Temptalia Asks You – What beauty products have you gotten back ups of?

What beauty products have you gotten back ups of? Which products do you fear running out of?


I remember my first back up was of Dejarose lipglass… even though I rarely wear it now, LOL! The only other item I’ve just had to have back ups for is Mari-sheeno lipstick. I think I have 4!

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I have a back-up of Mac Cashflow paintpot (gorgeous antique gold colour) from the Fafi collection last year. It was a limited edition and I liked it so much, so didn’t want to run out and then not have another one to use! I also have a back-up of Mac Painterly paintpot, as it can be hard to get that in store sometimes and Mac Goldmine eyeshadow, as I love the shade so much!

I don’t have anything! I have never finished a lipstick/gloss tube or an eyecolor in my life. However, now that I’ve gotten into it, it may change. I might run to my CCO and buy another Naked Space gloss, because it became my perfect nude colored gloss. A backup of it may be necessary! 🙂

I don’t usually buy back ups since I end up getting bored of them after a while (with new collections coming out) and I find that they are sometimes repromoted in later collections anyway… but I loved Sweet Strawberry lipglass so much that I bought a back up. But that’s about it lol.

I totally agree with this statement. However, having said that, in all the years I have been buying MAC, I have bought 2 of:
– Snowscene l/g (cuz I love it so, it was 1/2 empty after 2 weeks!)
– HK Fashion Mews l/s I had to buy another one but found the original one later & ended up with 2(cuz 1 of my cat had played with my brand new stash of HK m/u and hidden/lost it!!! He probably saw the kitty on it & thought it was his new toy! LOL)
– HK (the pink glitter liner, sorry, can’t remember name). Same as above…

1. By Terry products whenever I go overseas- they’re so difficult to get here.
2. Bloom Cosmetics, Becca, and Kit cosmetics whenever I go home to Australia.

Nothing yet, but I want back ups of Parfait Amour, Stars N Rockets, Lotusland and Sunset B eyeshadows, Quietly pigment, and Snowscene lipglass.

I haven’t bought any back ups, although I’ve been often tempted to do so. I’m happy I didn’t, since I hardly use up anything and even if I do, there are always other exciting shades available.

I always get backups of Pout Blushes, some MAC lippies which have REALLY lit up my buttons (latest one is Kinda Sexy Matte, as mattes are recently in short supply), Blonde MSF, and I still have backups of the Givenchy prisme powders..lol. My dressing room looks like a warehouse!

I have backups of MAC fluidline in blacktrack, ricepaper e/s, bamboo e/s, MSFNs and MAC 239 brushes. lol, I saw the 239 brush at the CCO and HAD to get it! I try really hard not to buy backups from Limited Edition collections because I always get so caught up in the “LE hype”. I end up buying two of everything that I find cute only to realize a month or so later that I really didn’t need two of the same product since I hardly ever use it! Gosh, I hate when I do that.

I have a backup of the Hello Kitty Pink Fish tinted lip conditioner. I love it! I also purchased a backup of Femme-Fi eye shadow, but I don’t think I really need it anymore. :p

I’ve always had backups of some kind of liquid eyeliner and pencil liner, regardless of brands. I’ve been pretty broke lately, so now is the first time I actually don’t have. I live off of liquid eyeliner and use pencil for touch ups and lining the inner rims. I don’t know what I would do without them

I have backups of both the Chantecaille Protected Paradise eyeshadow and face bowder, as I couldn’t bear myself to use them they are so pretty, so I got second ones on Ebay (for about

I always have back ups of liquid foundations, I buy them before I actually run out. Mascaras and eyeliners too. Esp when I go overseas, I grab a whole lot, cos they are either cheaper and/or not available in my country.

I buy backups of very few things. Currently I think I only have backups of Feline eye kohl (since I use black eyeliner everyday, I’m not worried about this one sitting in my drawer for ages), Pink Fish TLC (after I realized I put a good sized dip in mine in a week), and a Bare Canvas paint (bought it before I returned to university because I was so convinced I was going to run out before Christmas. I still have a large portion of my other tube left, so I wish I had grabbed a different shade!), but other than that I don’t get back ups of something until I’m getting low, like Foundation, Mascara and fluidline. And that is purely so I don’t go to get ready one morning and not have a HG essential!

clinique eyeshadow in ivory bisque and bronze satin. I always have extras because I’m paranoid that they will discontinue. It is by far my favorite eyeshadow and I’ve been a fan for 10 years. I would be devastated if they ever got rid of it.

