Monday, April 18th, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Collection for Summer 2011

U.S. Launch Date: May 26th, 2011
International Launch Date: May 2011 (excluding Asia), June 2011 (Asia)

Grab the board, hop in the Jeep, cruise the Pacific Coast Highway… Surf’s up! The lure of the endless summer starts here with My Paradise Cheek Powder, Summer Stash of Crushed Metallic Pigments, Hibiscus Lipstick and Splashproof Lash Mascara that just won’t smudge. Colourful, lustrous, and full of life…journey to a world where feeling the rush means taking a risk. Hang Ten!

Here’s bronzing for every dude and dudette looking to hit the half-pipe with a killer tan. Bring commotion to the ocean with Solar Riche Bronzing Powder and new Gold-go-Lightly Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder. Capture the surf spirit, add contours & dimension with the latest Skinsheen Bronzer Stick! Defy sun-and-sea blasted lips with Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balms.
Limited edition.

All information is OFFICIAL.  Information now includes Suntints, Bronzer Sticks, and Studio Careblend/Pressed powders.

See collection information & promotional photos! 

Surf, Baby! Cheek Powder ($28.00 U.S. / $32.00 CDN)

  • My Paradise Peach pressed powder with gold hibiscus flower overspray (Limited Edition)

Lipstick ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • Bust Out! Dirty mid-tone violet (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
  • Hibiscus Bright orange coral (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Mocha Peachy yellow-brown (Satin) (Permanent)
  • Naturally Eccentric Creamy white nude (Lustre) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • Girl on Board Pale white gold (Limited Edition)
  • Good Lovin’ Soft peachy pink (Limited Edition)
  • Krazy Kahuna Warm mid-tone brown (Limited Edition)
  • Strange Potion Soft coral pink (Limited Edition)

Crushed Metallic Pigment Stacks ($32.50 U.S. / $38.50 CDN)

  • Summer Stash Light pink champagne, light white pearl, light violet with silver pearl, brown bronze with gold pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Surf the Ocean Frosty platinum, light yellow green, gold bronze, dirty graphite with silver pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Eyeshadow ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • Saffron Deep coral caramel (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Short Shorts Frosty white champagne (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Sun Blonde Dirty yellow gold (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Surf U.S.A. Frosted teal (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Swell Baby Mid-tone grey (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($13.50 U.S. / $17.00 CDN)

  • Hangin’ Loose Dirty pink nude (Limited Edition)
  • Ocean Dip Mid-tone creamy aqua (Limited Edition)

Powerpoint Eye Pencil ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • Blue Noon Teal with gold pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Gilded White Yellow white frost (Limited Edition)

Pigment ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Naked Fleshy beige with golden copper pearl (Permanent)
  • Melon Soft bright golden peach (Permanent)

Splashproof Lash Mascara ($14.00 U.S. / $17.00 CDN)

  • Blacksplash Black (Permanent)

Bags (MAC Stores Only)

  • Surf, Baby! 1 ($28.00 U.S. / $33.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)
  • Surf, Baby! 2 ($32.00 U.S. / $38.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • Full of Grace Soft sheer rose (Limited Edition)
  • Pink Tinge Clean bright yellow pink with gold pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Lilt of Lily Soft creamy pale pink (Limited Edition)

MAC Skinsheen Bronzer Stick ($29.50 U.S. / $35.50 CDN)

  • Tan-tint Soft suntan bronze (Limited Edition)
  • Billinoaire Bronze Warm golden tan (Limited Edition)
  • Gilty Bronze Coppery bronze with gold shimmer (Limited Edition)

Bronzing Powder ($24.00 U.S. / $29.00 CDN)

  • Solar Riche Mid-tone deep orange brown (Limited Edition)
  • Refined Golden Finely spun gold with soft pearl finish (Permanent)

Studio Careblend Pressed Powder ($28.00 U.S. / $33.50 CDN)

  • Gold-Go-Lightly Mid-tone golden tan brown (Limited Edition)
  • Lush-Light Bronze Mid-tone rosy pink brown (Limited Edition)


  • 129SH Powder/Blush Brush ($34.00 U.S. / $41.00 CDN)

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460 thoughts on “MAC Surf Baby Collection for Summer 2011 Info & Photos

  1. CJ

    Awh man, I really like this one. I was hoping I’d hate it as much as I hated the last summer/beach collection. I’m gonna be so poor!

