Saturday, July 25th, 2009

NARS Cosmetics – Blushes – Product Photos

Here are product photos of most of the permanently available NARS blushes! :)   You are always welcome to share your photos of your NARS blushes, too — particularly if they’re ones not posted here!

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NARS Deep Throat Blush

NARS Orgasm Blush

NARS Gilda Blush

NARS Gina Blush

NARS Amour Blush

NARS Super Orgasm Blush

NARS Torrid Blush

NARS Outlaw Blush

NARS Dolce Vita Blush

NARS Oasis Blush

NARS Sin Blush

NARS Angelika Blush

NARS Mata Hari Blush

NARS Desire Blush

NARS Crazed Blush

NARS Taj Mahal Blush

NARS Exhibit A Blush

NARS Mounia Blush

NARS Albatross Blush

NARS Nico Blush

NARS Silvana Blush

NARS Sertao Blush

NARS Zen Blush

NARS Luster Blush

NARS Madly Blush

NARS Lovejoy Blush

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60 thoughts on “NARS Cosmetics – Blushes – Product Photos

  1. evita

    sooo pretty<3

  2. Kristin Small

    Holy Cow! You really put my make-up collection to shame. Crazed looks like a good color for me. I think I will check it out.

  3. Sheila

    I love Exhibit A blush. I recommend it to anyone with dark skin. With a light hand, it looks great.

  4. Rachel

    Thanks! Orgasm is my favorite blush ever! I would love to buy Angelika too. =)

  5. silvana

    I own Silvana because that is my name, but I’m still not quite sure what type of skin is best for. Im fair to medium and I cant really tell im wearing it… It is super cute color and great quality just as the rest of nars products of course

  6. AYHM

    I have tried Taj Mahal and I loved it – haven’t purchased yet though (it’s on the list). Honestly, Nars blush is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way – I love that!

  7. Macaddict

    Of the NARS powder blushes, I have: Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Torrid, Mounia, Outlaw, Exhibit A (totally gorgeous!), and, my latesr LOVE and OBSESSION: Taj Mahal! I have been wearing Taj Mahal every single day this summer. It’s so unlike me to be wearing the same blush over and over every day! On my list of wants are: Crazed (for a while now) and, from your swatch, Albatros.
    NARS is my 2nd fave brand after MAC and their blushes are even more pigmented and amazing than the MAC ones! I also like the variety of colors they offer. And true, since they are so pigmented, a few brush strokes is always enough and it lasts all day.

  8. Laura

    I do love NARS blush,I feel it is the best product in the NARS line. I have orgasm and albatross and I love them both. I especially love albatross as a highlighter for fair skin because it is has a more silver sheen than gold like many other brands. Although I find them great I feel they are very expensive and I can get a similar blush from mac for $15(pro palette).

  9. ReenyLu

    I have Sin & Orgasm (of course lol). Sin is my fave…..I’ve got fair to medium skintone (MAC NC20-25 for reference) and this is the cutest berry-ish color on me. I love the quality =)

  10. lexisf09

    I have Gina – it looks orange in the pan but goes on like a warm coral. I love it – it looks fantastic on tan complexions!

    I have also worn sin in the past – it’s a lovely rose with a hint of gold!

  11. Kimmy V

    I love how taj mahal looks! I have orgasm and mata hari. orgasm can be duped by covergirl’s rose silk which i also have. mata hari is a matte pink, highly pigmented, a little goes a long way! u can get snow white type cheeks with this :) at first i didnt like it but now i do. they were hand me downs from my auntie! can u believe it? she didnt even use them! thats 50 bucks worth!

  12. classic

    Somebody pls help me, I’m NC 30 what kind of Nars pink blush suite to me ?, additional info about me yellow undertone and oily & acne prone skin thank you so much for the advice

  13. Sonita

    ohhh these look delicious! oasis, angelika, orgasm, silvana, madly, and torrid….so pretty

  14. Nina

    I love Nars: Nico and Zen blushes, I use Nico as a foundation, I’m a Prescriptives “Vellum” it works perfectly as an all over powder!

  15. Nina

    If you are looking for a great pinky/peach color it looks like “Torrid” would be perfect on any skin tone. I’m soooo happy I found this site, after seeing “Sertao” I have to have it, this is sooo much better than Make Up Alley…Now off to look at the Nars lippiess

  16. Ki

    Wow these are really acurate – not like some online pics. Looking at these pics I think amour might suit me the best. I have Orgasm but that just doesnt do it for me. Its way too shimmery and the colour is better sited to warm skin tones. NARS blushes are very pigmented though.

  17. Kay

    Ahhh, I’m loving Gilda, Amour, and Desire. Between Gilda and Amour, which one would you recommend as being the best for “waking the face up?” (Medium complexion -to- Light Tan complexion).

    I currently own MAC’s Melba, Gingerly, and Blushbaby. I’m looking to branch out and NARS is my next splurge. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!!

    • You know, I think Gilda would do it, Kay 😉

      • Kay

        Hey Christine,

        I ordered Gilda and LOVE it!!! It’s everything I always wanted MAC’s “Melba” to be.

        On a side note, I ordered “Desire” too and OMG I LOVE IT!!! It is so scary looking in the pan but when applied it is absolutely GORGEOUS. I never in a million years thought I’d like a pink blush … especially one this pink looking. I was soooooooo wrong. Desire and Gilda exceeded every expectation I could have imagined. I’m so happy!!!

