Sunday, April 14th, 2013

NARS Boys Don't Cry High Voltage Blush
NARS Boys Don’t Cry High Voltage Blush

NARS Boys Don’t Cry High Voltage Blush ($41.00 for 0.45 oz.) is described as a “pink grapefruit.” It’s a bold, coral-red with a matte finish. Guerlain Peach Boy is slightly less red/pink. NARS Exhibit A is redder. Illamasqua Dixie is lighter, pinker, and a cream product.

Like Rotonde, this blush is vibrant–the pigmentation is incredibly dense and rich and true-to-pan (actually, I think it may be more vibrant on the skin than it looks in the pan). The gold pattern is an over-spray, so while the first use might have a smidgen of shimmer, it’s actually a matte powder underneath. Applied and blended out, it looks pinker than it does when applied more heavily (that’s when the red starts to dominate). The texture was soft, finely-milled, and very easy to blend, which is an absolute necessity with something as rich in color as this shade is. Boys Don’t Cry wore eight and a half hours well, and after nine hours, there was some slight fading along the edges. This blush is larger than the standard NARS’ blushes, which are 0.16 oz., and this is 0.45 oz.

The Glossover


Boys Don't Cry

Boys Don't Cry is incredibly rich in color payoff, so it's a home run for the bold blush lovers. It's very blendable, so it can be worn subtly if desired, though!











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NARS Boys Don't Cry High Voltage Blush
NARS Boys Don’t Cry High Voltage Blush

NARS Boys Don't Cry High Voltage Blush
NARS Boys Don’t Cry High Voltage Blush

NARS Boys Don't Cry High Voltage Blush
NARS Boys Don’t Cry High Voltage Blush

NARS Boys Don't Cry High Voltage Blush
NARS Boys Don’t Cry High Voltage Blush

NARS Boys Don't Cry High Voltage Blush
NARS Boys Don’t Cry High Voltage Blush

NARS Boys Don't Cry High Voltage Blush
NARS Boys Don’t Cry High Voltage Blush

NARS Boys Don't Cry High Voltage Blush
NARS Boys Don’t Cry High Voltage Blush

NARS Boys Don't Cry High Voltage Blush
NARS Boys Don’t Cry High Voltage Blush

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Barney's (May 1st), NARS, $41.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Guerlain Peach Boy is slightly less red/pink. NARS Exhibit A is redder. Illamasqua Dixie is lighter, pinker, and a cream product.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: Giorgio Armani Summer 2013 Face & Eye Palette. On lips: Burbery Brick Red Lipgloss.

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74 thoughts on “NARS Boys Don’t Cry High Voltage Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Sarah

    I need this blush. It makes me think of party parrot(my favorite color) in blush form

  2. Goodness this is pigmented! Gorgeous but I don’t think I’d ever be able to wear something this bold without looking like I just got out of clown school. :/ I am just way too naturally heavy-handed with my blush to ever wear something this strong 😛 so lovely on you though–and I can only imagine how stunning it would look on those with a darker complexion! 😀

  3. OMG I LOVE THIS. And I mean love! Thanks, Christine!

  4. Veronica

    That is one gorgeous blush. Unfortunately, I’m pale and pink-toned enough to feel it would pull too red on me, but this is going to look stunning on many others. Glad to see NARS do a Hardy collection justice!

  5. t_zwiggy

    After comparing this to Exhibit A I know I need it! So bright and gorgeous! I usually have trouble with the most pigmented NARS blushes being hard to blend, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this one.

  6. Az sunshine

    I love the color. I just,wish they had stuck to the normal blush amount and a normal price tag. I’d never finish a regular sized blush in the first place.

  7. Holy pigment batman.. I love it~ Exhibit A was always too much for me, but perhaps I can pull this one off.. very very lightly.

  8. Lara

    That strange relief you feel when you don’t own any dupes listed. Ahhh! <3

  9. Oh wow. Another stunning product. Love

  10. Deb

    Hi Christine,

    This is gorgeous but reminds me a bit of My Paradise. Are they close?

  11. Catherine

    Wow nice color!
    By the way, I love your earrings! Where are they from?

  12. blueraccoon

    I really like this but I’m not sure I’d ever wear it. I prefer subtle blush and I’m worried I wouldn’t be able to do this lightly enough.

  13. Anne

    It looks pretty in the pan, and it looks pretty on you, Christine!

  14. Woah, now that’s what I call blush! Fantastic colour. I think I shall be picking this one up.

  15. ladybj

    Wow! It’s look so gorgeous on you. How does it compare to mac marine life or tarte blissful?

  16. Stephanie

    Ugh, my wallet is going to hate me this spring

  17. I love it! But what am I going to do with such a big sized blush when I have SO MANY OTHERS? I’m in two minds of buying it now because of the big size.

  18. tantan

    That’s a harsh blush but that lipgloss looks great on you, gonna do a review for that ?

  19. Cat G

    Nice to see a bold blush that’s matte too!!

  20. Oh this is pretty! And not just the design 😉

  21. Dominique

    Vibrant colour, great blush !

  22. L

    LOVE the colour of this blush.

  23. Jaz

    I love the blush, but my wallet does not like the price. Sigh.

  24. virginie

    Is it going to be sold at Sephora?

  25. It looks so amazing! :)

  26. Jenn

    Reminds me of MAC Virgin Isle in powder form!

  27. Michelle Z

    Gorgeous color and wonderful pigmentation! I don’t think I could pull this off, but I’m glad to see the quality of their products isn’t diminishing. (On a side note, I hate the name. Reinforcing gender stereotypes is not cool, NARS. Especially from such a big company.)

