Monday, September 20th, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Cheat Sheet

With so many products, some shades with very obvious dupes, and price increases (just for this launch as far as I know), I thought a compilation might help.  All of the descriptions of each shade are mine–they are taken directly from the reviews I did.  You can check off items you’re interested in, write your own notes in the provided section, and be reminded of potential dupes, repromotes, or permanent shades in the launch.  I kept it simple in black and white to make it printer-friendly!

You can grab my Venomous Villains “cheat sheet” HERE AT THIS LINK! :)

MAC Venomous Villains Reviews & Swatches

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207 thoughts on “MAC Venomous Villains Cheat Sheet

  1. Ludwig

    You are AMAZING!! I have been trying to figure out my purchases for this collection and this is going to help me so much! thank you Christine : D

    • Yay! I hope it is helpful :)

      • FlyingBuffalo

        Thank you, it’s so helpful! I’d love it if you did this with all the really big collections. I’ve got my eye on Revenge is Sweet and Mean & Green!

        • I would definitely do it in the future, but I don’t think it would be very useful just because I’m not able to have the collection reviewed until the day it launches. It seems like it wouldn’t be useful at that point? Let me know if you think it would still be useful!

          • Aimee

            I personally think it would be very helpful :)

          • Christina

            Thanks so much for that! It’s really useful! I pretty much do the same thing, keeping lists in my notebook but this is even better!
            Well, not everyone checks out the new collections in the first day so if it’s not too much trouble for you, I think that many people would find it useful. Also,there are the international readers (like me:)) who have a couple more weeks after the US launch to finalize their lists

          • It would still be useful for us poor international readers who only get collections weeks after you in the US! 😉

          • it will definitely still be useful for me who lives in asia. they launch the collection abt 2 wks after US…

  2. Amber

    Thanks so much! I do the same the thing and this is so helpful PLUS the graphics are adorable.

  3. Tiffany C.

    Hey Christine,
    Thanks so much for this!!! It really helps out and you might have to start doing this when MAC has huge collections coming out. I got in my preorder today at Nordies and i got:

    Strange Potion l/g
    Hot House l/g
    Bite of an Apple Blush
    Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer
    Revenge is Sweet l/g

  4. dbb

    Thank you for this, Christine. I’ve been writing re writing what I want for this collection trying to slash down to minimum. Temptalia is the best. :)

  5. OMG – you are awesome!!! I amazed at how you find the time and motivation to put this together. When my brain calms down, I will definitely study your list! :)

  6. LH

    Thank you so much for this you always for above and beyond for your readers. Your awesome!

  7. CeeBee

    Cheat Sheet = AWESOME.

    Christine = Double AWESOME.

  8. baby in a corner

    This is so cute! You are so through!

  9. Crystal

    omg so helpful! i just printed this out to check off all the stuff i want to get at the preview event tomorrow! so excited!

  10. Hannah D.

    This is BRILLIANT! I have been trying to decide what to get from VV for some time now and this is such a great help! Christine, you’re my hero!

  11. -L

    Just to add.. I swatched Toxic Tale next to Coral Polyp (Dame Edna) and they are identical on my skin. For reference I’m ~NW20.

  12. Jessie Q

    Oh my god. I did not think it possible for you to get more awesome. I LOVE makeup cheat sheets! :)

  13. Amalee

    Oooh, this is clever! Great idea, Christine! 😀

  14. Mari

    This is awesome. thank you so much. I’m not 1 to usually comment but I love your website and your dedication to your readers!!!

  15. CONNIE

    Thanks Christine this is so helpful! I realize the lipstick/gloss are now $15.50 instead of $14.50, thats a whole dollar increase =O do you know if this is only for this collection because of the special packaging or it will be with ALL Perm lipsticks/glosses? thanks =)

  16. Pam

    Thanks for your help! Love the cheat sheet :)

  17. Ashley

    This is awesome! Definitely using it. It would be neat to have one of these for every collection to keep track of everything! :)

  18. Chritine, Thank you so much for this!!!! =) You’re the best!!

  19. Lili

    … Yayyyy your awesome!!… This really helps a lot!… I was so clueless on what to get and this is REALLY helpful!!… Thanks!!!…:0)

  20. This is very helpful! I even printed the cheat sheet out!

  21. Annabelle

    Wow this is so helpful, thank you very much! I’m going to one of the bigger events at South Coast Plaza (complete with Disney Villains!) in October. So excited!

