Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

MAC Tartan Tale:  Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette
MAC Tartan Tale: Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Tartan Tale: Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette

Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette ($36.00) is a colorful palette with a slight cool tone running through it.

This palette includes six eyeshadows: White Rabbit (shimmer white), Melt My Heart (metallic silver), Carbon (matte black), Family Treasure (metallic bronze), Gaelic Gold (metallic gold), and Crown & Sceptre (metallic copper).

  • White Rabbit is a bright, shimmery white, It has a frost finish, and it was originally launched in last year’s holiday palettes. It has a very smooth texture and packs a lot of pigment without having to use a lot of product. It’s similar to White Frost or Gesso (but with shimmer).
  • Melt My Heart is a a light silver with a metallic sheen. It has a veluxe pearl finish. It’s not quite as pigmented as other veluxe pearls, but it has a smooth feel when applied. It’s similar to Forgery, except the texture is soft and smooth–lighter than Electra.
  • Carbon is a dark black. It has a matte finish, and it is a permanent shade. It works better than it swatches, but it will definitely darken anything you layer it over. It’s not the deepest, darkest black, though.
  • Family Treasure is a soft metallic peachy gold with a strong shine. It has a veluxe pearl finish, and it’s as smooth and pigmented as one would expect. It’s a less yellow, more orange Goldmine.
  • Gaelic Gold is a brightened medium gold kissed by molten ore. It has a veluxe pearl finish, and it’s rich in pigmentation and creamy in consistency. It’s slightly darker and deeper than Goldmine. (Goldmine would fit almost exactly between Family Treasure and Gaelic Gold.)
  • Crown & Sceptre is a medium-dark coppery brown with metallic shine. It has a veluxe pearl finish with a smooth, creamy texture and nice color payoff. It’s a little lighter than Antiqued, but they are similar.

The palette contains 0.19 oz. worth of eyeshadow along with a tiny 213 brush, which means you’re paying $190/oz. In comparison, if you were to buy potted eyeshadows, MAC eyeshadows run at $290/oz. and pans run at $230/oz. These palettes do offer a little more bang for your buck than if you were to buy shades individually.

Like Beauties Playing It Cool, Reelers & Rockers is a little reminiscent of last year’s Devil May Dare palette, but it’s only at a glance, rather than in reality. This year’s Reelers & Rockers is actually more pigmented and brighter.

Reelers & Rockers was my favorite palette of the four, not because of colors but how true-to-pan the colors were overall. Four of the shades have really stellar pigmentation and feel incredibly smooth when used–Carbon swatches poorly but works well in practice, while Melt My Heart could be a little more pigmented, it’s decent. It’s an interesting mix of shades; the top row being on the cooler side, while the bottom row is definitely warmer!

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you’re jonesin’ for one of MAC’s palettes this year, this one is the best in terms of quality. The colors are also fun and festive but wearable.

AVAILABILITY: October 28th at MAC Stores/Counters

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Tartan Tale:  Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette
MAC Tartan Tale: Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Tartan Tale:  Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette
MAC Tartan Tale: Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Tartan Tale:  Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette
MAC Tartan Tale: Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Tartan Tale:  Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette
MAC Tartan Tale: Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Tartan Tale:  Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette
Top row:  White Rabbit, Melt My Heart, Carbon; Bottom row: Family Treasure, Gaelic Gold, Crown & Sceptre

MAC Tartan Tale:  Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette
Top row:  White Rabbit, Melt My Heart, Carbon; Bottom row: Family Treasure, Gaelic Gold, Crown & Sceptre

MAC Tartan Tale:  Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette
Left to right, top to bottom: Carbon, Crown & Sceptre; Melt My Heart, Gaelic Gold; White Rabbit, Family Treasure

MAC Tartan Tale:  Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette
White Rabbit, Melt My Heart, Carbon

MAC Tartan Tale:  Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette
Family Treasure, Gaelic Gold, Crown & Sceptre

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I buy the Eyeshadow Palette? How much is it?

It will be available at MAC stores/counters on October 28th, online at maccosmetics.com on approximately October 26th. $36.00.

When are you going to review [fill in the blank]?

I will review the face kits, lip bag sets, and a brush set today (10/25). I will review the eyeshadow and lip palettes tomorrow (10/26). I will review the color collection either tomorrow or the next day (10/26 or 10/27). I will review the miniaturized sets nearer to the launch date, as I haven't been able to buy them yet. I work as fast as I can, but the process takes time between photographing and cropping and reviewing. I appreciate your patience! I'm completely committed to school projects this week (midterms), so I'm doing everything as quickly as I can between those.

Any dupes?

Please see individual shade listings for potential dupes.

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48 thoughts on “MAC Tartan Tale: Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Elisabeth

    i want the top 3 shadows, but the bottom 3 would look horrible on me.

  2. Kaylabella

    I’m so excited for this palette! I put my pre-order in yesterday and can’t wait to pick it up on Thursday! The colors look AMAZING!

  3. Tiffany

    Yay. I was becoming disappointed from the lack of quality of these palettes, but this one looks super nice.

  4. Leah

    Okay, this may actually be the ugliest, weirdest combination of colours I’ve ever seen in a Mac palette.

    • Isn’t it? It’s like… the top three go together, and the bottom three go together… but I’m not entirely sure they all work *together.*

      • tracy

        I agree, this combo is weird to me, it’s just ok nothing like the metallics palette from holiday 2007.

