Friday, March 26th, 2010

MAC Trip, Part 3

MAC Trip Collection — Look in a Box

For 2010, MAC has released new palettes and kits exclusively for their Travel Retail stores. Like Trip from last year, these are exclusive to Duty Free Stores.

Look in a Box Collection

Gothette, Indie Girl, Goldie Rocks…choose your Look In a Box and try on a new personality, blaze a fast trail, or go with what you glow- Look In a Box has the A to Z! Greensmock, Retrospeck, and Showstopper Eye Shadows, Blacktrack Fluidline, Myth Lipstick and Zoomblack Mini Zoom Lash makes a Gothette go! Bare Study Pot, Rapidblack Penultimate Liner, Softdew Beauty Powder, Zoomblack Mini Zoom Lash and Headliner Lip Gloss ignite and Indie Girls night. And with Bronze and Naked Lunch Eye Shadows, Golden Bronzer, Fulfilled Plushglass, and Zoomblack Mini Zoom Lash, Goldie Rocks is off to anywhere but Grandmothers house. Have some fun-sized fashion, with the start-me-up style of Look In a Box!

Goldie Rocks

  • Naked Lunch Eyeshadow Minimal pink with shimmer (Frost) (Permanent) (Swatch
  • Bronze Eyeshadow Golden brown with golden bronze shimmer (Frost) (Permanent) (Swatch)
  • Golden Bronzer Healthy tan with subtle golden shimmer (Permanent)
  • Fulfilled Plushglass Full-blush creamy pink (Permanent) (Swatch)
  • Zoomblack Mini Zoom Lash Mascara Rich black (Permanent)

Indie Girl

  • Bare Study Paint Pot Champagne with gold and white pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent) (Swatch)
  • Rapidblack Penultimate Liner Black (Swatch)
  • Softdew Beauty Powder Dust rose (From Novel Twist) (Swatch)
  • Headliner Lipglass Light white/pink with gold pearl (Frost) (From Diana Ross)
  • Zoomblack Mini Zoom Lash Mascara Rich black (Permanent)


  • Showstopper Eyeshadow Smoked black (Matte) (From All Ages, All Races, All Sexes) (Swatch)
  • Retrospeck Eyeshadow Beached blonde (Lustre) (Permanent) (Swatch)
  • Greensmoke Eyeshadow Tarnished olive (Permanent) (Swatch)
  • Blacktrack Fluidline Solid, flat black (Permanent) (Swatch)
  • Myth Lipstick Fleshy beige (Satin) (Permanent) (Swatch)
  • Zoomblack Mini Zoom Lash Mascara Rich black (Permanent)
    209SE Brush

Availability: Now at Duty Free Stores/Travel Retail Locations

See more photos!

MAC Trip, Part 3

MAC Trip, Part 3

MAC Trip, Part 3

MAC Trip, Part 3

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62 thoughts on “MAC Trip Collection — Look in a Box

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH love the idea of them want the goth one! lol Any excuse to own a bit more MAC lol

  2. Wow!! They are amazing! Too bad that they are at Duty Free stores. Most of the items in the Look Boxes are permanent and can be bought later on.

  3. Megan

    these are so cute!! i need to do some traveling : )

  4. Siledhel

    OMG… this… I think it’s the best I’ve seen in a loooong time
    in one purchase a whole look… its fool proof.. I want them!

  5. Do you know how much these will be, Christine?

    • I believe the price varies from place to place? But no, my info didn’t have any pricing information!

    • stine

      in denmark the prizes are
      goldie rocks : 45,82$
      gothette : 57,28$
      indie girl : 65,87$
      i have no idea why there is such a difference, they where almost priced the same a month ago, but there has been some prizechanges in the cosmetics all over denmark and after that indie girls prize went up with almost 17$
      well im still getting them anyway next week. at least gothette and goldie rocks 😀

  6. lauraaaaaaaa

    so i cant get it??? :(

  7. HC

    What’s the price tag on these babies?

  8. Sarina

    what do you mean by duty free shop

  9. Lindsey

    Christine, do you know if you could get them at somewhere like Macys or Nordstroms. Where would you find them, besides the Travel Retail stores?

  10. phuongk

    hey christine, where can you find out what airports have mac counters or carry these mac duty-free things?

  11. Andrea

    GOTh love it was waiting for something like this from mac love Goth.

  12. Annika

    I would love Indie Girl… Anyone know how long these are available? (I’ll be traveling mid-June.) And to Edinborough, with my luck it probably doesn’t have MAC.

  13. Dada

    hi :) do u maybe know how much they will cost ?
    i really like Gothette :) do u think i could get them in Toronto airport ?