  22. Jazz

    Thanks Christine! Question : do you think I would be able to get this collection friday morning after the launch or do you think my items will sell out on thursday ? I get paid friday morning , October 1st. Or should I just suck it up and order it when it launches online?

    • I really have *no* idea. It’s just so hard to tell – because it’s MAC and Disney fans coming together. I might call the store to see if there’s any way to hold items.

  23. melissa

    Reason #12,347 that we love christine and temptalia!!!

  24. Holly

    You are so awesome <3!

  25. AmandaB

    I absolutely love you Christine! You’re so helpful :)

  26. Shontay

    Christine, what about the cooling powders and french quarter gps? :(

    I keep debating the powders. Should I get them at all and if I do, which one? I’m NC50. I don’t want anything bronzy or that will make my skin deeper. I like a luminous effect w/o going ashy. Some say that cajun will be a bronzer on me and some say it’s not dark enough to be that way. I’m confused.

    • They don’t really do much for me, personally. I just don’t feel like the powders are as cool on as they feel. Like ooh, fun to play with, but it doesn’t do a lot on for me. I don’t *think* the lighter shade will go ashy, but I’m not 100% sure. I doubt Cajun would be that bronzing, though. On medium skin, sure, on NC50, I doubt it. Let me know what you end up deciding!

  27. Jayna

    This is awesome, I had made some notes to carry with me tomrrow, but forget those, this ROCKS!! Great job Christine, Thank you!

  28. You are freakin’ AWESOME!!! I was trying to figure the most painless way to write a list of the stuff I wanted to grab and you solved my problem! I love you!!!!!

  29. Mariana

    This is genius!!! You’re the best!

  30. Thanks so much for this Christine. Your videos and pictures helped me narrow down what I wanted. I got to preorder this morning and this is what I got

    Maleficent Dark Deep lipstick
    Evil Queen Toxic Tale lipstick
    Cruella De Ville Wicked Ways lipglass
    Cruella De Ville Devilishy Stylish lipglass
    Cruella De Ville Innocence Beware lipstick
    Cruella De Ville Heartless lipstick
    Cruella De Ville De Vil eyeshadow

  31. Jessica

    Thanks for doing this and for thinking of your readers! I created a list (copy/paste)from your reviews. Having a list for a collection this big is so helpful. And because of your reviews and video I was able to go into my local MAC and say “I want this this and this” when I placed my pre-order. Again thank you for taking the time to do this!

  32. mayra

    This is amazingly great christine!!!! :) you are awesome!!! :) I am so taking this with me, I already preordered my must haves, so this will be my maybe refernce!! 😀

    p.s. did I mention your AWESOME!!!!

  33. This is amazing! Thanks!!

  34. Michelle

    I made a list of my own of the things I want but this will work even better! Thanks!!

  35. This is exactly why I love your blog so much! You really do think about your readers and what they would need <3 <3

  36. Annette

    Christine, this is AMAZING! I was actually invited to a preview at my local MAC tomorrow, and I have been trying to make lists, or organize the collection in some manner. You have no idea how much I appreciate your taking the time and effort t make this great cheat sheet!!!

  37. lily

    hi Christine, the link isn’t working for me

  38. Marcela

    Wow, Christine, you are awesome! Thanks for this cheat sheet. I’m so excited for the preview party I RSVPed for tomorrow night! 2 of my greatest loves, Mac and Disney, together in one place… a dream come true!

  39. Chel

    I’m jealous of everyone who’s able to pre order- I’m getting this collection for my birthday and will be ordering online and I’m afraid it’s going to be sold out! Christine, you’ll let us know the moment is goes online right? lol I always rely on you

    • I will certainly do everything I can to let everyone know it’s up! Hopefully it pops up on Monday afternoon and not Tuesday early AM (I am on the west coast, lol!).

  40. Thanks for the cheat sheet.. My Gosh.. are the prices really going up again?? Lipsticks just got bumped up to $14.50 so how can they be $15.50 like a month later?? I’m really confused about this.. is this certain? Thanks.

  41. HautePJ

    OMG!!! You totally made my day!! I’m going to a Venomous Villian preview at MAC tomorrow and this will be so handy. THANK YOU

  42. omg this is incredibly amazing. you are quite possibly the kindest blogger in the world. always thinking of yr gals (and guys!!)

  43. Eileen

    Thanks Christine! You truly ARE la creme de la creme of beauty bloggers!

  44. Dilara

    You are absolutely amazing for doing this!

  45. cmferrets

    thanx but it wont let me click the cheat only shows up like its in pink writing and not underlined like it will when theirs a link. am i doing something wrong?

