Friday, January 25th, 2013

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Shade Extensions + Moonflower BYOP

Eyeshadow ($18.00)

Urban Decay launches seven new Eyeshadow singles—including three never-before-seen shades and four previously exclusive shades. With the addition of these new colors (a perfect mix of not-boring neutrals, smoky hues and vibrant brights), we now have one of the widest assortments of shades on the market, making us THE definitive authority on shadows.  Permanent.

  • Heartless Pale pink satin (New)
  • Uncut Smoky purple with a reddish shimmer (New)
  • Snare Smoky olive green shimmer (New)
  • Sidecar Beige sparkle (Naked Palette, BoS)
  • Omen Metallic bright purple with blue shift (15th Anniversary)
  • Deep End Bright teal shimmer (15th Anniversary)
  • Faint Warm, dusty brown matte (Naked Basics)

Build Your Own Palette in Moonflower ($18.00)

Urban Decay launches the newest Build Your Own Palette design in Moonflower. This Build Your Own Palette is a 4-pan customizable and collectible eyeshadow kit. And like all Build Your Own Palettes, the design is limited edition. To get things started off right, we loaded it with a never-before-seen shade that’s universally flattering and perfect for day or night. Where you take things from there is all up to you. With three empty spaces and a massive selection of shades, the options are limitless. (Plus, you can swap out shades whenever you get a craving for more.)   Permanent. Contains Moonflower (light copper/peach shimmer) full-sized eyeshadow.

Availability: February 2013 at Sephora inside JCP stores and online at

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57 thoughts on “New Product Alert! Urban Decay Eyeshadow Shade Extensions + Moonflower BYOP

  1. I have a weakness for olive greens ah Snare looks beautiful !!

  2. Agata

    That’s awesome. I love Omen and I am almost out of it in my 15 Anniversary palette.

  3. Andie

    I wish they would make Half-Truth permanent from the 15th Anniversary Palette. It’s the perfect smokey purple for me!

  4. Just great. UD keeps tempting me with their eye shadows. The purple and the golden olive shade are so pretty! I think Snare looks different enough from Sumptuous Olive to buy it, no? :p

  5. Yellowlantern

    I smirked at the name “uncut”.

    I like the design of the palette. Though why not make it a six pan palette since they already have 3 four pans and only 1 six pan?

  6. Carly

    OMG! My go to purple Omen eyeshadow is being made permanent! Literally so happy right now.
    Now for the bright pink in the same palette and I’ll be the happiest person alive.

    I’m so close to running out of Omen so this is definitely an awesome thing to find out :)

  7. Alyza Rae


  8. Sarah

    So excited they’re making Deep End permanent! Its such a lovely blue-teal color! Uncut and Snare sound really interesting! Love olive eyeshadows!

  9. I’m exited that Sidecar and Deep End has made the permanent line.

  10. Jaz

    Uncut, Omen ,and Deep End all have my name on them. OOH cant wait :)

  11. I’m swooning over Deep End right now. Turquoise and teal eye shadows call my name!

    • Mariella

      It is gorgeous. I have it in the 15th Anniversary palette and even though bright blues and teals aren’t my “go to” colours, I absolutely love wearing this one. Unfortunate about the name, though (say it any way you like and it still comes out sounding like the name of the incontinent pants!)

  12. Jennifer

    I love, love, LOVE Sidecar! I am thrilled it’s permanent. The day I ran out of it in the naked palette is the day I would buy a whole new one just for that color. I am doing the Friday happy dance for you Sidecar..

  13. Nicoco Chanel

    Snare is coming home with me. *A*

  14. Stacey

    I like sidecar…not much fallout if any for me. I like all the above colors, but I am not fond of the tin pan to store the shadows…nedd to make the compact with a less “cold” feeling.

  15. Georgia Lee

    Is there a release date for Macys and regular Sephora stores?

  16. Nichole

    This is fantastic! I rarely use Deep End because I wanted to hold on to it for as long as possible. Omen is lovely too. Finally, a makeup company that listens to its customers. Imagine that.

    Last request UD, make a larger empty palette for a reasonable price.

  17. Mariella

    Snare and Uncut….I really want those 2! The brighter purple looks very “want-able” too. I wish UD had “pro pan” shadows like MAC and Inglot do so you aren’t having to pay for packaging you don’t want in the first place AND pay for an empty palette on top of that.

    • Mariella

      Oh DUH to me – I have the bright purple shadow…it’s Omen and it’s in the 15th Anniversary Palette. Honestly, I get so giddy when I see new makeup that I practically lose my senses.

      • Kelly B.

        Totally agree with the packaging comment. I’ve wanted Omen since it came out in the palette you have. Wish UD sold it at a lower cost “refill” to put in my Z Palette. If you like purple eyeshadow…have you been happy with Omen?

  18. Hazel

    I’m such a tart for UD eyeshadows and liners.

    Might as well give in , to resist is futile…

  19. Alexandra

    Ooohhh 😀 I’m glad they made Sidecar a single. Also that uncut color looks gorgeous. YAYYYY.

  20. Chrissy

    Yay for Omen and Deep End! Now they just need to make Junkshow permanent..