  14. Dorie

    This may sound really sad, but would it be possible to go to an airport just to buy one of these packages? *Thankfully I live 30 minutes away from an international airport =D*

  15. Holly H.

    YAY! I hope they resell it at CCO’s.

    I really loved the Look in a Box from Nordstroms last release.

  16. Mara


  17. Traci

    I think they all look really nice, but OMG I want that mini 209SE brush!!

  18. Tiffany

    can these be found in canada? i really want the brush sets!

  19. Tiffany

    Oh and have you seen the brush kits? Which one would you recommend? I really want the one with the 187 brush but I dont like the eye brushes in that one, more like I dont know if they are good. Can you help? 😛 Thanks!

    • I personally wouldn’t recommend them – they’re just not nearly as good as the full size MAC brushes. I’d go with a set by other brands (EcoTools, Sonia Kashuk) instead if you can’t afford the MAC full-size brushes!

  20. feggie

    What a TEASE!!!! not available in store….I want Indie Girl!! I doubt if I am going international at this time :( ….shame on you MAC!!!

  21. catherine

    So glad that I’m going to be travel this summer, I’ll definitely pick one up at the airport.

  22. Luisafer

    this is great!!! look in a box, like the idea!!!

  23. Helena

    It’s as if they have the same model for each Look In a Box…the same model with the same strange facial features… Anyway, the Gothette is, of course, the one that appeals to me most, ha ha.

  24. amelia


  25. ee

    uh this are adorable i missed out the other ones a while ago wish they were perm. they are a great deal uhh do you know if they have a duty free store at the airports in california?

  26. Marcela

    I want Gothette so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. The sad part about this is that I drive, at least once a year, from Chicago to Toronto (via Detroit/Windsor). They have a new Duty Free store (yes, there’s a duty free in Detroit) and I can totally see myself spending all my ‘fun money’ at the DFS before I even enter Canada. For the record, there is also a DFS on the Canadian side, at Windsor, but it’s not new and awesome like the one in Detroit.

  28. SF

    you can only shop in duty free if you are flying internationally…right now I am hating mac b/c I really want Indie Girl!

  29. Laura

    Ooh, Gothette looks cute! Do you happen to know how long these will be around for, Christine? I’m visiting the USA in July on my honeymoon and might grab one if it’s still available :)

  30. Andrea

    Thank God they have a ‘duty free’ shop bang in the middle in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong so I can pick up ‘travel exclusive’ things when I’m not!

    • Andrea

      By the way these aren’t that new, I’m postive that they’ve been around since 2009.

      • MAC released some “Look in a Box” products in 2009, but these are different from those, as far as I can tell.

        • BIddi_NZ

          I bought Gothette and Indy Girl at the Tokyo International airport when I was there at the beginning on January, FYI to anyone wondering, you can only buy these at an international airports with MAC counters, these will be located after the customs clearance stations at any airport, so you will need to be actually flying overseas to get them, alternatively you can purchase them at a duty free store (like in a city) but you need to have your boarding pass from an international flight & your passport, for reference I paid 8500yen for the Gothette box and 8170yen for the Indy Girl box

  31. Love these, but I have most of what’s in them. The looks are gorgeous and inspiring though, so I’ll put my collection to good use.

  32. jennifer

    how do i found out where they are sold at so i can go pick one up??? please can you let me know..

  33. viv

    I like Gothette but I already have Greensmoke, Blacktrack, and way too many dupes for Showstopper. Do you have any idea how they got Greensmoke to be so vivid in the photo? Whenever I use it, it’s always very mottled.

  34. paola

    (please don’t mind mistakes!!!)
    hi everyone, i’m an italian girl who really like temptalia’s web site.
    i have a question!
    i’m going to visit london in august. anyone knows if there is a duty free shop ( that sells mac) in heathrow airport?
    please let me know!
    i love indie girl and goldie rocks!
    kisses from Milano!!!

  35. Kathie

    Loving it but only sold at airports???? what’s up with that???

  36. selena

    In case anyone wants to know I found one of these look in a box sets on ebay for only 60 dollars so if you want to buy you should check that out!

  37. Noussie

    I bought Gothette look in a box for about 26GBP at Manchester Airport in January.. It’s a really good deal!

  38. they are available to pre order now at nordstrom but the colors are SO different! not one of them is mentioned on here!

    • Wrong collection, Vicky! These are travel exclusives – only at duty stores – which launched awhile ago. The Nordstrom ones are from Digi-Pops :)

  39. electra

    I got goldie rocks, in airport of Munich,34€.