  2. Aubree

    I am more than excited that I am repulsed by this collection. More money i get to keep.

    • Rachael

      haha! Yeah, the neanderthal look is SO last year! The model is a bit scary. I’m over coral and aqua so I’ll be saving my cash.

      • Mariella

        Yeah, but you know that if they don’t “nab” us now, they’ll get us with something irresistible in the autumn!

  3. brunette

    Cool, I like coral, and I finally get the chance to buy strange potion;)
    Nice collection!

    • Ani_BEE

      I’m so confused since the promo photo makes Strange Potion look darker/redder then it is from the VV collection. ^_^?
      It’s a nice shade and need more love.

    • Paula

      I personally don’t like this collection so much, but good call on them for repromoting Strange Potion! I have it and I love it!

  4. annie

    They all look great & interesting!!!what is the difference between the 2 launch dates?

  5. Ana G.

    My Paradise Blush – Coral orange with champagne gold flower OMG!!!! I’m just drooling with the description …

  6. Oh I love not being able to go to sleep until well after 3am somtimes :) Pretty packaging!!! Love it!

    • Amrita

      O.EMM.GEE! It’s dusty”ooh”hunter! :”DDDD I LOVE you! You’re ridiculously talened and funny >< As is Christine! You're both such amazing inspirations to my best friends and I :)

  7. Aude MAI

    I LOOOOOOVE THIS ONE !!!!!! Teal teal and teal !!!!!!

  8. Eli

    The collection is nice, but the model – gosh, she’s ugly!

    • be

      I was thinking the same thing. Glad you said it and not me but I find it difficult to look at her. Maybe its the lighting on her.

    • Harleigh

      I was thinking the exact same thing. She would be better looking if the lighting was adjusted so we could see her eyebrows.

  9. Melissa

    I am gobsmacked by how gross this packaging design is.

    • Amie

      that’s what i’m saying!

    • MakeupGeek

      yeah, but I still think MAC Wonder Woman packaging was worse, I actually kind of like this one..

    • Sigourney

      Yes I agree…this actually looks very lame. What’s up with a collection inspired by surfing, when hello you’re surfing. The makeup isn’t going to stay on! Nor would a surfer really be concerned with her bronzer considering she’s going to be bronzed naturally?!

    • Nicole

      This packaging looks cheap and tacky!

  10. andi

    the packaging is such a turn off.

    • Paula

      Agreed. Maybe I might be drawn to this collection if the packaging didn’t look like this!

    • Me too! It looks like they just slapped a sticker on their packaging :(. Nevertheless I still want the Ocean Dip polish if it doesn’t sell out too fast (I am not a crazed MAC fanatic so I dunno if I’ll get to it in time).

  11. molly

    Look gimiky…

  12. Damn, I wonder if My Paradise will be the Marine Life of 2011. I think it’s the only one I’ll get as everything else looks close to something I already own.

  13. KT

    The packaging and promo pics are awful.

    • CeeBee

      I agree, they’re not to my taste at all. I don’t get the whole “angry” model thing, she just looks PO’ed.

      And I’m pretty sure that guy on the left has no pants on…

  14. Interesting, I can’t wait to see swatches and review videos!!

    Is the volume of product in the pigment stashes less than the holiday-size pigment jars?

  15. Rozeta

    OMG soooo excited for this! I thought that Quite Cute was going to be the insanely cute packaged collection of the year, but it seems that Surf Baby is going to be it instead!

    Can’t wait for the info on the Blush Sticks, they seem very interesting!

    • Roz

      The sticks are actually bronzers. The best one is Gilty Bronze. I looove this collection….

  16. Virginia

    I don’t get why MAC chose this promo pic. I think the expression on the models face is scary and not flattering at all. And her pose is unnatural. At first look I immediately had to think that if she carried an axe in her hands, she would look as though she was going to murder someone!

    • Sonja

      I so agree about the promo pic! It is awful………I know Mac is more edgy when it comes to the promotional pictures but most of the time they look wierd and are a turn off for me. Maybe they should cut down on the number of collections per year and focus on better packaging and promotional advertising!!!

