Friday, January 28th, 2011

Wonder Woman Comparison “Session”

MAC Wonder Woman: Lipstick & Lipglass Comparisons & Dupes

Here are comparisons for the lipglasses and lipsticks! If I did not compare something, the most likely reason is because I do not own it.


  • ATHENA’S KISS is most comparable to Magnetique, which is just a bit darker. Funtabulous is sheerer and less intense, while True Babe is brighter, lighter, and bluer-based. Fierce & Fabulous is too pink, while Hot House is significantly darker and Electric Fuchsia is purpler.
  • EMANCIPATION is a little lighter than Bare Necessities, while Devilishly Stylish is a touch less pink but otherwise very similar. Feeling Dreamy is a paler variation, and Young Spark is darker.
  • SECRET IDENTITY is rustier than Crescent, and it is much lighter than Liqueur. Oh Baby is too bronzy, while Kumquat is similar in feel but obviously lighter.
  • WONDER WOMAN is more of a true red than Wicked Ways, which is bluer-based. Cult of cherry is a deeper red with finer shimmer. Russian Red is similar in color, but more opaque and has no shimmer. I think Venetian should be closer, but I do not own it.


  • HEROINE is unlike anything I own, though I think it may compare to Strength (which I do not own). Bronze Shimmer is too coppery, Honeymoon is so light and pale in comparison, and Gel is really nothing alike.
  • MARQUISE D’ is closest to Hug Me, which is a little darker, and Sandy B, which is a little pinker. Angel is far too pink, while Innocence Beware and Hue are paler and pinker.
  • SPITFIRE is darker and less magenta than Petals & Peacocks, Gladiola, and Madly Magenta. Pomposity has a brighter frost with more fuchsia. Style Curve is sheerer and purpler.

See comparison swatches!

Funtabulous, Athena’s Kiss, True Babe, Fierce & Fabulous, Magnetique, Athena’s Kiss, Hot House, Electric Fuchsia

Funtabulous, Athena’s Kiss, True Babe, Fierce & Fabulous

Magnetique, Athena’s Kiss, Hot House, Electric Fuchsia

Bare Necessities, Emancipation, Devilishly Stylish, Feeling Dreamy, Young Spark, Emancipation

Bare Necessities, Emancipation, Devilishly Stylish

Feeling Dreamy, Young Spark, Emancipation

Crescent, Secret Identity, Liqueur, Oh Baby, Kumquat, Secret Identity

Crescent, Secret Identity, Liqueur

Oh Baby, Kumquat, Secret Identity

Wicked Ways, Wonder Woman, Cult of Cherry, Russian Red

Bronze Shimmer, Heroine, Honeymoon, Gel

Angel, Marquise d’, Innocence Beware, Hue, Hug Me, Marquise d’, Sandy B

Angel, Marquise d’, Innocence Beware

Hue, Hug Me, Marquise d’, Sandy B

Petals & Peacocks, Spitfire, Gladiola, Pomposity, Style Curve, Spitfire, Madly Magenta

Petals & Peacocks, Spitfire, Gladiola

Pomposity, Style Curve, Spitfire, Madly Magenta

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33 thoughts on “MAC Wonder Woman: Lipstick & Lipglass Comparisons & Dupes

  1. Sophie

    Hi Christine, you are an absolute star! Thanks as always for your efforts – its much appreciated by all.
    One question if possible please? How would Marquise’d be compared to my faerie glen. Many Thanks.

  2. Carrie Ann

    You really go above and beyond with these comparisons! They’re very helpful. I think I’m going to get Marquise d’, Heroine, Emancipation and Secret Identity (assuming I will actually be able to get my hands on them). I really like Wonder Woman and Athena’s Kiss, but I doubt I’d wear those colors very often and these lip glosses are huge.

  3. Welp, no Athena’s Kiss for me since I have Magnetique.

    I’m considering Spitfire, Marquise’d, and Heroine.

  4. Thank you for all your hardwork, Christine!!!!!! Marquis’d looks really lovely =D

  5. daphne

    Hmm…do you not have Shy Girl? I thought you had compared Marquise d’ to it, I feel like they would be similar.

    Thanks as always for sharing these! :) More often, I find myself just wanting to get the dupes rather than the new collection items…like right now, I sure wish I could get Pomposity and Hot House!

  6. S

    Thank you *so much* for these comparison swatches! I was going to ask you how Marquise D’ compared to Hug Me, but now I have my answer!!

  7. Bella

    I love these, thanks!

  8. Morena123

    I’ve began to realize by now that there are never 2 products that are exactly the same shade. not from the same brand at least. they can be pretty close but there’s always a slight difference. And yes im very picky with the slight differences. Petals/Peacocks and Gladiola look alike though.

  9. telle

    Hi Christine!

    Thanks for these dupe swatches in both lips and eyes! I saved myself a trip (and money) for the collection launch b/c i will not be picking anything up…


  10. Lola

    Thanks for this Christine! Appreciated! I’m absolutely loving Spitfire.

  11. fabiola

    Marquise D looks and sandy B are a lot alike.

  12. Hope

    Thank you. That totally helps

  13. Lena

    Thank you!! This makes me wish I had picked up True Babe. So creamy… /drool

  14. Karen

    Thank you! This makes me realize how much I love Wonder Woman!

  15. Stephanie

    Thanks Christine! I have been looking forward to this post.

  16. Cassandra

    I’ll probably get Athena’s kiss and Emancipation. I love nudes, you can never have enough nudes and I have NOTHING in my collection similar to Athena’s kiss. 😀

  17. sonjiya

    it seems as if heroine is like powerful (if you remember it)?

  18. Bernice

    Thanks Christine! You’re awesome as always =D

  19. Megan

    thanks so much for the dupes Christine…I know it’s time consuming. I won’t be getting Athena’s Kiss because I have Magnetique.. a shame cause AK is so pretty!

  20. ak

    I hate that Spitfire looks so good to me. But it is a darker pink.

  21. I have NW20 skin, would Spitfire look okay on my skin or wash me out etc.. You do amazing swatches btw, so thankyou! x

  22. Joey Dy

    Hi Christine!

    Awesome review :) Thank you! I’m eyeing on the lipstick spitfire. Although im thinking it might be close to captive or rebel? What do you think? Or maybe its in between? I’m a berry lipstick kind of girl :)

  23. Just wondering, how does Marquise d’ compare to Myself from the All Races collection. I’ve been trying to find something similar. Thank you in advance!

  24. Hi Christine, in the substitute list you wrote that Athena’s kiss can be replaced by Pink Poodle. Are they very similar? Or would you say that Pink Poodle is less intense? Since I am thinking about skipping Athena’s kiss and getting Pink Poodle instead. Which one would you recommand? Thanx a lot.

  25. Kristina

    Hi Christine! I love these swatches! I’m loving “gladiola” more than “spitfire”, actually but I think it’s a limited edition lipstick… do you know any dupes for gladiola? Thanks :)