Thursday, August 12th, 2010

MAC underworld Lipglass

The Sultry Season: MAC Underworld Lipstick

MAC Underworld Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.17 oz.) deepened red-based brown with a glossy, satin finish.  It is similar in look and feel to Media, but it is darker and browner–not quite as wine/burgundy.  It works well as a stain (just blot after applying and add a touch of gloss), if you don’t want to wear it at full power.  Since it’s such a dark shade, I like it paired with a very simple nude eye and eggplant eyeliner.

Is this the right brown for you? Would you wear it?

The Sultry Season is a series of posts featuring deep, rich shades of brown, berry, plum, and wine lipsticks and lipglosses — just right for autumn — that runs through October 2010.

See photos and swatches…

MAC underworld Lipglass

MAC underworld Lipglass

MAC underworld Lipglass
MAC Underworld Lipstick

MAC underworld Lipglass

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36 thoughts on “MAC Underworld Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. baby in a corner

    Loving this series!

  2. Salvinia

    I used to love colours like this back when I was a teenager, although since I’m ridiculously pale I wouldn’t be caught dead in a lipstick this dark nowadays. I guess I used to dig the vampire look. It is a nice colour, though.

  3. Ms. Jimmi

    That is a great color on you!

  4. the_izzle

    I have Underworld and I love it! Looks great on my skintone and as I live in the tropics I get to wear it year round!

  5. Kennethalan

    I love this colour and I think it looks amazing on you Christine.

  6. Oh Yeah! LOVE it!!! <3

  7. Keener

    Any suggestions for this colour lipstick in a matte finish? I’m looking for matte lipstick similar to this colour.

  8. This looks great on you! I haven’t really worn a dark lipstick since I was in junior high and thought Revlon’s Toast of New York looked good on me.

  9. Zombii

    Oooh, pretty! On my pale skin that would just pop! Looks a lot more wearable on you, though!

  10. Z

    I love your blog, not to mention this series in general. I was so inspired when you put up Film Noir, but it wasn’t quite the right color for me, so I settled for Underworld.

  11. Opheliana

    Love it! Really love it. I was rather curious on this or film noir. I know which one I want now.

  12. Deb

    This was one of my first MAC lipsticks. It works well for evening looks without being too gothic, and it actually fades to a very pretty red after a few hours!

  13. Courtney

    That’s a very dramatic color! I totally would’ve worn that years ago, but not so much anymore, at least on a daily basis. Still nice for a dramatic look if you have the right skintone.

  14. Maricar

    hey Christine :)
    I was just wondering if you knew when the MAC prices were going up. I was just asking because i was shocked to see today on the MAC online website (canadian) the lipsticks/lipglosses have been bumped up to 17.50 (which use to be 16.50).. i am not sure if there has just been a misprint or something is just wrong with the site :(… but the lipsticks/lipglosses seem to be the only mac items that have gotten a price raise…

    • August 1st they went up – MAC increases prices on most things once per year, but if they still do it how they did before, they raise prices on half of the items in the early year, then the second half later in the year.

      • Maricar

        Oh okay… do you think that more items will be increased in a few days/weeks?

        so i am now guessing that fabulous felines will also be affected by the increase?

        well atleast they were raised to 18… :)

        thank you :)

  15. Daphnee

    I have underworld and thought about giving it away after trying it on yesterday.

  16. Kat

    Hmm..I have a hard time differentiating this from Film Noir.

  17. IDA

    Oh this is great! I got a lipstick this color in Milan earlier this year but the brand is nowhere to be found where I live or on the web so I was kind of dreading the day when I’d be out of it. It seems I can finally relax – all I need to do now is to visit MAC! Haha.. Thank you!

  18. Vera

    I think it’s really cool that you’re using all these permanent colors. It brings back memories. Underworld, Rebel, Media were some of the first MAC lipsticks I bought when I first got into makeup. Siren would also be a good fit. =D

  19. viva

    I’m loving this series! It’s funny that so far I own all the MAC lipsticks you’ve shown, but they all look COMPLETELY different on me. Underworld looks wine-ish, Odyssey is pink-lilac, Media is pink-berry, Film Noir is brick…

  20. Katherine

    Wow loving this dark lipsticks!!!! I’ve been debating for the longest time about some of this lipsticks and this swatches are extremely helpful!! I love vampy colors, i have Nightviolet and love it!

    Questions: Do you actually wear this dark colors outside the house? Just asking beacuse i know you like lighter colors. And which one would you recommend between Mac Media, Underworld and Film Noir? I think i know which one i’ll take but just curiuos about your opinion, Thanks

    • I do, though I don’t often do it, as I’d pair dark lips with lighter eyes and most people find those boring – so I tend to do more bold/dramatic eyes instead.

      Media is my personal favorite :)

  21. dawn

    I love my underworld. I have media too which is pretty. But dark side is my favorite dark red. It’s so sexy and also a good pick for this series. Just my opinion.

  22. Shawna

    How nice of this review to pop up just now! Last week I was at a little consignment store I frequent quite regularly and in the cosmetics basket I dug up and unopened Underworld and the lady who runs the store let me have it for free. :)

  23. Kay

    Hi – I love Mac’s Underworld lipstick but I can’t find it anywhere! Do you think they will bring it back? Do you know anywhere that’s still selling it?
    please help!