Monday, July 7th, 2014

MAC x Marge The Simpsons Collection for Fall 2014
MAC x Marge The Simpsons Collection for Fall 2014, Image via Pret-a-Reporter

On the occasion of their 25th anniversary, M•A•C celebrates everyone’s favourite animated family, The Simpsons, with a vivacious colour collection that can only be described in one word: Eeeeexcellent. Debuts this fall.

Updated at 7/7/2014: According to Pret-a-Reporter, the collection will be available for one-day only (July 26th) during Comic-Con at the 234 Fifth Avenue, San Diego store. The collection is set to release in full on August 28th online and in-stores on September 4th.

More details to come as they are available…

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186 thoughts on “MAC x Marge The Simpsons Collection for Fall 2014

  1. I don’t like the Simpsons so I more than likely won’t be interested in this.
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  2. Chanel

    I don’t watch Simpsons but If we’re talking about 90’s cartoons i think I would of preferred something like power puff girls or even family guy but I’ll check this out, I can’t wait to see the packaging.

    • MAC + Powerpuff Girls ….. :O

      My eyes got so wide I now have a headache! Now THAT is a collection I would be all over!

      • Chanel

        I could imagine they have eye shadows and glosses or lipsticks based on each character, bubbles bright and colorful, buttercup dark and sort of vampy and blossom neutral and classic.

        • Lizzi

          Omg! Powerpuff girls would be the best ever! Craig McCracken is my idol. He’s brilliant!

        • Alex

          That would be amazing! But I’d be tempted to buy everything just for the sake of nostalgia…

          I’m also seeing really bright purple Mojojojo eyeshadow…

      • Tangie Wimberly

        Yes honey powerpuff girls would just due me in. Lol!!!

      • Wow. This would be AMAZING! The Bubbles collection would be so pretty, lots of pastels with pearlized pigments *drools*

    • Family Guy started in 1999, I personally wouldn’t even consider that to be a 90s cartoon. Powerpuff Girls would be adorable though.

      • Chanel

        I understand where you’re coming from since family guy released later in the 90’s and their jokes on that show can be intimidating. But now that i think about it what about something like sailor moon or even pink panther, that would be cool, i need to stop thinking i’m getting myself excited over nothing

      • MckinneyMini

        I would love a Ren and Stimpy one, now that would be hilarious!! A tiny toons one would be so cute!!

    • Please no Family Guy, they’d have to name a blush something disgustingly racist or homophobic for it to pass as “Family Guy” because you know it’s “satire”! (/sarcasm)

    • Genna

      The Powerpuff Girls would be awesome! Or even something from the 70s lor 80s like Josie and the Pussycats- or Jem- those collections would be so fun! I did grow up watching The Simpsons so I appreciate the nostalgia, but all I can picture is primary colors and that’s not my thing:(

      • Liz

        Power puff girls sounds amazing! I’m feeling pretty nerdy right now because the first 90’s cartoon that came to mind and got me excited was “Captain Planet

      • Adrianna

        Jem would be an AMAZING collection!!!!!!!

    • :O don’t tease me like that!

    • Shimmer

      Good idea, but the power puff girls are nowhere near as well known, the the ideas is not as good from a marketing point of view, and family guy isn’t 90s.

      • sophie

        family guy was actually first aired in the 90’s, but i get your point haha it only became popular in the nortys :)

    • Trudy

      Totally agree, Chanel. Marge doesn’t even wear makeup.

    • Chloe

      Now that you mention Powerpuff Girls + makeup I realize that Sugarpill’s Sweetheart palette matches almost perfectly. Like…if the green was slightly more yellow based it would be the exact colors.

    • Galaktikon

      Sailor Moon!!

  3. Uh Oh… I’m in trouble…
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  4. Dany


  5. Jennifer

    I feel like they’re reaching with this one. Does the character even wear make up?

  6. chiara

    OMG i just hope there will be special packaging (and colours I like, of course :) ) can’t wait!!

  7. Jenny Cupcakes

    Spoiler alert: it’s yellow foundation and blue hair dye.

