Monday, September 17th, 2012

OCC Fall Lip Tars

OCC Heroine Collection: 6 New Lip Tars

OCC Fall 2012 Lip Tars ($16.00 for 0.33 oz.) sees the launch of six new shades: Black Dahlia (blackened red), Lydia (darkroom plum), Marion (deceitfully dirty rose), Psycho (dripping with blood red), Starling (deeply rusted red), and Sybil (midnight brownout). The six shades are inspired by the brand’s favorite horror movie heroines.

Black Dahlia is a blackened red with a touch of brown-burgundy. It has a very lip stain-like appearance on the lips. It doesn’t quite get opaque without over-applying the product. It’s fairly even, and at a distance, it definitely looks even. This shade wore eight hours and stained for another two. MAC Soulfully Rich is less red. MAC Prince Noir is less red, darker. Chanel Maniac is darker. Milani Black Cherry is lighter. MAC Media is browner, redder, and lighter.

Lydia is a medium-dark pink plum with even, opaque color coverage. I’d say this is the most “wearable” of the six and rather universally flattering. It lasted for seven hours on my lips. MAC Hot Gossip is lighter, pinker. MAC Plumful is pinker, sheerer. MAC Flaunting It is more purple, sheerer. Make Up For Ever is frosty.

Marion is a lightened peach-brown with opaque color coverage. It needed very little product for full, even color. This wore for seven hours. Burberry Heather Rose is darker. CoverGirl Delish is a touch pinker. Guerlain Gracieuse is similar but has shimmer.

Psycho is a bright orange-red–very fiery–with opaque color payoff. It applies evenly and smoothly It lasted for eight hours on my lips.. MAC Sail la Vie is similar. MAC Scarlet Ibis is redder. Giorgio Armani #405 is more orange and has shimmer. Dolce & Gabbana Sheer is glossier.

Starling is a rusted, reddened brown. It yielded full color coverage and went on evenly. This shade wore for seven hours. Cle de Peau Danse de Feu is lighter and has shimmer. Make Up For Ever #20 is a bit redder.

Sybil is a deep, dark chocolate brown with subtle reddish undertones. This shade lasted for eight hours.  It was extremely pigmented and applied opaquely and evenly. MAC Chestnut is not quite as dark/rich. MAC Seeds of Desire is redder. MAC Film Noir is lighter, warmer.

Beginning today, Sephora will be carrying the new six shades, but more noteworthy, is that Lip Tars sold through Sephora will be sold in an eco-friendly vinyl bag along with instructions and a mini precision lip brush–just to help newcomers to all that is Lip Tar learn the ropes a little more easily! Lip Tars are best applied with a brush and with very, very little product. As in a dot or two of product, not a dollop or glob. It’s not a gloss, and it’s way, way more pigmented than the majority of liquid lipsticks on the market. If you over-apply, the product may bleed/feather, and it will easily get onto teeth, too.

Lip Tars are extremely pigmented, long-wearing, and dry down to a satin-matte finish with just a slight sheen.  They’re not drying, and I don’t find that they bleed or feather on me, but very few products do, so take that with a grain of salt.  They are mint-scented and come in small, squeeze tubes but are meant to be applied with a lip brush. Black Dahlia was the only shade that wasn’t opaque, and overall, had a slightly different texture (and definitely a different look) than the majority of OCC’s Lip Tar range.

The Glossover


OCC Heroine Lip Tars - Black Dahlia, Lydia, Marion, Psycho, Starling, Sybil Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Lip Tars are extremely pigmented, long-wearing, and dry down to a satin-matte finish with just a slight sheen. They can be worn alone or mixed with each other to create new shades!