  21. Nice to finally see them coming out with something new that isn’t from the NAKED range, it’s getting so old.

    • I totally agree with you. I can’t see any more NAKED products. Its not original any more.

      • Dana

        What about a Naked Basics II that is more cool toned? I think one more is needed then we can stop. I really love the matte colors.

        • Veronica

          I’d be all over that, myself. As it is, I don’t mind the Naked products, but I always remember UD being about bright and bold, so this is a nice return to form. :)

  22. I’m going to need UD to stop tempting me with e/s! I just broke my no-buy to get both Oz palettes and now a few of these are calling my name.

  23. J

    If only they made Bootycall from the Naked II palette into a single, my love for UD would be solidified. Not that it’s in question right now, but MAN, I would love UD that much more.

  24. Quinctia

    Where’s Crystal, UD? I’ve made a noticeable dent in the pan in my BoS IV!

  25. crystallinity

    Have they said which of these are vegan?

  26. n8ivebeauT

    *Drooling* All of the colors look beautiful but all 7 pans don’t fit in this 4-pan palette :( That teal is just screaming my name!!!

  27. Yay! Omen is such a great shade, one of my favs from the 15th anniversary. I’m excited to see it made permanent.

  28. Amanda K.

    They brought back omen! Yay!!!

  29. Sarah

    My reaction to omen was a bit over the top… agdgdsg I NEED IT!

  30. Johnice

    So glad Omen is back! It is by far my favorite eyeshadow and I’ve been trying not to use it so much fearing once it was out that would be the end of the story forever. Yay!!!

  31. Miss J

    Uncut and Snare going on to my list! I wish they’d make Barlust and Backdoor from the Smoked Palette into singles, too.

  32. Rebecca

    Almost threw my laptop across the room in excitement after reading that sidecar and omen are now permanent!! Sidecar is my absolute favorite shadow from the Naked palette. The other day I was just staring at it in sadness thinking how awful its going to be when I run out. But now I won’t!!! Woot woot!!! And omen is absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorites from the 15th anniversary palette. SO MUCH JOY!!! haha

  33. Camille

    Was really hoping to see the return of Gash. :(

  34. Olivia

    omgosh. I love sidecar, but I would literally pick up an entirely new naked palette before buying singles (as I MUST have buck for the rest of my life, go-to crease color, lol).

    Besides that this does not excite me. I have barely touched Omen and Deepend in my 15th anniversary; they are much too bright for me. I might get Snare and/or Uncut but I would be sooooo much happier if they were making DEEPER permanent!!!! It’s the most beautiful buttery brown. I must have 15+ shimmery brown eyeshadows and I could do without all of them with just Deeper. Le sigh.

    • Rebecca

      As far as Naked Palette colors go, there are a lot that are permanent!
      Buck, Darkhorse, Gunmetal, Half Baked, Naked, Sin, Smog, Toasted and Virgin. And now Sidecar. Practically the whole palette!

      I wish Hustle was better with pigment and permanent ):

  35. Megan

    The Moonflower BYOP design is gorgeous. I’m interested in swatches of the three new shades, everything else I already have, and love. :) Omen and Deep End are beautiful.

  36. MAChostage

    @Olivia (my REPLY isn’t working!): isn’t Buck permanent?

  37. Stacy

    Snare and heartless are exciting, but Uncut looks a lot like Last Call. Probably going to see swatches before I commit to that one. I’m stoked for the new byop, that’s the only collection I’ve made a point to collect! Makes life easier if you’re ocd about keeping singles organized. I’m also going to get the oz palettes, I like the concepts and colors! Just in time for my birthday too!

  38. Jacee

    Heartless and Uncut look gorgeous. I’ll have to check them out next time I’m in a Sephora!

    BUT OMG–! Sidecar is my all-time favorite shadow, and it used to bum me out so much that when I used it all up, I’d have to buy an all-new Naked palette or go without. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

    UD is really stepping up their game as of late. 😀

  39. Kat

    Faint is my go-to eyebrow color. So glad they are releasing it as a single shadow!

  40. Teasha Swartz

    I cant wait to see uncut in person.

  41. Lisa (LAtPoly)

    I’m pretty stoked by this! Omen is my all-time favorite purple. It is my definition of a spring color and actually makes a killer highlight in the inner corner. And out of all the UD teals/blues, Deep End is my #1 favorite. Every shade in the 15th Anniversary was amazing…

    And I was always very gentle on Sidecar since it was only a palette shade. I may have to use that one a little more now.

    I would love to see Crystal be made permanent (BOS IV) – it’s a good replacement for Speed that was retired years ago. I’d also kill for that light baby blue in an eye-liner! Barlust from Smoked is the other shade I want to see permanent so I can stop being so conservative with it.

    The olive gray shade, Snare, is very interesting to me…I may wait on the others but I do like Heartless. Both Moonflower & Uncut look like shades UD has done – not that it’ll stop me from owning them. I’ll probably grab the BYOP for the shadow and sell the palette on eBay. I’ve done that for all the other palettes.

    Wonder if any old shades were discontinued…UD is sly about that part. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is gone.

  42. Wonderful Turquoise !

  43. Nosh

    Hi Christine! Was curious will these release in the UK?
    Omen= <3