Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Lollipop Loving Lipstick

Here are lip swatches of Sugarsweet’s lip products! :)


  • Bubbles is a bit frosty, and it isn’t a creamy finish, so it can skip or leave blotches behind. It gives decent color, and ideally this is worn with other lipsticks and glosses.
  • Lollipop Loving is frosty and feels like a lustre or glaze. It’s mostly opaque, though a couple of coats will be required on more pigmented lips.
  • Saint Germain is very creamy, and the color itself is quite opaque. You can do one light swipe of the lipstick to get a more toned down version of the color, or you can use two or three coats for an application as pictured.
  • Sweet Thing is a shimmery glaze texture. It has decent color pay off, and it does brighten up lips.
  • Touch is creamy with a subtle sheen in its finish. The color is rich, and it darkens lips to a neutral tone.

Tricolour Lipglasses?

  • Consume Me is thin, non-sticky to just slightly tacky. It’s virtually colorless.
  • Just Dessert is tinged a milky pink, but it still comes out quite colorless on my lips.
  • Simply Delicious is one notch above Just Dessert–a little pinker.
  • Tasty is the pinkest, though still not rich in color.
  • Triple-Yum has the most noticeable color difference, as the gold/bronze shimmer stands out.

And thus…

Most pigmented: Lollipop Loving, Saint Germain, Sweet Thing, Touch

So-so: Bubbles, Tasty, Triple-Yum

Colorless: Consume Me, Just Dessert, Simply Delicious

See the rest of the swatches!

Bubbles Lipstick

Saint Germain Lipstick

Sweet Thing Lipstick

Touch Lipstick

Consume Me Tricolour Lipglass

Just Dessert Tricolour Lipglass

Simply Delicious Tricolour Lipglass

Tasty Tricolour Lipglass

Triple-Yum Tricolour Lipglass

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312 thoughts on “MAC Sugarsweet Lipsticks & Lipglasses Swatches

  1. Nell

    Oh, thanks for that. I love your lip swatches. I

  2. elle

    I’ll probably just get one l/g, if that. They just all look the same, no colour. But I’m definitely going to get Sweet Thing and Saint Germain. I’m really loving Sweet Thing.

  3. Jayne

    Hmm…I don’t think I’ll get any of the lipglosses. They look and sound great but with no colour it just doesn’t seem worth it. I’d rather spend my money on those shadesticks!! Will get probably just Saint Germain of these.

  4. michelle

    I like some of the lipsticks but I don’t know about the lipglosses they all the same to me. What do you think Christine?

  5. Ooo sweet thing looks super cute and pinky

  6. Lisa

    Passing on all l/g. Bubbles is a bit too frosty for me and I’m not so big on brown l/s so I can probably pass on Touch but I’ll have to wait to see how it is. Looking like I’ll only end up getting two from this, Sweet Thing and Saint Germain. Thanks for the swatches :)

  7. Pam

    I LOVE Sweet Thing. I wasn’t too sure about the l/s from the photos, I thought I’d end up getting all the l/g because I’m more into l/g than l/s. Bubbles is way too frosty for me. Lollipop loving is too a bit but maybe with a l/g over the top. Even though I might not get many of these, I’m still so excited about this collection.

  8. Oooooooh… Lollipop Loving is so pretty! I may have to get this and Cakeshop. o_o;

  9. msviolet

    I was pretty sure I’d like the lipsticks (Sweet Thing and Lollipop Loving are my favs) but I figured there’d be issues with the glosses. How sad! I usually love MAC glosses but these are just waaaaay to thin for me.

  10. Nars

    Wow, Lollipop Loving doesn’t look green at all like the one from Heatherette! I thought the green sparkle was what it made the top of the milk from the lipstick bunch for me. Well I must go see it at a store myself! Your swatch for Consume Me doesn’t show up–literally it shows as a box with an x, not sure whether it’s just my computer–, but I get the idea from the swatches of other l/g’s. I was thinking about Bubbles for that highlighting purpose, but I just might as well skip it given that I still have a barely-used Sunsonic from Neo Sci-fi. lol! Thanks for the awesome swatches! 😀

    • I definitely don’t think it’s as green as the Heatherette one, or at least mine isn’t. I remember finding the Heatherette TOO green for my liking!

      Fixed that :)

  11. nancy s

    I want to get Touch lipstick color now!

  12. Katy

    Lollipop Loving and Sweet Thing are really pretty!

  13. Yaya

    I’m also loving Touch :)

  14. Audrey

    Wow, those lipglass really aren’t pigmented. I was contemplating buying one but now I’m glad I didn’t! Thanks for the swatches.