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OCC Fall Lip Tars

Exclusive Sephora Packaging

Exclusive Sephora Packaging

OCC Black Dahlia Lip Tar
OCC Black Dahlia Lip Tar

OCC Black Dahlia Lip Tar
OCC Black Dahlia Lip Tar

OCC Black Dahlia Lip Tar
OCC Black Dahlia Lip Tar

OCC Black Dahlia Lip Tar
OCC Black Dahlia Lip Tar

OCC Black Dahlia Lip Tar
OCC Black Dahlia Lip Tar

OCC Lydia Lip Tar
OCC Lydia Lip Tar

OCC Lydia Lip Tar
OCC Lydia Lip Tar

OCC Lydia Lip Tar
OCC Lydia Lip Tar

OCC Lydia Lip Tar
OCC Lydia Lip Tar

OCC Lydia Lip Tar
OCC Lydia Lip Tar

OCC Marion Lip Tar
OCC Marion Lip Tar

OCC Marion Lip Tar
OCC Marion Lip Tar

OCC Marion Lip Tar
OCC Marion Lip Tar

OCC Marion Lip Tar
OCC Marion Lip Tar

OCC Marion Lip Tar
OCC Marion Lip Tar

OCC Psycho Lip Tar
OCC Psycho Lip Tar

OCC Psycho Lip Tar
OCC Psycho Lip Tar

OCC Psycho Lip Tar
OCC Psycho Lip Tar

OCC Psycho Lip Tar
OCC Psycho Lip Tar

OCC Psycho Lip Tar
OCC Psycho Lip Tar

OCC Starling Lip Tar
OCC Starling Lip Tar

OCC Starling Lip Tar
OCC Starling Lip Tar

OCC Starling Lip Tar
OCC Starling Lip Tar

OCC Starling Lip Tar
OCC Starling Lip Tar

OCC Starling Lip Tar
OCC Starling Lip Tar

OCC Sybil Lip Tar
OCC Sybil Lip Tar

OCC Sybil Lip Tar
OCC Sybil Lip Tar

OCC Sybil Lip Tar
OCC Sybil Lip Tar

OCC Sybil Lip Tar
OCC Sybil Lip Tar

OCC Sybil Lip Tar
OCC Sybil Lip Tar

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121 thoughts on “OCC Heroine Lip Tars – Black Dahlia, Lydia, Marion, Psycho, Starling, Sybil Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. I need to get myself a lip tar asap! Lydia is gorgeous, a color that I know is very flattering to me :)

  2. Black Dahlia is gorgeous but does look very different from the other lip tars I have. I am so glad Sephora is going to be carrying these, it makes it so much easier for me to get them!

  3. Kendra

    Love for fall! Will these be available today in Sephora stores as well as online?

  4. Barbara

    I just may have to pick up Black Dahlia. It’s gorgeous.

  5. GUSnail

    These are really stunning colors! I love them all. You mentioned they have a mint scent, do they have a flavor?

  6. Ok so Sephora packing come with brushes now with the lips tars. :) That’s to cute. I always got my Lip Tars from IMATS.

  7. Ria

    I’m interested in trying Marion but I have my eye set on Nars Honolulu Honey. They seem similar, HH not as opaque perhaps. Hmmm. Quite interesting, as usual for occ.

  8. Ana G.

    Love these!! Ok, I go more for colors like Lydia and Marion but these all look amazing!

  9. Angie

    Thanks for the review. I love lip tars and I want OCC Lydia lip tar, but it looks exsctly like Wet n’ Wild Mega Matte 907C “Mauve Outta Here” (which I already own).

  10. 18thCenturyFox

    Why do these not work with my chemistry? Not only do I love these take no prisoner shades, except Lydia which wouldn’t work with my coloring, but they have brillz names!

  11. I want Psycho (because it’s named after me, haha).

  12. xamyx

    I *need* Black Dahlia & Sybil!

  13. Sabrina

    Star;ing is absolutely gorgeous! i cant wait to pick some up, but i can never pull of reds cause i have such tan skin

  14. Starling and Psycho are amazing! I love the packaging, too! I was wondering what brush to use and this takes the guesswork out of it. I’ll definitely be grabbing one or two of these!

  15. How does Psycho compare to the discontinued Safety Orange, Christine?

  16. Omg Dahlia is beautiful!

  17. SunShine

    Christine, I don’t see these listed on the Sephora website. Do you know if they are only available in store today? I don’t see them on the OCC site either.

    • You might have to give them a moment since the review went up at 6AM :) I was told by OCC that 9/17 was the launch date, but they didn’t given a specific time!

  18. Monika

    These are all so, SO gorgeous. I have been following your blog for years now, and I still haven’t made the plunge with OCC. I don’t think I can put it off anymore, especially since you can get these at Sephora now. I’m so excited to swatch these on myself and see how they look on my skintone.

