Friday, June 11th, 2010

NARS Lipgloss Sephora Exclusives
NARS Lipgloss: Albatross, Angelika, Luster, Super Orgasm, Oasis

Preview: NARS Sephora Exclusive Lip Glosses

On July 29th, NARS will roll out five limited edition lip glosses at Sephora. Each will retail for $24 and is named after one of their best-selling blushes. The shades include: Albatross (luminous glow), Angelika (cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle), Oasis (sparkling pink champagne), Super Orgasm (peachy pink with gold glitter), and Luster (sheer golden apricot).

  • Albatross is a sheer white-gold with pale gold shimmer.
  • Angelika is a semi-sheer brightened blue-based pink with very subtle silver shimmer.
  • Luster is a sheer muted tangerine-peach with copper-gold shimmer.
  • Super Orgasm is a sheer played down pink with gold shimmer.
  • Oasis is a plummy mauve with gold shimmer.

NARS Lip Gloss has a thin, slightly tacky texture.  I found these a little stickier than the average NARS Lip Gloss.  Though I’ve only tried Albatross on my lips, they seemed on the sheerer side (which is standard for the brand’s glosses), so don’t expect a big pop of pigment.  They’re all easy-to-wear, everyday kind of shades.  Angelika is the brightest, but it sheers out quite a bit–it has a creamier, jelly-ish look in comparison to the other four, which definitely have more of a shimmer finish.

(I would happily do lip swatches for you, but these photos were taken at a NARS preview event that I attended in San Francisco yesterday, so all I got are swatches for now! Apologies!)

See more photos & swatches!

NARS Lipgloss Sephora Exclusives
Albatross, Angelika, Luster, Super Orgasm, Oasis

NARS Lipgloss Sephora Exclusives
Albatross, Angelika, Luster

NARS Lipgloss Sephora Exclusives
Luster, Super Orgasm, Oasis

NARS Lipgloss Sephora Exclusives
Albatross, Angelika, Luster, Super Orgasm, Oasis

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58 thoughts on “NARS Sephora Exclusive Lip Glosses Photos & Swatches

  1. They look really nice! Angelika is beautiful and so is super orgasm!

  2. Hmmm the taste of NARS glosses leaves little to be desired and for the sheer payoff, the price doesn’t cut it IMO. They look nice in the tubes though!

  3. tori

    these look soo pretty! :) luster is my favorite!

  4. Ava

    I always think NARS glosses look lovely in the tubes but the price tends to put me off trying them. Super orgasm is very pretty though!

  5. Ashley

    Angelika and Super Orgasm look quite pretty, but I’m not sure I would feel comfortable having a lipgloss called Super Orgasm! XD

  6. OMG I love Angelika & Super Orgasm . Do you will they be out in Canada same time as in USA ?

  7. Hend

    I just love love love the super Orgasm

  8. Wendy M.

    Angelika, Luster and Super Orgasm look so pretty!

  9. Pam

    wow i like super orgasm. i think i want to pick that one up!

  10. Reese

    I love Angelika blush, but I doubt I can pull off the lip gloss. I’ll probably just pick up Oasis & Super Orgasm :)

    • Hi Katrina,

      Did you see the note at the end of the post? The photos and swatches were taken at the products at the event – I do not have samples myself, so I couldn’t do lip swatches. I’m really sorry!

  11. Hilana

    Lovely. All of them. Angelika and Oasis are really pretty! I just really dislike sticky glosses, so I no matter how pretty they are, if I detect a wee bit of stickiness, I don’t wear it.

  12. Michelle

    Luster looks pretty but NARS lipglosses are always too sheer for me.

  13. Julia

    I wish these glosses tasted better… I’ll probably get Oasis anyway, I love the look of it!

  14. Megan

    Looking forward to the Angelika being that the blush is my absolutely favorite blush ever. Hopefully I can pull of using the blush and the lipgloss at the same time.

  15. I just picked up The Multiple in Orgasm and am loving the way Super Orgasm looks so I just may have to pick that up when it’s available!

  16. Angelika and Super Orgasm are fantastic….:)

  17. Sofia

    Pliss, put it on lips! Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!

  18. Virginia

    I love the look of luster…I’m still debating about getting the blush, but since I’m really pale (NARS Siberia/NC10), I’m worrying that it’ll look weird on me. Unfortunately I also don’t have the chance to try it on at a counter. Do you think Luster could work on pale skin, Christine?

  19. Meagan

    Thanks for the swatches Christine! I can’t wait to try Angelika- it’s my favorite blush.

  20. Jennifer

    I want Super Orgasm and Angelika!

  21. derri

    angelika looks absolutley marvelous but $24 is well, alot! imo

    • I agree, $24 is too much! It’s a recession, people are poor right now! Sheesh!

      • Vijaya

        Well, it IS a luxury item. When you buy brands like NARS, it’s pretty much a given that a lot of what you’re paying for is the brand.

        • eh

          I’m not so sure, they do tend to have a nasty smell after a few months unlike lower end brands like mac etc

  22. Alexis

    I am LOVING Angelika and Oasis!

  23. Ellie


  24. lameka

    I love oasis and luster!

  25. I want Angelika and Super Orgasm!
    They’re beautiful=)

  26. sarah

    I loooove NARS lipglosses! Im excited for these to come out!

  27. I gotta say, I love Angelika, Super Orgasm and Oasis! I’ve used samples of Nars glosses before, and I love them! Opaque and non-sticky! Heaven! I just wish they weren’t so spendy!!!

  28. Vianca

    Luster looks sOO pretty!

  29. Elysia W

    Ooh LUSTER is GORG!

  30. Laura

    I love when companys keep names the same like urban decay. It is great that these match the blushes.

  31. Helena

    Oasis and Albatross are puuurdy.

  32. Kalee

    angelika and super orgasm look beautiful, but the price tag is too much for lipgloss for me, unless it was out of this world awesome. but i do love Nars blushes.

  33. Jamie

    Oasis looks pretty but reminds me of Smashbox’s stand-alone hi-shine gloss in a tube. And the amount of pink in super orgasm surprises me…but I still look forward to some lip swatching before I take the plunge.

  34. Christy

    I’m loving Angelika and Super Orgasm.

  35. linda

    super orgasm and oasis looks lovely!

  36. oh my god, that looks yummy!!!

  37. Jan

    Angelika looks so pretty 😀

  38. kcrystal

    the colors look awesome!!
    However … the price for a lipgloss is too expensive for me ..

  39. halo

    angelika is my fav blush now a gloss?????????? I think im imagining things

  40. I’m dying for Angelika.. it looks like MAC Pink Nouveau in gloss form.

  41. kelsey

    i can not wait to try super orgasm!

  42. These are gorge!!!!! When is Sephora going to start carrying them??

  43. I like Angelika, it wouold have been nice to see what they look line on.

  44. Heather


  45. Nessa

    Oooohhh..super orgasm and angelika look lovely! I wouldn’t buy the blush counterpart of angelika tho but i would love to try the gloss..

  46. Kim

    I cant wait! i want all of them! especially angelika, they dont have enough pink glosses!