Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

MAC Tartan Tale Pearlglide Eyeliners
MAC Tartan Tale Pearlglide Eyeliners

MAC Tartan Tale: Pearlglide Eyeliners

MAC Pearlglide Eyeliners ($14.50 each) are super soft, smooth, vibrantly colored eyeliners. These are some of my favorite eyeliners, and I have NO idea why MAC doesn’t make them permanent. They glide on so smoothly, and they don’t fade away. They stay on my lower lash line just fine throughout the day. They are not waterline safe, as they all have micro-glitter in them, though.  I can’t get over how smooth they feel when used on the lash line or lid; and the intensity of the color is so rich.  I love that the majority of the colors seem to have a lot of depth, too.

The five limited edition shades are: Black Swan (black with pearl), Lord It Up (bronze with pearl), Petrol Blue (deep navy with pearl), Undercurrent (teal with pearl), and Blackline (black with gold pearl).

Three of these shades are repromotes, though, from Art Supplies. The new shades are Black Swan and Lord It Up.

  • Black Swan is a deep black with charcoal gray shimmer. Very sultry of a shade! It is darker than Urban Decay’s Oil Slick, but they are similar.
  • Lord It Up is a medium-dark brown with subtle warmth–not quite chocolate, but maybe a molten chocolate. It’s a little warmer than Urban Decay’s Bourbon.
  • Petrol Blue is a rich, deep ocean blue with soft sky blue and medium blue shimmer-sheen. This shade is similar to Urban Decay’s Deviant.
  • Undercurrent is a medium-dark teal base with teal-green shimmer and gold sheen. This shade is similar to Urban Decay’s Covet but that shade lacks the green-gold sheen.
  • Blackline is a blackened base with antique green-gold sheen and shimmer.  It’s similar to Shiseido’s Black Sand.

The Glossover


MAC Tartan Tale: Pearlglide Eyeliners Review, Photos, Swatches

If you love really soft, creamy eyeliners, this is a formula worth checking out. The shade range is interesting and more complex -- I don't have dupes for a lot of these shades.











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MAC Tartan Tale Pearlglide Eyeliners
Black Swan, Lord It Up, Petrol Blue, Undercurrent, Blackline

MAC Tartan Tale Pearlglide Eyeliners
Black Swan, Lord It Up, Petrol Blue, Undercurrent, Blackline

MAC Tartan Tale Pearlglide Eyeliners
Black Swan, Lord It Up, Petrol Blue, Undercurrent, Blackline

MAC Tartan Tale Pearlglide Eyeliners
Pearlglide Eyeliners: Black Swan, Lord It Up, Petrol Blue

MAC Tartan Tale Pearlglide Eyeliners
Pearlglide Eyeliners: Petrol Blue, Undercurrent, Blackline

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I buy the Pearlglide Eyeliner? How much is it?

It will be available at MAC stores/counters on October 28th, online at on approximately October 26th. $14.50 (each).

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Check the individual shades as I listed similar shades there! :)

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87 thoughts on “MAC Tartan Tale: Pearlglide Eyeliners Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Kate M.

    I do love the Pearlglides!  I stocked up on Molasses because it’s my perfect go-to liner…
    so sad they didn’t bring it back this time around.  Do you think Blackline is similar to
    Buried Treasure?

    Thanks Christine!

  2. AnGeLwInGz

    EEEK! You’re gonna compare all of ’em to Urban Decay except Blackline? Let’s just say similar to but not as green as Stash. Sorry a lil’ bit of OCD when it comes to that stuff LOL 😉

    • I love Stash, but Blackline is more like Honey+Stash+Zero, LOL. There wasn’t a good match for Blackline! It is also similar to Shiseido’s Black Sand!

  3. WithIt

    Hi Christine!
    How do they compare to the UD liners as far as application, wear-ability, and staying power? Would you prefer to wear one of these or UD? Are they close enough that I can continue using my UD liners and not feel like I’m missing out? 😉


    • I like these for their intensity — they are just very rich and pigmented — and wear is the same for me on both. I think you could hold off and use your UD ones or maybe just grab the shade of Pearlglide Liner that appeals to you the most or least like what you already have by UD!

  4. Hannah

    Do you know if there is any fall out from the glitter as you apply it to your lash line? I don’t often apply liner to my lower lash line, but always on the upper lash line.

    I absolutely love these colors, especially Petrol Blue and Blackline. I don’t have a blue eyeliner so this might be nice one to have. I am all about the staying power :)

  5. Amy

    Undercurrent looks BEAUTIFUL!!

