Thursday, March 4th, 2010

MAC Too Fabulous Collection

MAC Too Fabulous Collection: Lip Pencils Review, Photos, Swatches

Too Fabulous also included the release of six lip pencils, five of which are limited edition (Chestnut is the only one that is permanent/pre-existing). Why they have limited edition lip pencils… I’m puzzled. It’s like when they release limited edition skincare! These should be staple items, so they’re not a passing trend so much as something that might become part of your daily routine.

Lip Pencils ($13.00 U.S. / $15.50 CDN)

  • Naked is a flesh-toned beige.
  • In Synch is a peached-pink in a way. It’s not quite your typical pink–it’s definitely yellow-based. This would work really well with some more coral-pink lipsticks or glosses.
  • Mouth Off is a coral-orange–I see this working with more orange-coral lipsticks and glosses.
  • Boldly Bare is a deepened brown-nude with a little mauve in it.
  • Trimmed in Pink is a brightened blue-based pink. It’s not quite fuchsia or ultra hot pink, but it would work well to brighten up pink glosses and help keep your favorite hot pink lipstick in check.
  • Chestnut is a deep chocholate brown. I’m not sure what I’d wear this myself, since I don’t typically wear brown lipsticks (or dark lipsticks, for that matter… what, I like eyes!). This is the permanent shade–it was already existing in the Lip Pencil line-up.

See swatches…

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Lip Pencils: Naked, In Synch, Mouth Off, Boldly Bare, Trimmed in Pink, Chestnut

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Lip Pencils: Naked, In Synch, Mouth Off, Boldly Bare, Trimmed in Pink, Chestnut

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132 thoughts on “MAC Too Fabulous Collection: Lip Pencils Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. i was told by someone at mac that they are launching these to see how they sell. when i ordered them this week they were already nearly sold out of the two pinks and the nude – and this collection hadn’t even launched yet! i wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some of these brought into the perm line VERY soon!

    i should be getting these today! i’m excited!!!

    • That’s always what they say, but it’s so like… hmmm!! You know? Really, you don’t think a flesh-toned lip liner is gonna sell?!?!

      Hope you enjoy ’em! They seemed very wearable and needed in the line-up. It wasn’t like they threw in a green lip pencil that you only bring out for editorial ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Sarah M

        Christine, I’ve been told by a few people at MAC that there is a very good chance that the lip pencils are going to be made permanent, like Dusty said, but it’ll all be based on the sales; so here’s hoping. I know what you mean. These are pretty much staple colours. Why has it taken MAC so long to launch an orange lip pencil, with all the other crazy stuff they bring out every two seconds???

        • We shall see! :) It would be great, but I wonder how long it will take if it does happen. I mean, technically, any product that is LE can be made permanent, but we don’t see it very often… and when we do, I swear, it’s like a YEAR or more until they do! (Granted, you probably won’t run out of any of the lip pencils by then, lol!)

  2. Angela

    Love chestnut. I have about 3 backups.

    • What do you pair it with, Angela? :) I’d love some ideas!

      • Cindy

        Film Noir seems the most obvious choice to me, followed by the Chck-ful Mattene from last year, but I’m sure there are others with larger collections who have more ideas!

        • aradhana

          i think it could work with some of the brighter toned reds like russian red if you want to make them a little more wearable…i don’t have that particular pencil, but i use to wear a slightly feathered line of vino pencil with stiletto lipstick (kind of magenta)…

      • I have worn Chestnut with O, Strenghth, Bronze, Sol, Apres Sol, C-Thru, Fresh Brew, and other neutral colors. What I do it line my lips with it lightly and blend it into my lips with my finger. It may work for me though because I’m a Medium or Medium plus in the mineralized natural skinfinish.

      • Stacey

        With Chestnut, you can wear just about any of the gold, or pink glosses. If you are a lipstick girl, you can do the nudes, golds and pinks too..

    • Me too! its a staple in my makeup collection. I love mine with siss and hug me l/s and 3n, mad cap, and beau l/g

  3. Rachel

    I already got In Synch and Trimmed in Pink. In Synch is a very unique color. Trimmed in Pink is a perfect match for Impassioned l/s.

  4. Tanya

    I bought every single one, except for Chestnut which just didnt seem very wearable.

  5. Steph

    I’m not happy that these are limited edition. I would love Naked, it would work a million times better than Subculture for me. But I’m not going to rush out to buy a lipliner if I don’t have the $ for it!

