Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer
NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer

NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer

Thakoon for NARS will debut on May 1st at NARS’ website, and the collection features six shades.   NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer ($18.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as a “powder blue.” It’s a pale, pastel sky blue–a little more muted than the perfect sky blue, I’d say–it does have a powdery/dusty quality to it. Nubar Blue Hydrangea is a richer blue, less white in its base. Chanel Riva is very similar in color, but it is more translucent and has shimmer.

Kutki is mostly opaque after two coats, but it is streaky, and even after two coats, it’s still noticeable in places, so I would recommend a third coat or ensuring your second coat was on the thicker side.  For me, it was one of the worst performers in the six-shade collection.  The consistency was just a smidgen on the thicker side, but I wouldn’t describe as thick.  It flowed easily across the nail and didn’t pool–just streaked.  The drying time was about average.  NARS nail polishes typically last a week on my nails with minor tip wear but no chipping.

The Glossover



If you don't mind the streakiness of such a pale shade (it's not uncommon), you may enjoy Kutki. Once you even out the streakiness, it is lovely on the nails, but it will require a little more patience to apply.











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See more photos & swatches!

NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer
NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer

NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer
NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer

NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer
NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer

NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer
NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer

NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer
NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer

NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer
NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer

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NARS, $18.

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Nubar Blue Hydrangea is a richer blue, less white in its base. Chanel Riva is very similar in color, but it is more translucent and has shimmer.

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25 thoughts on “NARS Kutki Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. amy

    Looking at your swatches, this looks a lot like Sephora OPI’s Havana Dreams from a while ago.

  2. It’s pretty, but I can find beautiful pale blue polishes that are just as lovely and have better formulas at a much better price. Nice try, Nars, but no bueno.

  3. Rosie

    Out of curiosity, when you mention the wear and tear of the polish on your nails, how hard are you on your nails? For example, do you do housework without gloves, wash dishes by hand, etc? Thanks!

    • I don’t do anything to protect my nails you could say. I open jars, cans, scratch things off, etc. with my nails. I don’t do dishwashing, as that’s Shaun’s job, so I can’t say that I do that. I never use gloves for housework, which for me is cleaning mirrors, countertops, and dusting. I type all day long for the most part.

  4. Stephanietps

    That color is beautiful! It looks like my opi what’s with the cattitude, so I think this may be my replacement! The NARS thakoon collection is already out in Canada so I think I’ll have to pick this up! ( at the bay, sephora gets everything after the bay)

  5. divinem1

    Illamasqua Caress satisfies my pastel blue needs.  They should have released this before Easter.

    •  @divinem1  Haven’t seen that before – off to check!

      • divinem1

         @Christine (Temptalia) I think Caress is a little stronger, but definitely close enough that I don’t feel compelled by this one. 
        By the way, I am really liking lifefyre. It feels much more like a communicative with my fellow Temptalia fans. Your bandwith must be staggering! O_O

      • divinem1

         @Christine (Temptalia) I believe Caress is a little stronger, but still close enough that I don’t feel compelled my Kutki.
        By the way, I am really liking livefyre. It feels much more communicative. Your bandwith must be staggering! O_O

  6. CiaraAinsleyFears

    Wow, what an interesting shade! Love it! 
    As for streaking with light shades, I just glob on the first coat and put on a thin second- that may not be “right” but it works for me!

  7. Kafka

    I’ve been dying to get some of the colours from the Thakoon collection, so thank you for this review. I’m not into dark blues, so this shade is on my Want List, despite your comments about streaking. How does this blue compare in colour to the Cult one which you reviewed recently? At the time, I thought them seemingly identical but I’m not good at assessing faint differences in nail varnish hues. :)

    •  @Kafka Cult Nails’ is more aqua — almost green-ish in comparison.  P.S. I owe you an email! :)

      • Kafka

         @Christine @ Temptalia
          No worries about the email. At all. Seriously!  :)  Having gone back to look at your Cult photos, you’re absolutely right. There is an aqua undertone. Good, I won’t feel I’m spending more unnecessarily when I get the NARS, though the purple orchid one is top on my list.  I’m so glad the Thakoon collection isn’t limited edition (which is what I had thought it was), so yay!!

  8. Bee

    I absolutely love this shade of blue

  9. Allison

    This color looks close to Illamasqua’s Caress to me, I had previously thought it was closer to Nudge, but Nudge is closer to For Audrey I think. In any case, I am a sucker for light blues, and adore this color!! :) But, I’ll most likely end up getting the Illamasqua version due to the fact that I bought Orgasm in nail polish form and it thinned on me after a few months- to a texture almost like water :(

  10. Stephanie Nguyen


  11. BERE

    I’m wearing the perfect dupe right now, it’s from Olé and it cost me less than 2 dollars 

  12. Chinchilla

    FYI they also sell these at Nordstrom.com. And free shipping

  13. Lynne D. Green

    I like it but not for 18 a bottle I’ll look for similar Essie color

  14. I can’t help but laugh about a nail polish named Kutki. Kut means c*nt in Dutch.

  15. Nerdiac

    Love the color, but leaving it because of the streaks. You can see them really clearly in the photos, which is saying something. If I’m spending $20 on a bottle of nail polish, it’d better be great.

  16. Kafka

    I saw this in Sephora today and it was so, so, SO pretty!!! I was really tempted to get it but I keep holding off. I think about your comments about streakiness but the main thing is that I think it’s TOO white-based (for me). I would be SO pretty on the toes, especially when tanned, but I’m not sure I could handle it on my fingers.  $20 seems too much for a nail varnish with limited use. And yet, I *keep* thinking about it, especially as I was SO disappointed in the purple orchid shade. (Seriously, you should have seen my face when putting the swatch up against my fingers. I looked like I’d just been told Christmas was cancelled. I still wonder if maybe it will be different on the actual nails and keep coming up with various excuses to justify buying it anyway. LOL)