Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color ($7.49 for 0.15 oz.) is a bold coral-red with a luminous finish and warm undertones. Laura Mericer Hydrangea is lighter. Maybelline Vivid Rose is redder, darker. MAC Impassioned is pinker, less red-toned. MAC Party Parrot is a bit brighter and more intense, but it has more of a matte finish, too. Make Up For Ever #37 is warmer, less red.

It is rich in color with very nearly opaque color coverage (the way it lies on lips gives it a subtle translucency that keeps the color from looking heavy on the lips). Β There’s a slight glossiness to the color because of its lightweight, creamy consistency that has some slip to it. Β It glides evenly over the lips without pulling or dragging. Β Shocking Coral wore for six hours, and it did leave behind a soft stain for another hour or so. Β The lipstick was comfortable to wear, and it was lightly moisturizing when I wore it.

The Glossover


Shocking Coral

If you've ever bemoaned a lack of pigment in drugstore lipstick formulas, then you have to check out Maybelline's Vivids range, because lacking in pigment they are not--nearly full color coverage and long, comfortable wear!











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Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?, ULTA, Walmart, from $7.49.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Laura Mericer Hydrangea is lighter. Maybelline Vivid Rose is redder, darker. MAC Impassioned is pinker, less red-toned. MAC Party Parrot is a bit brighter and more intense, but it has more of a matte finish, too. Make Up For Ever #37 is warmer, less red.

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On cheeks: bareMinerals Bronzing Veil.

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115 thoughts on “Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. KK

    Love your makeup in this pic. Your skin looks amazing…I like the neutral face with bright lip!

  2. Feeling so inspired by this great Maybelline product~ Happy to see this particular colour translates pinker than the tube photos. I ordered this, vivid rose, and electric orange yesterday. How can you go wrong for $8 bucks?

  3. Neha

    Oh thanks Christine…I always wait for your review before buying anything..right now there is a BOG 50% at ULTA and this will be mine todayy. Tell me if I have a choice to buy Crosswires/Costa Chic/Shocking Coral/ something else , then which one would you recommend. I am NC-30 and I love bright true corals. Thanks again.

    • Crosswires is a lot more pink – so I think that alone stands out against the other two. Shocking Coral is really bold. I’d probably go there and see how you liked it!

  4. Neha

    Does it have any similarity to MAC Watch me Simmer lipstick or Vegas Volt?

  5. Whoaaa I need this and the fuchsia one like NOW!!! What a beautiful shade! I always love more pigment as well!

  6. I was waiting for this! It’s definitely a shocking coral. I really love the slight jelly finish of these lipsticks, I don’t think I have seen it before but it makes your lips look really juicy and luscious! Amazing colour on you Christine ^^

  7. Chelle

    Oh dear god that’s lovely. SOLD!

    (As a side note, I’ve been waiting for your comments/review on this particular shade so I’m quite pleased to see you’ve posted it! Thank you!)

      • Chelle

        Just coming back here to say, once again, thank you for this review. I bought the lipstick and your review is bang on. I find your photos pull slightly more orange than what I ended up with, but it could just be the monitor that I’m looking at it on. (I’m not bothered though… I love it!)

        This is honestly one of the most comfortable lipsticks I have ever worn and will definitely try out other colours in this line. Thanks again! <3

  8. Sara

    LOVE this color!!! I’ve been hoping you would reviews some drug store lipsticks and this line looks like a great option. Just in the sweet spot for my price range. Now I have something to use my Ulta coupon on…

  9. ada

    Thank you for reviewing these Christine! They’re an affordable way to play with colour!

  10. artemis

    so pretty but it’s funny how it looks so much oranger in the tube :)) it looks like the mandarin one

  11. blueraccoon

    Christine, why do you make me want these really bright lipsticks I doubt I’ll ever have the courage to wear in public? This is gorgeous, and now I want it, but…

    • LOL! At least it’s less than $10?

    • Do it~ Seriously! Yesterday I felt all inspired by Christine’s posts on these amazing lipsticks and I did a simple look with a winged out thicker liquid black liner on my eyes and a bright flamingo pink (TF Flamingo) on my lips. My partner whistled at me when I came out of the bathroom. I’m picking up three of these for a fraction of a TF or Burberry lipstick. Who cares if you wear them only a few times πŸ˜€

      • blueraccoon

        well…okay, maybe I’ll look for it :)

      • Veronica

        The winged liner and bright lipstick is my go-to look, and it’s quite often the one that gets me the most compliments on the street. One woman told me that she loved that it was bold yet simple at the same time. πŸ˜€

      • blueraccoon

        Edit: you are such an enabler. Stopped at walgreens, walked out with this one and Brazen Berry, and I’d have gotten Vivid Rose too if they’d had it in stock…

  12. Pooja

    I went and bought 4 shades after your reviews. Shocking coral, vivid rose, brazen berry and fuchsia flash. I never wear bright or dark lipsticks but there were so many rave reviews for these that I decided to try. Boy, am I glad I did! Im in love! They are so gorgeous! They make your lips look fuller, brighter and were quite moisturizing. I felt they were much more comfortable to wear formula wise than Chanel and Mac, which I have many of but i find them incredibly drying(unless the moisturizing slippery formula, which disappears in an hour)i wore the coral for several hours yesterday and it leaves an incredibly pretty stain behind after initial wear. I can’t pick a favorite as they were all very unique and so pretty. I’ll definitely be wearing bright lips all summer! I’ve barely started using these and I want more colors, true addict :) Thanks for the recommendation!

