Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Here’s a sneak peek at NARS’ Summer Collection! :)

I know everyone was really excited over Tropic eyeshadow ($22.00), including me, but it disappointed me in the end. In the promotional image, it looked like a gorgeous shimmering blue–like glittering water on a hot summer’s day, you know? In real life, it’s extremely different. It has chunky, silvery bits and pieces that lay on top on a matte, dark bluish-teal. When swatched, it really ends up being a mostly matte color, because the silver glitter is really too large to stay on easily. It’s pigmented, though it is more powdery in its finish, so if you have trouble working with mattes, this one might give you a tough time, too.

Scorching Sun duo eyeshadow ($32.00) was another product that caught my eye from the get-go, because it looked like it would have a really sunny orange in it. It’s more of an orange with a little bit of yellow in it paired with a medium orange. The lighter orange doesn’t have much shimmer (if any), while the medium shade of orange has a little bit–enough of it to give it a soft sheen. The duo is pretty, and the texture and pigmentation are right on par of what I’d expect in a NARS eyeshadow. A part of me just wishes it was yellower!

Outsider lipstick ($24.00) is a sheer peachy-pink shade with a fairly frosty finish. I think Falbala lipstick would probably be more pigmented, but I’ll have to check it out in stores to confirm. Belize lipgloss ($24.00) is a lovely shade of subdued fleshy pink with gold shimmer.

Overall, I’d pass on the lipstick and Tropic eyeshadow, but I’d suggest checking out the eyeshadow duo for sure. If you’re a gloss kind of gal, Belize might be up your alley, too. For $24, I’d rather blow it on one of NARS’ permanent eyeshadows than the gloss, though, so perhaps test out some of their other eyeshadows!

See more images and swatches!

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63 thoughts on “NARS Summer 2009 Collection Review, Swatches, & Photos

  1. noi

    the Belize l/g reminds me of Sally Hansen’s Diamond Lip Treatment l/g (except that Sally Hansen used silver flecks instead of gold).. and the Tropic shadow looks like a glitter, drag-queen-ish mess :(
    the Scorching Sun duo looks good; i think it’ll look good paired with Tropic — minus the glitter, though lol 😀 will try to find dupes on my CS palettes.. 😉

  2. the blue shadow seems like how silent night is. chunk chunk chunk!

  3. Emm

    I would like Tropic a lot more if it was matte and not glittery. Those oranges are pretty, esp for the summer.

    • I envisioned Tropic looking TOTALLY different, but I agree… if it was all matte, then at least it’d be more usable. I hate dealing with fall out!

  4. Katherine

    Thank you so much for posting! My lemmings for this summer collection have completed been smashed (which is a good thing). More money for other goodies to come!

  5. Sara

    Yeah, you saved me on this one….I think I will be skipping it except for a lipstick. Would you swatch the 2 next to each other if you get a chance? Thanks!

  6. Kat

    Honestly this is an awful bunch of colours. That blue is so tacky and I hate the chunky glitter they use time to time. I can only see these colours working on people with beautiful chocolate skin. Nars makes WAYY too many uber warm ES duos. Shame!

    • I think the orange duo is workable on a lot of people, actually! :) It’s not so warm that it isn’t wearable for cooler tones. I think paired with the right complementary colors, it could really work!

  7. carriespooner

    Pretty collection. That blue is way too chunky.

  8. Elizabeth

    Thanks for posting!! Killed a few lemmings!! Any ideas on what the new bronzer is like by chance??

  9. Anitacska

    Am I the only one who still likes the blue shadow? I will need to check it out in person of course, but it still looks very pretty to me. :)

    • hi

      I happen to love that shadow! I’m wearing a royal blue and babyblue-ish silver smokey eye with a touch of purple eye today, and instead of a shadow for the royal blue, I used a matte blue eye pencil and smudged the color on my lids. Tropic e/s is the PERFECT dupe for the color of my blue pencil! 😀

    • I’d say it’s not my favorite shade of blue, but it’s not terrible. I think for me, it just wasn’t what I was hoping for, so it just increased the disappointment factor!