  19. evo

    I don’t see them on sephora’s site yet :(

  20. Violet

    Ahhhh, Lydia is the perfect “old”/vintage pink that I’ve always been looking for!

  21. nicole

    I have been stalking sephoras website for these but can not find them?

  22. These look really fabulous on you, Christine with the exception of the chocolate brown which doesn’t hit the right chord for me unless you are going for ghoulishly beautiful :) I’m tempted by a couple of these colours and the amazing part of OCC lips tars is how easy it is to mix and match shades to create your own unique look.

  23. sophie

    Oh these are gorgeous. May have to invest in one or two!

  24. Belinda

    Thanks for the review, Christine! They look scrumptious! Black Dahlia looks like MAC Dark Side to me. How do they compare? I love the colour but don’t want to double up if they are too similar!

  25. Malia

    I could never pull off any brown lip but Sybil looks amazing on you!!

  26. MeggieBeth

    As these wear off, how do they leave the lips? I mean, you said Black Dahlia stains, but what about the rest? Is it a gradual fade or do they pill or leave you with a colorful (and always attractive) ring-around-the-mouth ? Also, how do they hold up to food/drink? As always, thank you so much for all your hard work! You rock!

    P.S. – Lydia looks great on you, so pretty!

  27. Alison

    The formula sounds great, but HATING the shades! When I try them, I’ll have to get mixing!

  28. Lauren

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve found the Lip Tars to look like they’d actually be wearable! I really like Starling, Psycho, Lydia, and Marion. The others are not bad, either, but much too dark for my skin tone.

  29. Plum! *happy flails* I’m loathe to buy lip products (er, most products, really) without seeing them in person, so here’s to hoping my Sephora eventually gets the Lip Tars. Lydia is such a gorgeous shade — and (finally!) a violet-undertoned lip colour that isn’t frosty!

    (Is it just me, or do they tend to be? Maybe it’s just the ones I’ve stumbled across.)

  30. Christine

    Omg you’re wearing the new meteorites from the holiday collection! Review please! :)

  31. Somehow I’m in love with Black Dahlia although I know I wouldn’t wear it very often. It’s just so vampy and dark, it really grabs my attention.

  32. Kristyn

    Do you happen to know when these will be launching on the OCC website?

  33. Andrea

    woow love black Dalia also love the idea that it stains. does milani black cherry stay long?

  34. I love Starling on you! OCC Sybil not so much… Looks like you went crazy on a box of chocolates! 😉

  35. Courtney

    Wow…Black Dahlia and Sybil are gorgeous!

  36. Urk! I NEEEED Lydia!! o___o

  37. Silvia

    I love Black Dahlia and Lydia! They’re both gorgeous!

  38. Sybil on you couldn’t be more perfect. Now I understand wearing it on your wedding day is probably out of the question, but the creative department is voting for Black Dahlia. I myself, being strange and unusual, recommend Lydia. Smashing on you. And thank you so much,

  39. Miss J

    I need Black Dahlia! Holy f*** sexy!

  40. Veronica

    I am all over Lydia and Black Dahlia. That vampy lip looks amazing on you!

  41. Ericka

    I still do not see the lip tars in the Sephora site.

    Have you heard anything about and new lip tar sets? I spoke to a rep and she said that there might be a few exclusive sets for Sephora only. I hope that they will be available on their site soon. It is just a better deal to get the lip tars in a set. I hope that they come out with a primary color set to.

    • adler

      Hey Ericka,

      It looks like only “Nylon” is on the website for the moment, but I was able to locate 3 shades (NSFW, Nylon, and Grandma — LOL at the name of that last one) in a brick and mortar location. I think there’s a post on here with the OCC tag that lists which other locations will have these colors on their shelves.

      Otherwise, I guess we are stuck buying them online, which is kind of a pity because I hate paying for shipping!

  42. KF

    These colors seem oddly…safe maybe? I always like that OCC has really unique shades, even if I haven’t gotten to test out the formula yet, but I think I have lipsticks similar to most of these. But I do love the names, even if “heroine” seems a little odd to describe Marion and Sybil…

  43. Surprisingly wearable shades, I guess that’s what happens when a brand enters the Sephora catalogue! Marion and Starling look really nice.