  13. Noah

    Needless to say that this color looks stunning on you!! Will definitely buy and pair this with a teal/blue eyeliner on the waterline and Nars Exhibit A. What say? Gorgeous or not ;-D

  14. Rachael

    Wow. I think I need all of these. Every one you’ve reviewed has been calling my name!

  15. Kathi

    Is it similar to Watch me simmer from MAC? :)

  16. Ellen

    I love this! It’s a bright, more pink-orange color that I think I can pull of with my light skin tone!

  17. Sweet find! I’ve been wanting MAC Party Parrot for ages and I’ll take a close enough and cheaper drugstore find.

    I’ve recently conquered my bright colored lip color fear and I’m diving in. Well, at least trying some drugstore brand experiments before I take the leap into high end brand equivalents.

  18. Omg, love the color in your lips, it’s awesome!!

  19. Precious

    And here’s another addition to my list. Why do you do this to me, Christine? πŸ˜€ It looks so good on you, by the way.

  20. Samantha V.

    got my hands on this one. love it!

  21. I picked this one up two weeks ago. Love the colour one me. With my pale skin i can’t seem to rock cool tone bright shades (it looks way to cartoony one me) so this and Vibrant Mandarin was my choice. πŸ˜‰

    At first I thought the line was LE as I only say in pop up displays the past 2 months. lol

    • I’m pretty sure they’re permanent only because it’s available everywhere online… seems like drugstore brands don’t launch stuff online if it’s LE (usually)!

  22. TLC

    I love how it swatched. I will be adding it to my collection of Vivids: Vivid Rose and On Fire Red. What a nice colour for summer.

  23. Chloe

    Beautiful! Christine, Please swatch the oranges and reds in this collection.. they look so gorgeous but I’d rather wait to read your opinion on those. Thanks!

  24. I ALMOST bought this yesterday! These look so cool!

  25. This looks beautiful on you, Christine!

  26. Elysia

    love love love love love!!!

  27. xamyx

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I just can’t do coral lips. Every teacher I had growing up, over the age of 55, wore coral lipstick, every day, and I just can’t shake the “old-lady” feel of the color. However, I do appreciate the reviews of more affordable products, and the fact you include dupes & similar shades these can replace. I really love the formula of these lipsticks, even if I can’t appreciate all shades.

    • Bummer that you don’t like corals, Amy!

    • Pamela

      Yeah, I don’t know why coral is associated with elderly women from Palm Beach. You need to find a coral that’s right for you. Some lean orange, some red, some pink. You should shake off the perceptions you have and experiment. You’ll find something.

      • xamyx

        I did wear corals for a time, and they were especially flattering when I had auburn hair. I had one I particularly loved, but when I saw my 70+ year old Algebra teacher pull out the exact same shade, I kind of got turned off from the shade, especially when I realized how many older women I observed wearing corals. Perhaps it’s just a generational thing, but I can’t recall anyone under the age of 50 wearing it while I was growing up.

    • Kat

      My grandmother used to wear a color called “Sunset Orange.”

  28. Danielle

    Mine looks nothing like that when I put it on. It looks like a bright barbie pink :(

    • Pink? Wow! Do you have a lot of pink in your lip color?

      • Danielle

        My bottom lip is more pink than my upper lip. My upper lip is kinda dark and I have thick lips as well. I tend to put 3-5 layers of lipstick when I use Maybelline Shocking coral just to even out the color.

    • Xero

      It happens to me too, and I don’t even have pigmented lips. Unfortunately for me, anything that can stain fuschia will do so, and I’m very warm-toned.

  29. Lauren

    Hi Christine,

    What do you do to get a six-hour longevity? I feel like no matter what, my lipstick always fades in more then half that (2 hours MAX)!

    Do you sit there and not move for six hours? Do you eat? Do you continue on your day like normal? Any tricks or tips? haha! I’m at a total loss.


    • With six hours, I usually have a cup of coffee at some point and probably a meal. Anything long-wearing, inevitably, I usually have to eat with it on, because I can’t *not* eat lunch/dinner!

      • Lauren

        Thank you! I love this color and for the price, you can’t go wrong, especially if you have to re-apply. Thanks for swatching the drugstore brands!

    • I’ve been having good experiences with it as well! I drank a lot and also nibbled on some snacks and I didn’t have to reapply until I ate a full meal. But even after that full meal you could still see the shade, you just really need to touch it up at that point :)

  30. Cinthia

    Christine, what lip liner would you wear with this? (i like to wear lipliner to prevent my lipstick from running)

    • Maybe Loudmouth? I’m really not good at pairing lip liners only because my memory bank of them is pretty low (I don’t use them personally).