  15. Amy

    It’s a shame those tricolour glosses have no colour payoff. They look gorgeous in the tube, but if there’s no colour payoff, it seems rather silly to buy all of them. Oh well. =[

  16. Lolli

    Those Tricolour Lipglasses aren’t half dissapointing! :(
    So little colour if any atall!

    i gotta say i love saint germain though and touch and sweet thing hehe

  17. Nars

    Quick question, Christine- is there any notable difference between Touch and Fresh Brew? Which would you pick if you were to choose either one of them?

  18. I picked up Lollipop Loving yesterday. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I may need a back up.

  19. Stephanie

    OOO these are soo pretty!

  20. jfount

    I like Lollypop Loving a lot — a little low-profile shimmer (I don’t think that’s an oxymoron, lol!) is right up my alley. It looks like Sweet Thing is worth checking out in person though too which is a little surprising to me, but then the “swatches” on MAC’s website are not so good so really I shouldn’t be surprised.

  21. Anitacska

    I’m definitely getting Lollipop Loving and Sweet Thing, and the 3 pink lipglasses, mainly cause they’re so pretty in the tub, lol. :)

    • lol! The glosses are pretty, though I’ve found some of them mix more than others (like Consume Me doesn’t really mix, but Tasty does).

  22. LuvJ

    Never paid much attention to Lollipop Lovin during the Heatherette release.. it definitely got me looking now. I hope St. Germaine is not too cool… I love the color on your lips. Great swatches!

  23. sprut

    Wow the glosses are such a disappointment! I like Sweet thing.

  24. Melissa

    awww man that sucks that the lipglasses are so clear….oh well what do you think of the mac nail polishes??/ THe peach looks so pretty do you think they are worth the $11… I was also thinking of getting refined msf but it looks like fun and games and not sure if worth the $27… I’d love to hear your opinion…:) thanks

    • I have no issues with MAC polishes to be honest! They work just fine for me. :)

      Refined isn’t like Fun & Games. Refined is very peachy and shimmery, whereas Fun & Games is orangey-coral!

  25. Meike

    I’m so dissapointed in the glosses! I mean, they look so much fun and totally worth getting, but they just don’t seam to have any colour. And I’m not really a lipstick person, although they do look lovely.

  26. Chloe

    Can anyone say those Tri-Color glasses are gimmicks? It looks just like a clear gloss. I won’t be getting these…You would be better off buying a cheaper drugstore gloss with more pigmentation.

    • Carrie

      I know what you mean. I think they look interesting in the tube, but no way can I buy them if that’s all the color they give!

      I am still thinking about getting Bubbles…I’m really pale and somehow like the idea of shiny white lips! lol

    • Oh, they’re definitely gimmicky! I don’t think they’re really innovative (especially since other brands’–cheaper ones–have had them before).

  27. Liz

    Loooove Lollipop Loving, definitely bought a back-up of that one!

  28. Nicky

    I love Lollipop Loving! So pretty on you!

  29. Sasha

    Want them all! =)

  30. Colleen

    I’m so sad about the lipglosses. They look so awesome in the tube and I am gloss girl. That being said, I think I may have to get Sweet Thing and I rarely buy lipsticks.

  31. verybecca

    How comes everything looks so purdy on you?

  32. Caramel

    Lollipop Loving is my favorite! But I’m a bit darker than you are (tan/true golden-bronze) and I don’t think it would suit my coloring. :/

  33. Andrea

    Yikes I was looking forward to checking out the glosses, but now none of them scream must have. You’d think MAC could make at least one of them different from the rest!!!

  34. yarid

    Wow lollipop loving and sweet thing look really nice….thank you!!!!

  35. Eleanor

    Lollipop loving looks so hot on you but I am not sure how it would look on my very pigmented lips. I do think I will get Bubbles if it is still around when I got to buy from the Style Warriors collection.

  36. vicky!

    touch and lollipop loving look great!
    definitely gonna be picking those up… thanks for the swatches! :)

  37. Aj

    Touch looks really pretty…I thought it was going to be “blah”.

  38. dolce aria

    Hmmm. its probabyl a good thing i’m broke. Some of them caught my eye as “pretty”, but nothing extraordinary. I think i’ll wait for a Rose Romance to come out. Or the dazzlegloss one. I’ve never actually owned a lipglass or dazzlegloss, being more of a lipstick girl.But i’m game to try if the colors are good!

  39. L A S

    Love how bubbles looks, surprisingly! Thanks for doing the lip swatches, they help a lot.