  44. Lydia and Marion are calling my name!!! I’m so excited for these and can’t wait to check these out!

  45. Matthias

    I would love to try these, unfortunately they are not available where I live.
    Do you know how they compare to MAC Pro’s Lipmix?
    Thank you!

    • I haven’t used Lipmix! I think I’ve only ever seen it once or twice!

      • Matthias

        Yes, MAC makes a secret out of their Pro products, especially the Lip Mix.
        I just bought some of them yesterday but I haven’t had the time to play with them yet.
        Thank you anyways!

    • Ericka

      I have 14 MAC Lipmix colors. I have brown, blue, burgundy, orange, yellow, red, violet, black, white, magenta, fuchsia, crimson, pink, and gloss. Some of the shades I have are discontinued. The MAC brown lipmix looks more like a medium brown compared to OCC Sybil. The OCC Black Dahlia looks like MAC burgundy lipmix. The lipmix tend to have a thicker texture like mixture of a gloss and a paste with a satin finish. The newer shades of lipmix like magenta seems to have a thinner texture compared to the older lipmix. It is really not a major difference. The OCC lip tars seem to have a very thin water like texture. I am not sure which one of these lip products will wear the longest. I will test that out once I get the new lip tars. I get about 6 or more hours of wear with the lipmix. The lipmix does not list an expiration date (I’m guessing that they don’t expire) and this is not a vegan item. The OCC lip tars expire after 12 months and they are vegan. Either way, I’m not really sure that I would finish either one within 12 months. Both tubes do contain the same amount of product.

      • Matthias

        Thank you for your help! If there’s no major difference I won’t bother to get the Lip Tar; I would have to order online and that means customs, waiting etc. (We live a bit under a rock here in Germany when it comes to make-up… ;))
        Thanks again!

        • Ericka

          The lip tars have a bigger color range and they are vegan but they last 12 months after opening. The lipmix does not expire but they have a smaller color selection and you do have to order them from a pro only store. The textures of the two are a little different but they both do the same thing. I am glad that I was able to help.

  46. Danii

    Will they bring in any other colors? Having Nylon as the only option sucks. I personally think its atrocious. The other colors, such as the ones here, are gorgeous and I would like them! But Sephora has the Nylon Lip Tar labeled as “online only” sadly. :/ At $21 with shipping, it’s not worth it from Sephora!

  47. Espe

    I want Black Dahlia just for the name. My sister and I were obsessed with that case when she worked at LA County Coroner’s office 11 years ago.

  48. Wenz

    I am ssssooooo obsessed with these lip tars!!! Im really glad Sephora will be carrying them. Now if they would only update their webpage :/

    • Miss J

      Hahaha. I’m over here refreshing the page spastically waiting for these new ones and the rest to come up, so I feel you!

  49. blueraccoon

    I think lip tars are just not for me. I have yet to find a color I’d want to wear. Maybe I’m just too boring with my lip choices? I don’t know.

  50. Starling is gorgeous! Thank you for the swatches! :)

  51. wow! love it, birthday coming up and this is on my wishlist! also Black Dahlia…great name :) great post.

  52. Jocelyn Beckett

    I want them so bad.

    If I could afford it, i’d probably get all of the lip tar shades and mix it together to wear a new colour everyday XD

  53. Angel

    I’m wondering how Lydia compares to the discontinued Plum shade. Do you know if they’re similar Christine?

  54. TrippyPixie

    I absolutely love the names of these shades! I really like how Black Dahlia and Lydia look.

  55. Ester

    I personally am not comfortable wearing something so opaque, but wow those are beautiful products! Absolutely worth the price for the amount you get and how long it will last you.

  56. I adore Black Dahlia on you! Black Dahlia and Lydia are my favorites from this set.

  57. Gabbi

    Kinda wondering if these will really be released here considering it’s already 9pm here…

  58. Marissa

    I think all of these colors were made for you!

  59. Terri

    Lydia is calling my name…it’s so pretty!!!

  60. Mietta

    Black Dahlia is beautiful!!! I’m heading to NY in November so I might pick this one (and LOTS of other makeup we can’t get easily in Australia) up from Sephora! yay!

