Friday, May 7th, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection

MAC to the Beach Sneak Peek!  I mean… Faux Peek!

I might not be able to give you a true-and-blue sneak peek, but here’s a faux peek instead. MAC’s To the Beach Collection includes several repromoted/permanent shades, and since I do own a few of those, here are photos and swatches of those products. Just to be clear, none of the products shown are in the limited edition packaging of the actual collection. I don’t own Golden Bronzer or Rosemary & Thyme Eyeliner, but both of these are also permanent shades.

Please know that if I haven’t posted swatches or photos, it’s because I don’t have the products–sometimes I get press samples early, but many times I purchase the products myself when they’re available for sale.   Trust me, I wouldn’t hold back from you! :)

  • Hipness Blush is a soft pink with a hint of coral with a smooth finish–very satiny, not shimmery. It was originally released with the Fafi and MAC collaboration.
  • Refined Golden Bronzer is a dirty brown with a very fine golden shimmer strewn through the powder that’s barely noticeable when used. I don’t find it turns orange-y at all, so I like it for a bronzing option. It’s dark enough to work on light to medium dark complexions, but it’s not so dark that it will look drastic on lighter skin tones. This is a permanent product, but I have it because it was released with Style Warriors. (Which also released Solar Riche as the second bronzer in that collection, whereas To the Beach features Golden, also a permanent bronzing shade.)
  • Shimmermoss Eyeshadow is a darkened aqua-teal with a frosty sheen. It’s part of MAC’s permanent line, and it’s definitely one of my favorite eyeshadows, too. It’s a shade I think everyone who loves colors and MAC should own. If you depot your products or don’t care about the special packaging, you can snag it in pan form and save a few bucks.
  • Humid Eyeshadow is a darkened green with a yellow undertone and slight golden sheen. Like Shimmermoss, it’s a permanent shade, but it’s a classic shade, too. It’s soft, smooth, and has great color pay off. Humid is a must for green fiend like myself!
  • Thrills Lipstick is a stunning combination of red-rose and amber-bronze shimmer/frost. It’s a shade you just don’t see often. The only shade that comes close is nearly three times the price–La Prairie’s Rose Bronze (but that’s much pinker, rosier; same effect, but the base color is stronger). This originally launched with Rushmetal, way back in 2007. I don’t even have to see anything else from To the Beach to tell you this is a must-have from it, though. It’s AMAZING!
  • Pink Rebel Lustre Drops is a slightly pink-toned peach highlighter. Lustre Drops are, essentially, liquid highlighters. You can use them on your cheeks, brows, decolletage… whatever. You can mix it in with your foundation or moisturizer for an all-over sheen. Naturally, this one suits those with pinker undertones, but it can easily work with warmer complexions as well.  Lustre Drops debuted in Style Warriors last year.
  • Sun Rush Lustre Drops is a golden peach highlighter. This one is definitely more suitable for those with warmer undertones, but if used sheerly (which is really the best way to use these anyway), it’s not so warm that it would turn orange on cooler undertones.

Availability: May 27th, 2010 in-store, May 24th or 25th for online; Unveiling parties on May 18th at select locations

Let’s get a list going of unveilings happening around the country on May 18th…  Comment if you know of any stores that are :)

  • MAC @ El Segundo, El Segundo, CA
  • MAC @ Hillsdale Mall, San Mateo, CA
  • MAC @ Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
  • MAC @ Bridgeport Village, Portland, OR
  • MAC @ Uptown, Albuquerque, NM
  • MAC @ The Parks, Arlington, TX
  • MAC @ The Domain, Austin, TX
  • MAC @ Nordstrom Stone Briar Mall, Dallas, TX (5/22)
  • MAC @ Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN
  • MAC @ King of Prussia, PA
  • MAC @ Natick, Natick, MA
  • MAC @ Smithaven Mall, Lake Grove, NY
  • MAC @ Montague, Brooklyn, NY
  • MAC @ 125th Street, Harlem, NY
  • MAC @ Columbus, NYC, NY
  • MAC @ Gardens, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • MAC @ Kingsway, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • MAC @ Robson, Vancouver, Canada
  • MAC @ Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

See more photos & swatches!

