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No, I don’t forget! I did once in high school & my face felt so oily and gross the next morning. A co-worker of mine doesn’t hardly take off her make-up but her skin is so flawless….I don’t get it :-\ Another co-worker takes off foundation but leaves her eye-makeup on…it doesn’t look very good since everything is smeared the next morning.

I forget about once a month… : / And for June this was last night haha!
But otherwise I’m very well set on always having it off when I’m done for the day.

Not gonna lie, I’ve missed a couple days in the past couple of weeks. I’m usually pretty good but I don’t know what it is about these past couple of weeks.

I ALWAYS remove my makeup. If I’m really tired/drunk, I’ll still make an effort to remove my makeup. I don’t want age to show on my face because I was careless!

I have to admit, I am quite good at this too. First thing when I get home in the afternoon, I take off my make-up and put a serum on my skin.

Maybe when I was younger, and still in school but even then I was good at not going to sleep in my makeup, I wash my face every night even if I didn’t wear makeup that day it’s a habit now.

I used to be horrendous for leaving my makeup on – then my life was filled with “equate” brand makeup remover wipes from walmart!!! they leave a bit of a film, but i just rinse with water and it’s gone. they even take off my waterproof makeup. plus they’re super cheap (7.00 ish for the container and about 4 for a refill of 120!)

I get the ones that say they are good for contact lens wearers.

If I have any sort of eye makeup on I always remove it without fail, but sometimes if I’ve just slapped a bit of concealer and powder on that day I can’t be bothered taking it off at night. Naughty, I know!

I rarely forget to! I’ll honestly say if I have one of those types of big party nights it may happen. I’ve also started carrying make up remover pads with me just in case!

i hardly ever forget to take off my makeup because i don’t like to leave it one overnight
i know that it’s so bad for my skin and i have pretty sensitive skin

Only once did I forget! When you wear makeup for 8-11 hours, it feels AWFUL!

I remove all my makeup immediately coming home after a long work day. I won’t/can’t eat or relax until it’s all off!

I definitely forget or decide to take a little nap and remove it in the middle of the night. I know it’s real bad!

I never forget. I don’t think I can fall asleep without taking my makeup off.. it leaves me feeling icky. Christine, do you ever take little naps with your makeup on? Or if you give your boyfriend a smooch, does he mind the lip product?? Just curious hahaha

Also never, but I do take it off right before bed rather than when I get in. Even if I’ve had a heavy night out I take it off before I sleep- I did make the mistake once of sleeping with UD Heavy Metal Liner on!

Always always ALWAYS. The only time I might forget is when I just have some mascara on. But face & eye makeup must come off!

I’m very good at it,especially since i’ve been wearing BB cream. I use cleansing oil which take EVERYTHING off..

I always use an oil based or a creamy cleanser with warm water and a muslin cloth so that I get every single teeny tiny bit of makeup off! I have maybe once or twice fallen asleep with my makeup on. Oops! :-S

i never forget to remove my make-up!! no matter how tired or drunk i am (LOL), i always remove my make-up before i go to bed! 😛

I never forget and always thoroughly remove my make up. I figure I’m in my mid-thirties now, I need to take care of my skin really properly. In my teens/early twenties I used to wear waterproof mascara and never bother to remove it, and just washed my face with water, didn’t use any make up removers or cleansers. Can hardly believe it now, sounds so stupid, lol.

It is a must ofr me I am unable to sleep if I do not take off religiously every single little bit or makeup!

I never forget but sometimes I have a tiny amount of mascara left over, I just don’t want to rub my few eyelashes away!

When I wear makeup, I never go to bed without removing it. A few late nights of laziness have left me with minor breakouts. I’ve even gone as far as walking with my wipes so that if I’m out somewhere and it’s getting late, I pop them out and start cleaning off my face. My family finds this quite amusing but, if I’m going to be out all night, then eventually the mask is coming off!

Never I can’t lay my head on my pillow with a dirty face. It’s weird cause when I clean my face I feel like I’m ready to go to sleep.