  6. Kim

    I’m getting the In Synch one to go with the Lady Gaga lipstick I bought a few weeks ago. The MUA I talked to had it on yesterday and it looked really good. She was telling me how much she’s in love with these liners and how she plans to get all of them. I just wish I had the money where I could do that. :(

  7. Nicole

    Just wondering what’s everyone’s fav. lip liner brand?? I just started wanting to wear lip liner and wondering if the MAC ones are the way to go?? thanks!:D

    • alex

      hi. I dont know if anyone else agrees but I dont think lipliners is a place to spend money because I have never actually come across a bad one. I would get a really good nude to start out because you’ll pretty much always go with this one.(

      • alex

        sorry, hit enter by mistake. Anyways, I kind of prefer a nude under most colors to get a softer more natural look even when I’m using something like Mac’s Darkside lipliner. For that I like Smashbox’s “The Nude” the lipline. Qvc sells you two and it comes out cheaper that way. You buy it according to your skin tone. For fun colors I just go to Sephora and get their nano lipliners for like $5 each and they’re pretty good and the colors are awesome!

    • Kristina

      I love Bobbi brown, Chanel Estee lauder, YSL and lancome lipliners. Some have more lasting power, less drying, and more blendable than others. I have found that really cheap ones can drag, pull and dry out my lips. I think they are similar to eyeliners in terms of varying formulations not all are created equally.

    • Michelle

      I love MAC lipliners — I use Stripdown, Subculture, and Whirl alot. I have quite a few others by MAC that are good also. If you don’t want to spend that much money — even Rimmel makes some good ones. Also Sephora brand lipliners are good and not very much money!

    • ak

      I love MAC pencils the most because yeah I don’t want to splurge on Chanel, Dior, YSL etc. lip pencils (actually I never do buy from them, I only bought two polishes ever from Chanel) yet the drugstore brands of lip ppencils may be exactly the same but the color range for those just aren’t that good for everybody anyway.

      The drugstore brand lip pencils that are supposed to be medium brown or light brown always look far too red or maybe pinkish, so for me that is a waste of money. What I like about MAC’s lip pencils are range of different colors that you can pair with all the many different colors of lipstick and that should be the point. now this new LE collection only adds to that.

      • ak

        OK I tell a lie, I bought the YSL Touche Eclat once but that ran out a long time ago, I’ve been meaning to buy another one for like a whole year now but *shrugs* but at least the Touche Eclat was worth it because as long as you cover it up with foundation it really does hide and take away from any dark marks.

  8. Victoria

    I am going to have to try the boldly bare.

    • Victoria

      I almost forgot, I am going to pair the boldly bare lip pencil with the “OH Baby” MAC lip gloss!

  9. Claudia

    In Synch and Naked caught my eye. I think In Synch would look great under Gaga. I’m wondering if Naked would be great under nude lipsticks (like nude attitude from revlon, or MAC’s Creme D’Nude)? What do you think C?

  10. So I have 2 of the naked and 2 of the in synch lipliners on hold, but when I actually tried them on they were way too light for my taste. I was then going to get boldly bare but it is nearly identical to ‘subculture’ so I’m kind of dissapointed with these seeing as I’m not the biggest concealer lip fan. I was looking for a more mlbb liner.

    • aradhana

      i have a ‘subculture’ liner, and it seems to be very hard, where it is always tugging etc… does anyone else have this problem, and is it particular to that shade, or did i just end up with a dodgy one?

  11. Cherie

    Is Naked similar to the Naked Rose cremestick liner?? I like those better since I hate sharpening pencil liners (eye and lip).

    They are pretty but I won’t be picking any up.

  12. amy

    Naked and Boldly Bare are pretty and neutral but I think I would skip these all together because I don’t really use lip liners and there are similar ones in the permanent collection.

  13. stephanie

    Chestnut is an old standby and when worked right, it makes alot of glosses (especially from this collection) and lipsticks wearable for women of color. Cork too. I see the need to highlight it as a repromote.

    • ak

      I love Chestnut for my dark lipsticks only although I have Burgundy, Vino, and Beet also, but for lighter lipsticks I prefer Cork, Hodgepodge, Oak, or Beurre Cremestick Liner. I might add the Pink Treat Cremestick Liner to that collection too. But that’s because I can’t stand an obvious lip line I have blend in the lip pencil well into my lipstick so I don’t see the difference between my lipstick and pencil.

  14. laura

    would it be crazy to use Naked on my waterline?

  15. kristie

    Christine, just out of curiosity, do you use lip liners? In your tutorials, I don’t see a mention of them. I don’t really think you need them but then again..I could be wrong. Can you comment?

    • Very, very rarely. It’s kind of like an extra step that doesn’t do much for me, and then the laziness kicks in… and no lip liner. I might use lip liner on bolder lip color, e.g. red, or if I know I’m going somewhere (like an event) and want it to last longer.

