Thursday, September 17th, 2009

MAC Trend F/W Collection:  Tone: Grey Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Trend F/W ’09 Collection Review: Tone: Grey Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Trend F/W Collection launches in-store today across North America locations, and the collection includes four lipsticks, three lipglasses, an eyeshadow quad, and a fragrance. The Tone: Grey Eyeshadow Quad consists of four eyeshadows, all cool-toned with a mixture of finishes.

Tone: Grey Eyeshadow Quad ($36.00 U.S. / $43.00 CDN)

  • A Warmer White is a cool-toned satiny white that casts a bit green. The pigmentation is decent and doesn’t come off looking too stark or chalky.
  • Tone: Grey is a soft, medium grey with a satin finish that has a cool blue-gray sheen. The pigmentation level is decent, though not intense; the shade itself is a bit muted.
  • The Right Smoke is a bright medium-dark blue with a soft blue sheen and has a frost finish. This is like a bluer Deep Truth (or if you mixed Freshwater and Deep Truth together). I’m so tired of seeing this blue, I can’t even tell you how much! This shade is the most pigmented of the four.
  • Waft is a dirty taupe grey–kind of pewter, but not quite–with a taupe sheen and a frost finish. Like the other shadows in this quad, it has decent color pay off, but it’s not intensely pigmented.

The eyeshadow quad actually reminds me of the Gentle Fume eyeshadow quad from Smoke Signals. It isn’t the same, but at first glance, it definitely was reminiscent of it (it doesn’t help that Waft was also in the Gentle Fume quad!). The quad is a nice pairing of shadows for smoky looks with a cool-toned theme. I don’t think this quad is particularly unique or a must-have, because you could easily create the same kind of quad with existing MAC shades that would just as easily suit you.

For those looking for dupes, A Warmer White is similar to Gesso (but without the barely-there-green tint); Tone: Grey is similar to Scene; The Right Smoke is similar to Deep Truth; and Waft is similar to Print (but without the frost or taupe — add a touch of Satin Taupe to fix that).

To get an idea on what kind of look you could create with this quad, check out this silver, gray, and blue look I did using the Gentle Fume eyeshadow quad.

  • Product: 7/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 8/10
  • Packaging: 9/10

Recommendation: If you don’t have similar shades and are looking for a cool-toned, slightly blue-leaning smoky palette, you’d like this!

Availability: MAC Cosmetics

See more photos and swatches

MAC Trend F/W Collection:  Tone: Grey Eyeshadow Quad
A Warmer White

MAC Trend F/W Collection:  Tone: Grey Eyeshadow Quad
Tone: Grey

MAC Trend F/W Collection:  Tone: Grey Eyeshadow Quad
The Right Smoke

MAC Trend F/W Collection:  Tone: Grey Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Trend F/W Collection:  Tone: Grey Eyeshadow Quad
A Warmer White, Tone: Grey, The Right Smoke, Waft

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42 thoughts on “MAC Trend F/W ’09 Collection Review: Tone: Grey Eyeshadow Quad

  1. claudia

    thanks for the review + swatches, christine !!! i’m waiting for the lippies !!!

  2. amy

    I thought this palette was a bit dull when I saw it at the pro store last week because I definitely see very similar colours in the permanent collection.

  3. Sass

    This screams Winter Wonderland, but there are too many grays going on. I’ll pass simply because I can dupe it with MAC e/s I already have. :(

  4. glitter princess

    a warm light reminds me alot of the photorealism quad that was just realse with the mac mac collection colour -Photo Realism which is described as a Gold shimmer with gold pearl (Frost)

    • Kind of, but it has a totally different finish which makes it look a bit different, you know? Sometimes finish doesn’t make a huge difference, but I think it does in this case! But if you always wear mostly shimmers, then definitely a dupe!

      • glitter princess

        totally get what your saying! i just think also for the price in the uk which the quads retail at £28 you can get the new urban decay book of shadows for £1 cheaper and get 16 colours and think thats better value for money! in my opionion! althgouth im still debating wheather to get that as i have the 1st one and im trying to use up my makeup cos storing it is a hassle LOL how do you do it christine!X

        • Make sure you look at how much you get (product-wise), though! Sometimes 16 is really only say, 3 full sized shadows. (I don’t know, I haven’t looked myself yet!)

          I change up storage solutions SO often, haha.

  5. Dee

    Pretty, but I’m so not getting that…lol

  6. Jennifer

    Waft is the best color of the four.

    Anyone know the dupe for it?

  7. Stacey

    Waft is the only shade I like out of the whole thing and I already have it from Smoke Signals 😀 Money saved for Style Black!

  8. Rachael

    eh this looks totally boring to me.

  9. Macaddict

    I bought the quad becuz I don’t have the Gentle Fume e/s quad. I loved the Smoke Signals collection and bought everything but this quad…In fact, I bought the other one…
    I know that MAC comes up with a lot of these dark blues but I’m a sucker for those, so I keep buying them!

  10. Lorna

    these are too safe and boring

  11. Not very impressed by this quad, nothing is really new there. And I totally agree with you Christine, what is up with this blue the right smoke? It seems the Mac factories have too much blue pigments in stock so they have to launch a new version of deep truth/freshwater every year in different collections.

  12. MichelleB.

    I have so many greys, so I don’t know if I’ll be buying this — but I do like the colours! I think the blue is gorgeous — I know MAC has done lots of repeats, but I don’t own a lot of blues (they just look so darn pretty in the case!!). I do think this quad could create some lovely looks — and to me, “wearable” doesn’t mean it is boring, it means I can get a lot more use out of it :)

    • Hey Michelle!

      This quad is pretty boring to me, just because permanent shades can easily dupe it (or be even better!) — there’s just nothing that drives me about this quad, unfortunately. I love me some blues, but I wish MAC would vary them just a lil’ more, LOL!

  13. Luda

    I ended up getting this quad only because the black collection was so dull – I ended up only getting the exfoliator

  14. jolenz

    Is this collection really coming out this week or yesterday? I pre-ordered 2 items at my MAC counter in Nordstroms and the MA told me that both collections (Style Black and this) comes out next Thursday, Sept 24th!!!

  15. nia

    i love this quad only b/c i dont have any colors to dupe it with but i really like the blue a lot…i use fly by blue pearglide liner to line my lower lash line giving it a really cool look

  16. Saira

    Hi Christine! Do you know when the Trend FW range comes out in the UK? Style Black has come out here but I haven’t seen the Trend FW range out yet.

    • I’m surprised it’s not there. I would have said October…

      • Saira

        Thanks. Hmmm, I hope it’s not limited to certain areas. It’s not on the website here either. I think Style Black came out here fairly early on in October, so perhaps Trend FW is coming out nearer the end of the month.

        • You might trying emailing the website’s CS!

          • Saira

            Just for info, I emailed CS on the website and they said that Trend FW isn’t coming out in the UK. Not sure why they aren’t releasing it here – Mac normally releases the same ranges in the UK as in the US. I really wanted to get the eyeshadow quad, as I don’t have some of those colours, so will just have to check out some dupes in the permanent range.