  8. Andrew

    I just saw this in my FB newsfeed. MAC is gonna have my money tied up all year; first Proenza Schouler, then Alluring Aquatic, Kelly and Sharon, now The Simpsons?! This is turning out to be a banner year.
    I’m guessing the color story will reveal black and white eye kohls, pigments/shadows inspired by characters’ iconic outfits, and lipsticks in nudes (since the characters typically don’t have defined lips) and reds.
    Some interesting wildcard items would be a beauty powder/highlighter with a golden sheen to mimic the iconic “Simpsons yellow” while maintaining realistic usage; maybe a necklace fashioned after Marge’s pearls; possibly even a blue hair chalk (although I typically would doubt any hair products with MAC collections, Marge’s blue bouffant is legendary).

    I’m obviously fanboy-ing all over this right now! XD

    • Ashley

      Don’t forget the Maleficent and Lorde collection!

    • Tammie

      I think they’ll definitely have something blue, just not for the hair as you said. Maybe mascara?

    • Brenda

      Sorry to break everyone’s heart, But there are NO lipsticks in this collection. What you see is what you get, besides nail stickers

      • Sally

        Yes there is lipstick in the collection…it’s a 10 piece collection only some items are featured in the promo pic.

  9. Somayea

    I am so excited! I don’t watch Simpsons on the daily basis, but nevertheless I am so excited! I really really hope they don’t let us down :/ I hope the packaging is great 😀

  10. AbigailOD

    This. Is. Amazing. I’m excited to see the color story!

  11. Well my jaw dropped when I saw this announcement. I wonder how this is going to work out. It could be really fun and quirky… or it could be really, really bad.
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  12. No joke, I haven’t been so excited for a MAC collection in the last 5+ years! This sounds so cool! I can only imagine what they will do with the packaging *drools like Ralph*

    • I agree !I think this collection is more creative than anything MAC has done in the past couple of years. this seems far out for MAC. I mean Maleficent looks basic so many other things could have been done.

  13. I’m struggling to believe that they’re being serious here… MAC and Marge Simpson?
    It doesn’t seem like a natural alliance in my opinion, I don’t think of make-up or glamour when I think of Marge Simpson and I surely can’t be alone here?
    I’m cringing at the thought of the packaging already – whether it’s all bright yellow and blue or just black with a cheap looking Marge head sticker on the front. Either way, of course I hope it’s a decent collection product wise but unlike Disney or Hello Kitty, it’s not something I’d buy purely because of the name behind it!
    I would just LOVE to see a Disney Princess collection or MAC x Mad Men (Can you imagine the lipstick and blushes?!)

  14. I am definitely curious to see more photos.

  15. Zainab

    This looks pretty awesome. Come on MAC, do this right!

  16. indira

    How exciting! I can’t wait! I hope MAC gets creative with the packaging and the color selections.

  17. I can’t wait to see how this collection will look like! I hope there will be a green like Marge’s dress!
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  18. Sarah

    Can’t imagine what products this will include, but I’m really excited to find out! This is so much more interesting than the many, many, collaborations brands have released lately.

  19. This is cool! Can we expect some amazing yellow and blue?!
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  20. Mindy

    Hopefully this one will be less disappointing than the Maleficent collection.

  21. I’ll definitely be interested to see this! Yellow foundation? Blue hair dye? Concealer that makes your chin disappear?

  22. Oh my God!!!!!! Please oh please MAC, don’t mess this up!!!

  23. I can’t contain my excitement, this is awesome!!

  24. I really really hope they don’t screw this up like the Maleficent one!

  25. Well, I’m going to broke…

  26. Haha.. I found this ‘collaboration’ amusing. It could be completely wonderful or a total disaster. I ❤ Marge. She rocks out blue hair like no one else.

  27. Awesome! This better be good or I’ll never forgive them.

  28. Ashley

    How are they going to pull this off…

  29. Evelyn

    The Simpson are practically a classic I’ve ALWAYS loved The Simpson and eager for this! Totally looking forward for this!

  30. How is this fall collection already here? I love simpsons so I am expecting some bright colors!
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  31. Now this is one Mac collection I am actually excited about.

  32. Sounds almost like an April Fool’s joke. But it’s May. So it must be true then. Strange!

  33. Raven

    love it! she should replace Rihanna lol

  34. Hate The Simpsons, but still looking forward to this! The packaging should be pretty cool, at any rate.

  35. Kris

    For me, this is exciting!!! But if they just repromote permanent stuff in limited packaging, like maleficent, I’ll be annoyed. Really annoyed, lol.