      • Grace

        totally agree with you! so many collections through out the year can be easily bypassed. also, I feel like there would be so much more excitement and anticipation if the collections occurred less throughout the year & that extra money could go towards better packaging, as you said.

    • Sarah

      It definitely does not look like a fun day at the beach…

  17. baby in a corner

    I love the fairly natural promo pic – it may not unretouched but it doesn’t look alien like either!!! also cool packaging!

  18. Maccie

    bad packaging.

  19. Leah

    Cute packaging! That hibiscus flower powder is so pretty!

  20. Sigh. I’m a sucker for LE MAC packaging, especially when they change the nail polish bottles! I’ll have to get something for my sister, too. This sort of theme is right up her alley.

  21. mia

    Not excited about this at all, the packaging looks horrendous.

  22. Denise

    Why is MAC doing this packaging thing? Can´t they just do something beautiful? I know some people will like this but for me this doesn´t work. In my opinion it looks cheap.

    • Grace

      it looks very cheap, not well planned or thoroughly thought through! i’m very disappointed since I have been waiting for the promo pics of summer :/

  23. Adelita

    Eh…, I’m not too excited about this collection. I prefer their last summer collection!

  24. Mariella

    Unless one of those pigment sets contains Jardin Aires or one of the other LE pigments from the past which I’ve really been wanting, chances are I will pass on this collection, as I did with last year’s “To the Beach”. About the only other thing that interests me is the Careblend powder but I’ll have to see that to know if it’s for me.

  25. Avery

    Sooo excited for this collection! :)

  26. snm

    is there anyone else think that the girl in the promo pic looks a little scary? like zombified lol:) the collection is looking great,thanks god I have time save up for it until june.

    • lololol….I thought it was just me, when I first saw her it was night and I got scared, lol….her eyes look so scary :D….but does anyone else notice that one of the guys is naked?

  27. Jessica

    Not a fan of the packaging! Colors are okay, but I don’t wear blue colors.

  28. Jillian


  29. igswonderworld

    that is FREAKING awesome!!!!!! Can’t wait, Christine, thanks for posting this!!

  30. Scientific Housewife

    Love the packaging!

  31. Noga

    I’m sooooo getting those eyeliners 😀

    Thanks Christine! (why are you up se early?)

  32. ChristineD


  33. Jill

    I love the look of the aqua eyeshadow! It looks like a fairly easy-to-wear blue. I also like the yellow.

  34. thea

    i dident think wonder woman packaging was tacky, or the villains collection, but this screams disney channel to me! some colours are pretty, but still…:)xxx

  35. Vvn

    I’m liking alot of the stuff here ^^ which a mondo plus because MAC collections haven’t much been enticing me much lately, that being said- I may be a little bias towards summer-tan collections =P

  36. Carrie

    Intrigued by the pigment stacks, and maybe the teal/gray shadows. A lot of the shades of everything else are either seem like they’d be too bright or too warm for my taste.

  37. The blush looks so pretty…Loving the polishes too…;)

  38. MB

    Looking forward to the collection: especially the Hibiscus lipstick and silver metallic stacked pigments

  39. Oh my gosh, this collection is screaming my name! I love the blush and the pigment stacks, and I can’t wait for swatches of the e/s and lip products!

  40. Oh! I’m so glad to see Strange Potion again! The only one that I have from the VV collection is already half way gone :-(

  41. Jamie

    I am SO excited for this collection!! I want almost everything, especially those crushed metal pigments

    Thanks for the heads up and the constant work and effort you put into your blog, Christine! You are a makeup angel! :)

  42. I am loving the strange potion lipglass!

  43. Lindz

    A tad underwhelmed by this collection. I do have to have that blush though. Maybe I will feel better about it once I see the swatches. Thanks for the info Christine!

  44. KC

    Looks interesting so far, nothing looks like a must have yet. The packaging is okay I guess, but I really don’t like the makeup on the model.

  45. Katie Coleman

    Is this the same Saffron E/S That was released with the Mickey Contractor line?

  46. really not digging the packaging. reminds me of those tacky hawaiian shirts lol

  47. Heather

    Yeah… my wallet is not going to be happy with me when this collection comes out :( I got my eye on 2 of the lipglasses, both of the pigment stacks, the teal eye liner, and maybe a lipstick… ugh! :(

  48. Bella

    I really don’t like the packaging, it looks cheap somehow.