  18. Jenny

    You know what’s weird..

    So, last christmas my friend got me Nars Orgasm. It was the first Nars product that I ever got and I had heard really good things about them so I was excited. However, when I was trying out the blush, it was not as pigmented as I had imagined. I would seriously have to pack it into my brush, even though people have said that you only need a small amount.. I was confused. But anyway, it kind of hid in the back of my makeup box and was forgotten.

    Recently, because of the Sephora friends and family sale.. I decided to try out some more blushes.. even though I didn’t have the best experience with it. I got Albatross, Amour, and Luster blushes. I was trying them out one day.. and packing it on my brush like I usually had to with Orgasm.. but then, holy crap.. I totally grabbed too much.. for some reason.. the consistency of the blushes I bought recently were completely different than the Orgasm blush I had gotten.

    I don’t know.. I am happy with my recent purchases, but has anyone else experienced this? maybe it was just a bad batch last year? is it just Orgasm? I’m not sure.

    • NARS has been reformulating some of their products, though I don’t know which ones specifically nor the timing on it. You could always try Deep Throat, though – kind of a darker version of Orgasm!

      • Jenny

        Thanks for the tip! I think it’s because I have tanner skin with yellow/olive undertones. but I will definitely have to check out deep throat next time or at least put it on my christmas wishlist 😉

  19. Macaddict

    Funny! Deep Throat on me barely shows. I think some of the Nars blushes are more subdued (such as Deep Throat and Orgasm) and meant to be more sheer, whereas some other (most of them) are darker and you need so little on the brush (Mounia, Exhibit A, Montenegro, etc). Orgasm offers a more subtle sheen and color than, say, Exhibit A.
    I don’t think it has to do with quality but with a different finish.

  20. nina

    I have used Nars “Nico” as my foundation for ages since it matches my skin exactly, I have found in the cooler months it’s harder to ‘grab” the product. In warmer months it glides on easier…same with all Nars blushes for me. I just get adjusted to it.

  21. rhea

    I love NARS blushes – I believe that they are more pigmented and long lasting than MAC. I own several, but don’t think I’ll be having to repurchase them very soon at all. The pigmentation is such that a little goes a very, very long way. I have Amour, Exhibit A, Madly, Angelika, Gilda, Deep Throat, Mounia, Desire, Luster, Orgasm, Sin, Torrid, Outlaw, and Super Orgasm. The most wearable for me/my favorites (I am NC25-30) are Deep Throat for glowy peachy-pink cheeks, Exhibit A for a natural ‘just came in from the cold’ flush, Amour for a natural matte peachy-pink, and Madly for a subtle cheek great for balancing smoky eyes or rouge lips. I love all my blushes, not to mention NARS cream blushes! Turkish red is a must-have. Just a light tap into the pan with my ring finger does my whole cheek up in a beautiful dewy flush. I like to carry it in my makeup bag because it also works great as a lip color- just a dab for rosy lips, and layered for a statement red lip.

    The key to NARS blushes is to never underestimate the pigmentation. A skunk brush (like MAC’s 187,188) stipple the color on lightly then allow you to blend perfectly. I love to contour with Laguna, use Albatross along the top of my cheekbone, then use whatever blush I feel like that day on the apples of my cheeks, blending outwards towards my temple.

  22. Katie

    What happened to Outlaw, it’s no where to be found. Both Sephora & Nars are out of stock and I can’t find anyone else carrying it.

  23. *Sigh* I just love NARS Blushes although I’m a wary of their glitter and shimmer ones. I have Orgasm and Desire. I want to get Gina, Zen & Mata Hari (I blame the NARS associate for those two). Exhibit A is a contender but I think I’ll wait for fall!

    Orgasm just goes with everything and is great for everyday. Although some days the gold shimmer will bother me.

    Desire looks a little scary (but so beautiful) but it gives the prettiest flush ever – I love it more than Orgasm.

  24. Nidhi

    Do you know where I can get the sertao blush it’s nowhere to be found in the uk?

  25. Jen

    I am a Mac fanatic but when it comes to Nars blushers I can easily say I love how pigmented Nars blushers are. Really love Orgasm and Deep throat.

  26. zahra

    which do you think would be better for MAC NC42 skin:
    deep throat or orgasm?
    I really want to go pick up one soon but im not sure.
    I want a cute pinkish glow effect, like how nicki minaj has…

  27. Yvette

    Temptalia is the the BEST!!!!!! You just saved me a trip from the Nars counter!!! I am subscribing to your blog ASAP!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

  28. nicole

    oh wow, they’re all so beautiful!
    I’m torn between luste and madly .. I want a blush that is a little bit nude-pinkish, to wear with those dark smokey eyed looks. I’m about a NC25 when i’m at my palest .. Can anybody help me out ?

  29. Shavonne

    I when to the JCP Sephora to buy Luster and in the process I fell in love with Lovejoy! (The name is so perfect.) Anyway, they didn’t have any in stock and they’re always out of Lovejoy. :( But, not all hope is gone. I will get it soon! May have to travel a little ways to the VA Beach Sephora or order online, but it will be in my collection. :)