  36. Rhea W.

    Did Mac just up their prices? I had some stuff in my cart over the weekend and I could have sworn it was 15$ a lipstick but now it says they’re 19$ each? Or was there a sale I missed?

  37. Heather

    I can’t wait!!!! I am buying every piece from this collection! My two favorite things combined!!!!

  38. Well, Marge isn’t known for her makeup, but I think that there’s room for them to have some fun with this one. After all, Wonder Woman isn’t known for her makeup either and they did a huge collection with that.

    I do sincerely hope there will be a blue hair chalk, though.
    Kate Recently Posted: making faces :: inspired by mori

  39. I’m soooooooo exited for this!

  40. kurohana

    Not into the Simpsons. I agree with the Power Puff Girls or i dont know Who framed Roger Rabbit could be an awesome collection. or jump on the popular boat with Adventure time

  41. Lizzi

    Oddest collaboration I’ve ever seen from MAC. I haven’t watched a full episode in my life.

  42. Brenda

    This better be good! It has such potential….

  43. I am really excited for this collection! Can’t wait to see pictures of the pieces! :)

  44. Kai

    I am really excited about this I’m a huge Simpsons fan and a MAC collector lol so hope it’s good can’t wait to c it

  45. slick

    Who remembers the makeup gun episode?!

    “Homer, I think you have it set on whore.”


  46. I really hope MAC does justice and releases a collection that Marge Simpson deserves!

  47. brownsugar

    I can’t wait !!!! I love the Simpsons !!!!

  48. Jules

    First thought: LOL WUT
    Second thought: Let’s have bright primary yellow and blue lipsticks!

    This will either be hilariously perfect or fall completely flat, but either way I have to admit I’m really curious about this one.

  49. Kelly

    Oh, I hope there is at least one lipstick with the bullet molded into the shape of Marge’s hair….

  50. thepaigest

    This just made my nerd heart skip a beat!! Boom boom… doh…..Boom!

  51. L

    … well, this is weird.

  52. This should be interesting. I never really thought of connecting the Simpsons to make up. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to release.

  53. Miss J

    I’m so confused.

  54. I’m kind of weirdly excited to see where they’re going with this. I haven’t watched newer episodes of The Simpsons, but for a show that’s been on for two-plus decades, there are SO MANY great episodes. Truly iconic.

  55. I love this idea! People are saying Marge isn’t like a super glamorous character but she’s still totally awesome. Honestly I think that makes the collection unique and cool, and I doubt other makeup brands would ever do a Simpsons line. I’m not huge follower/fan of the show but it’s definitely influential and it’s great that they’re tributing it.

    Also, as other people said, a Powerpuff Girls line would be so cute! (As long as the packaging isn’t too similar to the play makeup I had when I was little and this show was my favorite!)

  56. It’s official. MAC has lost the plot.

  57. One word: UGH.

    Oh well. Don’t like it, so I won’t buy it. Problem solved, lol.

  58. LittleBooj

    Marge Simpson not glam enough!? Girl has been in Playboy and Vogue! I love the Simpsons and am really looking forward to this collection.

    • Andrew

      Yes! My thoughts exactly. No, she’s not Jessica Rabbit, but she embodies a type of ‘everyday, casual glamour’ that is totally underrated. Her glam is subtle, classic, and under-appreciated.

  59. Meghann

    They need to cancel Simpsons line and do Jem and Holigrams instead. MAC needs to hire better thinkers.

    • renae

      Who?? sorry, never heard of either of these. Must not have lasted very long, i guess.
      Think my generation gap is showing.

  60. This could be interesting! ::as I munch on donuts::
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  61. I will be very interested to see what they do with this! I am expecting a fabulous blue eyeshadow, MAC!
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Rogue With a Clipboard – Have Your Say About The Painted Rogue Blog!