    “My Paradise” is sure to sell out fast!

  49. The promo picture is just awful…

  50. Julia

    Oh no. I think this collection is going to make my wallet literally explode!!!

  51. natalia

    boooooooo…i’m dissapointed in the packaging.

  52. That picture scared me! She kinda, sorta looks like a zombie… The pigment stacks look promising! 😀

  53. Heather C

    FINALLY!! I haven’t been too impressed with most of the MAC collections over the past year, but this one gives me hope! Definitely looking forward to seeing the swatches for My Paradise blush, Hibiscus lipstick and Saffron and Short Shorts eyeshadows.

  54. Neha

    Wow!! This year I’ll not miss this collection and will definitely get the coral-gold blush. I missed MAC To the beach and the super gorgeous Thrills lipstick. Thanks a lot Christine.

  55. alexis

    Quite certain I just died from excitement. :)….

  56. Alyssa

    This collection looks soooo cute!!
    Love the packaging! Crisp and clean.
    Can’t wait!!

  57. OMG that promo pic is terrifying!!!!

  58. Kati

    That blush is gorgeous! Defiantly have that on my list. And strange potion…. And maybe the eyeliners.

    Such a cute collection!
    Thank for the info! :)

  59. Jaz

    OMG Christine this is such a cuteee collection. I definately need to start saving soon. LOVE this one… OMG OMG love u

  60. Dayna

    Definetly have my on the blush, single eyeshadows and a couple of lip products :)) pretty collection, cant wait for more info.

  61. Jen

    When i saw those package designs, i just thought about “Hawaii”

  62. Judy

    Burst Out lipstick will be mine!!! I go for anything purple or unique in lipsticks. I usually don’t buy the Summer collections cause I can’t wear make-up in the Summer. I am heat sensitive and sweat the minute the sun hits me. But lipstick…YES ma’am!!!! Tx for the information Christine!!!

  63. I LOVE IT!!! Everything put the promo image… it kind of creeps me out!

  64. Veronica

    Hmm… Not into the packaging. I think mainly because that hibiscus flower is blocking the MAC logo (have to admit- one of my favorite parts of a product). I’ll prolly get that shimmery white eyeliner and the nude nail polish. I like the blush but have a feeling that gold on the flower is overspary like the one released last summer with To The Beach. :/ I was looking forward to this collection. I hope your review brings back some of the excitement…

  65. Nina

    hi christine! quick question — is that saffron eyeshadow the same as the one that came out w/ mickey contractor?

    thank you!

  66. Suzy

    Sooooooo cute!!!!!!!! I want everything!!!

  67. Rachel-Annie

    Can’t wait for this one!!

  68. Laura

    I normally have zero interest in MAC, but a few of these look really nice!

    Also, that model looks like she’s about to eat your soul. Scary!

  69. LU

    Finally a collection with cute packaging! Although the collection itself isn’t very interesting to me, maybe I’ll grab a piggie stack. Thanks for the info Christine!

  70. Jaa

    That picture of the surfer girl is horrible!! It looks like what happens to you when you are in the sun too much! Gross.

  71. The blush and coral lipstick/lipglass will be mine! The packaging is too cute!

  72. Hilary♥

    I’m so digging the pigment stacks, the lipsticks and that beautiful blush!! But oh boy that model is creepy. O_O

  73. looks like some cute colours and lemming that my paradise blush but the packaging SUUUCKS! bleh

  74. Tina

    I might be hated for this comment, but I’m so tired of coral!! I know it’s the color of the moment (and again last year), but I have an overload of coral blushes and lipsticks!

  75. Joanne

    Packaging is quite interesting. Looking forward to a few things from this collection.

  76. Ariel

    I’ve been so disappointed with MAC packaging lately (Wonder Woman, VV, etc)– this collection looks like a Hawaiian punch container! Oh well, my wallet will be happy.

  77. Tabi

    I love the blush, as long as the flower is not an overspray or chunky glitter. It has the potential to be amazing, which is funny, because it’s been non-stop “you have to have this” blushes from MAC over the last year (Marine Life, Stereo Rose, Bite of an Apple, Mighty Aphrodite, just to name a few).

