Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

NARS Fall 2012 Collection

Designed by founder and Creative Director François Nars, the Fall 2012 Color Collection features a blend of bold, modern shades and celestial shimmers. For the campaign, Nars chose to photograph iconic ‘90s supermodel Kristen McMenamy. Having worked with Kristen in the past and for his first book, “X-Ray,” he felt that her beautiful, often otherworldly look completely epitomized the fall collection.

To achieve the makeup look featured in the campaign image, Kristen’s skin was perfected with Siberia Sheer Matte Foundation and set with Snow Loose Powder to create an immaculate complexion. Next, the Undress Me Multiple was applied to the hollows of the cheeks and blended toward the temples with fingertips.

Kristen’s top and bottom lashes were thickly lined in Black Moon Eyeliner Pencil. Next, the entire lid was colored in with the pencil in a half moon shape, from the lash line to the base of the brow bone and out towards the temple. The pencil color was then blended with a fingertip to create a smooth base. Next, the iridescent amethyst shade of High Society Trio Eyeshadow was applied to the lid and the color extended to the brow bone and towards the outer corner of the brow. The edge of this shade was blended into the lavender shade of High Society Trio Eyeshadow, then both sides of Vent Glacé Duo Eyeshadow were combined and applied to the lower lash line atop Black Moon. The eyes were lined with Via Veneto Larger Than Life® Long-Wear Eyeliner and finished with two coats of Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara.

Kristen’s lips were lined and filled in with cinnamon Papua Lip Liner Pencil, blended for a softer effect, and topped with Belize Lip Gloss. Storm Bird Nail Polish on nails completed the look.

Trio Eyeshadow ($45.00)

  • High Society Lavender, matte forest green, iridescent amethyst (Limited Edition)

Multiple ($39.00)

  • Undress Me Nearly nude pink with silver shimmer

Nail Polish ($18.00)

  • Storm Bird Moody grey (Limited Edition)

Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil ($24.00)

  • More Universally flattering auburn

Duo Eyeshadow ($34.00)

  • Vent Glace Platinum / silver smoke

Sheer Lipstick ($24.00)

  • Autumn Leaves Translucent glistening brandy

Blush ($28.00)

  • Outlaw Soft rose with golden shimmer

Larger Than Life Lipgloss ($26.00)

  • Rouge Tribal Metallic burgundy

Pure Matte Lipstick ($24.00)

  • Amsterdam Garnet red

Availability: July 15th @ narscosmetics.com

See more photos!

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41 thoughts on “NARS Fall 2012 Collection

  1. corallista

    I love the look of the blush and the lipstick!

  2. I can’t wait for the swatches. These all look lovely!

  3. Dominique33

    Very classy collection. I love it !

  4. t_zwiggy

    Love the eyeshadow trio!

  5. I love how outlaw looks. Perfect blush for the fall.

  6. PatriciaHansleyHenderson

    I hope this line performs better than the summer 2012! I really wanted to love the purples in that one. Hopefully, the Fall 2012 pigmantation will do better. I cant wait to see the swatches and the products on you!

  7. PatriciaHansleyHenderson

    BTW, the nail polish looks a lot like DWS from Illimasqua.

  8. yellowlantern

    Other than the nail polish and maybe the light pink multiple it doesn’t look like the model is actually wearing anything from the collection?
    The lip colors are all red-ish or brown looking and the model has pink/nude lips. The model’s eyeshadow looks like a frosty black and not the green/greys/purple that I see here. It’s always irritating when a the model is showcasing a bunch of products that aren’t even in the collection. 

  9. xamyx

    The trio & the duo are definites, and most likely the gloss & matte lipstick. Undress Me may very well be my first Multiple; I’ve been torn between Copocabana & Luxor, but this one seems perfect. This is one of the collections I’ve been saving for, and it’s been worth it.

