Friday, June 25th, 2010

NARS Taj Mahal Blush
NARS Taj Mahal Blush

Orange You Glad for Blush?

NARS Taj Mahal Blush ($26.00 for 0.16 oz.) is a vibrant tangerine orange with a soft, golden sheen.  It is pigmented to the max, as many NARS blushes are, but this one is even more so than the average NARS blush.  I found it really difficult to get the amount I needed, so keep a buffing brush on standby for quick fixes.

When worn lightly, it can be a beautiful shade of lightened peach-orange with a golden shimmer-sheen.  It looks absolutely gorgeous on warmer skin tones, especially those with deeper complexions.  It can, quite obviously, be built up for a very intense look, if so desired.  Texture is soft, smooth, and the blush looks luminous when applied to skin.  It gives skin an added warmth and subtle glow from the shimmer-sheen, and if you go easy, it’s very, very wearable and flattering.

See more photos & swatches!

NARS Taj Mahal Blush
NARS Taj Mahal Blush

NARS Taj Mahal Blush
NARS Taj Mahal Blush

NARS Taj Mahal Blush
NARS Taj Mahal Blush

NARS Taj Mahal Blush
NARS Taj Mahal Blush

NARS Taj Mahal Blush
NARS Taj Mahal Blush

NARS Taj Mahal Blush
NARS Taj Mahal Blush

NARS Taj Mahal Blush
NARS Taj Mahal Blush

NARS Taj Mahal Blush
NARS Taj Mahal Blush

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101 thoughts on “NARS Taj Mahal Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Krys

    i love this blush, its a summer fave!

  2. Is Taj Mahal discontinued of not?

    • Not that I know of…

    • Angela

      I believe you can only get Taj Mahal at a NARS counter, it is not available at Sephora.

    • Alex

      I dont think sephora carries it because I have been looking for it for months and then I went a few weeks ago to Neiman Marcus just to drool at things I can’t afford and there it was!!! I like to buy things like that there because its the one thing that cost the same everywhere…makeup!

      • tracy

        you’re correct taj mnhal used to be available at sephora but no longer. I was told by the mamager there that they do not have enough space to carry the full range of blushers and foundations

    • Nichole

      No, but I don’t see them at my Sephora’s. I had to buy mine from Nars’ website.

      • I, like Claudia up there, am not finding this blush to buy. I looked almost everywhere and nothing! I was surprised when I saw this post because I heard before that it was not avalible anymore and then I saw you showing where to buy. At the Nordstrom it’s not avalible, neither at the nars website. It coudl be that it’s avalible only for the US? We speak (Claudia and I) from Brazil.

    • Ruth

      yes it’s discotinued but you can get it on!

  3. Jazz

    That is the pigmentation that I have been looking for . I am Nw45ish in Mac , and most of the blushes for “dark skinned people” are a) old lady colors , b ) not flattering , c) they dont show up . Must try this

    • You will LOVE NARS, Jazz!! Seriously, their blushes are very, very pigmented–and I always recommend them for those with deeper skin tones if they’ve had trouble with other blushes showing up.

  4. Megan

    Glad u reviewed this blush. I got it last year and I’m in love!!! It’s perfect for my NW45 complexion.

  5. kim l

    i pair it with snob lipstick. the cool and warm compliment each other very well.

  6. Grace

    I LOVE this blush!!! I am NC44 and I have to be very careful with this as it is extremely pigmented. Mine is actually broken because I dropped it around 15 times!!!!…….:0(

  7. Hanna

    Love love L O V E this blush. I bought it about a month ago and it has become my go – to – blush.
    I am a NW20 and Yes i do have to be careful with it and use a very light hand but it’s totally worth it!
    It is so gorgeous and I always gets comments when I wear it.
    Best blush I have ever bought and i have over 50 – mainly MACs. This is the only NARS blush I own and now I want to try more.