  78. These look amazing! I can’t wait to see them in person :)

  79. Anastasiya

    OH MY GOD THE BLUSH! i just put like 10 notifications into my phone so I won’t forget to raid this…

  80. Mary Lopes

    The colors and products overall seem very cool, but that packaging…oh my god that’s very tacky. verry tacky.

  81. Nikki

    What an amazing collection! I’m gonna have to create more vanity space for makeup once this collection comes out. I hope the Saffron in this collection is like the one from the Mickey Contractor collection.

  82. Victoria

    Funny, i was thinking with all the collections mac came out lately that were in aweful packaging, i thought why not just make it white and simple and here it is. I would prefer it more simple but this is alright. I’m pretty excited.

  83. Ooooooo love! Can’t wait!

  84. That purple lipstick looks like the one to buy!

  85. EvilPinkRobot

    Crap. Here we go again.
    As if MAC doesn’t have enough of my money, now it appeals directly to this born and raised beach bum Cali girl!
    I really should hate you, MAC, I really should.

  86. Just like last year’s To the Beach Collection, I’m super excited for this!
    Curious about the tan tint, new coral blush (a more orange Hipness) and will not miss out on the crushed metal stacks this time!

  87. Love pEace and Mac

    Can’t wait!

  88. Laura

    Cute packaging. Very summery colors. I will have to see some swatches to be sure I don’t have dupes though. Def like the white and light grey eyeshadows which I know I don’t have dupes for.

  89. Wendy R.

    Wow I think I want one of everything! I wonder how fast my paradise will sell out , Im definitely pre-ordering mine!

  90. Adrienne

    Im liking swell baby! Can’t wait for the reviews. Thanks for having this site!

  91. Oh my gosh this is so cute! Good job MAC, I’m definitely going to pick up that blush and those shadows. The yellow is to die for!

  92. Adrienne

    I also like the eyeliners. Christine I have a question for you. I only own two eyeliners a Bobbi brown gel in black and a black sephora pencil obviously buying colored eyeliners hasn’t interested me much as I’ve been getting brushes and shadows. Do you think I should go with the 15 anniversary UD set or just pick up different eyeliners here and there. I mostly do natural looks if that helps. Thanks!

    • I love the set and it’s a great way to just be done with eyeliners in a way… but have you tried UD’s? If you haven’t, I would say try it first to see if the formula works for you (or else just be prepared to return the whole set).

  93. i am in loveee i love surfing!!!!

  94. virginiaisforluvrs

    Cute packaging! It looks like they are bringing back Strange Potion from Venomous Villians, right?

  95. nikki c.

    so excited!
    well kinda
    Mac hasn’t been releasing collections that I’ve really like lately but that’s been good for my wallet:)
    I’m want to get my paradise blush, hangin loose nail laquer maybe, and gilded white eye liner so far
    I guess thats not too bad

  96. Rachael

    I like the teal nail polish and the white eye pencil.

  97. AnGeLwInGz

    Oooooh such lovely colors and amazing packaging! I mean I really LOVE the packaging! I may have to end my Mac boycott for that blush. Too bad the promo pic is hideous.

  98. Monica

    Not a big fan of the packaging, but the colors look so cute! i love MAC’s summer collections :)

  99. Julie

    I like the look of this! Very summery and exactly the colours I’d expect from a surfing inspired collection! I’m pretty curious about those Crushed Metallic Pigment Stacks. Oh well, a couple more months to go before we’ll know for sure! 😀
    Thank you for posting this sort of information, Christine. I love looking at the promotional pictures and being able to see what it’s all about! You rock

  100. Im excited about this…love the blush!

    • Helena

      I was kinda hoping for a beach/ocean inspired theme with sandy golds, sky blues, shades of turquoise and teal and corals… not surfwear inspired!! Doubt i will get anything except the blush. but the blushsticks sound interesting.

      • Lena

        I absolutely hateeee the packaging if it weren’t for that it probably wouldn’t be so bad, but i dont see anything epic, the packaging honestly looks like the fake barbie makeup you buy for a 7 year old where no matter what color it looks like everything basically comes out a clearish pink.