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Hipness Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Shimmermoss Eyeshadow

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Humid Eyeshadow

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Thrills Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Lustre Drops: Pink Rebel, Sun Rush

MAC To the Beach Collection
Hipness Blush / Refined Golden Bronzer

MAC To the Beach Collection
Shimmermoss, Humid Eyeshadows

MAC To the Beach Collection
Thrills Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
Thrills Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
Thrills Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Lustre Drops: Sun Rush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Pink Rebel, Sun Rush Lustre Drops

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Pink Rebel Lustre Drops

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270 thoughts on “MAC to the Beach Sneak Peek…

  1. shontay

    I just want Hipness blush and the Marine Life highlight powder. Nothing else in this collection is unique compared to what I already have.

  2. esther

    Thank you for these photos and swatches! Please don’t ever feel bad or anything if you aren’t able to get products early-just the fact that you put so much time and effort into this for your readers is fantastic and I truly appreciate it :)

  3. This collection excites me! I have a lot of to buy from this collection that I need to make sure that I get to MAC’s on the very first day of its release! 😀 I wonder when will it be released here in Hong Kong? Argh.

  4. Hend

    I loveed the luster drops and the hipness blush ..

  5. i can’t wait for this collection! soooo excited :)

  6. I’ve been playing with Shimmermoss and Humid at the MAC store, but I am so going to get these 2 in the limited edition packaging! 😀

    And I am not quite into lipsticks lately, but OMG!!! Thrills is gorgeous! I wish they could come up with an eyeshadow of this shade! 😉

  7. Rachael

    Thanks so much Christine!! Ive been umming and arring about buying Thrills since its all out in the UK and now im decided :)

  8. Saira

    Thanks for posting these, Christine :o) . Thrills lipstick looks really pretty. How similar is Hipness blush to Peachkeen? I have Peachykeen but I’m not sure if it is more orangey in tone, as Hipness looks like it has more pink in it.

  9. CeeBee

    Thrills is GORGEOUS! It reminds me a lot of Jordana lipstick in Blaze, only that is a bit more coral/pink than rose/bronze… And I bought Humid yesterday!

  10. I have most of these products too and I swatched them on my blog with some comparisons. I definitely agree that Thrills should not be missed from this collection! Its such a gorgeous lipstick.

    I don’t have the Lustre drops though, do you think they’re a must-have? Do they dry or remain wet on your skin?

    I’m an NC30, which of the lustredrops do you think would work better on me?

    Thanks Christine!

  11. I can tell ALREADY that lipstick is going to win me over…

  12. what’s fun is I don’t actually own shimmermoss or humid so those two will be a must buy for me

  13. Stella

    Thrills is awesome! I need that.

  14. alex

    Rosemary and Thyme was the very first eyeliner I bought from MAC and it is amazing! Don’t know how much I consider it a must-have for your summer collection (well its olivey which might look nice with the bronzy colors in this collection so why not?) but it is a must-have in your collection as a whole if you love greens and browns cuz it adds a subtle pop of color without it being a crazy color! This was a good idea Christine!

  15. Dawn

    Woohoo! Just as I started reading this, the courier arrived with my items from the To The Beach and Pret A Papier collections, which launched here in the UK a couple of days ago.

    I’m happy to say that the packaging doesn’t look nearly as bright and lary as in the photos. Hipness is beautiful, and Firecracker eyeshadow is a lovely colour too – almost identical in colour to Coral Crepe Paint Pot on my skin. I think I made a good choice with Thrills lipstick as it really suits me, even with my pale skin. Float On By Eye Kohl is another beautiful shade, and the white outside of it looks pearlescent, which isn’t apparent in the photos.

  16. jaspreet

    i love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. jaspreet

    swatches LOOKS AWESOME

  18. Melanie T

    Christine! I think I asked you regarding this before but forgot which post it was in! Lol~ How would you compare the Instant Chic and Hipness blushes, in terms of pigmentation, texture and colour wise? I love more coral and less pink! Thanks~! :)

    • Instant Chic is more orange-coral, lighter, not as pigmented.

      • Cherry

        Christine, I just referred back to your post for Instant Chic and Hipness and put them side by side! I see what you mean about those two, then how about Ripe Peach? Where does Ripe Peach fall in this coral-pinkish spectrum?

      • Cherry

        Just realized you already made a comment below about Ripe Peach earlier! So which would you say would be the winner of the 3 for me with dark brown hair/eyes, NW20, warm-toned, slightly yellow? I know I can probably make them all work but if I were to pick just one or two…thank you

  19. I like that lipstick very beautiful the highlighter seems ok. I like humid eyeshadow also.

  20. kfm

    Hi Christine,

    I was wondering how you thouht Thrills compared to Rose Maiden from the Sprin Colour Forecast. The description sounded similar, although in the photo it looks distinct enough.