    • Heh – called it! 😛

      I’m kind of disappointed with how safe everything is, though. Like I kind of wanted an eyeshadow quad with the colours of Marge – bright hair blue, medium dress green, classic beads/pumps red and Simpsons-skin-yellow. That would be worth considering, especially if the eyeshadows were high quality and pigmented, because those are colours you don’t often see available in the mainstream. Like, how many purple and black and pale pink eyeshadows are there out there? Only a million.

      I also think it would have been cool if they had released a lipstick with a case moulded in blue plastic to resemble Marge’s hairdo. That would have been awesome.

      Ah well. I remember when MAC used to be a lot edgier (like, 2000?). I know the formula of ‘safe colours with LE packaging’ will sell more units, but it’s still a shame.
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  62. Pamela Pyles

    Ummm…okaaay? I’ll judge it when I see it.

  63. Hopefully this collection doesn’t include Homer’s makeup shotgun ….. Marge wasn’t exactly looking her best post-application.

  64. J

    I’m so excited to see how this turns out! I’m a huge fan of The Simpsons!

  65. Wooo.. I am looking forward to see what all they will include in this collection!! :)

  66. jenni

    YESSSSS I can’t wait!!

  67. Gj

    I’m a huge Simpsons fan! I’m so excited for this! 80’s babies understand 😉

  68. Rhys

    It should have been Daria!!

  69. Allison

    This is definitely not interesting. Why not do a Carmen Sandiego collection? Or Powerpuff Girls? There were so many different 90’s cartoons characters MAC could’ve gone with, and they chose to go with Marge Simpson…

  70. MrsRiveraXo

    I think with the new Jem and the Holograms film coming out, I believe next year, MAC should do a line dedicated to Jem with pink packaging with 80s-styled designs on them like zigzags and glitter. OMG I would freak out!! “It’s showtime Synergy”

  71. Totoatoz

    I saw this and what came to mind was “OMG!!! this is what MAC has become? I mean it seems like a joke.

    If they had their heart set on a cartoon, The Simpsons is what they chose. I understand that it’s their 25th anniversary but leave that to a nail polish company to celebrate it. I don’t mean that as a put down. It just seems more in that area, like one did a Spiderman recently.

    The women I know do not watch it. They think it’s stupid and I agree. I know there are women who do like it and I mean no disrespect to them. My husband likes the Halloween episodes but he is even tired of the show. We did not allow our kids to watch it anyway. But even the headmistress at the school advised against it. We didn’t approve of the way Bart was so disrespectful to his parents, teachers, and everyone as well as most of his actions. I know it’s only a cartoon and seems silly but some kids do emulate what they see on tv.

    Back on topic, this is an easy skip for me.

  72. Kay L.

    Simpsons was started in 1987 as short skits on The Tracy Ullman Show. I don’t even associate the Simpson’s with the 90s…

  73. Gaiya

    I think the collection has potential. But we’ve seen MAC collection with amazing inspiration and mediocre collection; and mediocre inspiration and amazing collection. I don’t mind what the inspiration is as long as the collection is superb. I don’t necessarily feel automatically excited like the Maleficent x Mac collection, but I don’t think the Simpsons was a terrible choice like many are suggesting. And I think Marge is cool. She has a simple, clean look and she’s true to herself.

  74. Claudia

    Yeah it’s freaking crazy, i can not wait!

  75. Brenda

    I understand if people aren’t interested and/or don’t like the show, they don’t have to buy the products. But the amount of negativity for MAC stepping outside the cute-sy box, for lack of a better description, saddens me. Here’s why.

    I wasn’t allowed to watch the Simpsons even as a teenager in the 90’s, my parents simply wouldn’t allow it on the tv. However once I was on my own, most of my friends and other family members introduced me to it and we watch it still now, even in our late 30’s. (my cousins and uncles in their 40’s and 50’s still watch!). The episodes contain an incredible number of pop culture and historical references which I find adds meat or another layer, dare I say, that the “adult cartoons” seem to be void of. They are the longest running scripted show in TV history. Yes, the old episodes may be better, yes the satire may be too much for some (much less offensive than Family Guy or Bob’s burgers) but The Simpsons have stood the test of time, in my opinion. Point is, the Simpsons ARE iconic, love them or hate them.

    I love the idea of Jem & the Holograms (the Misfits vs Jem would be an opportunity for a HUGE collection). It was probably my favourite cartoon as a kid and we still have a Jem doll around somewhere. BUT I feel that MAC x Marge the Simpsons is a great fit and over the past 20+ years there is a boat load of material to choose from for colour stories.