Very few things nowadays. I used to hoard Milani Luminous blush when it got discontinued, but now I’m swapping my backups since I am into other things and I realize the world will not end if by some miracle I actually finish one– there are so many peachy pink blushes with gold shimmer nowadays anyway!

Right now I have backups of MAC brush cleanser (I swapped for ’em because it’s a staple item), MAC Lavender Whip lipstick, and a bunch of drugstore mascaras. I stock up when they’re bogo since I actually do toss my mascara at 3 months religiously.

I don’t have any backups. No backups needed for the permanent stuff, and I haven’t liked anything from the limited edition MAC collections to warrant buying a second “just in case.” I am really looking forward to more Dazzleglasses, though.

I don’t buy backups much anymore. I can swap for things on MUA and I find that I rarely use anything up anyway. I used to stress on LE stuff. Not anymore. lol

I don’t have backups of makeup related beauty products (yet, haha), but I do have backups of Bath and Body Works’ Midnight Pomegranate lotion. . . I love that stuff!

I haven’t bought any back ups 🙁 I am absolutely obsessed with M.A.C and I adore all of their colours but I have never bought any back ups because I have never found a colour I can’t live with out, there are so many different colours available that I would rather experiment with all of the colours M.A.C have to offer 😀 Like I have hit pan with Shroom but I am considering getting Retrospeck instead once I have finished instead of using Shroom again..
The only thing I some times like to have two of is the Studio Fix powder because I would be lost if I didn’t have that- my make up just wouldn’t be complete!

At Dillards they are having a sell on Bloom cosmetics they are marked down 50% and you take an additional 40% off of that. So if anyone needs back up of Bloom cosmetics thyt also have a gorgeous babydoll pink lipstick called princess but it was sold out go figure.

I usually only buy backups of LE or DC’d items I’m in love with… I have 2 Stark Naked blushes, 2 Solar White e/s, 3 Malibu Barbie lipglasses, and I’m considering getting a backup of Lavender Whip, because I love it so much, and I don’t know what I’ll do if I run out! 🙂

The only backup I have is Soft & Slow from Neo-Sci Fi. It’s a great color. Funny thing is I don’t need it, because I don’t use it often enough. Sooooo, lesson learned. There’s always something newer that catches my eye. No more backups for me…

nothing. havent found anything i liked that much to never want to run out. im constantly changing up my tastes. i want to run out so i can move on to the next great thing.

I kinda went crazy on the Cult of Cherry backups (3 So Scarlets, anyone?), but I haven’t been doing that lately. I’ve learned my lesson!

I bought like….3 backups of Fun Fun lipstick. I have one left and I’m terrified to use it. It’s the best. The most flattering shade on me for sure. I also bought 3 backups of Truth & Light lipglass but they’re all gone now.

Everything I’ve bought a backup of I’ve regretted having the backup (aside from things that are permanent that I do run out of). Glissade MSF, Petticoat MSF, Parrot e/s to name a few.

I bought a backup of Fly By Blue eyeliner, 1N lipglass and Marquise D’ lipstick…I wish I had bought backups of some of the other N lipglasses & glosses, especially N3 lipstick & N2 lipgloss. Sigh.

But generally I try to avoid backups – I figure if you wait long enogh MAC will eventually re-release everything!

so far just the pink fish tlc!!~ love it its an everyday wear cause its not so cakey on the lips so i think ill use it up~

if there is a shade of lipstick/lipgloss etc you love and it has been dc’d or was limited, Three Custom Color Specialists can dupe it for you. All you have to do is save a bit and send it to them…

worth checking out if there is a true HG item you are about to run out of.

I bought a backup of Blonde MSF along w/Pincurl e/s from the BBR Collection. I also have backup of Dazzlelight e/s and Feline kohl power eyeliner because I use it almost daily. I also have backup of Bath & Body Works White Tea & Ginger scented things. That scent was discontinued and I was so pissed.

I just bought a backup of Pink Fish TLC, I absolutely LOVE it! When Sugarsweet comes out, I plan on picking up 2 Red Velvet shadesticks. I have a little list of eyeshadows that if they ever come back out, I will definitely buy two of them …firespot e/s, mothbrown e/s, springtime skipper e/s, fab & flashy e/s, playful e/s, etc…

I have panicked & backed up a few things, but only on those ultra-rare occasions when something is absolutely PERFECT on me, and is an LE, too. Haven’t done it for a while, though; I never get anywhere NEAR using up anything but foundation.

My backups: “Hollywood Nights” & “Masque” lipsticks;
“Funtabulous” Dazzleglass.