  21. hiromi

    i wasn’t keen on thrills just from looking at it in the packaging, but it looks AMAZING swatched!

  22. Tasmin

    This was launched online yesterday in the U.K. Will check it out next week. Its been launched in the U.K. before the U.S??

  23. Patricia

    Thanks for the swatches! Is there another blush (MAC, any other brand) that is similar to Hipness?

  24. ash

    omg thank you soooo much i was plannning on getting Hipness blush but it doesnt look like it has that pretty sheen like Benefit Coralista :(
    whould you agree? any permanent MAC blushes that give you that sheen and have a similar color to Coralista? oh and also a little bit more pigmented? i always have to load up my brush when i use Coralista and im almost out. thank you so much

    • Coralista is much, much more pigmented. But no, MAC doesn’t have a blush that’s like Coralista. If you find that Coralista isn’t pigmented enough for you, Hipness won’t be either!

  25. Tiffany

    So the lipstick thrills and shimmermoss are keepers. P.S. would the sun rush lustre drops and hipness blush work for my NC 45 skin color?

  26. Rosie

    How do you use the lustre drops. Shimmermoss looks so pretty and it’s a veluxe pearl. I wonder why it’s never caught my eye in store…

  27. Amanda

    I must have Thrills Lipstick! It’s so amazing. I’m also loving Shimmermoss and Humid Eyeshadows. Hipness blush is also nice, but I’m not sure yet if it’ll be a must have for me.

  28. I got some of the collection today! It’s been avaialble on the Mac UK website since Tuesday, but only going out on the counters next Thursday.

    Here are some pictures of what I got:

  29. Sandra

    Hi. thanks for the swatches I really wanted to know what Hipness blush looks like. But how do you think it compares to Instant Chic blush that was just released? thanks.

  30. Camila


    Do you know if Carolina Herrera intends to create a makeup line?I hope so, it would be amazing!I love CH parfums *-*

    xoxo from Brazil!

  31. Camila

    Rose The One (Dolce & Gabbana), with Scarlett Johansson:

    What’s the lipstick color??

    • I have no idea, but considering the whole photo is in the same tone, I doubt that’s how the lipstick *actually* looks like.

  32. Andrea

    Thrill is absolutely gorgeous! I’m definitely getting htat.

  33. Whew, I am so glad you posted this. I had been eyeballing that blush and just realized I already have it in my collection from a previous collection. Thanks!!

    PS – I love your blog to pieces!!!

  34. phuongk

    very creative sneak peek. you’re awesome.

  35. Dani S

    OMG I need thrills lipstick!

  36. lauraaaa

    Will definitely be getting thrills and hipness

  37. Jessica

    thanks for the semi sneak peak!
    I was hipness anything like instant chic from the Pret a Papier collection? or are they different enough to have both?

    Also, I heard that hipness turns orange-y on some people. True?

    • It doesn’t turn orange on me, so I really can’t say anything on that… I wouldn’t have bought Instant Chic if you wanted Hipness, just because I found Instant Chic’s pigmentation to be pretty dismal (so I probably would have passed, period!). Hipness is pinker and more pigmented.

  38. Carla B

    Thank you! =) Where can we find out if the unveiling party is in our location? Do you need to have an invitation? Thanks so much!

  39. What a great idea! You take such good care of us ^_^

  40. Chi

    Hi Christine! Do you think hipness may be the closest that Mac has to Ripe Peach Ombre? I have not gotten over mourning that I did not get it….

  41. coco72

    I only would buy Thrills lipstick, and after have seen it on your lips I need it!

  42. Molly

    Girl, I check your blog everyday!
    You do such a great job and I really value your opinion
    and appreciate the time and effort you put into taking
    pictures and swatching prodcuts, etc. You are amazing!

  43. I’m loving the cream bronzer! it’s so pretty.

  44. Vianca

    do u think Refined Golden Bronzer will show up/look good on NC37 skin tone?

    im LOVIN this collection, cant wait!

  45. Siledhel

    Its collections like this with beautiful packaging that stop me from depotting my products >_<

  46. Noelle

    Hi Christine,
    I just bought Instant Chic from the Pret a Papier collection. How similar is Hipness to Instant Chic? I might just get it anyway even if it is!

