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Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow
Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows: #0E, 2E, 4E, 6E, 8E, 20E

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows #0E, 2E, 4E, 6E, and 8E

Please see my first post on the Aqua Shadows for a detailed review, along with photos, of texture, consistency, wear, and so forth. This post is specifically looking at the five matte finish Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows ($20.00 for 0.14 oz.).

  • #0E is a rich black with a matte finish. It has good color payoff in a single pass, and it has a very subtle brown undertone. You’ll find it’s comparable to numerous black eyeliners so long as they’re deeper, richer blacks (instead of a soft black).
  • #2E is a dark red-toned brown with a matte finish. It has good color payoff in a single go, and it builds well. This shade had a creamier consistency compared to some of the other shades. Milani Brown is slighty lighter. Chanel Brun-Teak has similar red tones but is lighter. Urban Decay Demolition is a bit darker, less warm.
  • #4E is a medium-dark gray with a hint of brown and a matte finish. The pigmentation is only so-so in a single go–it’s a bit drier so it doesn’t fill in every space with really rich, even pigment. CoverGirl Silver Spark is a bit like this, but the finishes are very different, and it is also much lighter.
  • #6E is an intense navy blue with a matte finish. It’s very bold, and it has good color payoff, though it’s not as buildable as the other shades. MAC Marine Ultra is similar in finish but lighter. Urban Decay Binge is not quite as dark and has shimmer.
  • #8E is a darkened green-teal with a matte finish. This shade had the best color payoff in a single stroke, and it was a bit creamier than shades like #4E. This shade compares well to Prescriptives Blue Grotto. It’s a bit darker and greener compared to NARS Kaliste.  Urban Decay Clinic is lighter and shimmery.

To summarize my earlier review:  the matte shades are a bit creamier, and as a consequence, they do not hold up as well as the shimmery shades.  I do get significant and noticeable creasing, and it looks pitiful after eight hours, when I’ve worn these alone.  When I wear them with eyeshadow on top, they perform much better, and I didn’t have any creasing problems even after eight hours.  Over a primer but still with nothing on top, they wear marginally better but still have noticeable creasing over the eight hour period.  These are also prone to smudging on their own but also if water hits them, so they’re not quite waterproof or smudge-proof.

The Glossover


Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows #0E, 2E, 4E, 6E, and 8E Review, Photos, Swatches

The frosted shades are difficult to blend but are long-lasting, while the matte shades are difficult to blend and crease after a few hours of wear. I can recommend checking out the frostier finishes, but if you have oily lids, you may want to be a little more cautious with the matte shades.











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Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow
Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows: #0E, 2E, 4E, 6E, 8E, 20E

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow
Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows: #0E, 2E, 4E, 6E, 8E, 20E

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow
Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows: #0E, 2E, 4E, 6E, 8E, 20E

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow
Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows: #0E, 2E, 4E, 6E, 8E, 20E

Make Up For Ever #0E Aqua Shadow
Make Up For Ever #0E Aqua Shadow

Make Up For Ever #2E Aqua Shadow
Make Up For Ever #2E Aqua Shadow

Make Up For Ever #4E Aqua Shadow
Make Up For Ever #4E Aqua Shadow

Make Up For Ever #6E Aqua Shadow
Make Up For Ever #6E Aqua Shadow

Make Up For Ever #8E  Aqua Shadow
Make Up For Ever #8E Aqua Shadow

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32 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows #0E, 2E, 4E, 6E, and 8E Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I was hoping the mattes would preform better on their own as I wanted #8E Aqua Shadow. Super pretty shade.
    Did you consider DISQUS before choosing Livefyre for the new messaging format.

    •  @Ani_BEE About a year ago, I looked at both Disqus and Livefyre and opted for Disqus because Livefyre was still too new and thought Disqus would be a better option based on that, even though I really liked the features of Livefyre better.  When we tried Disqus couldn’t import all of our comments.

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        •  @Ani_BEE I did, but we were never able to get a resolution that allowed us to keep all of our comments, and then there was a TON of duplication that occurred because we had so much trouble with the importing process! I certainly did take the time to contact Disqus to try and fix it! :) 

  2. GirlieReview

    Are you going to review the 20E pencil separately?  It looks lovely, but I’m very curious to see what you think.

    •  @GirlieReview Yes – this review is only for the matte shades, and the next post will be for all of the shimmery shades, including #20E.  When I photographed them, I split them as six and six, not knowing there was going to be such a discrepancy in wear based on the finish.