  8. Rachel

    That looks super pretty on you! I would look like an oompa loompa. I saw this before, but I couldn’t figure out how it would translate on.

  9. Keener

    I got this last summer. I tried it on at Sephora and it looked amazing, I bought it without hesitation. But on my own, I’m so scared to try it. I have a stash of make-up that I don’t open up unless I want a treat myself without actually going shopping, so once in a while I’ll go through the stash and take a look at this blush and swoon – still too afraid to put it on.

    Okay, note to self: Will wear it this summer and totally rock it!

    It’s not discontinued, just not available at all Sephora stores (in Canada at least). Silly, I know.

  10. j e n

    I absolutely love this blush!!!!
    When it comes to applying this blush or very pigmented ones the only brush I use is NARS’ Yachiyo!
    It works wonders for me. I used it on my Mom once, she loved it so much that she got her own!
    I recommend it to everyone and anyone who loves pigmented blushes. It’s perfect for any blush really!

  11. I’ve been lemming this for ages! Thank you for reviewing this, Christine :). Now I want it even more. Next week, when my novel is finished ;).

  12. natasha m

    i’ve been looking for a nice blush for my Indian olive skin tone. Orgasm did not really suit my skin coloring. I think i’ll give this a try. Does it have talc in it. I have suer oily skin and break out easily. thx for reviewing this C!

  13. Holy wow! I haven’t gotten into NARS very much – Just never been anything there that appealed to me – But this is pretty cool. MAC doesn’t have a really bright orange blush (I have Devil but that’s a very red-orange color).

    Christine – I have to order NARS online, nobody sells them around here (another reason why I never got into them), if you tried to dupe this with a MAC eyeshadow, could you? It looks kind of like Off The Page to me (but maybe deeper?). I’m trying to swatch it in my brain to decide if I should buy it. (Which would, of course, result in an entire avalance of buying more, then figuring out how to depot, store and organize within my existing kit… Lord I hope I don’t want this. LOL!)

    • Hey Dusty!


      Anyway, Off the Page is probably the closest, but it seems lighter – not quite as orange, orange, I’d say. No, I think you have to get on the NARS train at least for a ride or two and give it a shot.

      I hear they’re easy to depot, though. A NARS SA said she holds hers up to a light for thirty seconds or so, and then the pan just falls out!

      • I know I know… I haven’t gotten into the brand because I can’t see anything in person (I don’t mind ordering on-line or over the phone but only if I’m already personally familar with a brand).

        Now of course I want to ask you your opinion on what your NARS faves are :) LOL! I need a “must haves” like your MAC list! Haha!

        Never thought of using a lighter though – Good trick! Plus any chance to accidentally burn myself and I’m on board! Hehe!

        • I think you’ll probably like their blushes best! Their eyeshadows are nice, but they can be hit or miss. Their lipsticks/lipglosses are again nice, but they’re pricey, and I don’t think you’d be like OMFG! way better than MAC at the price, know what I mean?

          Blushes – Exhibit A, Dolce Vita, Luster, Taj Mahal.. a lot of warm blushes. Desire & Mata Hari are nice for cooler blushes.
          Cream Blushes – Cactus Flower, Lokoum, Turkish Red

          I think she actually said a regular ol’ light/lamp – just the heat from the bulb was enough to knock it loose!

      • So spurred by your advice I thought I’ve give them a call to ask about a Pro program (no one I’ve found offers a discount as good as MAC but still… it’s always worth checking).

        They didn’t make a good first impression and I’m a stickler for first impressions. I almost don’t want to bother now. Seriously… It was actually one of the most off-putting conversations I’ve ever had!