  47. Roxanne

    I’m excited for the Cream Bronzer. It blends easily and looks pretty natural on your skin. I didn’t really like the Bronze Body Oil though. Glitter city!
    I think I’m going to save up my money for Chromagraphic Pencils. Pigmentation like woah!

    • Roxanne

      Random comment: Humid totally looks like a pan of moss. I thought that was kind of ironic, it made me giggle.

  48. I can’t wait for this collection!! I’ve been saving up haha

    How do you use the lustre drops??

    and thanks for the sneak peak Christine!! :]

    • You can use them like a liquid highlighter – so anywhere you might want to highlight: brows, cheeks, cupid’s bow, shoulders… You can mix it in with your moisturizer for an all-over sheen, too.

  49. Ellie

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this sneak peek. I am just dying for this collection, as well as the Felines one which seems so, so far away. I am so glad you pointed out the awesomeness of Thrills lipstick, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have given it a second glance. I know you get asked so many questions but I’m kind of a MAC noob. Since this collection has special packaging, will I be able to turn in MAC empties for Thrills lipstick?

    • Hey Ellie,

      From what I understand, the B2M policy doesn’t allow you to do B2M for collaborations – e.g. when MAC licenses the logo/print/whatever from someone else, like they have for Barbie, Fafi, Heatherette, Liberty of London, etc. SOO, from that description, I would expect you could for this. I would, though, call your local store and ask or just bring ’em in but be prepared to pay.

  50. HC

    Christine, do you know where they’re having launch parties for this line in the bay area? I called the PRO store in SF and they’re not doing it…

    • MAC Freestanding @ Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo!! You could check Burlingame, too, though I didn’t call (San Mateo was my first call) so not sure if they are. I know Valley Fair @ San Jose isn’t doing one.

      I JUST called this morning, and I was like, “OMG ARE YOU DOING ONE PLZ SAY YES!” And they are :) They did it for Style Warriors, too… so maybe the May big launch is their time to shine.

      • HC

        NICE! THANKS CHRISTINE!! I think I’ll be at Hillsdale. I hope to meet you there?? :)

        • I will probably be there around 6:30pm or so — when are you planning to be there?

          • HC

            I signed up for 7pm! That’s the earliest I can get there since I work in downtown SF. Gotta go home to get my car to get down to Hillsdale! See you there!!

            • That’s when it starts so I will be there at 7pm! Hope to see you :) I’m planning to get there around 6:30ish, just because I anticipate at least SOME traffic (more like… massive traffic!) on 101 and would rather be early than late, LOL.

            • HC

              Don’t you LOOOOVEE the 101?? You’re right…maybe I should leave work early to make it down there in time! I’m having a hard time deciding what to snag but I know I for sure want

              1. Hipness Blush — even though the CCO by work has it from the Fafi line but the new to the beach pkging is to die for!
              2. Refined Golden — I’ve always wanted this but now that it’s in LE pkging, I have to get it!

              Btw, have you ever used a MAC cream bronzer? Or is this the first time MAC is launching it? I’m quite curious…

            • LOL! Oh yeah, LOVE it. Wish they’d repave that sucker…

              I haven’t… I’m not sure if they have launched it before, but I heard it was sheer!

            • HC

              Hm, can’t decide if sheer is good or not…but as long as it doesn’t show up orange on my face. But do I REALLY need another bronzer? I mean, I just picked up the Lancome Tropiques Minerale Bamboo Bronzer and we all know that thing will last me ’til I’m old and wrinkly!

  51. Julia

    Do you think the Pink Rebel lustre drops are anything like the NARS Orgasm Illuminator?

  52. shakz

    hey christine, the colection came out here in england a weak early and im thinkin of getting a couple of things, i was wondering what are you thoughts about the lustre drops, i have nc37 skin tone and was wondering which one would better suit me, and are the shimmers in them chunky monkey or a like subtle sheen. also whats the application like as a cheek highlighter

  53. alisha

    im dying for this collection

  54. Sara

    Thank you for these pictures!!

  55. Shimmermoss is awesome! It is one of the eyeshadows I just bought with my gift card. :)

  56. mary

    love the swatches Christine. Just wondering how similar is the High-Light powder in marine life to hipness blush. I know u havent seen the High-Light powder in real life but i saw some swatches online and the two look so similar?

    • Hi Mary,

      It’s really hard to say without having seen the two in person!