      You’re right in saying that I don’t really need them – most lip color doesn’t bleed or feather on me, so for me, using lip liner is more for increasing wear-time than keeping things in the lines or even defining my lips (lipstick alone does it good enough for my tastes!).

  16. aradhana

    i’m glad they released trimmed in pink…it looks like it’ll be a good match for some of my lipsticks which i had been making do with redd and magenta….

    • ak

      Exactly. I really want to at least try on Boldly Bare, Trimmed In Pink, and Mouth Off. They look good. I could never buy Redd because that one is TOO out there especially with a red lipstick on me, if I wear red lipstick, it’s only gonna be the VG I one with my Mahogany pencil, and I never bought Magenta either because that one makes things look too purple.

  17. sapphire

    i would love to see those on your lips.. and than coverd with the cremeglass on top of it.. will you do also lipswatches like that ? just to show us.. how it is in total ?

  18. Z

    I bought in synch, mouth off, and naked today!! Can’t wait to try them!

  19. Rita

    I got only In Synch, for Victorian and other light coral-pinks.

  20. Jennifer

    I thought I could get away with the clear liner by Benefit, but I’ve decided I need color liner lol.
    Out of this collection I bought “Trimmed in pink.” I too , think it will work with my more bright pinks fuchsias.
    I also bought perm line in : Sub Culture, Dervish, Cherry, and Spice. I wear coral too, but I have a peach/pink one by NARS in Fantasia that works good for that already.

    I am happy to step into the liner world. It really does make a difference.

  21. i think these are my favorite part of the too fabulous collection actually! they’re very simple but the colors are very posh

  22. Kristina

    Chestnut is the nude for women of colour.

    • Thanks, Kristina! It seemed to me that it might even be a little too dark for that, but it’s good to know that it is :)

      • Kristina

        No problem! I have found that when matching the actual colour of my lip line, most “nude” shades just turn ashy on me. But with Chestnut, even if it is slightly darker it can be blended to work with a variety of darker skin tones for lipsticks and glosses. All my girlfriends have this in their stash and we are all different shades of women of colour. Our other secret weapon is using brow pencils for lip liners, we can get get a spot on match for our natural lip colour without it being too red or ashy.

      • ak

        Nude lip pencils for WOC from MAC would be Chestnut, Cork, Hodgepodge, Oak, and Hover. Because all of them are different levels of brown but are all true browns, more neutral without too much red, orange or pink or what have you.

        Although I think pencils like Mahogany and even Chicory would look great on WOC because they’re brown-based reds and oranges, so they’d work with some very warmer color-based lipsticks too.

  23. Alexis

    I use to be ALL ABOUT Chestnut liner like 10yrs ago. Chestnut with EVERYTHING! I remember first using it trying to get that Janet Jackson lip look from (my favorite) the video, “That’s The Way Love Goes”
    Funny thing is when I try using it now – I can’t handle the darkness of it! It will always have a place in my heart! I will check out Trimmed in Pink in greater detail…that one looks interesting!

  24. Rose

    Hey Christine :) I have pretty pigmented lips but i love wearing nude lipsticks and such. Would naked work to erase my natural lip color? I’m usually using a bit of concealer but i find that it really dries my lips… So i thought that would make a good option :) It’s a bit off topic now but I also have never came across a drugstore lipliner so nude, maybe you have some recommendations?

    • Hey Rose,

      They definitely can! And they won’t be as drying as concealer :)

      I haven’t seen really tried any drugstore lip liners to be honest! I’ve only tried a handful, but nothing nude.

    • Kelly

      I also have very pigmented lips (NW25 skin) and Naked looked exactly like the lip erase on me. My MA used Naked to fill in all over the lip and then topped it with the Cremesheen in BoyBait and the look was very similar to the models in the promotional photo. I def reccomend you try this one out. In synch also gave me a pinkish nude lip when used as a base over my naturally mauve toned lips. Hope this helps. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. HebrideanSprite

    Absolutely none of these appeal to me. I mean really orange? dark dark brown (unless this matches ur skin tone for a nude lip)?- money saved!

  26. tremorviolet

    Too little, too late. MAC had such a poor selection I started buying MUFE lip liners which wear great and have an amazing selection of permanent colors available anytime. I don’t need to wait for a rarely available limited edition of something that should be a staple.

    • Danielle P.

      Chesnut and Nymphette are great together!

      • Agreed! I also like to take chestnut, apply it to my lips and then add a bit of Nars Sheer Glow foundation over the top to make it look less harsh. Then of course, fill in with your favorite pinky lipgloss.

