Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar
OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar

Have You Met My Electric Grandma?

OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar ($16.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is described as a “electrified true, classic coral.” It’s a brightened orange with tangerine shimmer and a slight pink tinge. Guerlain Orange Euphorique is more subdued. Chanel Sari d’Eau is darker. guerlain Gil is darker, redder. Guerlain Gipsy is darker and redder with less shimmer. MAC Vegas Volt is pinker.  I was actually surprised that I didn’t find anything more similar to this, but the brightness paired with the less-obvious orange-tones made it tough to dupe.

It applies fully opaque with very little product, and the consistency is smooth and looks that way on lips, while still giving off that metallic sheen it’s supposed to have.  When I wore this, it lasted eight hours–through afternoon coffee and dinner–and still looked 75% intact.

The Glossover


Electric Grandma

Vibrant--electric even--with strong warm undertones and a golden shimmer-sheen, this color is very summery, but for those who long for summer, may this remind you of it when you're cozied up in front of the fire!











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OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar
OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar

OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar
OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar

OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar
OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar

OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar
OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar

OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar
OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

OCC, $16.00 (November 15th).

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Guerlain Orange Euphorique is more subdued. Chanel Sari d'Eau is darker. guerlain Gil is darker, redder. Guerlain Gipsy is darker and redder with less shimmer. MAC Vegas Volt is pinker.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals The Rare Find Eyeshadow Palette, Buxom Sculpt Mascara, Urban Decay Baked Eyeliner. On cheeks: Maybelline Deep Nude Blush.

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43 thoughts on “OCC Electric Grandma Lip Tar Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I think the “shimmer” in these last few shades just looks like gritty sand on the lips.

  2. So pretty and much more orange then Grandma. ^_^

    • Actually can you show use hoe these metallic Lip Tars work blended together and with the original Lip Tar formula in a post. I’m sure people will be interested in that.

  3. Pamela

    I’m guessing this name comes from the stereotype that coral is a color for elderly females?

  4. Are you going to compare how this looks to the regular Grandma? & the NSFW as well? :)

  5. Seagulls

    Did anyone else think of the trippy movie called the Electric Grandmother? I saw it on a VHS tape where it was paired with an even trippier movie about hallucinogenic pancakes

  6. t_zwiggy

    Wow! So pretty! This is such a flattering color on you, Christine! I really wish I could wear bright colors, but unfortunately everything other than nudes and muted pinks look clownish on my small lips :(

  7. tan tan

    Gorgeous on you Christine ! I want this but I think Im too dark :/

  8. Makeup_Novice

    This color is perfection!!! A true and opaque coral…finally.

  9. freshpinklips

    LOL I was kind of turned off by the name but I definitely love this color. It would look awesome on my skintone. I’m glad it’s not limited edition so i can pick it up for summer! :)

  10. Cat

    I think this is really pretty!!

  11. Christina

    hi christine! i loove this colour! i see a colour called grandma on their website! is electric grandma a new one or the same? thanks!

  12. Christina

    Wow. So beautiful

  13. This colour on you! Stunning!!

  14. OMG This is a MUST HAVE!! I wish OCC was in Turkey as well! :(

  15. So pretty! And one of my favorite Ray Bradbury films! Have you ever seen it? :)

  16. Bre

    I have been waiting for a lip tar that I think I can really bear with for the full eight hours it wears and is as opaque as these are. I love the concept of lip tars, but the colors have just all been too risky and daring for me to pull off as a nursing student. I have a feeling this will look perfect with my obligatory french braid bun! LOL I will be purchasing this one ASAP!

    • PKL

      try interlace. I have a small sample, and it looks like a pinkish nude. but if u live in the US, go to sephora and try them. I own 2, queen and grandma, and I like them very much. They are too loud for a graduate professional job like yours. but what i do is put carmex on, and put a very tiny amount of queen on, and it gives it a light rosy color. tiny amount is very tiny, like the brush looks dry. or you can put it on, and then blot. but i do like electric grandma alot. but if you do a little, it might not last the full 8 hours of working and eating and drinking.

  17. This is definitelyyyyy my favorite one, I was surprised at how wearable it looked on me, despite the name and despite how crazy the original Grandma is!

  18. I think I like it more than the regular Grandma!

  19. Such a beautiful coral color! I love it more than the regular one!!

  20. I LOVE this color in general – I want a dress this color. It’s such a fun color for lips, even though I wouldn’t personally get much use out of it in daily life. The name made me smile, I know my great aunt would always wear a coral orange shade like this (not quite as bright though).

  21. Awesome name, AWESOME color. It looks great on you, Christine (as usual)–especially love the complimenting eye and cheeks

  22. Stally Anderson

    Wow!! This color is truly amazing and I am considering buying it. However, the glitters specks look a little bit like dust ALL WE ARE IS DUUUUUUUUSSTTTTTTTT IN THE WIIIIIIIIIIIINDDDDDDDDDD but at least its not limited edition so I have all the time in the world to decide LOL! At least until I go blind or something jk LOL!

  23. These are permanent line? Correct? and not LE?? I really love this for summer. This entire collection has been impressive.

  24. Oooh the shimmer is gorgeous in it!

  25. So pretty! This is the perfect coral color!

  26. Kristy

    “Have you met my Electric Grandma?” amused me more than it should have! haha, this looks gorgeous on you! :)

  27. VickyM

    Lol once again I LOVE the name lol electric grandma 😀 .

  28. Holy cow this color is gorgeous! I’m not huge on shimmery shades, but wow. I will make an exception!

  29. jesus… this is gorgeous! most beautiful lip tar they’ve made :O

  30. Cat

    I frakking love this!! Wow, it’s so gorgeous. These new shimmery lip tars are amazing. I think I will be buying my first OCC lip tars in the near near future!

  31. Ha ha ! ‘Grandma’ XD Even if the name isn’t the best, the color is still nice.

  32. Karen

    Actually In LOVE with this!

  33. Banafshe Sharifian

    Hi Christine!
    When are these coming out at Sephora?