    • Hi Mary,

      I have both and the darker side of the highlight powder is quite similar to Hipness, but it is a bit darker and not quite as pink. The lighter side is quite a bit lighter than Hipness. I bought both because I just love the seahorse design and Hipness is a gorgeous colour anyway. If I could only get one, design aside, I’d probably go with Hipness though. (But the highlight powder is massive (10g), so it’s a good deal!) Hope this helps a bit.

  57. Bobbie C.

    Thanks so much for this. I can’t wait to see you full review. And don’t feel bad about anything: ur amazing!!!!!!!

    My list for this collection keeps changing:
    I am NC50 in the summer and I just don’t think any of the bronzers will really make a difference for me….thoughts?

    • I’ll try not to, but I know I put a lot of pressure on myself :)

      I don’t think so – you might look into one of their other bronzers — I think it might be called Bronze — which has at least one darker shade I think!

  58. mary

    also one more question. i thought hipness was categorized as a frost? how come it looks satiny in that swatch?

    • Sometimes it may have an official texture, but it can have some variance to it. Like some frosts are like WHOA! and some are softer.

  59. Cherie

    MMMM Thrills is lovely!

  60. Theres an unveiling at the Natick mall in Natick, MA!

  61. olivia

    Im going to the one at hillsdale mall yeuh!!!

  62. That lipstick reminds me of “Tigereye” by Estee Lauder.

  63. Mirna

    Hey Christine,
    My local MAC freestanding store in Santa Barbara, CA is having an unvailing on 5/18/10. I am so excited I got invited! Then the MAC Nordstroms counter is dedicating a class to it on 5/28/10. YAAAAY!

  64. DevilishDoll

    I think I have my final list:
    Splashing Lipglass
    Flurry Of Fun Lipglass
    Thrills Lipstick
    Beachbound Lipstick
    Firecracker Eyeshadow
    Sweet & Punchy Eyeshadow
    Sun Rush Lustre Drops
    Float On By Eye Kohl
    Now if only I didn’t have to wait until the 27th to get it. I’m so excited about this collection, much more than any of the other summer collections.

    • neli

      i cant wait to get the lustre drops since i missed them last year……… thanx for the swatches!

    • Hannah

      Haha, we have just about the same list lol.
      But I’m also getting the Pink Rebel Lustre Drops. :)

  65. Alexis

    I’m so glad I bought Hipness when the Fafi line launched – that’s about the time I started to pay attention to the MAC collections AGAIN!

    The only thing I DO want is the Marine Life highlighting powder. I think it’s because it has a sea horse on it. Sad that it’s just an overspray =(

  66. Natalia

    So I’m right if I think I don’t really need Hipness if I already own Instant Chic?

  67. Kara

    King of Prussia, PA is having an unveiling party! Newark, DE said they weren’t sure yet.

  68. lily

    MAC should have sent you the collection Christine, what are they thinking??? DOnt they know MAC-ADDICTS read your blog for that stuff, jeez!!!

  69. Leidy R

    I AM SO SUPER EXCITED! I was invited to a sneak peek on the 18th in NYC! How do they decide who to invite?? 😀 And can I buy the items then and there when I go?

  70. Score! King of Prussia is right near me, thanks for posting those unveiling party locations :)

  71. Keri

    Hi Christine, Love your blog i check it 4-5 times a day, i know a little obsessed. Is thrills lipstick similar to fetish?

  72. Friyana

    If they have unveilings at select locations, can anyone go to the store or do you have to have an invite?

    • Technically, yes! I’ve never had a store refuse me — I usually call and ask, “Hey, are you having an unveiling for X collection?” Or if you already know, you can be like, “I’d like to RSVP…”

      When there are events are my usual store, they write me down because they know I’ll come, LOL, but when they don’t (like for To the Beach)… I’ve called.

  73. Lilly

    You are the best and nit a day goes by when I don’t check ur site.

  74. Andrea

    Wow for once UK gets an earlier release than America! At least it’s on the UK MAC website.

  75. Natalie

    Thanks for the swatches, as always!

    I have my To The Beach products already, really weird the UK got it released first. I totally love Lazy Day l/s and also Beachbound l/s – it almost reminds me a little of Lollipop Lovin! Marine Life is also beautiful, as a shade it’s quite similar to Ripe Peach on the darker side but it’s still a must have.