      • Sara

        I ordered this palette from Nordstrom.com today (10-27.) Not to wear them together, but separately with other looks. I am always looking for metallics to add just a bit to other looks and I feel this is a great value for that purpose!

    • Quinctia

      I can kind of see the colors related as “metallic tones,” save the black. But you wouldn’t wear them all together, really.

  5. R

    …I may buy it just for the names. And packaging. Stop me, Christine!

  6. bayli

    the collection is up online :)

  7. Carrie Ann

    This is one of the palettes I wanted. Gorgeous colors and it looks very versatile.

  8. Ali B

    I want this!

  9. Mariela

    I’ve had this palette for about 3 weeks or a bit less. It’s okay.white rabbit is a gorgeous color on me. I’m an nc40. My mom works for Macy so she gets her hands on stuff for me early.

  10. Rebecca

    At first sight, seeing this collection, I was pretty much freaking out because of the packaging. But looking deeper, I think it’s okay, but I’m still not sold on it, really! I may buy a blush from the collection, but this.. it’s just okay to me.

  11. Bree

    Hi Christine I was looking at Her Blooming Cheek blush & it reminds me so much of Full Fuchsia which I already have…have you tested HBC if so are able to compare it to FF blush. Thanks

  12. sf

    So the collection is up but where is the pigment and lipglass sets?

  13. Maeve

    I LOVE this. But I don’t have any money. :(

  14. Wilcoa

    yay finally a palette I can have a lemming for from this collection. Ugh and I was hoping my wallet would be saved 😛

  15. Dana

    I love these colors..both can make some awesome smokey eyes.

  16. Perri

    Wow MAC failed me for this release. I am so sad. At least I can save some money for this month. 😉

  17. Ter aka bobbysgeel

    So beautiful…perfect for the holidays!

  18. coco

    can you depot these and stick them in a mac pallet

  19. Amanda

    I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but it’s interesting to note that the recommendations that you make are the complete opposite (almost) of the blog KarlaSugar. It may be because you both have different skin tones or that you got different quality products, but it does make me wonder a little bit.

    • Hi Amanda,

      I can only speak based on my personal experience with the products – swatching and applying on the eyes – and hope that my review and accompanying photos relay that experience to the best of my abilities.

  20. Jennifer

    love this! so glad i ordered it :)

  21. Traci

    wow I must say that these colors swatch better than they look in the pan! (minus carbon which doesn’t look too great as a swatch there, but I love using it). Thanks Christine!

  22. Samantha P.

    Despite this, and one of the blush sets – I decided in a matter of a day or two of being mildly excited to come out… I wont be buying anything from this collection. It’s just kind of “eh” to me..

  23. Vickie

    i might have to get this palette! im loving the colors! i was wondering if the pattern on the palette is fabric cause to me it does lol.

  24. Heather

    Reminds me of the liquid metal shadow quad from Illamasqua

  25. Bella

    This will be mine! Yes indeed.

  26. They just look so gorgeous in the container… Super pretty to look at. I especiall like white rabbit, and it makes me think of The Matrix! ha!

  27. Lisa

    I’m SO buying this one and play it cool! Can’t wait to use both of them! <3

  28. B

    this palette looks amazing! i love the colors!

  29. Yazmin

    this (and anything else in the collection) would appeal to me more without the hideous packaging. am i the only one who dislikes the packagaing?

  30. Daniel

    Hi, I’ve never owned mac eyeshadows, and I only wanna ask if you swatch them without a primer or with? Thanks Christine <3

  31. Deb

    Wow, those metallics are REALLY pigmented! If only I didn’t already have so many metallic shadows…

  32. MARGO

    the colors intrigue me but don’t think i could carry them off.

  33. Linh Pham

    Hi Christine, please help me out! :( Do you recommend me buying this palette (Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow). I’m tempted to buy since I appreciate the concept of palette, pretty packaging, and an addict of limited editions. Plus you gave it a A- review…

    I already owe the MAC Colour Forecast Colour 4 (the warm neutral consistings of Manila Paper, Flip, Aztec Brick, and Creole Beauty), both the MAC Trip Palette (Warm and Cool), MAC Carbon, and recently, the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

    So are Family Treasure, Gaelic Gold, Crown & Sceptre similar/closed to any of the shades I already have? And can White Rabbit, and Melt My Heart be replaced with Prismique from the MAC Trip Cool Eyes? I know Prismique isn’t white or silver, but is it possible?

    To be honest, browsing can only give me the general ideas… I can’t tell with just uploaded pictures. The thing about colors is that you can’t be sure until you see the actual shades for yourself. Like with the previous MAC Disney Villians, when I saw the collection at the mall, the colors were not quite the same as what I’ve been seeing them online. :(

    Really hope you can help me on this! ^^ I know this will required a lot of your time, but I’m feeling so torned!

    Thanks so much! (>____<)

  34. Riri

    I don’t get the concept of this palette. The gold tones are really beautiful though.

  35. Brii

    this may be a silly question (sorry!) but in your palette, is white rabbit a very ‘true’ white?? I only ask because the one in my palette is distinctly… pink. I’m a wee bit concerned… and it’s brand new, unused and unswatched. But it’s definitely a pink-white :\