  40. Bernice

    Hi Christine !
    Thanks for the lovely swatches so that we can get a better idea of the colour pay off & such =)
    I was excited for this collection cos it seemed so gorgeous, spring & pretty but it doesn’t seem thaat great ):
    But nonetheless, thanks again for the swatches !

  41. Faiza

    Those lip glasses really stink. What was MAC thinking after all the great products they’ve offered these don’t even reach the standards IMO.

  42. Stephanie

    Lollipop loving is soooo pretty! Thanks for the swatches :)

  43. Christine – do you think you could do a swatch comparison of the Lollipop Lovin’ from Heatherette and the one with Sugarsweet? Or do you still have both? I’m wondering if I should get it this time around also because I already have it, but if it looks a lot different, then I want to get this one also. Thanks!!

  44. Mikki

    Lollipop Loving <3 !

  45. Chloe

    I really like Lollipop Lovin’!

  46. CfromParis

    tricolour lipglosses seem to be really sheer… will probably skip them and buy 1 or 2 lipsticks (saint germain and touch)

  47. ChoyBun

    I agree about the lipglass… :) but I’m also curious about Sweet Thing being a overlooked/underrated color… or does it really not stand out at all?

  48. Kella

    I’m totally disappointed in these! Except for Taste lipstick, and I already have a dupe for that.

  49. WOW. Lollipop Lovin’ looks completely different on your lips as compared to mine. They didn’t reformulate it for the relaunch, did they?

  50. Tekoa

    Touch and Triple Yum might work together. Must investigate.

  51. Contessa

    At first glance I thought I’d like Lollipop Loving the best, but after seeing it on you, I think I really like Touch.

  52. Rena

    Sweet thing is pretty, but I am passing on this collection. The lipgloss is an interesting gimmick, but the colors don’t show up at all, it looks like!

    I am holding out for the Rose Romance collection :)

  53. ashley

    lollipop loving looks amazing on you!!

  54. Tanya

    Lollipop loving looks great on other people but I hated it on me. I wanted to love it sooo bad :/

  55. S.

    Going straight for Bubbles, I will make that bad boy work :)

  56. Thanks Christine, this has helped a lot!!
    I am headed back to Canada to see the fam on tuesday and you know I will be in that Mac store first thing wednesday morning!

  57. DevilishDoll

    I definitely want Lollipop Loving and Sweet Thing now. I think I’ll also get Simply Delicious cause I wanna get at least one, plus I really like the name and think it will look pretty over Lollipop Loving.

    • Let me know how you find Simply Delicious! They’re pretty in the tubes, but otherwise, I don’t feel like there’s anything going for ’em!

  58. Lingping

    Looks like I can pass on these – *phew*

    I spent too much money on Hello Kitty :) The only one I like out of these is Sweet thing, and it seems somewhat similar to what Big Bow looks like on me, so I don’t need it. Those shadesticks on the other hand… :)

  59. Rachael

    Wow, Lollipop Lovin and Touch look so nice on your lips. I didn’t try any of the lip products on my lips, but on my hand they looked so blah. I may have to try them out now!

  60. Amanda

    I think I’ll pick up sweet thing and touch. Thanks so much for posting this!

  61. Ceci

    Love how that Lollipop Loving looks! Prob will get that once I hit the counter later this week :-)

  62. gio

    Sweet thing is gorgeous! I’m disappointed by the lipglosses, they are so clear and all look the same :(

  63. aaj83

    Glosses are SOOOOOOOOOOOO sheeeer!!! :-/
    BOOO!!! :(

  64. aaj83

    but thanx for the swatches christine!! :)
    u r a great help when it comes to new collections!! :)

  65. Natalia

    I bought Lolipop Loving and I am definetly loving it =D now I wish I could have gotten Sweet Thing, its so pretty. And i wasnt plannin on buying a l/g but my boyfriend bought me Just Dessert and its good for just a touch of gloss =)

  66. aaj83

    no no…THE ONLY help…! lolz..sorry..

  67. Julia C

    Sweet Thing is very pretty, but doesn’t seem like a must-have!

  68. Lollipop Loving is so pretty in the tube, but I’m sad to say it’s not looking like much of anything on me. Must find a way to make it work!

    • Aww, really? I layered mine quite a bit to get it to show. You could always try patting a bit of concealer or foundation on the lip, too.

  69. love

    I thought I’d love the lip glosses, on first try it looked good, but its not glossy enough.
    The only items I got from the collection are Perfect Topping Mineralize skin finish and the 2 nail polishes:
    Seasonal peach and Peppermint Patti Really nice
    Thanks Christine for the photos

  70. Lucy

    I think I’ll skip this collection, waiting for a rose romance & style warrior collections 😀

  71. Roberta

    Sweet thing looks amazing, I can’t believe I did not get it when I was there. Oh well another excuse to go back to mac.

