Sunday, July 15th, 2012

NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo
NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Fall 2012: Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo ($34.00 for 0.14 oz.) is described as “platinum” and “silver smoke.” It’s new for fall but will stay in the permanent range.  NARS’ eyeshadow formula is supposed to be “highly pigmented, long-wearing, and crease-resistant.”

The first shade is a pale silvery white with a shimmery, frosted finish. It has so-so color payoff, which does improve slightly when applied to the lid, but I did pack it on to get an opaque layer. If you like sheerer eye color, you’d like the way this applies, as it’s a general all-over sheerness, rather than patchy. Dolce & Gabbana Jewels is a smidgen lighter. Dior Garden Pastels is slightly green-tinted. MAC Misty is darker and more metallic.

The second shade is a dirty beige-shimmered brown with a hint of gray. It’s an interesting color and hard to describe, though it gets lost against my skin tone so it might sing better on a lighter or deeper complexion. The pigmentation is good, and the texture is soft without being powdery. It reminded me of a much lighter theBalm Selfish. MAC Vex has a duochrome and is grayer, less brown. Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone is similar but slightly frostier. MAC Patina is darker, browner. MAC Hazy Day is much darker.

I wore the duo with the lighter shade all over the lid and just into the inner crease and applied the darker shade into the crease with a fluffy brush.  I highlighted the brow bone with my trust Burberry Trench and lined the lower lash line with Tarina Tarantino Ammunition Eyeliner.  I didn’t have any fall out during application or later on while I wore the products.  Over a primer, there wasn’t any creasing and only a little fading of the crease color after eight hours.  Without a primer, I did get faint creasing and more noticeable fading after eight hours.

The Glossover


NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo Review, Photos, Swatches

I personally like the duo a lot, because it's a very easy to use set of colors that are subtle but still noticeable. The pigmentation was a little lacking in the lighter shade, and the fading (even over a primer!) of the darker shade was unexpected.











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NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo
NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo
NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo
NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo
NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo
NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo
NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo
NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo
NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo

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NARS, $34.00.

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See individual shade review! :)

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27 thoughts on “NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I really like the lid shade on you.

  2. Mariella

    It’s pretty but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference between the 2 shades when swatched.   It really looks lovely on you but I think I’d probably got shadows that are close enough to dupe this and I can make my next Nars duo purchase something a bit more unique.

  3. Edith On The Lips

    This is a beautiful, simple look. :) Of course, I want this now and the Tarina Tarina eyeliner.

  4. xamyx

    I think this will compliment several of the NARS duos I have already. I will definitely be picking this one up, but as it will be permanent, there’s no need to rush.

  5. clarsen1968

    I saw this yesterday at Norstrom and thought, “hmmmmmm!”  Do you think the second color is at all like Burberry’s Pale Barley?

  6. I like the beige-y shade a lot, surprisingly–but overall, I will be passing on the duo. It’s a bit too light and shimmery for my liking and I tend not to wear such frosty, whiteish/silver shadows

  7. Dominique33

    Light and subtle, great with a deep red lipstick. I just love it !

  8. Bittenhoney

    I can definitely tell where NARS was going with this. An icy taupe and platinum look beautiful with darker lipsticks. I might still pass on this one, since Outlaw and Amsterdam are on my mind. 

  9. Jenny86

    I think I´ll pass too on this duo because I like the darker shade, but the platinum one it´s too frosty for my taste.

  10. baby in a corner

    I think the second colour is a bit like some of the colours in Guerlain’s Place Vendome six colour palette which I love so I’ll pass on this! :)

  11. 74259

    I’m surprised you gave the packaging a 5/5. I the most I’ve seen you give before is a 4.5, plus the annoying thing with Nars packaging is that dirt and muck stick to it like no other.

    •  @74259 I don’t have any problem with dirt sticking to it – I’ve carried NARS products with me to travel with and stored in my dresser, but I haven’t had this problem. The rubberized packaging makes these easy to grip without them slipping out of your hand, they don’t slide around the counter, and they survive drops (4 feet onto tile).

      • Mumbojumbo

         @Christine (Temptalia) I would only give NARS packaging just 1 for the look. but i absolutely hate the rubberized material they use, it melts and  turns sticky after a while, yucks. Nars seriously needs to do something about it. Seriously.

  12. This reminds me very much of Exotic Dance duo which I have, but they’ve managed to change things up and the gold metallic in this one looks more platinum.. almost like my, dare I say it, TF platinum.  I really like this duo on you Christine

    •  @wwendalynne I thought of you and TF Platinum when I was reviewing, actually!

    • xamyx

      @wwendalynne I’ve been going back and forth on Exotic Dance, since I wanted something to compliment a couple of duos I have already, but it never seemed quite “right” from what I’ve seen in swatches. I’m glad I held off, as I see this one working much better for what I had in mind. I’m thinking primarily of Dogon & Rajasthan, but I’m sure I’ll find 100 other uses for it, as well.

      •  @xamyx  I like this better than Exotic Dance and from what I am gathering about your colouring, this will probably work better on you…particularly how neutral you are.  I think the exotic dance might be too yellowing on your skin. :)  and the white shade in Exotic Dance is really not the best!!  I think his would look amazing with Rajsthan ~ Dogon, I”m not familiar with and will have to look up. :)  Good call!!

        • xamyx

          @wwendalynne I was thinking the same in terms of Exotic Dance. From what I’ve seen of the white, it’s almost *too* white, and I already have Pandora (which is shimmery, but not as frosty), and the gold is a bit too yellow.

        •  @xamyx  The white is really mediocre and I wore the duo again today to confirm after our talk and yes, the white fades very quickly and it’s a shimmery white, but not very creamy and not the greatest payoff.  I also really like the gold shade from another similar palette called Windstar.  It’s a pretty shimmery goldy gold and probably another one too yellow for you though.  I really like this duo above and wish I could justify it, but I really cannot.  Please let me know what you think when you get yours, ‘kay?  Maybe it is something I can pick up on eBay when I can grab it for less.  

  13. Kafka

    As a NARS addict, I have to say…. that Tarina Tarantino eyeliner is my favorite part of the look. LOL.  I’m glad I passed on this.  It’s too sheer and pale for my tastes. While the first colour is interesting, your review isn’t great. As for the 2nd colour, I’m dead-set against anything that is even remotely beige-brown.  OT, your recent looks have really made me intrigued by Tarina Tarantino’s eyeliners. Each one seems lovelier than the last!

  14. Fairly simple, but I think this sort of combination could work for me, particularly since I have such a thing for dark lips. I’ll have to check in person, though, since I have limited patience with things I have to build up…

  15. CMG

    My new go-to! It is on its way to me now 😀

  16. Looks great on you, but I for me personally it’s a bit too simple. I also think that your skin tone can really make or break this look. (You make it, by the way :-))

  17. 53

    i think i have an old bobbi brown eye pallete that has a lot of these kind of whitish colours..

  18. Sad to see that the colors faded, especially the darker one! This seems pretty darn subtle for NARS, to be honest. I like it, but I won’t be buying it — I feel like I could get better neutrals at MAC for less.