I remove my makeup (and floss my teeth) every day without fail, not matter what condition I’m in. Nothing is worse than waking up with makeup on.

I have NO problem admitting how bad I used to be, where I’d never care and wake up to raccoon eyes. Now that I’m an adult wearing makeup again, I probably forget 1 out every 20 times to remove my makeup, but I am proud to say I never forget if I’ve done a full face (foundation, etc). Thankfully, makeup removing wipes make it SO much easier to take off my face every night. 🙂

Ever since I started putting on make-up I’ve NEVER, EVER, EVER left my make-up on at night. My skin is combination-oily and I have breakouts often (specially during “those days of the month”) so leaving make-up on isn’t even an option.
In fact, the first thing I do after I get back home is removing it!

Never, bcos I found the easiest wayis to take off my makeup once I step into my bedroom…I use makeup wipes, and I still go ahead to wash my face or use a toner. Squeaky clean I tell you. I don’t want to have makeup all over my piloow, grossness.

I ALWAYS wash my face at night.
Doesn’t matter what state I’m in, I’ll wash my face.

If I don’t chances are I’ll break out.

I absolutely have to remove face makeup before bed. I admit that I do leave on ey emakeup, just eyeliner though.

I Always take off my makeup without fail! I always take it off in the late afternoon otherwise i will get a bit lazy or fall asleep or what nots!

youuuuuuuuu guys are CRAZY!!! i alwaysssssssss take off my makeup every single day. i can NEVER sleep or even nap with it on cause when i wake up i’ll feel all iky and oily. EWWWWWWWWWW, my husband would NEVER allow me to come to bed with my makeup on.

I always remove my makeup. Sometimes, there would be a bit of eyeliner left, but that’s ok. It’s just minimal.

I almost never forget. I think the last forgot was April of 2009 around my sisters wedding because gosh I was tired and lazy. If I sleep with my eye makeup on, I no doubt about it wake up with swollen eyes the next day, its horrific. I’m not sure why that happens to my eyes overnight, because they aren’t sensitive and feel fine with makeup on for 12 hours or more when I’m awake. And If I sleep with face makeup on, hello breakouts on my acne prone skin.

I am TER-RI-BLE!! Especially right now, when it’s finals, and there’s almost no night/day for me, I sleep at all hours and get up at all hours, and don’t know where one day ends and another begins! I don’t take my makeup off for a nap, but then sometimes a nap turns into all day/night! So it’s bad! And I’ve recently started developing (*tears up*) rosacea, as it’s genetic in my family. Probably not the best to just leave makeup on.

I always take off my makeup. I didn’t once at a sleepover at a friends house and I regret it cause I got a pimple the next day. I don’t understand how you can sleep with stuff clogging your pores. I could skip my eye makeup once in a while (but i don’t) but never ever foundation.

I never go to bed with makeup on. Even if I am really tired or have been drinking, I always wash my face. Once it becomes habit, it is hard to break.

I seriously never forget to take my makeup off! I love the feeling of cleanliness and pampering my skin with my nighttime creams 🙂 !

I’ve never forgotten to take off my makeup. I always wash and moisturize my face at night… even if I was super tired, I cannot sleep unless I do so!

When I was younger I rarely would take my makeup off at night…now it is extremely rare for me not to. Funny thing I broke out less when I used to sleep with my makeup on.

I used to “forget” not really, i was just lazy to do it…lol
but not anymore! now that i wear more makeup I never go to bed without removing my makeup..so now i am very good at it! 🙂 very proud of myself lol

I used to be really bad at it when I was in my teens… Currently I take off my foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow every night. I sometimes keep on my mascara because my lashes are pretty hard to curl and it saves me a lot of time in the morning when I keep on my mascara in the evening. The mascara ‘seals’ the curl and all I have to do the next morning is remove smudges and apply shadow and/ or liner. 😀

It can cause eye infections… Yes, I know. It’s not my best habit LOL

Ahhh I’m good during the week but I tend to have a few drinks on a Friday and Saturday so often forget on those days!

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