    • Lilinah

      Mietta: occ has a shop in Lower Manhattan. You could go there and try everything! They also make ‘Loose Color Concentrate’, pigments to use almost anywhere, and foundations and concealers. And nail polishes. And more!

  61. Jasmine

    Okay, I definitely want to check out Black Dahlia and Marion. I love the names for all of these by the way, and soo happy they’re at Sephora! Much more accessible that way 😉

  62. As a lover of sheer, balmy lipsticks and a person who is generally afraid of super-opaque lips, I’m still not sure this is the product for me, but I still can’t wait to have a play when these become available in-store at sephora!!!

    • KF

      I found that my local Sephora (small city, not a store that gets anything exclusive) has three shades currently: Anime, NSFW, and Grandma. Even if these aren’t shades you’re interested in, you can test out the formula! According to the employees, all Sephora stores have these three right now. :)

  63. Sandrine

    I’ve always wanted to try one but I can’t be bothered with a lip brush.

  64. Sandrine

    I’ve always wanted to try one but I can’t be bothered with using a lip brush.

  65. Oh!! love!! I loved Lydia and I wish this was available in India!!!

  66. Cerys

    Black Dahlia is so beautiful! Do you know of any other great blackened red lipgloss/lipstick/nail colours? :)

  67. I am a HUGE fan of OCC Lip Tars. I’ve owned the Bright & Neutral set from for a while now and I really do love them. They are super long wearing, don’t dry my lips out and my favorite part is that they are easy to mix so I can blend my own custom colors. You only need the tiniest bit to get a full lip application so 1 tube lasts a super long time. I’m really excited about these new colors, and really glad that they are finally available at Sephora.


    I have to say Christine you look amazing with all the lip tar colors I have seen you review!! If it wasn’t for you I would’ve never gotten my lovely Femme and Chlorophyll lip tars. Now I want Black Dahlia, Starling, and Sybil added to my collection :)

  69. Cat G

    Love these! And $16 seems like a great deal for them too!

  70. Miss J

    Impatiently waiting for Black Dahlia to come in stock, lol.

  71. Kat

    Black Dahlia and Sybil are the only two that would work with my skin tone.

  72. Arianna

    black dahlia and sybil *___*

  73. kitty

    How is Psycho different from Safety Orange?

  74. rachel

    Hello :) Everytime I see Occ Black Dahlia It makes me think of Mac Rebel, are they anything alike?

  75. Aly

    Hi Christine! I have really big lips, do you think this product would feather on me? Is it hydrating?

    • It’s not drying, but it’s not really moisturizing – it’s somewhat, if only because it has to be if it doesn’t leave lips feeling dehydrated after wearing it for 12 hours! It can feather if you apply too much.

  76. how does black dahlia compare to ysl glossy stain #1 violet edition? anyone? thanks in advance!

    • I’ve not tried Black Dahlia, but Violet Edition is great. Based on Christine’s photos, I’d say VE is similar, but a little less red, and the finish is obviously glossier, but like all the Glossy Stains, it has great wear time!

      • Thank you so much for you reply. I know! Glossy Stains don’t transfer either. I’ll save OCC Lip Tars for warmer months because they’re not moisturizing enough for me. Love the colours though…

  77. Amy

    I brought Black Dahlia and I LOVE IT only problem is it can tend to bleed a bit. I was wondering if anyone a good lip liner for in a corresponding color.

  78. leissam

    I love lip tars want so many but dying for Black Dahlia one drop lasts all day a bit drying on lips though but so worth it

  79. Madison

    Personally, I really like the Black Dahlia & Sybil on you :) There’s just something about them on you that I like better than any of the other colors. I also have a question for you. I have fair skin with golden undertones. Colors like olive/moss green, browns, mustard yellow, rust, and there was this shade of blue that would have been similar to the tint of those that I can wear well work on me. Do you think either of those two colors of lip tar would work well on me? Thank you.

  80. Is Sybil comparative to Occ’s Fondue?

  81. Mietta

    Seeing Black Dahlia makes me want MAC to bring back Prince Noir soooo bad =C

  82. Mariela

    Hey Christine, I know this is an old post but do you know any drug store brands that carry a similar lipstick shade to Black Dahlia? I want to try the color on me before I take the $16 plunge. Thank you!