-Makeup Forever HD powder & Lifting Concealer
-MAC HK lipstick in Strayn
-MAC Zandra Rohdes lipstick in Zandra
-MAC Barbie all lipsticks, all eye shadows, both beauty powders
-MAC Fafi eye shadows quads, shimmer powders
-MAC Technakohls & Lingering Brow pencil (always in stock!)
-MAC Brush cleanser
-NARS Bronzer in Laguna (3rd time purchase!)
-Dior Skinshimmer Powders (expensive but love them!)
-Max Factor Couture Mascaras (it was buy one get one free!)
-NYX Lip glosses (cheap, long lasting, non-sticky)
-MAC Dazzle glasses (got few of them for B2M)
-MAC eye shadow refills in Shroom, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, etc.
-MAC Fast Response Eye cream
-Garnier Skin Renew Serum (my 10th bottle!)

Energy 3D glass
Black Karat and Raven kohl power pencils
Icescape lipglass

I hope MAC releases some new kohl power pencils this year! A dirty gray like Wolf would be nice…

definitely sugar trance lipglass from the fafi collection. I bought a total of 6, and I’ve gone through 2

Right now, I’m considering a back-up of the Redhead MSF

I usually only buy backups of LE MAC items if and when I find them at the CCO (with few exceptions), because I know I’m going to want to buy something else from the next LE collection. I think it’s easy to get overexcited about LE items, but

Currently I have backups of:
Softlips lip balm in vanilla, sugar cookie, & rose tint
Blast O’ Blue lipstick (not that I wear blue lipstick often lol)
Strawbaby & Utterly Frivolous lipsticks
Hollywood Nights lipstick
Pleasureseeker lipstick
Embrace lipstick
Long Stem Rose slimshine
Tropic Glow, By Degress, Gentle Simmer, High 90’s, Swelter slimshines
Magnetique lipglass
Totally It lipglass
Angelwing lustreglass
Glamoursun lipglass
Pucker & Honey Bare tendertones
Softnote tendertone (gave this to mom)
Pomposity lipstick (by accident; gave this to my mom too)
MSF Natural & Shimmer (giving this to my mom)
Hipness blush
Cranberry eyeshadow
Rollickin’ & Nice Vice paint pots

Lol wow, that’s more than I thought I had.

Oops, kind of forgot to finish my thought there lol. I was going to say, …”but like others mentioned above, MAC often repromotes their items (e.g. tendertones, dazzleglasses, Lollipop Loving).”

I don’t have a backup of anything, but I have an extra Stars ‘n Rockets sitting in my cupboard because I’m almost out…

I’m kicking myself I didn’t get a back up of Queen’s Sin though…or at least buy Port Red when Naughty Nauticals was out!

MAC Backups of:
1 Date Night Dazzleglass
1 Jampacked Lipglass
2 Playboy Glittercream
1 Playboy Lipstick
1 Lavender Whip
1 Infamous Paint (my most favorite MAC product of all time!!!)
1 Blue Pigment (from Rebel Rock)
2 Reflects Transparent Teal Glitter

Cool, I thought I was like the only one who got the playboy lipstick and glitter cream. I wish they would team up with them again, especially since the Girls Next Door are no longer together…it would be like a tribute…anyways, I keep telling people about it and nobody seems to remember it even existing. At least I know I’m not crazy! I got the set, but no backups! I can’t even list how many times I’ve gotten a backup product from MAC. Not even going to try!

Me too! I got a second backup of NAKED SPACE which is such an awesome nude shade gloss and great with any shade smokey eyes 🙂 Makes me wish I had gotten four and not two.

I have a few backups of things, and I do wear them a lot. There is one item that I regret I don’t have a backup of – and that’s Stereo Rose MSF. I look at it all the time, and want to wear it, but save it for special occasions *LOL* I’m insane 🙂

Discontinued lip gloss colors from L’Oreal HIP! I have faves that I know are discontinued, so I stock up on my backups!

I go through different phases (coral lips is my new one) so I’m going to stop the backups on colour items, and save that for staples like LE eyeliner, brow powder, etc!

2 lustreglasses boss to brown/slave to pink (for conservative wear)
1 buoy-oh-buoy l/s (kinda regret, but its MLBB so whatever)
1 red devil l/g (unique!)
1 bateaux l/g(regret!)
1 sable l/g (should have 2 or 3)
1 parrot (humongous regret, esp since I never wear the current one)

Some drugstore mascaras too, as they go BOGO.