  6. Carrie Ann

    I already have Blackline, but Lord it Up and Undercurrent are so pretty!

  7. Tiffany

    Hmm I might have to pick up all of these since I’m skipping on the palettes now. Glad to hear they work good as bases.

  8. I wish these would just be made permanent, they’re so smooth and totally stunning!

  9. Rachel w

    I missed out on Undercurrent in a previous collection so I’m thrilled I have a chance to pick it up this time around! I agree pearlglides should be permanent! They are my favorite eyeliners.

  10. Svetlana

    WOW they are all so pretty . I think I’ll go and get them all !

  11. Jennifer

    How similar is Black Swan to Black Russian? Thanks!

  12. Shontay07108

    I bought petrol blue, lord it up, black swan and undercurrent. I plan on backing up black swan and undercurrent because they are my favorites. Total A++++

  13. Tiffany

    Question… where is Blackline on the mac website? I could only find 4 out of the 5.

  14. Cheyenne *DemureAllure*

    I love pencil eyeliners!! I am going for the black and brown :)

  15. slick

    Anyone know how Blackline compares to Orpheus Kohl Power?

  16. Courtney

    I adore Undercurrent so I’m happy that others will get the chance to try it. This time I picked up Black Swan. It’s lovely.

  17. carla

    i am so excited about these! i agree with you Christine, MAC should just go ahead and make these permanent. i am definitely getting the new colors, they are so beautiful. i wish they would re promote black russian, mine is all nubs at this point!

  18. I love these eyeliners too! I wonder if there’s some way we MAC fans could start a write-in campaign to make them permanent… 😉

  19. Trish

    Petrol Blue reminds me of greasepaint stick from MAC Dsquared (“B”).

  20. Kai

    Those are gorgeous! I’d probably get one if they had a purple one, because I don’t use pencil eyeliners a whole lot.
    But if I was in the market for one, I’d definitely get one! I reaaalllyy like Blackline!

    • Adee

      I don’t remember what collection it was, but I have a purple one called Rave and a dark pink called Miss Fortune. They are simply amazing! You might be able to find them online somewhere.

  21. Love them, but I wish they had more interesting looking shades with tones of Garnet and Magenta. :)

  22. YAY more Pearlglide! I agree completely – these are some of the best liners out there. I have similar colors already for everything but Blackline, but I don’t think I can resist Undercurrent.

  23. greenCerulean

    I went and did a pre sale at Macys and Undercurrent was the first item out of my mouth that I said I wanted. I knew for sure I wanted that one, but because I took so long deciding on the other items, the sales associate forgot to include Undercurrent in my order and I forgot to check. I’ll have to make sure I get it when I go to pick up the order, maybe include Blackline with that too! 😀

  24. Jennifer

    omg i love these, gotta add them to my list!

  25. Just bought Black Swan. I can’t wait!

  26. Marcela

    these are amazing! if they weren’t 14.50 a pop, i’d buy them all!

  27. bubbles

    Black swan looks gorgeous! Does it have any blue to it? – the picture sure looks like it does!

  28. Marlin

    I used Black Swan on my waterline this past Saturday. I was wondering why my eyes were so irritated. I didn’t know you couldn’t use these on your waterline! Thanks for pointing this out Christine :)

  29. Kenneth Alan

    I want to buy all of these but the fact that they aren’t safe for the waterline turns me away. I’ll have to think about it.

  30. Angel

    yes… must have Undercurrent, Lord it Up, and Black Swan LOL<3

  31. Ru

    Does Black Swan have some blue in it, or is that my eyes playing tricks on me?

  32. BethM

    Pearlglides smear like crazy on me. Might have to get Undercurrant, though, it’s a gorgeous color. I’ll just have to avoid wearing it for long periods of time.

  33. Tiffany

    I need all of these!

  34. ellie

    Hi Christine, what’s the difference between a pearglide eyeliner and a greasepaint stick?

    • I find these smoother, but these also are more smudgeproof/budgeproof. They are also a lot easier to use as liners, as the Greasepaint Sticks are much larger.

  35. Lulle

    I didn’t know they were not waterline safe… I used Petrol Blue on it several times :(

  36. Cintamani

    i am lusting over these shades but do you think that its no use to someone with oily eyelids?

  37. bettynova

    undercurrent looks like Zoyas Charla (nailpolish) made into an eyeliner
    its stunning

  38. I agree these are just beautiful.

  39. Trish

    I’ve been stingy with my Undercurrent since it first came out. Can’t wait to pick up a few more ‘spares’. Getting Petrol Blue this time as well.