  28. Oh my god; what a gorgeous, gorgeous blush. It’s great to see such a high-quality product come out of a LE NARS release — I feel like it’s been a while since they’ve released anything this pigmented! 😀

  29. Erica

    I don’t care how pigmented it is, I’m not giving NARS $41.00 for one single blush. I’ll wear my other coral blushes that are as equally pigmented (including other NARS blushes)and keep it moving…

  30. Selena

    When I saw the photos in this post I was so in love. I wish the gold weren’t just an over-spray! Although it still is a beautiful color.

  31. Audrey

    Was gonna buy it until I saw that the price was different than their regular blushes. Go figure

  32. Rosie Posie

    Gorgeous! Does anyone think this looks a bit like Tarte’s Natural Beauty?

  33. Kiki

    I want this! Is there any chance to get this in europe?

  34. N8iveBeauT

    ooooooh, that’s pretty…… This is perfect for me because I love having a whoa-blush! face. My skin tone is light/medium with yellow undertones (MAC NC25), I know…. I know, but I love a bold cheek and I can pull it off.

  35. Wow, this is so pigmented! It looks absolutely amazing on you Christine!

  36. Sarah

    Woah, talk about value for money! Not much more per ounce than some nice drugstore blushes here in Canada. It looks similar to how Benetint appears on my skintone, just more vibrant.

  37. Lisa J

    This is GORGEOUS! It looks great on you Christine! Unfortunately, I think I’ll have to pass. It looks like a color that would emphasize my rosacea and I work too hard to neutralize it with makeup!

  38. Kellie

    This is a very pretty blush. I already own a matte coral. I guess I should get to comparing to see if this one is worth adding.

  39. Rose

    Wow this looks incredible! But it looks like something in between NARS Gilda and Tarte’s Tipsy, so I may have to give this a miss! Thank you for all your wonderful reviews Christine!

  40. Fitrah

    Christine, could you please tell me how this compares to Make Up For Ever #5 Eyeshadow?

  41. VickyM

    Wow I love the design of this but it is to pigmented for me, I only like soft blush and this would look like to much on me. It is very pretty though.

  42. This is huge! I’ll pass…

  43. Liz

    It’s not bad. I love your lipgloss.

  44. Beautiful color and pan design! Wow!

  45. kelly

    This reminds me of one of my favorite blushes, Chanel Malice.

  46. LK

    wow I really like this blush! I agree with others, I would prefer if it was a regular size and price.. but I might still get it!

  47. FYI. This collection is up on Nars’ website. The blushes are mine!

  48. Nicole

    I just pulled the trigger on this blush. Free shipping off their website too. I’ve been loving the pink/red corals for spring. Cannot wait! This looks beautiful on you, Christine.

  49. Mojokitty65

    So gorgeous on you Christine! I don’t think I can pull this off though, too much orange.

  50. Alison

    How fantastic! Its wonderful to see NARS doing such a top quality release – and look at that pattern!

  51. Polly

    It’s stunning ! Reminds me of its subtler and more mute version, MAC Bite of an Apple from VV collection.

    I’m not keen on bold and bright blush so it’s a skip for me, but thank you for a beautiful swatch <3

  52. Mimi

    For those of you who love the color but are afraid you would apply it too strongly, you MUST get what’s known as a skunk brush or stipling brush. It is a flat topped brush that has black hairs starting at the ferrule and ending in white hairs. MAC makes really nice ones. I would suggest the smaller, thinner one for blush. If you dip it in your face powder, the just touch it to the brightest blush, it applies softly and carefully and you can blend and build the color to your liking. It really works. I love bright blush but who wants to look like a clown. On top of that, I have rosacea so I really need to be careful but I love bright colored blushes as they give such life and lift to our faces. This kind of brush has been my salvation, works every time and I can even wear Tom Ford’s Narcissist, believe it or not!

  53. Belem

    Online right now:) i got it!!

  54. Lisa Gualtieri

    *jaw gapes* Holy cow! This looks spectacular on you! Absolutely magnificent! Now if only I had me some cheekbones 😉

  55. David Nuggets

    “I couldnt resist him, his eyes were like yours…”

    I was done in as soon as I saw the name of this shade. Boys Dont Cry? *swoons*

    Honestly im not sure if i could even ruin the beautiful design on the top with a brush. I got my first Nars blush awhile ago and I still havent touched it because i would rather gawk at how perfect and pretty it is.

    I normally don’t use blushes but Nars has me HOOKED on buying them! Just snagged Boys Dont Cry and intend on using it as a very light faux sunburn contour. (If i ever get around to destroying that amazing airbrush design ;p )

    This is probably the most money Ive spent on any one single beauty product but I intend on making this last for the next decade. Lol

  56. Ashley

    So beautiful! Do you think this could be considered a (brighter) dupe for MAC Bite of An Apple? I’m desperately looking for something comparable and this looks like it *might* come close.

  57. Hi Christine this blush is absolutely gorgeous i’m looking for this summer that kind of color:)
    Do you think that blush looks like the blush/bronzer “coral glow” from DIOR?
    The DIOR is too expensive for me unfortunately:(
    Thanks love from France <3


  58. Jenn

    How does Nars Cactus Flower compare with this? I know that is also a cream, but does the color look the same on?

  59. This blush is gorgeous, but I don’t understand the choice of name – it seems so incredibly inappropriate to me to name it after the movie (which was named after the song) Boys Don’t Cry. Do you know if I’m missing something and it’s named after something else?

  60. liz


  61. Susan

    When I swatched this, it was very very close to Illamasqua tweak (on my arm). Didn’t try them on my face though