I bought my first back up in Fashion Mews, that color compliments my skin tone so well! I only wish I bought more back ups of Comet Blue Dazzleglass though! :'(

i’ve only got a back-up of ‘bare truth’ lip gloss from the smoke signals collection…but that was because i lost the first one within a week or two….but then found the first again.

other than that, i tend to change the products i use regularly and don’t use things up quickly enough to warrant back-ups…

i bought back-ups of creme d’ nude lipstick because i just love how it looks on me…but then i fell in love with my revlon nude attitude lipstick and my creme d’ nude took a backseat lol…now i will be buying back-ups for that lipstick…it just stays on so much longer because of it’s matte finish…and i put florabundance l/g on top…it looks so nice

I don’t believe in back-ups.. just because i NEVER finish a product… and if i do… i figure i’ll move on to something else… EXCEPT MAC’s Cremesheen Lavendar Whip… i found myself using it very frequently… and thought “omg.. i’m almost done… and this is only LE”… i raced to MAC the next day and bought another one… ‘just in case’ =)

MAC shadestick in Fresh Cement. I use it to fill in my blonde brows, as a wash of color on days when I’m rushed, and as a base to subtly alter my eyeshadow colors. When I heard they were being discontinued I bought another Fresh Cement, the Beige-ing I’d always meant to get, and Shimmersand.

LE items:
Mellow Flame l/s from Smoke Signals (seriously I have 8 – and will totally send this into 3 custom color when I’ve gone through them all)
it’s my HG – nothing else looks like this on me.
Smashbox Wicked Lovely Blush in Charm ( I have 4)
(fav blush ever – the only blush that multiple people have stopped and asked me what it was so they could buy it)

Other things I have multiples of:
217 brushes
Plushlash mascara
Brush cleanser
(I try to buy backups of these staples when they have FF sales)

I wish I had picked up mulitples of Feline — why is that not perm? – I mean come on.

The only things I have backups for are lip balm and PF’s Plump Potion lip gloss, but then only because it has become my HG lip moisturizer. I did buy some more EDM foundation the last time I ordered a sample kit for my friend and a few eye brushes for myself. I just figure… I haven’t hit pan or run out of anything yet, and when I finally do, I’m sure I’ll be able to find *something* to replace it, if not the exact same thing. And I try not to fall in love with LE items.

^^ I have 1 feline b/u and 1 creme d’nude l/s before it became perm in OZ.

I always have a spare mascara and eyebrow pencil though – can’t leave the house with my eyebrows on.

Creme Cerise lipstick, the perfect nude.
Fresh Brew lipstick,
Fleshlight lipstick,
Smoke and diamonds eyeshadow,
Neutral Pink eyeshadow,
3N Lipglass.
Mostly nude colors

I’m kind of thinking that I might get a backup of Henna e/s because it is so flattering on me and I wear it so often. I adore Popster TLC, but I don’t think I’ll run out of it anytime soon…looks like I might need to try Pink Fish as well, since everyone loves it so much! I do wish that I bought a back up of Love Knot lustreglass, because it is so fun and most of all, so unique! I have never seen another pink lip gloss with that blue duochrome and I wish I had another.

Aw I love Henna too.. I went shopping with my friend and she got it and I was on the fence about it so I didn’t bother. Got home, went through my haul and wished I had gotten it, so I went back two days later and bought it 😀 haha I also got Uniform eyeliner to go with it!

I never have backups of colors because i can always duplicate them. I have multiples of several brushes but don’t consider them backups because they get used regularly. The only backups I always have are an extra bottle of brush cleaner and my fav lashes. Everything else I replenish as needed.

i never buy backup, i always buy almost of the collection when the LE ones come out, (like e/s, l/s, l/g, blushes, msf, and BPB), so i dont think i will ever need duplicates b.c their will always be another collection that mac comes out with. i wear a diff color combo every day so i dont think i will run out and i think i will have enough colors, by the time i get tired or broke from buying mac.
i do howevr have backups of my bath and body works stuff- cotton blossom, peony, sweet cinnamon pumpkin, and pearberry- only b.c of their semi annual sale and b/c i just love those discontinued scents.

and if i do end up running out of anything mac, their will prob always be a dupe or repromoted, so its not a big deal.
i do love though when other people buy backups, b/c eventually they might sell it on ebay and i might be able to snag if is its a from a le collection., like for example i want the barbie loves mac collection and the cool heat and naughty naughticals colors.

The only LE/Hard-to-Get item I’ve ever purchased backups of was MAC Roleplay lipstick from the Raquel launch.

