NARS Cosmetics – Blushes – Swatches

Deep Throat, Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Sin

NARS Cosmetics – Blushes – Swatches

Here are swatches of most of NARS’ blushes! 🙂 I know there are a few missing (Mata Hari and Taos for sure) — I’ll try to get ’em swatched soon; or, if you have swatches you’d like to share… 😉

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Sin, Gina, Torrid, Oasis

Gilda, Amour, Outlaw, Dolce Vita

Amour, Outlaw, Dolce Vita, Desire

Dolce Vita, Desire, Angelika

Desire, Angelika, Crazed

Taj Mahal, Exhibit A, Albatross

Exhibit A, Albatross, Nico, Luster

Nico, Luster, Zen, Silvana

Sertao, Madly, Lovejoy

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