      • Alexis

        yup – i wore that combo too! I loved Chestnut with Touch lipstick – I wore that combo religiously in my early 20’s along with Oh Baby or with Prrr lipglasses…

        Sometimes I would just put clear gloss on top of chestnut…I really need to revisit this pencil again!

  27. Naked and In Synch are PERFECT for pale/nude lippies.. Finally!! I’ve been needing some. How do they feel on the lips though? I own a few MAC lip pencils and in my experience, they’ve been a bit hard.. I just called a store to put them on hold and they’re almost sold out!

    • Hey Kali,

      I don’t find them as soft as Cremestick liners (those are my favorite!), but they’re not bad. If you find that they’re hard, you could try taking a blow dryer to it for a few seconds to warm it up, which helps make it a wee bit softer!

  28. I actually just swatched my CARGO Revere Liner and it’s pretty much a dupe for Naked so I think I’ll skip on that. I got 3 backups for $7 a pop when Sephora discontinued the line. So all I want is In Synch!!

  29. I hope these become permanent… I really want the nude one!

  30. Darrien

    I am for sure going to get the one in Naked and maybe Trimmed In Pink, I have been looking for a liner to pair with Show Orchid and I think that one might work, not sure but I will for sure go and swatch it.

    • Mimi

      I want to try Trimmed in Pink too. But regarding pairing a liner with Show Orchid, you can pair it with MUFE ‘Aqua Lip’ lip liner in 16C or NYX lip liner in Pinky. It looks good with either one, trust me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Melissa

    omg i agree!!!!!!!!! sooo stupid to have a limited edition lip pencil.
    thats the only thing i hate about mac.

    I like the naked! looks like a great nude, but with out looking to brown or peach.

  32. Katie

    What would you pair naked with? I want a liner for creme de nude and angel. What are your suggestions?

  33. Hey Christine! Chestnut (or its equivalent) is pretty much a staple in the kit of anybody with dark skin, think NW45 and up! Film Noir and any bronzey lipglass like Beaux works really well. It works for people with dark pigmentation in their lips!

  34. Rosanna

    I really want Naked & Lip Synch for my nude and pink lipsticks! It is not cool when your nude lipsticks starts fading on pigmented red (!) lips!!!

    Love using lip liners to make Lipsticks last longer on my lips.

  35. Jessica

    I was wondering if the Boldly Bare lipliner is like the Subculture lipliner by M.A.C.? I just might have to get the Mouthing Off liner just like I had to get the Obviously Orange eyeliner (from which collection I do not remember)! I had never used orange before in anything but it seems like a color you could work to your advantage!

  36. Naked and Boldly Bare are gorgeous! They look like they’d be perfect for lightening/evening out lipcolor – better than Lip Erase. If you find the pencil a bit hard, try applying over a very thin layer of balm or TLC, that usually works well for me.

  37. ahhhh must have….. Naked and in sync! Great swatches! Thank you!

  38. selena


    • ak

      LOL LOL The computer I’m using won’t even let me get on the NYX website! LOL I wonder if they’ll ship to Britain anyway?

    • Kara

      However, I see that you did not list Naked… the only one that I bought. Well, actually I bought several. And, I am not going into debt over these pencils. I also don’t have debt to pay off. So, since you have no dupe and I have no debt… I’ll stick with what I’ve got. Thanks. :)

  39. lourdes fernandez

    i got the naked liner today with the cremesheen in richer lusher and it looks so amazing together i think im going to get a backup for naked liner i love so much!!!what would you pair it christine??

  40. Hilana

    I love Naked. I use one similar to that everyday! I like to wear my lipstick like a lip stain mostly during daytime. So I stain my lips, and then take a nude lip pencil and just neaten up my lip shape. Works like a charm, lasts me hours and looks really nice.

    • ak

      Try the Cork, Hodgepodge, or Hover lip pencils by MAC then, none of them turn all of your lipsticks brown because you don’t have to blend so much with these ones and yet they’re neutral enough to go with any of your lipsticks and glosses and they can definitely tone down whatever you’re not that comfortable with wearing.

    • ak

      Ooops sorry I meant to reply to Coffee below! :)

    • Kara

      What do you have that is similar to naked?

  41. Hazel

    Hey Christine, do you think any of the lip pencils here could possibly match MAC Warm Me Up lipstick from the Warm & Cozy collection? I don’t have a backup for that lippie so I’m trying to make it last as long as I can! Will In Synch be too light?


  42. Christine,
    I have Show Orchid from the Riveting Collection, do you think i need “trimmed to pink” or is there a better matching lip pencil in the permanent line?
    thank you!

