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I’m both. I usually have plans of buying certain items, but when they are released I may have changed my mind and decided on another item.
Other times, I just see something I like and I just have to purchase it- if the price is right.

I am BOTH but I usually change my mind then wind up buying 5x’s more than i orginally anticipated. Like yesterday, I walked into Sephora For Benefits Erase Paste (Love IT) & I left with Sevin Nyne Self Tanner, KP Cure, & Veil by Vera Wang…. At least i didnt change my mind about the concealer…LOL

i guess both. I usually know what i want…when i go to store the list changes…n i end up buying stuff that catches my eye…and the worst part is SIMILAR colours catch my eyes…so i end up wth tons of LOOK ALIKES…(blushes frm same colour family, same kinda e/s….same kinda fragrance…:)

I’m a total planner. Everything I’ve bought on an impulse, I’ve regretted it. Plus I don’t have a budget that allow me to spend without thinking.

Both!!! I either go in to look at something new & buy that or something else if I am unimpressed with my initial goal. I also stroll through cosmetics dept every time at the mall looking at any new units. Fragrance sways me a little too often. I am a fragrance whore

I’m both. I have a list of certain things I like, but when I go shopping, I set my budget a little higher than the item just in case I see something else I want. 🙂

I plan my quantity. “Okay, only 1 eyeshadow this time I go into MAC…” or “$40 on Love that Look…” So I have leway on what I can buy but don’t overspend.

I’m a planner, but I do make certain impulse purchases if I know the product will work for me. I’m one of those people who stick to the tried and true products that never let you down, and if I see a new colour in the shop, I’d just hop in and pick it up (rarely happens, honestly). I hate spending lots of money on products I’d regret buying, so I research for days and days on makeupalley.com and take a look at the item in the store (usually at least twice) just to make sure I really like it enough before I get it. The girls at MAC hate me, I’m almost sure of it. Haha.

I’d lie if I said I wasn’t an impules shopper (believe me, my credit cards say otherwise) I am absolutely HORRIBLE for it, especially since the internet created this wonderful shop online thing. I get distracted by the “sales” or “buy so much get this free” deals, that I’ll buy stuff I don’t need to get the free item, even though I don’t WANT the free item!

I need help 🙂

I’m not at all. I find out what’s launching, I think about what I want, promo pics come out and then I get an idea of what I want and make a list. The products come out and I look at it and swatch it. The products that strike me really hard I will buy, but I can leave and sleep on the other stuff. Sometimes it take me up to a month after launch to get everything I want out of a collection. Slow and getty…it keeps me from overspending on makeup…I love clothes and bag shopping better actually. :p

nope.. i always.. always plan what i wanna buy.. b4 i buy something, i’ll always refer to my makeup stash just to check if i already have something
similar in my stash.. and b4 i buy any makeup items, i’ll test the texture & color first..

I’m more of a planner overall, but I always try to budget a “buffer fund” to allow for falling in love at the sight of something! I always want to be seduced by a new bit of fabulosity!

Used to be, but now not so much. I always think ‘do I need this?’ or ‘Do i have anything like this’, and if I do, i usally don’t buy it 🙂

Definitely a planner. Though there is the rare occasion where I fall in love with something and just have to have it.

I am both. When I see a collection come out or i hear some good reviews of a permanent product, i’ll write it down and i’m always making lists. i go for the collections first that way i’m not spending all of my money all at one time. once i get to the store i usually always end up with buying some product that’s been in the back of my mind but something i never anticipated getting, and it’s almost always a lipstick!! sometimes i’ll regret it but not usually!

I plan when I shop on-line, but I impulse when I shop at stores! I let SA talk me into buying stuff lol.

I’m both as well although as I get older I’ve become more than a planner. But if there is something amazing I didn’t know about I’ll want to scoop it up for sure!

For the most part, I always plan. I love doing the research on MUA and reading reviews. Especially when I’m purchasing some beauty items at full-price, I never impulse shop. I’m on a tight budget nowadays.

The only times I’ll purchase something on impulse is at the CCO. There, I admit I go crazy like a child at a candy shop! XD

Little bit of both. I do research at times especially if the item is somewhat expensive. Last weekend I went to Sephora and bought what I came in for but when I was leaving I dropped by Nordstrom’s and went to the Chanel counter looking for the lipstick Naive. They didn’t have it. I should have left because that is what I was looking for but ended up trying out different glossimers and purchased one! 🙂 I have a weakness for lip gloss.

I’m mostly an emotional buyer. I have 3 lipglosses, 4 eyeshadows, 1 lipstick, and one mascara coming; but mostly b/c i got some bad news about my friends brother and in order to distract myself i went shopping.

of course i know that doesnt fix anything; but it made me excited and getting back to not being morose all the time.

I do that too. I pamper myself with make up when everything collapses around me. And at the time being, I’m into very harsh times so although I’m not super rich, I try to please myself. Not that it will change anything to the bad, bring back the dead and the gone close friends but at least, make up got this strange positive effect. So yeah, I understand.

It really depends. Sometimes I go into a store knowing exactly what I’m going to get, and then I see something else and buy it as well. Other times I just randomly stop in and grab something completely unplanned, but if I do that I try to keep it under $30.

Both really. My impulse buys do include checking myself out in daylight with the colors first, so it’s more of a planned impulse if that’s at all possible.

I used to be a huge impulse buyer but now that I have to watch my money more I plan for a long time what I’m getting and what I can afford and then let myself have something small added on as an impulse buy.

Both. I always have a pretty good idea of what I want and what colors suit me, especially when it comes to MAC, but there are ocassions that I might spot a great e/s or gloss at Douglas or Sephora and just can’t resist, but that only happens a couple of times a year.

I’ve been doing better at planning, although sometimes it’s difficult when multiple collections launch so closely together. Sometimes I’ll have a huge list, and when I actually see and feel the products I don’t pick up much (Colour Craft) and other times it goes the other way.

I’m definitely much more aware of what I’m buying so I don’t end up with too many dupes for products I already have. It helps to go through my collection before a potentially big haul.

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