Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

NARS Back Room Nail Lacquer

There’s One Last Polish in the Back Room!

NARS Back Room Nail Lacquer ($18.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as “black.” It’s a rich, deep dark black with a glossy finish. I know it’s going to sound bizarre, but I don’t have a lot of black cream polishes. MAC Nocturnelle is one of the few I have (and for some reason, I have a few of them). It’s not quite as dark and doesn’t dry down to the same naturally glossy finish. MAC Beyond Jealous is a tiny bit teal but mostly black. What’s your favorite black cream?

love this polish.  You have to wait for it to dry to understand what makes this polish sing, and it actually dries down quickly, and when it does, there’s a beautiful glossy shine. It’s not necessary to apply a top coat if you’re looking to add shine.  The formula was just the right consistency, not being thin or watery, but not too thick either.  It was a cinch to apply the polish, as the fluid flowed across the nail evenly and smoothly. It was almost opaque in one coat, but I did need two for fully opaque color. NARS’ polish wears exceptionally well on me, lasting as long as ten days without chipping and only showing minor tip wear.

The Glossover


Back Room

This is definitely going to be my go-to black from now on! It's so rich in color, applies easily, and the final shiny result is amazing.











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NARS Back Room Nail Lacquer

NARS Back Room Nail Lacquer

NARS Back Room Nail Lacquer

NARS Back Room Nail Lacquer

NARS Back Room Nail Lacquer

NARS Back Room Nail Lacquer

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Sephora, $18.00 (October 1st).

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

I know it's going to sound bizarre, but I don't have a lot of black cream polishes. MAC Nocturnelle is one of the few I have (and for some reason, I have a few of them). It's not quite as dark and doesn't dry down to the same naturally glossy finish. MAC Beyond Jealous is a tiny bit teal but mostly black. What's your favorite black cream?

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33 thoughts on “NARS Back Room Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Gorgeous! Some might say every black is the same but that is so not true. Black is definitely my favorite nail polish color and I like this one a lot.

  2. theresa geer

    Wonderful color and manicure. Did you do it yourself?

  3. Eileen

    WOW it is super shiny!!!

  4. Now that’s a nice black! I used to be all over Sinful Black on Black, but I might get this and make it my new fave black polish. :)

  5. oooohhhh stunning! I do not own a single black nail polish *seriously*. Most of my polishes are ‘almost’ black. This one looks amazing on and strangely enough, not overly goth looking. Maybe it is the intense shine. Anyhow, this one looks like a winner!

  6. kp

    I guess it’s silly to think I need another black cream, but I might. I have three black creams: 1 thick that needs to be tossed (or thinned), China Glaze which needs 1M coats, and OPI which I just bought and have yet to try. I might actually add this to my collection. I flawless black is a necessity, IMO.

  7. Peggy

    This looks amazing! With upcoming fall/winter, I lean towards darker nail polishes. This is going on my “to buy” list !

  8. Steph

    Beautiful! Great for fall.

  9. artemis

    WOOOOOW :O if only….. haha, i’d love to wear it.

  10. em

    This looks like Essie Licorice, which is also an amazing deep black cream that dries to that super glossy patent leather look.

  11. I usually turn to OPI Black Onyx as my go-to black. But this is beautiful! The glossy shine is really nice.

  12. Carrie

    That’s a beautiful black, but I just can’t justify spending $18 on a staple color like black. My go-to is currently Nails Inc version. It’s just about opaque in one coat too.

  13. Kafka

    My favorite black cream? One from NARS that is identical to this. And I’m wearing it now. Hahaha. NARS’ Kata. Super high gloss that dries down quickly and is a dream to put on. One of the glossiest nail varnishes I own, in fact. I’m assuming the only reason why NARS did an absolutely identical one with this Back Room is because Kata was available only as part of that special holiday Japanese quad set (gold glitter, black, white, red), though this one is LE edition too. I love NARS’ nail varnishes. My absolute favorite, hands down and worth every.single.penny. Never, ever a problem with them and they last like 10+ days without chipping.

  14. Dinitchka

    I think that Wet N Wild’s – Wild Shine Nail Color in Black Creme would be a very close if not spot on dupe. This is the one I use most often and consider my ‘go-to’ black.

    • Dinitchka

      * I forgot to add … If I don’t want to wear it naturally (glossy black), I add a ‘matte top coat’ on top.

  15. blueraccoon

    I think my fave black is OPI Linkin Park After Midnight (I may be getting the name wrong) – it’s NOT After Dark, which is a blackened purple, but it’s a pure black. But this is absolutely gorgeous.

    • Manny

      At Midnight is a blackened purple as well and has a microshimmers whereas After Dark is a blackened purple cream color :)

  16. kolorkoded

    Wow nice! And this was applied without a topcoat?

  17. Wow that is incredibly rich and inky! Before I saw the nail swatches, I was thinking a black is a black and there’s no way I would splurge on black nail polish…but this one is very well done

  18. I have to say that Nails, Inc “Black Taxi” is my favorite black I’ve ever used, and I have used many blacks. You could get away with one coat, for sure. This Nars one looks great, too, though.

  19. Samantha Bousquet

    This is such a beautiful, highly pigmented polish! Dried to a shine, it looks as if you have leather on your nails! Now that’s gorgeous.

  20. Sanguine13

    *whistles* That is so inky dark and shiny. Love it!

  21. Sasha

    It’s lovely, but it’s a little too much for me to shell out for a black creme. Especially since I tend to layer over my blacks and don’t wear black on it’s own much anymore unless it’s my toes.

  22. My favorite is Sinful Colors Black On Black. It’s super shiny, I don’t even need a topcoat with it. I think it’d be a good dupe for NARS Back Room.

  23. My favorite black cream is Cult Nails Nevermore. But wow, this does look gorgeous.

  24. Jennifer

    Oh, this is gorgeous! Such a bummer because NARS polishes are the worst-wearing for me! For some reason with their polishes it takes less than a day to start seeing peeling and chipping, even on my toes. :( Even so, I still might pick this up for those special occasions that call for a night of black polish! 😀

  25. I love how shiny this one is 😉

  26. Jessica

    How does this one compare with Cult Nails Nevermore?

  27. Resa

    I love American Apparel’s Hassid!