  10. This collection looks so beautiful. I’m excited to see it in person.

  11. I’m almost afraid to be excited over the trio..  I’m usually highly disappointed in the quality of the trios and every single trio I have purchased to date is total crap and not at all up to usual Nars quality.  I wonder if this one will be any different and hopefully trusty Christine to the rescue…   Oooohh, and I love the nail enamel and that positively ghastly shade of grey.  It will look amazing on~  Just a personal theory of mine

  12. Kafka

    Good Lord, that really *is* Kristen McMenamy!! I thought they’d found her platinum-haired doppelganger. How has that woman not aged at all???? The answer better be Photoshop, or else I’m going to search her attic for a painting. Gah, I feel so old in comparison and I’m younger than she is!
          As for the collection, so it’s true that Outlaw is coming back! YAYYYY, come to Mama! Interestingly, on my phone, the photo looks a lot more pink and a lot *less* brick in undertones than it looks on my laptop. I hope it’s not just L/E because, from swatches I’ve seen in the past, it’s such a pretty blush and flattering across a broad spectrum of skin tones. Regarding the nail varish, I’m an absolute sucker for greys and silvers (probably my favorite shade of nail varnish ever!), so I’m very keen on Stormy Bird. It looks like the love child of my beloved Full Metal Jacket and Gallion. <happy sigh>  Speaking of love child blends, the Multiple looks like a mix of Luxor and Copacabana which is very exciting as I adore Copacabana (which I seem to wear every day or almost every day in some way or another). The only things I’m hesitant about are the Pure Matte Lipstick (don’t know how brown the undertones are) and the eyeshadow Trio (because NARS hasn’t seemed to do any really good trios). So I’ll definitely wait on your swatches for those.  <goes to do a happy jig over Outlaw> 

  13. dee

    I LOVE the fact that there’s a breakdown of how to achieve the look!  I wish all brands did that.

  14. phemonoe

    The return of Outlaw! Now if they’d only bring back Mounia and Plaisir…

    • Kafka

       @phemonoe  I share your excitement at the return of Outlaw but was really writing to tell you that Mounia isn’t out of reach. I bought it just last week on eBay! There is another one available right now, if I recall correctly, and not for a crazy price either.  And wow, what a blush it is!  So, so, soft, dense and silky. It just melts into the skin. And the colour….. my GOD, the colour!!! <faints>  I have to use a very light touch with it given my colouring, but I can only imagine how fantastic it would look on your lovely skin tone! Seriously, go look at eBay!

  15. Blog_Beaute

    @0afleurdepeau0 J’adore !

  16. Ru

    That blush is gorgeous.

  17. Orlane

    Oh dear, Nars does it again! I want EVERYTHING! this collection is gorgeous! probably my favourite since Fall 2008 ( I love their Fall collections) and NO NEW SOFT TOUCH SHADOW PENCIL? YAAAAY!.
    This + the Andy Warhol collab , gosh, I will be so broke.

  18. decembeir

    Going to stay clear of this collection… don’t want to end up looking like the model! lol!

  19. mpca66

    Ok, I still despise the names of some Nars products, but man .. this collection looks awesome !!!!!!!

  20. Miss J


  21. nacacijin

    Yes, please! The Duo, Trio and Multiple are calling my name

  22. meemah

    I really love the new multiple. The blush online looks too similar to orgasm. I have a couple of NARS items that I really like (Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls and Multiple in Riviera0

  23. grkndn

    Outlaw was a beautiful intense rose with slight gold sheen…it looks really brick-y in the photo.  I hope it’s the same as the original shade.  I still have a crushed up sample from a Sephora tester that the salesgirl gave me when she saw my disappointment at it being discontinued!

  24. beck

    I found Outlaw and I really like, I might get a backup if it’s the same Outlaw! Christine please tell me you will be swatching this collection. I’m in love have to see Autumn Leaves l/s! =o)

  25. I can’t WAIT for swatches of this collection! Man, NARS just keeps sucking me in with their collections…darn them. 😉 

  26. AlessdlCruz

    @missperfectMKUP Yo la vi ayer, pero entre lis dedos mientras me tapaba los ojos a dos manos jajaja

  27. AlessdlCruz

    @missperfectMKUP Menos el trío de sombras, creo que lo-quiero-todo :-O

  28. Leenie

    This collection looks like something I would buy

  29. I love Kristen McMenamy–she’s such an interesting beauty. And that eyeshadow trio looks like perfection for fall!

  30. blueraccoon

    Something that just occurred to me – why is she not wearing lip products from the fall collection? I would have liked to have seen those on a model. Kinda annoyed about that. 

  31. MsHeathen

    Love that grey nail polish.

  32. TophCam


  33. Whatever that lipstick is, I need it. I love the promo shot.

  34. icedcaramellatte

    I used to have Outlaw Blush once upon a time.  I look forward to buying it again.  I’m also interested in Autumn leaves lipstick, More lipstick pencil and Storm Bird nailpolish even though I have tons of grey nail polish.

  35. GG_3189

    @RynroseG that shit is HOT!!