  3. I love the look of #6E.

  4. Mariella

    I would SO want these if the wear were better.  I might try then on when they come to Sephora here and then wear them for a few hours to see how they do, since these things can be different from one person to another. Like you,  I’d have expected more from MUFE.

    •  @Mariella I was so surprised!  Urban Decay’s Shadow Pencils are totally fine on me, and MUFE’s Aqua Creams wear like IRON on me as well.  I get great wear out of their Aqua Liners & Aqua Eyes Pencils, too.

  5. Mariella

    ….also, can someone explain to the the “points” system that now appears here?  Bear in mind that I’m over 50 and all this technology is foreign to me (why do I feel like my mom when she was confronted with a microwave?)

  6. fufsy

    I’m returning mine. Honestly, although the NARS cream shadows don’t wear as long – I still prefer them as colour bases over these since the NARS is much more easy to blend and create a shape on the eye. The NARS shadows aren’t as patchy as these, either. I also prefer the Aqua Creams over these as well.

    •  @fufsy If you’re only going to use it as an eyeshadow base and cover it up with eyeshadows, then there are definitely better products on the market.  I am totally in love with the color of #8E, though. I’m ALWAYS dying for that kind of color but so few of them perform really well!
      Did you have any problems with the wear? You mentioned blending and patchiness, so I’m curious about the rest :)

      • fufsy

         @Christine @ Temptalia I never use cream shadows with the intention of wearing alone…I wanted something similar to the NYX jumbo pencils, but more waterproof and crease resistant. Obviously the NARS shadow pencils are worse than the NYX so those were a no-go even though they have some amazing shades…when these pencils came out, I was ecstatic and ordered the matte brown and black ones.
        They don’t blend well at all, and no matter what I do, I can’t create the great cat-eye shape with these like I can with the regular NARS cream shadows (not the shadow sticks). These also don’t grab powder shadows as well as the NARS. These PULL AND TUG at my eyelids like no other! The Aqua Creams DON’T do that! If any of you want a matte black colour base that blends easily, is waterproof AND is great for liner, just pick up MUFE Aqua Black waterproof cream shadow. The  black aqua shadow pencil might wear amazingly well, but you can get the same results with the Aqua Black cream shadow/liner (in the pot) but with less tugging and easier blending.

  7. artemis

    WOW, gorgeous, especially the black and the teal <3 my my

  8. Tessa

    They look like they stain the lids, especially the blue and green one. Do they?

  9. Is the #8E the one you posted a pic of on twitter that traveled down your eye after a few hours? Oh noooo!!!! That’s disappointing. I had such high hopes for these. I like the lighter ones a lot but if they travel on your eyes, I guarantee they’ll migrate and melt down mine!! Shucks. Maybe I should test them before I purchase. Thanks for this review. It helps to have an unbiased opinion on the products and such wonderful photos.

    •  @What Jean Likes Yes, it was! That’s what made the smudging even worse – cream product on the lid… and migration to underneath!  The shimmery shades were fine, though :)  They had the same blending issues as the matte shades, but the wear was pristine – no creasing, fading, or smudging!

  10. Kafka

    I think the 4E is a VERY ugly mushroom shade! Yech. The dark teal one/8E is lovely and I’m a big fan of relatively monochromatic, intensely dark/bold eyelid. However, seeing the FB photo of it on you yesterday, yikes! I’m going to pass.  

  11. Laurence.

    4E looks a little bit like Maybelline Tough as Taupe color tattoo !

  12. …supposed to be on a makeup spending freeze but 6E is calling. my. name!  And is it me or does 8E look like Illamasqua’s Apocalips in eye pencil form?  lol!  Wonderful shades.

  13. Veronica

    Ah, what a shame about the creasing.  The teal shade is just what I was looking for.  At least they’re better than the NARS shadow pencils, though.  😛

  14. karmencan

    can you use these on the waterline?

  15. queen_frostine

    I’m so sad to hear these crease because #8E is GORGEOUS.  I’m a sucker for a nice teal, and I don’t think I own one quite like it.  I would have loved to use it as a liner.   I wonder what’s so different about the matte formulation that makes them so crease-happy.

  16. gilded_lady

    That teal is so pretty but that was such an ugly mess :(
    I’m disappointed it didn’t perform better!

  17. Hey Christine, how would these MUFE matte shades worn as thick rockergurl-esque eyeliner compared to MAC Greasepaint Sticks, Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow Pencil, and Stila Waterproof Smudge Crayons? I know you weren’t impressed with them as eyeshadows alone. I just wanna know the best black thick eye pencil is the best on the market. :]

  18. Surprisingly I like 4E