  46. Nazih


  47. Natasha

    Great idea Christine! I agree with the previous poster. If you have the time it would be great to have these with the huge collections. I can’t wait til tomorrow! This will be my first preview event.

    • I will try – the problem being most of the time, I don’t get the collection reviewed and posted until the launch date (vs. early, like VV), and it seems kind of useless at that point? Let me know if it isn’t…

      • Kimmie

        Please still do them! It would be a great help for people like myself who waits about a week or two to place my order. :)

  48. Kelsey

    Thank you so much! I’m going to the unveiling party in AZ at the Biltmore so I definitely needed a cheat sheet!

  49. WithIt

    Hey Christine,
    This is GREAT! I’m so excited and so thankful! :)
    Unfortunately, I can’t seem to print this document. :( When I print it, it comes out blank. Any ideas?

  50. Joy

    This is amazing! I love meeting people who feel the same need for organization/tables/etc. to help facilitate this chaotic process :) Thanks so much!

  51. K

    What a unique idea and so thoughtful of you!! Always thinking of us. :)

  52. Christi

    How perfect! I am attending the unveiling tomorrow and was going to work on putting my shopping list together… with this I’m most of the way there. You’re great!

  53. Kathy

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

    This will be so helpful when I go to the counter!


  54. Mocha

    I need to just love on you for a moment………

    okay, hee! thanks for this!

  55. Alyssa

    OMG you are so helpful!! Thanks a lot! This will make shopping so much easier! My friend is asking if she could only get one thing what would you recommend?

    • I LOVE the nail polish, that is probably my absolute favorite thing… but I heard OPI has a dupe for Bad Fairy. Orly has dupes for the other two… so they are available even when VV sells out. SOOO, then I would move to Strange Potion lipglass – it’s just such a fun, pretty color for both cool/warm skin tones that’s wearable and still noticeable.

  56. bubbles

    Thanks Christine :) You are the best <3

  57. Kat

    WOW! How incredibly nice and thoughtful, Christine! =D

    BIG thank you, I am going to use this cheat sheet…it’s super helpful.

    <3 <3 <3

  58. SiaM

    Thank you so much!!! This is super useful and helpful!! I just printed two copies, one to carry around and one to leave near the computer =)
    Right know I am looking at all the swatches and filling the list up. This is great to make the final decisions.

  59. Christine, you are so awesome! I’m normally pretty swift when it comes to remembering MAC product names, brush numbers, etc., but this collection has me all sorts of confused! I’ve already looked back on your product info and swatches about three times now since I decided to goto the pre-release so I could tell them exactly what I wanted… but I still keep forgetting the names! haha

  60. jackie

    You’re AMAZING!
    So helpful :)

  61. tg

    Thanks, Christine. This is helpful.

    On another note, do you have any idea if MAC is prepared for the influx of sales for VV? I’m beginning to wonder if this is going to be another TTB or Stereo Rose mess. I have my list ready, but even if I get there right when it’s available, I still might miss out!

    BTW – it’s for sale online on 9/28, right?

    • I have no idea. I don’t think MAC anticipated the buzz for Marine Life – I (personally!) think they made an error in estimating stock for that one. For Stereo Rose, I don’t think they did.

      It should be up on the 28th, possibly the afternoon on the 27th. They could throw us all for a loop and not put it up until the 29th or 30th. Online is never exactly at a certain time.

  62. Shannon

    You are a makeup angel!

  63. Erica

    I was glancing through it and thought I would never need this. 30 minutes later I print this out and, OMG, it is so useful as it lets me work out the budget. Thank you Christine!

  64. Kristin

    Hey Christine! This is wonderful for those who may be overwhelmed with all the items..but question…I’m a MAC employee and our update book says the lipglasses and lipsticks are $15 and that the nail laquers are $12, where you have $15.50 and $13. I was just wondering if this was changed since update for employees? I didn’t get a chance to scan one of the Disney items as a price check yet but was jw maybe if they changed it or if someone gave you the wrong information?

    • Hey Kristin,

      The prices are according to the press release I received from MAC directly! I just double checked it against the press release MAC sent out a few days ago, and the prices are correct.

      I think what happened is the original update/info went out with the prices upped by $1 based on the *old* prices–you know how on August 1st lipstick/gloss went up to $14.50 from $14? So instead of $15, they’re $15.50. I think update was in June or July, so that would make sense (at least to me).

