Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Saint Germain Lipstick

You know I had to do lip swatches, too 😉

Saint Germain lipstick came out in Euristocrats, which wasn’t a collection available stateside, so it is a treat to have it come out in a regularly available launch. It’s a pretty cool-toned lipstick; maybe a little pinker than Melrose Mood from Heatherette–the two are comparable if I’m remembering correctly.

Consume Me is a little blah, considering it’s incredibly sheer. It gives lips a glossy finish with a little bit of shimmer. For those curious about the packaging, it is very much (if not exactly like) Couture/Stylistics lipglass packaging. Even the applicator feels the same; which is a skinny doe-foot applicator that doesn’t pick up a whole lotta product. I’d say the formula of this gloss isn’t much like lipglass, because it isn’t thick at all (which may be the result of the applicator…). It also didn’t feel very sticky to me. I did try to mess up the color layers, and I didn’t succeed. You can see the color punch into the next one when you put the wand back, but the color does return to its normal layer pretty quickly. (It was kind of fun trying!)

See a lip swatch of Consume Me…

Consume Me Tricolour Lipglass

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62 thoughts on “MAC Sugarsweet Sneak Peek Lip Swatches

  1. Zsofi

    Saint Germain is absolutely hotttttttttttt with Your skin tone 😀
    when i am tanned in the summer,than it would be also great for me 😀
    its so cool You can show it to us so soon….

  2. LOL consume me looks better in the package. I hope the other colors show up a bit more. I’m spoiled by Guerlain right now 😉 talk to you soon!

  3. =O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saint Germain is GORGEOUSGORGEOUSGORGEOUS!! It’s very similar to Pink Nouveau lipstick but this is defiantly a lighter shade but way more vivid. I am defiantly going to have to get this if I can!

  4. Rio

    Oh my, I love that pink! I’m so broke though! *tear*

  5. Holy cow st Germain is bright! It looks good on you though

  6. Faiza

    Consume Me Tricolour Lipglass is such a disappointment!

  7. Kate

    Going by how it looks in the tube, I wanted Consume Me, but seeing it on, it’s a bit boring. As much so as Saint Germain is WOW!

  8. Anitacska

    I don’t like these at all. One is way too bright and one is way too boring lol.

  9. Wow.. Consume Me looks like you just got Vaseline on your lips =| Saint Germain looks stunning, wouldn’t suit me though! Thanks for the swatches! x

  10. I’ll get Touch or Lollipop Loving l/s … Saint Germain’s gorgeous on you!

  11. Sash

    I am soooooooooooooooooo in love with Saint Germain! So in love! Now that’s what you call a “bold statement”!

    I love it!
    Can we get a full face look with that?

  12. Skyler

    Consume Me was not on my wishlist but thanks for confirming it’s not worth it! 😛 That’s way too sheer for that price!

  13. Ruth

    I’m so glad you posted all the info on the glosses, now my lemming for them has been killed !! Unfortunately they’re not my cup of tea.

  14. Lena


  15. I think St Germain is horrible, and Consume Me is just pathetic. I am very disappointed with MAC right now.

  16. IZzySA

    Agree with Phantom Goddess. I think MAC is putting out some inferior colors/quality now. Quite frankly I would prefer to put my money into YSL Volupte, Chanel hydrabase, Armani silk, or Cle de peau. I have found these lines have elegant colors, great finish, and are more interesting than some of the MAC. HK was not so great —

  17. Kayc

    Saint Germain looks terrible. I thought it would be more like Strayin’. I have no idea why people have been raving about that lipstick… what’s going on with MAC products? They are either bad quality or repromotes these days…

  18. cloudburst

    The gloss is a big disappointment – however, it does mean I can spend less $! Saint Germain is not the type of colour I would usually try, but I’ll try it when it comes out.

  19. melissa

    Saint Germain looks like something that Lady Gaga would wear on her lips.

  20. Saki

    it looks like a lot of people hate Saint German. I don’t hate it, it’s a unique colour you wouldn’t see often, but I wouldn’t wear it. I also think that MAC is a bit boring these days!! The originality’s gonee :/

  21. Sara

    soooooo excited for st germain!! i wanted consume me (if only cause it has green in it, lol) but i will skip it probably, which is good for saving me money!

  22. Letitia

    I’m not in love with either. St. Germain looks…I don’t know…weird. Consume Me is not consuming , lol. However, if anyone could pull them off, it would be Christine :)

  23. Angie

    st. germain looks weird to me.. its awfully bright. i think lavender whip does a much better job!

  24. carriespooner

    St. Germain does look like a Lady Gaga color. Or Xtina will wear it with her Pucci. I’m holding out for Style Warrior.

  25. Taylor

    Saint Germain is giving me a heart attack….I LOVE IT. Consume Me is totally boring and not worth the money. I’m glad…that means more money in my pocket.

  26. Monica

    I love Saint Germain, I think it’s supposed to be the closest dupe to Melrose Mood from Heatherette…Consume Me is wayy too sheer though, I’ll definitely be skipping those glosses!

  27. Bona

    I like saint germain but I have to try it in person. Consume me is way too sheer. It’s not on my wishlish!

  28. Christy

    Saint Germain looks nice, but I don’t think it will work on me (NC40). Consume Me looks like something I’d wear over lipstick, so it doesn’t draw me. I’d prefer a lipglass that could be worn on its own or over, not one that has to be worn over a lipstick. Yeah, wallet is getting happy!

  29. Caroline

    Yay St. Germain is the pink i have been searching for. If it looks like that I am on it. I have been looking for a dupe for melrose mood and this may be it!!!!

  30. Melissa

    are any of the lipsticks from this collection going to be permenent ?!
    st-germain is gorgeous :)

  31. Plastica

    St. Germain is Vicious!!!! I been wanting a color like that forever <3!!

  32. Diana

    I have also been wanting a color like St. Germain! I’m so excited, can’t wait, I will stock up like there’s no tomorrow, haha! Thanks for the swatches you really help me a lot b/c I like to see before I buy. Blessings!

  33. Laura

    Does anyone know if this collection will have cute packaging or is it going to be regular black packaging??

  34. Laura

    I think melrose mood (MM) should be repromoted!!!!!!!! My friends got MM and it is lovely, but i missed out so sad! No one wants to swap it on makeupalley.

  35. Liz

    I WANT SAINT GERMAIN SO BAD oh goodness I am surprised with my passion over this!! :)