  40. Laura Hogarth

    I LOVE these! I already have the three from Art Supplies (plus a back-up of Blackline), so I’m definitely going to get the two new ones (possibly with backups for both), and I might grab another Undercurrent whilst I’m at it. And *maybe* a third Blackline…I really love that shade :)

  41. Heather

    Oh man… i was hoping for a repromote of industrial… i really want a back up of that one!

  42. Dang it. Just when I thought I could slip through this collection without getting something and these sparklie beauties appear. I’m blaming you Christine! :p

  43. marlin

    I used Black Swan on my waterline this weekend, now I know why my eyes burned!!!! I didn’t know you couldn’t use these on the waterline. Thanks for the info. Christine!

  44. j

    just put undercurrent on hold @ the soho MAC store. It’s my fave, I can’t wait to rock it this weekend!!!!!

  45. Katie

    These are standouts from what has looked like a lackluster collection. Christine, which would you say are your favorites or must-haves? Guesses for the ones that’ll sell out soon? I need eyeliner (and these could be a personal treat for my birthday today, heh), but I’m tight on money. Black Line and Petrol Blue are gorgeous, but I’ll pass since I have UD’s Stash and Binge. UD’s Bourbon was uninteresting for me, so I’ll pass on Lord it Up. Black Swan is calling my name…it almost looks like it has a hint of blue.

    • The two new liners would be the ones quicker to sell out, I’d imagine!

      • Katie

        MAC, please make these permanent! I went to a counter to try these today, and I literally swooned at each one. These are long-lasting, and more vibrant than Urban Decay’s. Now the problem is which ones to get! For sure, Black Swan is mine; it’s so badass. I hope this helps someone: Christine is right that Blackline is significantly warmer and more green-gold than UD’s Stash (cooler with little or no gold or black). She also nailed it with the comparison between Undercurrent and UD’s Covet. UD’s Binge is very similar to Petrol Blue, but it’s more cobalt and lacks the shimmer and stunning depth Petrol Blue has.

  46. Kacee

    Can you use these as eyeshadows?

  47. Promise

    Blackline’s not on the website!!! HELP!

  48. Oh god, these are so gorgeous eek 😀

  49. Lisa B

    These need to go permanent! I always have a problem with my eye liner feathering. This eyeliner feathers on me ever so slightly. Looks like I need to go back to stock up on a few.

  50. Tracey

    Picked up Undercurrent and Lord it up today. I love pearlglides….Why oh Why doesn’t MAC make them permanent. I already have Rave and Blackline. They don’t budge on me.

  51. Ariel

    Is undercurrent similar to NARS palladium?

  52. Little Miss Sunshine

    Wow, they do look great! I need to get Black Swan, Petrol Blue and Undercurrent.

  53. jamie

    PETROL BLUE OR UNDERCURRENT hahah ( i have brown eyes and brown hair ) :) if that helps i got petrol blue but idk if i should go back and get undercurrent which one is harder to find a dupe for ???? 😀

  54. Alexis

    Blackline isn’t on the website! Is it sold out already?

  55. Jen

    Awesome review. Thanks.

    Btw do these last as long as fluidlines? I’ve heard great stuff about the staying power of these.

    • They last all day on me, but I think fluidlines wear better – fluidline is REALLY long-lasting. Liquidlast is the only thing that lasts longer for me!

  56. brittany

    i already have undercurrent and just put in an order for petrol blue and blackline. i’m going to send back french quarter because i think blackline is what i wanted it to be, but it is so smudgy. i was having the same trouble finding blackline but if you search for pearlglides or look under eyes you’ll find it – if you look under a tartan tale it doesn’t seem to be linked for some reason.

  57. Dollymix8

    I only want one, can any of you advise me with one will look better with brown eyes and brown hair? I doubting between Petrol Blue and Undercurrent. Please help me?

  58. Christine

    Could you please do a comparison of Petrol Blue and Fly-by-blu? thank you!

  59. Hi Christine,
    Could you tell me how Lord It Up is compared to Teddy?

  60. Jennifer

    I wish they would bring these back. :( I’m out of Lord it Up and Black Swan. I had replaced Black Swan with UD perversion but now I’m out of that too. :( I don’t know what to do! Do you have any suggestions for a super-dark black with staying power? I have MAC feline but it smudges so bad on me. And UD zero just isn’t very black. Thank you!