        The woman I spoke with told me that I needed to submit my request via email (which is fine). I asked her if she had any info on the pro discount, etc. She said she had no idea (but she works in that department). I asked when I would hear back from someone (because you just make the request and they get back to you with the info you need to apply). She said she had no idea, “It could be awhile.” I asked if there was someone else I could talk to and she told me that no one there would talk to me… REALLY! That’s how she said it! “No one here will talk to you.” Oh holy crap. I repeated what she said:

        “So you’re saying that I can’t find out any information, that I have to email a request, but there’s no way of knowing when someone will get back to me – It could be months – AND there’s no one else there to ask how much the professional discount is?” She said YES!!! YES?! In a very irritated way… She said YES!

        I say no. I need a drink. LOL!

        • OMG! That IS rude. Customer service is SO SO SO important. I don’t even know if all brands realize just how off-putting attitude can be! I’ve had some run-ins with poor customer service that make me so loathsome to buy or support the brand EVER.

          I actually had a friend who’s PRO discount at NARS was revoked because she tried to “order too much” with her discount. They said she went “over” the limit, and she never heard back as to why they REMOVED the discount 100% vs. had her place an order that was “under” the limit. I remember that was a pretty tough pill for her to swallow!

          • Haha! I love that! “Stop spending money on our stuff!!” That doesn’t make much sense. I always figured companies offered pro discounts because they knew they were going to make up the difference (and then some) in volume. I go through WAY more makeup than I would if I was just using it on myself.

            Customer service is one area where a company can get me and suck me in. I know this about myself but I’m cool with it – If a company treats me well – I’m WILDLY loyal. It’s actually one of the reasons I’m such a MAC nut. The only letter I’ve ever written to a company praising their customer service has been to MAC. (I think that’s why it doesn’t bug me so much that they can’t get their dates straight! LOL! Even if they can’t, they’re all so nice about it! Haha!)

            MUD is another company that offers a good pro discount and they are SUPER SWEET there! Professional, helpful, efficient, down to earth and fun to talk to. All A+’s in my book :)

            • Really a shame when companies go rogue and get nasty with customers!

              A Nordstrom rep was less than kind to me once, and I was SO upset – because I love Nordstrom, have always had great service from them – and it made me THISCLOSE to saying forget you.

          • kim l

            hey dusty and christine, a great dupe for this is nyx cinnamon. it just doesnt have the golden sheen but the color is pretty similar. plus, nyx can be ordered online, and its super cheap to. so give that a shot.

            • Alex

              I was just gonna suggest NYX cinnamon! I love cactus flower cream blush and scandal lipgloss too Dusty!!! Also, I love reading your conversations/rants in the comments. Christine & Dusty= Makeup powerhouse!!!

            • I’ll have to take a look then :)

              Ahaha, if only he was closer! I would die!

  14. Ashley

    Ahhh finally a blush post that African-American women love!!

  15. kristina

    One of my fave’s in m NARS blush collex along with with exhibit A. The scarier in the pan the more in can do for your one’s complexion, but you just have to know the technique of application.

  16. Anita

    Oooh, that’s so pretty! I have no Nars blushes, just some Cargoes and MAC. I don’t even know which Nars blush to buy first. What are your must-haves for someone who is a yellow-based NC 40 (think South Asian skin)? Thanks so much Christine!

  17. Dini

    This is one of my favorite blushes! I have yet to come across a NARS blush that I don’t like. This one can give my face a beautiful healthy sun-kissed glow, even when I feel like death warmed over. Love it!

  18. CONNIE

    Wow pretty! perfect for summer colors =)
    Christine, what gloss are you pairing with Taj Mahal blush on that picture?

  19. SoSoSteph

    Taj Mahal is a Holy Grail item for me. I am NC45/50 ish.

  20. Shal

    I’ve always been curious as to how it looks on someone. Looks very pretty, I might have to go check it out! Thanks

  21. serene

    Your pictures make me want this but Sephora doesn’t carry NARS in my country. That is a travesty!