    I’m thinking about also picking up the two lipliners but I’m 50/50 on that at the moment. Might wait and see if they are still available in a few days. :)

  76. Hayley

    I was hoping this would be coming out early..I reeally want to wear some of the products to my prom…which is the 20th :P.

  77. M

    Christine you know I wasn’t that into makeup until I read your blog. Two years later I am getting my first train case! Your amazing never give up!

  78. Ada

    Thanks Christine! I wasn’t going to get anything from this collection, but Thrills looks awesome. Do you think cool toned girls can wear Hipness? I had Sunbasque and found it too orange.

  79. Hayley

    Is there an event in Toronto, Canada?

  80. diana

    megapost! i like pink rebel lustre drops a lot.

  81. The MAC store in Uptown on Hennepin in Minneapolis is having a release party on the 18th too:)

  82. riavet

    you never dissapoint!!ever!!you are amazing.

  83. Hayley

    That blush is so pretty! I think I’ll be adding it to my summer wish list. I have a question though; is shimmermoss really similar to steamy? I was thinking of getting it but I already have the latter.

  84. Carrie

    Thanks for the preview. I was already planning on getting Thrills from the description and sure enough, it is very pretty. I might get Hipness as well. I already have Humid and though Shimmermoss is gorgeous, I’ve got an Urban Decay eye shadow that is very similar. Can’t wait for this collection! :)

  85. aradhana

    hey christine
    it’s great that you did this post….
    i didn’t even realize that rosemary and thyme is perm…small sigh of relief…at least i can knock one item off my list!
    i think someone also mentioned the body oil is glittery, so i think i’ll be passing on that one too!

  86. Lyn

    Thank you for sharing these Christine! I am constantly amazed by your ability to juggle such a high-powered, smoothly scheduled blog with law school and your MBA program. You are such an inspiration and highlight to my day – never feel bad about what you’ve done!

  87. veera

    the collection has been available in Finland from April the 3rd. I sampled some of the colours but nothing pleased me too much. But I might buy some of them just because of the packaging, which in my opinion is awesome.

  88. Corinne

    hey Christine, the MAC @ Bridgeport Village in Portland, OR is having an unveiling party! :)

  89. Christina

    Thrills lipstick is GORGEOUS it wasn’t on my list of things to buy from this collection but now it definitely is.

    I can’t wait for this collection, there’s so much I want!

    I’m an NC25, but I’m still going to buy the Pink Rebel Lustre Drops, even though the other shade is better suited for my complexion. Love it! Thanks so much Christine!

  90. Denise

    I really like the lipstick on the models in the To the Beach promos. Would you say it’s Thrills lipstick or Funbathing?

    I really love your blog and I really appreciate the time and care that you take to make this site such a godsend. We love you Christine!

  91. Amanda

    Columbus Ave’s MAC in NY, NY is having a party on tuesday, May 18th. I bought the cute shell-shaped invite from someone for it for my collection. :)

  92. ilona

    Hi Christine,

    Mac @ Harlem, NY is having the event too :)
    I’m so excited!! This is the first one I’ve been invited to!

  93. Beth

    Thanks for the mini-preview!

    I just got Shimmermoss in the pan, but I’ll probably skip Humid- it seems similar to Urban Decay’s Homegrown to me, which I have in a palette.

    I probably won’t get Hipness, I think it will be darker/more intense than I like on my NW15 skintone. (I actually just purchased a backup of Instant Chic – the last one at my MAC counter – because it’s perfect for me!)

    I am looking forward to the Lustre Drops and the matte light peach e/s.

  94. Sarah

    I love Thrills! Glad to see it out again.

  95. bea

    I’m thinking about trying the lustre drops. Which one would suit me best?.. (im NC35)..

  96. thanks for going the extra mile to get the swatches. :) really appreciate it.

  97. Fatema

    Thanks a lot Christine for the swatches…I’ll definitely get the blush “hipness”!!!it’s sooooo pretty!!!!

  98. Liz

    the eyeshadows are gorgeous! I love blues and greens. I was pretty bummed that the blue-green one I got from the london launch was too dark. These look brighter and ligheter than that one yay

  99. Thanks for the great photos & swatches! I LOVE Thrills lipstick. It is so flattering. I’m so happy MAC is re-releasing it – yay! :)

  100. Ember

    Thanks for the swatches Christine. It’s great to see a few of the products in advance of your regular peek/review.

    We have a pro shop here, but unless you are registered as a pro we normally can’t get in for previews. I did find out that they are only get in something like 3 of the bags.