  43. Hey Christine, I was wondering, do you ever use lip pencils as an all-over lipcolor? I see others doing it sometimes, and I never think to do it. I would think it might be a little dry, but some of the colors are really pretty! I noticed you don’t usually use liners, but have you ever done it?

  44. Coffee

    Lip liners are the one product I just can’t bring myself to spend a lot of money for…I think I have a total of 3 MAC lip liners…mind you, I have a Pro Card and still don’t purchase many. I use NYX lip liners…SUPER cheap and great range of color. Also, I’m a woman of color, and Chestnut is a prevelant in many of our makeup bags (so is Amber Lights e/s…lol). It is very good at toning down lip colors that may be unwearable…but it just just turns everything brown :/

    • Coffee

      *very prevalent

    • ak

      Try the Cork, Hodgepodge, or Hover lip pencils by MAC then, none of them turn all of your lipsticks brown because you donโ€™t have to blend so much with these ones and yet theyโ€™re neutral enough to go with any of your lipsticks and glosses and they can definitely tone down whatever youโ€™re not that comfortable with wearing.

  45. ak

    There’s something about the Mouth Off one that appeals to me although it could all be a big mistake! LOL I want see if I could wear Mouth Off with CB96, or maybe Ravishing which I didn’t buy yet. I can already tell that I couldn’t wear Mouth Off though with Vegas Volt if I ever bought that! That would look too out there like with the Redd pencil.

    I think that if I do ever buy Vegas Volt then I would have to use it with Cork, or the Hodgepodge pencil.

  46. I was wondering if the Boldly Bare lip pencil is like Subculture lip pencil? I think I might have to get the Mouth Off lip pencil just like I had to have Obviously Orange eyeliner (from which collection I now don’t remember)! I had never had anything orange before that but now I’m obsessed! It just seems like a color you can work to your advantage! Thanks for all the informative postings you put up!

    • Another reader said they were similar – I can’t remember if I even own Subculture to be honest!

      Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. Could you please swatch them on your lips? I love your lip swatches!

  48. Vero

    I think I’m in love with Trimmed in Pink and Boldly Bare.

  49. Karmen

    i have had the chestnut lip liner for about a year? is it relaunched or something? i did not know that it came with a collection.

  50. Sydney

    You could always use that dark brown pencil for an eyeliner, thats what I would do… :)

  51. Hi Christine! What are your must-haves for this collection??xx

    • I think the lip pencils deserve a look-see, but it’s really more about what you like. Double Dare is a nice color and unique amongst the line-up, but a lot of the others are too sheer to be unique/must-haves, IMO! I also hate the price/size of Cremesheen Glass, so it’s hard to recommend them, LOL.

  52. Mirna

    OoOoOooooh, I have to go pick up Naked, Mouth Off, Boldly Bare, & Trimmed in Pink. I have a feeling that Boldly Bare will be very similar to my natural lip.
    How do you compare Naked to Spice? Looks like Spice may be inbetween Naked and Boldly Bare.

  53. kim v.

    I love NAKED! I think I will get 4 of these! ive been searching high and low for a super light lipliner! the closest i got to light is NYX natural l/l. Even that one was too dark so im really happy for naked! yay

  54. Helena

    Hey, Naked…wanna get in my train case? :p

  55. hello*kitty

    i bought naked and boldly bare lip pencils and love them i want to go back and get a creamsheen

  56. Connie

    I would like you opinion on which lip liner you think would match better with VegasVolt? SummerFruit or MouthOff?

  57. aradhana

    swatched all these in store today except trimmed in pink, and i was disappointed that boldly bare showed up pretty orange toned on my skin (nw35). i might go back to check if they have the pink liner in, but otherwise, i’ll probably only go for chestnut, and that’s perm anyway.

  58. carissa

    Hello everyone!!! I work for MAC and beg all of you who love these lip pencils to PLEASE email MAC via MACCOSMETICS.COM to tell them these must be made permanent! We as artists are in love with these pencils and its amazing that we do not have colors like these to work with all the time! Thank you so much! (and I love your site Christine!)

  59. Victoria Maria

    Better late then never…..these came out yesterday here in Denmark. I got 2 Naked – and I lllooooovvvveeeeee it. If they don’t make this a permanent, I’ll be so upset :-(

  60. ellie

    Christine, what would be the perfect dupe for naked liner and in synch liner? Even from other brands? These are all sold out and i didn’t really know that it was LE.

  61. paige

    Can you do lip swatches of the lip liners? Or at least just the Naked one?

  62. Cindi

    I’m trying to find the Naked liner, but they are sold out everywhere! do you know a good dupe for it?