  22. Roxanne

    NARS has EPIC blushes! Christine, are Dazzleglasses PRO only? Or are they available at freestanding stores too? I’d like to buy one for my friend :) (…since Superglass isn’t launched in Belgium, BOO)

  23. Brenda

    I think this one is too orange for me. I’m still looking for the perfect Nars-blush for my NW20-25 skin, like it sheer and not too shimmery. Can you help me? (I have to order online, Nars is not available in my country)

  24. Angela0804

    This is my all time fav. blush. Loves it!!Must have for NC 40s ladies.

  25. Lauren

    OMG I have been wanting to buy this blush forever and I think you just gave me the push to finally purchase!!!! I was wondering what brush you used to apply this blush since it is so pigmented?

  26. Bobbie C.

    OMG! This is my HG…love to death….will lose my mind if they ever ever ever discontinue go to blush! I LOVE LOVE Taj MAhal. It is by the first a must have for women of color.

  27. Patty

    I just bought this a lil while ago because i saw a review on youtube and I absolutely love it , perfect for summer.

  28. Tara

    I love this blush, I’m an NC25 with blonde hair and blue eyes and a friend if mine is a Nars MUA and she put it on me and it made my eyes look so bright! I just have to put it on softly!

  29. wow this is surprisingly gorgeous!

  30. Kat

    That color freaked me out in the pan, but looks so good on the skin. On another note, I’ve heard that MAC Springsheen has better pigmentation than Nars Orgasm, even though Nars is hailed for their pigmentation. Do you find this to be true?

  31. Yumi

    Wow I’m actually somewhat surprised. Looking at it in the pan I wouldn’t think that it could work so well when it’s actually on! You look lovely :)

  32. makeupmagik

    Looks beautiful on you! I prefer coral/ peaches/ orange shades of blush on my skintone , they make me look alive!! 😉

  33. Luisafer

    love it, beautiful blush!!!

  34. monica

    it’s awesome as an eye shadow too!!

  35. Azaza

    Oh wow thats so pretty although I am not sure if I can wear that

  36. Wendy M.

    Oooh, I like!
    Looks gorgeous on you, Christine! 😀

  37. Jessie

    i have this one n m an NC 45 n love it

  38. aradhana

    funny timing again! i just swatched this the other day and was strongly considering it…i was slightly concerned about its yellow tone…i ended up with the very safe ‘dolce vita’ instead, but i’ll get there eventually i’m sure 😉

  39. Shay

    this blush is so pretty! but i wonder if it would look good on fair skin?

  40. I have it and frankly it’s just to orange on my nc25 skin. I would love to give it away to someone of deep dark complexions. Anyone living in Toronto?

  41. Amanda L

    would this be pigmented enough for use as an eyeshadow as well?

  42. Ariane

    wow such a pretty color! but I think it’s too warm for my skin tone =(

  43. Ann

    Taj Mahal looks great layered over Gold Member cream blush or use Gold Member as a highlighter with Taj Mahal on the cheeks for warmer skin tones.

  44. Lenora

    LOVE this blush. I’m MAC NW50-55 and Taj Mahal, Exhibit A and Crazed are my favorite NARS blushes. But it sucks to hear they have bad customer service.

  45. Shantastic

    NARS Taj Mahal is amazing on brown skin. I love, love, love it! It’s a must have for us brown girls. I had to get it from the NARS website. I love it. It gives me a gorgeous glow. It’s great for my NW45 complexion. :-) Exhibit A is another great color.

  46. I’ve always wanted an orange blush. Looks great!

  47. Sharday

    Glad to hear that this blush looks great on NW45 skin! I just ordered it!

  48. M. Smith

    How does taj mahal compare with other Nars blushes–gina and mata hari?

  49. stacy

    so my girlfriend got this nars taj mahal blush and i fell in love.she brought it to my house but i couldnt help the feeling that it was similar to “something”. then i remebered IT’S AN EXACT DUPE OF “MAC PAPARAZ-SHE” mega metal(peacocky collection) eyeshadow .we swatched both side by side even the consistency was the same.yaaa my new blush