    That just my 2 cents (or I should say 5cents CDN, since they did away with our penny LOL)

    • Brenda

      Amendment : my comment seems a bit strong lol, but my inbox this morning from this thread was flooded with “bad idea” comments!

    • amy

      I love the Jem/Misfits idea… I’ve heard their doing a live action movie.. would be a great tie in & they could really riff on some great colors. love it!

  76. Thais

    Loved the idea of a Marge’s collection! The only thing that worries me it’s about the colors… Hope everything will be very useful. I know collections are supposed to be different and original, but my heart melts for champagne/brown eyeshadows, nude/pink lips and peachy blushes…!

  77. Alma

    The Simpsons definitely makes me nostalgic, even though I don’t own one piece of memorabilia of theirs, this kind of interests me. I already picture a red lipstick, and I am not one to love red lips. I have Riri Woo and Scarlet Ibis, and that’s probably as much red as my collection will get. I’m hoping for a pink like Homer’s favorite doughnut, I’d like that!

  78. Grace

    OMG! I love MAC and Simpsons too! I want this! <3

  79. This had better be a more exciting attempt than Maleficent. All I’m saying…

  80. I am super excited for this collection! I am missing out on the Maleficent Collection as I will be on holiday and i suspect it will all be sold out when i come back! But guess what, time to save for this one! I see yellow lipstick tubes with blue writting in my head! Ughhh please post the UK release date as soon as you find out pretty please and also let me know if selfridges/debenhams will be pre-releasing it! :) xox

  81. Sounds interesting. Definitely has my interest peaked. One good thing is its my husband’s favorite show so he can’t complain about the money I spend on it. 😉

  82. Marquita

    Can’t wait to add this yo my train case

  83. alexis

    I am hoping for some blue lipstick!

  84. so sad no lipsticks.. lipglass is just tooo sticky for me.. hoping they wont disapoint with the packaging as well.. the lashes they can keep.. i may get a quad or both, but really sad they could have went all out for this… i dont think i wouldnt buy anything family guy if they had that collection, i guess im just old school. now ppg maybe but that would probably be a let down as well.. now what they should do is Gem and the Holograms, now that would be a wicked collection of course if they could pull off the coloring and packaging

  85. Fatima

    Ooooooh I cannot wait!!! After purchasing The Lorde collection I am looking forward to something red, blue and fierce xx

  86. chelle

    Power puff girls and gem would have beautiful colors and packaging MAC should jump on that

  87. LolaAM

    Might actually get my first MAC eyeshadow palette!

  88. Ashley Sarah

    This will probably be something I pass on.

  89. MakeupTray

    There isn’t much here worth purchasing. I like the pink-ish and blue eyeshadow colors in that palette, the rest are pretty basic.

  90. I’m not a fan of the Simpsons or the packaging for this collection. It looks incredibly cheap and almost like kid’s makeup that you could pick up at the dollar tree. I’m very disappointed.

  91. For the packaging alone, lol. Too cute. Will these launch internationally? That last collection (Osbourne) didn’t come to The Bahamas which was kind of disappointing….though Alluring Aquatics did. :-)
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  92. Noemi

    Omg..! At comic-con yaay I’m going to the comic-con meaning that I hope I can have them <3

  93. Shannon

    I don’t like the Simpsons. I like the blush if it’s a matte or a satin though. : )

  94. Jaclyn

    Judging by these comments, everyone is taking the collection too seriously. Makeup and packaging is supposed to be fun! The shades are going to be super wearable either way, it’s not like Mac is going to give us yellow foundation or something.

  95. I can’t say enough how much I hate that show. Haven’t ever watched it simply cause find it ugly. So have no idea what was MAC thinking of….

  96. CeliaV

    I will totally pick this up during Comic Con! :) Really love the quad.

  97. Candice

    Such a weird pairing, MAC and Marge Simpson! I’m curious to see the collection and read reviews, but for me, it’s not something I’d especially interested in just for the association.

  98. Still can’t believe there’s no lipsticks! But the blushes look like they’re going to be pretty (hopefully)