  65. Wow thank You so much for this! It helped me realize there isn’t anything I absolutely need from this collection. There’s just 3 things I want and if I don’t get them I won’t be devastated.

  66. YAY!!! all hail to christine for always helpful ^^ thanks so much christine

  67. AnaG.

    You just keep getting better and better! Thanks so much for your dedication, it’s really appreciated!! :-)

  68. eleni

    i love that u named it cheatsheet!!! its so funny to me!!:)

  69. Karyn

    Thanks so much for this Christine, printed it out to use tonight at the VV party in SoHo. I’m gonna check to see how many people have it out as well 😀

  70. Ada

    Christine, you are a sweetheart. Thank you! I wasn’t going to get a lot from this launch, and this helps me plan my spending.

  71. NeenaJ

    Christine, you F-ing ROCK! This is so much better than copying and pasting from your review into wordpad.

    Thanks for all you do for us!

  72. Patty

    Christine, this is seriously one of the best ideas you’ve had. I’m always amazed at your creativity and your willingness to help out the community at large. Keep up the fabulous work and thank you so much!

  73. Mara

    I’m getting really excited for this collection. I thought I only wanted the Bad Fairy NP but dropped by my MAC counter today to ask about the exact launch date in Germany. Not only did the SA answer my question (October 1st, don’t know whether that’s the same for all of Europe) but she let me have a glimpse into their drawer which was already filled with the testers. :-) OMG, I kinda want everything now!

  74. Christine! Thank you this is awesome. I will definitely bring this with me when I go to Valley Fair tonight :)

  75. Lils

    Got to pre-order some stuff at my local MAC counter yesterday, and the lady helping me loved these sheets!!! She was like “OMG these are cool, where did you get these?” So I told her!! You r so awesome!!!

  76. Penemuel

    Awesome! I love it — thank you!

  77. serene

    This is a great idea, thank you! Very helpful. Please do this for every MAC launch. (If you are free, that is!)

  78. Natalie

    Wow, Christine you are heaven sent!! I’m going to the event tonight and now I won’t feel all frenzied or like a nerd with my yellow legal paper! You are just so amazing. Thank you for all the hard work you do!

  79. Lopa

    This is plain simple AWESOME Christine…only YOU can think and do something like this for your readers! Love you

  80. Divinna

    Your the best chica!

  81. Andrea

    WOW. This is amazing! Great job! Looking forward to unveiling tonight in Sacramento!

  82. Kathy

    You are AWESOME. Thank you so much for this! It came in handy when I did my pre-order at Macy’s earlier! Trust me, the collection looked pretty overwhelming when I saw all of the testers at the counter. It was nice to have the cheat sheet with me. 😀

    Thanks again!

  83. Amber

    Thank you sooo much! You are my AWESOME! This is helping me figure out what to purchase, what I can do without and the notes section you put in was a thoughtful addition – thanks a million Christine!

  84. Sasse142

    OMFG you rock! I just printed and off to my release party in Soho I go!!!

  85. Thanks Christine! These cute sheets will help the my MA out…he’s going to love this! LOL!

  86. Cindy

    You’re da bomb! :) Thanks so much for putting this together! This collection is so big I didn’t know where to beginning with my selection. This checklist will make it much easier! :)

  87. dana

    this is awesome! you’re great

  88. Great idea! I didn’t want to be carrying it around with me, but I have notes and a spreadsheet on my iPhone of the items and descriptions. My spreadsheet is even formulated to calculate the cost with taxes so that I didn’t go too overboard. Yes, I checked it while standing around trying to figure out my picks from the collection….I am such a geek :$

  89. Cutenurse79

    Thank you so much for posting this! I just printed off the shopping list!!

  90. Maddie

    Hey! i really want to know if hipness blush from to the beach is like bite of an apple!?

  91. stasha marie

    thank you, i almost cried when i saw this, i tired to make my own, but I’m so new to MAC and got are my fairy-makeup-god-mother!

  92. Chai

    Thank you soooo much for coming up with this cheat sheet. It’s practical, has all the information I need and I love the animation you added! I don’t collect any LE of MAC (I always wish I could) but I’m not going to miss out on this one! Thanks again!

  93. Lisa B

    Love this cheat sheet and I have plenty of room to make notations! Thank you so much for doing this!!!

  94. Cristina

    Thank you so much for doing all this! It is incredibly helpful to see the swatches for every single product before the collection even launches! :)

    Do you happen to know the release date for the collection in France? I thought it would be the same for all of Europe, but it is already posted on the UK website and I just read a comment here that says October 1st for Germany! :(