  10. Sarah

    Scorching Sun looks absolutely gorgeous! For a long time I was thinking it was exactly like Balthazar, but from these swatches (thanks Christine!) I can see the difference.

    I prefer buying duos over singles so will be picking up Scorching Sun, also love the glosses and Belize is definitely my kind of colour! Looks similar in style to Turkish Delight (HG!) AND Sweet Revenge.

  11. Noemie

    Oh man. I was hoping the Scorching Sun duo looked better; I REALLY want something to compare to MAC’s Firespot eyeshadow…since I wasn’t able to get that one! So sad. Thanks for posting these pics Christine!

  12. Macaddict

    I am SO disapointd too on the Tropic e/s!!
    I HATE when NARS put these big, chunky glitters in their products (blushes, shadows). It ruins the application and the product does not stay on. I’ll pass! Ok. Maybe I’ll still check Belize l/g…:P

  13. meagan

    i might be the only one, but I really liked Night Snow alot. Also Night Rider.

    i love how tropic looks on the model on the nars website.

  14. victoria

    i actually prefer mac shadows to nars but i really like their blushes. i like the shimmery ones, however lately the shimmer in their products are just so chunky that i’m getting turned off by the brand like super orgasm and the last two collections.

  15. Heidi Pena

    I love how soft the lipstick looks. Thought it looked too orangy in the tube, but the swatch is very wearable. Thanks! (And the gloss, gorgeous!)

  16. I’m not as keen on the eyeshadows,… but Outsider lipstick is so pretty! I don’t have a lipstick in that shade. :)

  17. Caesara

    I love the look of the model’s lips in the campaign! I hope the Tonga/Outsider/Belize combo looks similar on me in real life!

  18. Stephanie

    I definately want the gloss!! :)

  19. evangelia

    scorching sun is pretty, but i’ll just stick with my beloved meditteranee. it has much more definition between the 2 shades.

  20. Paula

    I find that if you use the Nars eyeshadows with the chunky glitter wet, the color is much more intense and the large glitter actually sticks. As always i use a base under all my eyeshadows like udpp.

    • Do you find that using them wet ruins the shadow at all (like leaving a stain)?

      • aradhana

        i finally managed to check this collection out at space nk! only three months later!

        anyway, i swatched tropic and was a bit uncertain, but the mua recommended using the shadow over a gloss that’s safe on eyes…he suggested something by gemma kidd. apparently the flakes stay on better…which are mica i was informed…as opposed to actual glitter…the drawback is that it makes the shade a bit darker…
        anyway, i haven’t bought it yet…i’m meant to go back on saturday when hopefully i can try it out on my eyes first!

  21. Sugarcrumb

    Christine, would you be able to find a dupe for Belize lipgloss in the permanent MAC range? the fleshy pink with the gold is what i’m looking for (but we dont get NARS in Singapore) and i really love MAC (which is why i’m addicted to temptalia!).
    thanks much

  22. Luv J

    Darn.. I really wanted the Tropic e/s.. what a disappointment :( Let us know how the new Bronzer is though when you are able to swatch it!

  23. lisa

    Ohhh my at the name Belize lipgloss i was bornt in a country named belize in central america. I will probably get it just for the name the color is nice too tho:-D.

  24. cloudburst

    LOVE the lipstick & gloss, not too hot on the shadows.

  25. Oh… that’s kind of sad. The duo does look pretty though.

  26. Ruth

    Whew, I can give Nars Summer a miss !

  27. Yvette

    I was wondering Christine if Tropic e/s a dupe for Mac Pompus Blue??

    I was thinking of using a black base with Pompus Blue…since both e/s have the Velvet texture to them..I think to help out with the glitter..wet the brush..well that’s what I do..with velvet and lusters

  28. LauraBread

    Zzz..boring. What the hell is with the sparkles!? They call it “matte” on the website but it ain’t so matte with all the CHUNKY sparkles. Tropic e/s doesn’t even match the color that the campaign model is wearing. Guys, I suggest using MAC Freshwater if you wanna go with the Nars Summer 2009 look. Chunky Glitter-free.

  29. Sammie

    Thanks for this- now I can spend my money on something else that I’ll use more often =)