Do you consider makeup a hobby?

Do you consider makeup a hobby? Is it just something you’re really interested in? Is it more?

I would say it used to be a hobby – now it’s a little more than that–and not in a bad way–I just think I live, sleep, and breathe beauty, which goes a little above and beyond a hobby!

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BlushKissMakeup Avatar

Makeup is such a big part of my life, at first it was a hobby but now its become a passion and I want to pursue a career in the beauty industry! I  have just started a blog as well and posted my first tutorial today! Here is a link to my blog post with the video!

Kathy S Avatar

Hobby? No, not a hobby; beauty is a passion, a vocation and – this is rarer than my DH believes, an obsession. I passed hobby in the ’70’s and never looked back.

KrvavaMeri_SLO Avatar

For me makeup is *the* hobby and also much more – I spend quite a lot of time reading makeup blogs, contributing to beauty community, writing posts for my blog, testing new makeup products, organizing makeup and so on.

Eli Avatar

To me it is – it’s not just something that I buy on a regular basis, and because I need it… That’s how I measure something to be a hobby, if I don’t need it, but still want it 🙂

anaflaviablanco Avatar

Hi!! For me, I consider make up a hobby! I am so curious about the beauty universe, I love to read everything and try what could be better for my skin. I dont put many thing everyday, I should do more, but I really like to know about everything and choose what is better for me!

xmissxandristx Avatar

i think it’s more of an obsession than a hobby for me. i’ve been checking out halloween costumes since DECEMBER ’11 to find the ideal on for halloween ’12. my biggest criteria? the ability to create an amazing, completely over the top makeup look to match it.

Mariella Avatar

I don’t know if it’s a hobby – I think of it more as just part of my routine to look good and at my best, sort of like any other health/hygiene part of my routine. I do have a “hobby-like” interest that goes beyond having the basics to look “good” but then I have more than the basic when it comes to being clean, showering, washing my face and hair.  And as I spend a fair bit of money on cosmetics, I like to know what’s what, so I read, visit blogs, etc. so in that sense, it’s perhaps a bit of a hobby. But then I would look for consumer information/feedback on anything I was purchasing (car, stove, lawnmower, etc.)

Kiss and Makeup Avatar

It started out as a hobby, but it’s definitely more than that now. My days almost completely revolve around make-up, it’s crazy 🙂 I’m a freelance make-up artist, so my job is my passion, and I love it.

Dominique33 Avatar

No, in fact I consider makeup as a real addiction. I love colours, textures, luxury products. Makeup is part of my personality, it makes me happy but also “superficial” in a way, it gives me self confidence too. Most of all it’s for the love of colours, all except green !

The Queen Avatar

Make up is definitely a hobby for me.  I love all the different things you can do.  I’m older so I don’t try some of the younger designs but I love all color that everyone seems to be sporting today.

EstherKudron Avatar

I’d say that for me, it’s on its way to becoming a hobby. However, researching makeup is definitely already a hobby. I research random products that I think are interesting more often than I buy them or go out and try them at a store, and I often do it when I should be studying hahaha oops

eltscott Avatar

 @EstherKudron That’s funny. I too enjoy researching products and understanding them. I think I also do research on more products then I buy, but researching lets you know what products aren’t worth the money and which ones may be. 

wwendalynne Avatar

Interesting take on it, and yes absolutely!  What a perfect way to describe it!  So the next time somebody bugs me about my predilection for all things beauty/cosmetics/fashion, I will reply that it is one of my hobbies! 😛

yellowlantern Avatar

While I do wear makeup and have fun with it I have to say that for me beauty blogs are 100x more fun than actual makeup.
I love seeing photos and swatches of makeup and I find it to be really stress reducing. So reading beauty blogs is my hobby, makeup itself is not. 

NatashaP Avatar

Hobby?  Maybe.  I used to be very shy about makeup since I grew up in a very judgemental atmosphere… my mother actually said I looked like a w**** b/c I wore blush… but I was always intrigued by colors and used to sneak wearing makeup; neutrals.  It wasn’t until I turned 40 that I started breaking out of the neutral zone and embracing my love of cosmetics.  I like expressing and augmenting my moods with make-up… and it’s just fun!  If you start your morning out by having fun, then the rest of the day goes much better.  I also find that make-up is a kind of armor; when I anticipate a tough day, I’ll wear more make-up to psych myself up to facing the problems.  Strong lipstick might not solve problems, but it makes me feel stronger… and that’s what matters.

Kafka Avatar

 @NatashaP  Yikes…. that’s an incredibly rough, painful thing to hear from a parent and while growing up! YIKES! 🙁  I’m so sorry you had to go through that.  I agree with you that make-up can be a form of armor and I often do what you do, esp. with regard to lipstick. It’s probably why I have a crazy number of them. Even if I don’t put on full make-up, putting on some intense or bright lipstick just makes me feel better and stronger.  Whatever your mother may have said to you as a child, now you’re among allies and people who feel exactly the same way! 🙂

wwendalynne Avatar

 @NatashaP I grew up in a household with the same stigma attached to cosmetics and I recall one of my babysitters putting purple nail polish on me when I was just a kid in the 70’s and my mother freaked.. FREAKED!  I’ve loved colour in everything since I was a kid, wanted to wear pink and red together which my mother forbade me from wearing because it “didn’t match”..  So definitely as an adult, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my journey and I consider my time to put on make-up as a positive and uplifting thing to begin my day as well.  Oh, and on my tough days, I would wear 4 inch or more heels and I’m already 5’10” in barefeet.  LoL!  
You go, Natasha!!! 🙂