It’s such a perfect color and I adore the lustre formula.

I am contemplating a backup of Big Bow, too…

My backups include:

illegal cargo e/s

and mellow moood l/s
( although the above two i have found out aren’t gonna be used anytime soon, meaning I don’t grab for the first ones!)

gentle simmer s/s

Right now I have backups of MAC Femme fi eye shadow–which I need at least another one of! This is my fav highlight shade/natural eye shadow and its LE argh! I also have a backup of MAC peroxide lipglass which I love but dont’ use as much as I thought. I had bought a backup of Red romp last year but then exchanged it for something new. Those are the only backups I’ve ever purchased–haven’t seen the need to since I am always changing up what I use and buying trends so its no biggie for me. Thinking of getting a backup for HK pink fish because its an awesome lip moisturizer with good color.

How do you guys run out of anything but foundation? I have never run out of any of my products besides face powder and foundation. I want to run out of something. Lord, I want to run out of something. I never get back ups because of this and with all the new releases my collection is just growing and growing. I really dont not want anything to spoil. I did not buy anything from MAC BBR but now I am considering buying one of the MSF becauseof their uniqueness as well as the Grand Duos.

I agree- the only things I ever get to take Back2M.A.C are foundation and fix compacts and mascara tubes because I am a mascara addict lol Ooh I ran out of Dollymix and bought anouther about a year and half later lol But that’s about it, I have never ran out of an eye shadow before or any thing..

Korres Guava Lip Butter. And I should have gotten a backup of Fashion Mews, it is my new faaaaaaaavorite and they’re sold out online and in my store now!! 🙁

The HK range hasn’t come out in the UK yet but when it does I was going to get Popster TLC but I have heard every one raving about Pink Fish. Has any body got both? And what are peoples thoughts on Popster? I am undecided as whether to get both- do you think I will regret it if I don’t?

Yeah I was looking at swatches of Pink Fish and I was thinking maybe it is a little TOO pink for me lol I have a TLC from a few years back when M.A.C did the Disney ones? And I got a really light pink and I just think it’s super bright so I stray away from it..I definitely think I will stick with Popster 😀 Thanks

i reallllllyyyy wANT A BACKUP OF CUTE-STER lipstick
but i have no money and i know ill end up wanting something else
i am almost touching the kitty stamp in the stick so im just gonna not use it for a while’
im focusing on using my pink fish TLC since i gotta backup

The only things I repurchase are skin care things (moisturizer, face wash, facial scrub), and maybe some foundation/concealer/powder. There are constantly new products coming out and I always find better shades of makeup as time goes on…

However, I DID use up my Stila blush in Tint, and I loved it so when I ran out, I bought a new one. Then I went to a Stila Warehouse Sale and bought a blush set that actually had this one in it, so now I have TWO of this blush, but it wasn’t on purpose.

There is not one other duplicate in all of my makeup…

I think I may have to start buying back ups of the MAC brush cleanser.

I know this is straying off subject- but has any one ever used MAC skin care products before? I am thinking on splurging on some.

I wish I had have bought a back up of SockHop lipglass from the Heatherette collection because a few days after I got it, it got stolen along with my purse. Any one think of any duplicates for it? 😀

I have backups of the following :

– graphblack liner
– at any one time, i’ll have 3 cases of NC20 loose power and 3 bottles of Studio Fix Foundation
– Ricepaper e/s, Shroom e/s, Retrospeck e/s and Woodwinked e/s
– Dollymix and Sweet As Cocoa blusher

Wished I had stocked up on Double Shot lippy. Don’t understand why this lovely lippy has been discontinued.

I bought a backup of Petticoat MSF and am considering buying a backup of Redhead MSF (it should be a no-brainer, I’ve been using it almost every single day) but then again, it will be foreeeeeeever until I run out of it!

I haven’t bought backups of anything. Theres nothing I really love that much. All thought maybe with the new collections coming out- Sugarsweet, Rose Romance, Double Dazzle, Style Warriors- I might end up getting doubles. Oh and the honey one that one sounds amazing.

Jane e/s in Hip bone
Covergirl TruShine lipstick in 425(forgot the name)
Chanel Nail polish in Vamp
MAC Pink Fish Lip Conditioner
MAC e/s in Trax (on my 5th one! it was my first MAC e/s)

MAC Greensmoke, Club, Blanc Type, Grain, Vanilla and Yogurt eyeshadows. MAC Creamola lipliner, MAC Buried Treasure and Earthline eyeshadows. Bobbi Brown Eye Cream. 😉

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