  31. The color is so not what I had expected :-O A lot less orange. But still very pretty!

  32. Roxanne

    I just picked this up yesterday for an excellent price ($5.97 at a CANADIAN Walmart!!) and I’m totally in love. It actually pulls a LOT more neon on me. I have fairly pigmented lips and fair, yellow-toned skin, so perhaps that’s what’s doing it? Love the colour though, and if it weren’t for my brutal-cold and midterm-induced chapped lips, I would be wearing it right now!!

    As a side note, I love how moisurizing this lipstick feels. I have trouble wearing a lot of my Mac lipsticks because they just settle into my lip lines and excentuate any flakes I have, even if I just exfoliated. Not so with the Maybelline ones!

  33. Xero

    I have the most awful luck with these types of lipsticks…on me, instead of looking coral, it looks distinctly cool-toned, almost as if it was blue-based. I have this same problem with Wet n Wild Pinkerbell (dupe for Viva Glam Nicki), Covergirl Temptress, and other similar yellow-toned pinks…which is a shame because I really love how they look like on other people.

  34. caitlin

    yay! so glad you are reviewing these. i am a mac/nars girl at heart but couldn’t pass up these colors..i am so glad i gave them a chance! i have shocking coral and vibrant mandarin and they give my more expensive lipsticks a run for their money.

  35. Frrances

    I found this colour more on the pink side than coral. Not the type of the coral colour i was looking for. But still a great lipstick, especially for the price of it!

  36. Looks gorgeous on you! I’ve been rocking that shade a lot here in Hong Kong since it’s definitely Spring now. Love that it actually is a bit hydrating when I wear it, since other Maybelline lipsticks tend to be super drying on me! I never bought them before because of that, but I couldn’t pass up considering how gorgeous this shade was.

  37. Cat

    Love this! I have Vibrant Mandarin and Neon Red and those are both maybe a little too red/orange for me– I like that this is a little more pink. The lipsticks are great, though!

  38. We got nine shades in Australia and they’re all amazing…Fuchsia Flash is my favourite.

  39. Veronica

    Gorgeous. I love bright, pinky corals! πŸ˜€ Coral is a really great color for you, too. These bold lipsticks really sing on your face.

    I’m thinking Maybelline must have changed their formula a bit in the last two years or so. I used to own only a few of their products, and their lipsticks often dried me out. But these new ones get good reviews on moisture, which is a relief to hear. They look so pretty! πŸ˜€

    • The ColorSensational line is pretty good :) Definitely not super drying or anything like that!

      • Veronica

        Honestly, it may have been the line I tried out from the brand (the pearlescent colors). Frosted shades in general are pretty drying, and I noticed Muse had similar problems with some of them. I’ll have to check out some from the main line to see if I just chose the collection’s dud series. :)

  40. Alicia

    I’ve been a long time lover of bright lipstick, so I was immediately sold on these lipsticks once I saw the reviews (and gorgeous photos)here. I’ve already picked up Brazen Berry, Shocking Coral and Fuchsia Flash (they are around $5.60 at Target). Of the three I LOVE Brazen Berry the most (perfect bright purple). As with any lipstick, make sure your lips are well moisturized and exfoliated before rocking these. My lips are so dried out from the winter weather that the coral and fuchsia both highlighted any dry spots (made me look like I tried to color my lips with crayon).

  41. An

    LOVE IT! This is one of the shades I really, really want to get.

    It looks very coral-pink on you, even though the color in the tube looks more orange. So juicy and beautiful! ^^ Haha

  42. goood laaaawwwwd this is gorgeous!

  43. Erica

    I bought the Orange Edge Color Sensational tonight after my workout as a motivational treat. The orange is awesome! OMG! Pigmented like crazy.

  44. Angela

    Whoa the bullet of the lipstick looks so orange, yet the swatches/ pictures of it on the lip are so much pinker!

  45. Kat

    I love the look of these lipsticks!

  46. Jay

    Looks awesome! How would you compare this to MAC betty brite? I just bought it. This one seems deeper.. almost reddish-er?

  47. Lisa Gualtieri

    I have this and was waiting for your review on it :)! Isn’t it odd how it looks so much more pink on the lips than in the tube? When I wear mine it looks like a hot pink lipstick, possibly with a warm, coralish undertone, but far less intense of a coral than when in the tube.

  48. Cat G

    I am wearing this right now, bought it today! It is a great color! It doesn’t look as shiny as in your photos though, are you wearing it alone? Were your lips just super hydrated beforehand? I want the look from your photos!

  49. Maybelline never fails to deliver. I wish this range was available in India, where I am, unfortunately it looks like i’m gonna have to wait a few months.
    Any other drugstore dupes similar to this, Christine?

  50. Seeing your swatch I just HAD TO HAVE this. Then I went to my local drug store here in Denmark, found the Maybelline display and the lipstick. It looks nothing like it does in your photos.

    Swatching it on my self and just from looking at it in real life, it looks much much pinker. Looks much more like Fuchsia Flash from the Vivids collection

  51. Sabina Spielrein

    Hi Christine, does it have any similarity to MAC Ablaze?
    Thank you! :)