NatashaP Avatar

 @wwendalynne My mom grew up in the 50s and had to really work hard to establish herself in a male-dominated profession.  She strongly feels that make-up (and jewelry) mark women as sex-objects and not as capable people… and now I can appreciate her views, but I was born an artist and decorating myself is a way I express myself — and my mother has now come to terms with my view. 
Pink and red are amazing together!  Rock on!

wwendalynne Avatar

 @NatashaP My situation was similar with my mother being a dental assistant, divorced from my father when I was five, and taking care of two small children..almost unheard of at that time.  🙂

xamyx Avatar

It’s an extension of who I am. My mom *never* wore makeup, so my interest in it was purely organic. My mom remembers me having a strong interest in all things fashion & beauty related from the time I was two years old, and some of the earliest gifts I remember receiving were actual children’s cosmetic kits.


It’s not a hobby for me. I have my collection and i tend to work on “perfecting” it. For example I only have one blush, but i’m running out so i’m looking for the next perfect shade for me. i have 15 lipsticks…I have my coral, my dark red, my vibrant red, my nude, my sheer pink, my glam pink, my “everyday lips but better”, etc. I usually don’t like to expand too much. I don’t like having a zillion options…it makes me sweat. I find what is flattering and stick with it.
I like beauty blogs because it lets me see fun items that i would usually NEVER buy or wear. It’s fun for me 🙂

blueraccoon Avatar

For me I guess it’s a hobby? Collecting more than wearing, almost, but I like playing with makeup and I’ve been wearing more lately. I don’t think it’s quite at the level of addiction, although given how much I’ve spent on it lately I could be wrong on that…

eltscott Avatar

What a great question! Just the other night I was trying to explain to my husband why I enjoy watching YouTube makeup videos, reading makeup blogs, and buying makeup. I actually used the word hobby at one point, and as soon as I did he said, “OK, that makes sense.” Makeup is simply another form of art. People consider drawing and painting hobbies, so why can’t makeup be a hobby?

t_violet Avatar

Yes, I’d say a hobby is a good description.  It’s not a vocation (don’t earn money off it) and while I enjoy it, it doesn’t define me.  I spend time researching it, allocate a budget towards new purchases, practice new looks, etc.  Similar to my other hobbies such as rowing with regular practices or woodworking where I’m often reading reading books on perfecting technique or researching new tool purchases.

Kafka Avatar

No, it’s not a hobby.  I suspect it is a temporary addiction and obsession. I go through phases with all my random obsessions but make-up is a relatively new one to the list. I’ve wondered a lot during these last few months how long it will last since it is NOT one of the usual ones going back to childhood (like history, books, gastronomy/cooking, dogs or perfume, for example) or even one of the ones that sprung up when I became an adult (boots, bed linens,  fashion/art photography, etc.). I’ve always had a weakness for makeup and lipsticks, but I do suspect that the current phase of daily following or collecting will eventually recede back into the mists. The only thing that I really live or breathe as you do is gastronomy, followed then by history and dogs. 

Lauren13 Avatar

 @Kafka I’m like you.  I go through phases and I always have some sort of “addiction.”  I was addicted to wedding planning, then children’s clothes for years, then boots and shoes, fashion, nail polish, now makeup… I do continue with my habits but my level of interest always dies down eventually.  So once I get “into” something (well, except wedding planning), I will always be into it to a degree, but I get burned out spending loads of time and money on it.

Cheryl Avatar

A hobby for sure. I enjoy watching cosmetic looks, and I keep a running notebook of all the MAC collections. My husband doesn’t understand, and I tell him it’s free and I’m having fun.  I sometimes purchase things that I have seen on blogs and you tube suggestions, but I always do my own research before I purchase it. 

Joan Avatar

Like so many of you have said, it’s a hobby and a “passion”.  I kept thinking it would pass, but it hasn’t.  Could be addicted to much worse.  LOL!  

beachgal Avatar

Only my polish shades would I consider a hobby. I don’t collect any other beauty items. I buy to use for need. If I don’t need it, I don’t buy it just to try something new.

annedreshfield Avatar

Definitely a hobby! I love putting makeup on in the morning, I shop for makeup for fun (sometimes just to wander around and look!), and read blogs like this regularly in my downtime. I love pampering myself with makeup, but I have a budget for it and I don’t spend all of my money or time on it (thankfully!). 

diamond_8806 Avatar

Make up is definitely my favorite hobby!  Even though I have tons, I continue to shop for other makeup products that I am curious to try.  I cannot go into a store that sells makeup and not stroll down the cosmetics aisles!  I enjoy wearing it and creating a variety of looks with my favorite products, even though I am too lazy to do so everyday.  Some days when I know I’ll be home all day, I’ll even practice new looks for a special event that is coming up so I can actually see if I like the look before the big day! But I plan my budget accordingly each month, and I stick to it no matter what!  I have other priorities, so makeup does not come first in my life!  It is a hobby that I have definitely have gotten good at over time. I have friends and family who continously compliment me on my makeup and ask me to do theirs for special occasions, but I have to decline because I am uncomfortable with the idea of putting makeup on others so it could never be more than a hobby for me! =)


It is a hobby. Makeup is something that I use everyday and use up completely so I never waste product. I love to play with testers and get new things as I run out. I actually just bought a plastic drawer set to store my whole collection. It was getting to the point where I didnt even know what I had so I had to get something with a drawer for every item (lips, face, eyes etc)

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