend that money on lipsticks anyways, but if you got the tars you could probably make any color you wanted! I bet you could add pigments, glitter, and lots of other stuff to these to make more variations!

    • Thanks, Christina! :)

      I think they are fun, and if you’ve always wanted to mix your own, I’d say pick up a few. I don’t necessarily think you need ALL of these, though, to have fun!

  16. Sammie

    wow, the last one was awesome!

  17. Rosie

    I love these. I purchased them about a week or so ago and have been playing with them ever since. Two new colors just came out today and I placed my order this AM. Yes, I have an addiction. LOL

  18. Jody

    Thank you so much for doing this Christine! Lady Pink is exactly the combo I wanted to see, it does look like Saint Germain to me, the color I can’t wear but insist on. :) I’m definitely buying those and maybe Rx and Katricia.

    • No problem, Jody!

      At least with these, you can always add more/less of the color you want to get it to be more the color you can wear 😛

  19. HoneyBrown1976

    Dark Mistress is the key!

  20. livia

    OMG I so want the liptars! all of them

  21. Sexy Sadie

    Adore Dark Mistress.

  22. You & Carla have made me want these!!

  23. Sunrise Creme looks awesome. I love how you made so many different lip colours. These tubes are worth the price just being able to create so many new colours :)

  24. Han

    Will feathered and safety orange alone create a similar shade to sunrise creme depending on the quantity mix? I really love a true peach shade.