  72. Stefani

    Lollipop Lovin look fab on you!!!!

  73. Rennah

    Touch looks really good on you!
    Saint Germain, however… I don’t think it would look good on anyone.

    I went in today and Back2MAC’d for Lollipop Loving (#2! – got it from Heatherette & love it!) & bought Simply Delicious lipgloss.
    I also really liked Sweet Thing, but I already have a couple colors like that so I decided not to get it.

    • Thanks, Rennah! Saint Germain is hard to wear all by itself, especially with a full coat, but when used with the right gloss, it can work!

      Do you think there’s any difference between this Lollipop Loving and the Heatherette release?

  74. Laura

    Kinda thinking I should go back for lollipop loving…

  75. babycakeseses

    thanks for the swatches! you really do have the best beauty website ever!

  76. Manda

    do you use a primer on ur lips? i cant believe how amazing lollipop looks on you.. i dont think itd come out that way on me.. and touch is gorgeous…

  77. Andrea

    Going to check out Touch, Lollipop Loving, and Sweet Thing. Also those shade stick!!!

  78. kat

    bubbles intrigues me but i don’t think i could pull it off w/o looking/feeling like a pornstar!

  79. Donna

    The lipglosses look so sheer :( I like sheer, but my lips are pretty pigments so I don’t know if they’d show up much on me.

  80. Sandra

    I like how bubbles looks on your lips.tx for beautiful swatches.

  81. kleri

    Thank you so much for the swatches. Lollipop Loving looks so pretty.

  82. lisa

    Lollipop loving is pretty!

  83. Brie

    Well, I was unimpressed to begin with on the whole idea of those triple layer glosses, and now I am doubly unimpressed lol. You know, the Touch lip stick looks a lot prettier on you than it does swatched on skin though, it’s nicer than I thought it would be!

  84. Isis

    I ordered Tasty and Sweet Thing and I can’t wait to get them >_< I wish Lollipop Loving looked good on me.

  85. Laura

    You always have the best lip swatch pictures — any tips for us?

  86. Sofia

    I think I will only be getting Bubbles. It seems unique and I like frost.

  87. Aishah

    Sweet Thing Lipstick looks awesome! The rest are too blah for me. I won’t be buying any of them though.. expensive for me

  88. amanda

    Sweet Thing is so pretty! I’m tempted by it, but it reminds me of Fun N Sexy, which I have. Too close to bother?
    Lollipop Loving is quite lovely, too, but I’m a bit troubled by the frost-factor.

  89. Taj

    I saw Lollipop Lovin’ at the store and almost didn’t swatch it…but when I did…OMG- I totally fell in love! It is awesome! I NEED TO GET IT!

  90. carletta

    Lollipop Loving is gorgeous!

  91. carletta

    Bubbles is too frosty for me.

  92. Chrissy

    Thank you for the swatches, Christine. I was curious about Bubbles.. But now I know I’m not too impressed. Sweet Thing looks great though..,


  94. Angela

    Lollipop Loving and Sweet Thing look soooo pretty!

  95. jenn

    Lollipop Lovin looks great on you, it kind of looks like nothing on me, lol

  96. PK

    Sweet Thing looks so pretty! I should run out and get it.

  97. Okami

    Lollipop Lovin’ looks so pretty on you! I tried these on at the MAC store yesterday, and Lollipop Lovin’ made me look dead. I also had a totally different experience with Consume Me and Tasty Tricolour Lipglasses – were yours mixed up in the tubes, or still very in very distinct layers? I’m wondering if it makes a difference, because when I tried those two, Consume Me was all but clear but with a lot of gold glitter (way more than in your pic) and Tasty was much more pigmented – so much so that I wouldn’t dare apply it without looking in a mirror as I did so. It came out more pigmented and opaque than most Lustreglasses that I’ve tried, but not as opaque as Lipglasses like Red Devil. I wonder if they vary on application based on which layer the applicator picked more color up from…

    • Thanks, Okami! It’s too bad that it made you look dead :( It’s so hard for me to envision that!

      I’m finding some of the tricolour glosses mix more easily than others. Consume Me hardly mixes, but Tasty does a lot. I keep trying to dig into the bottom color (most pigmented), but it’s still really sheer.

  98. Moni

    I bought Lollipop Loving yesterday and I’m loving it!!

    I didn’t even bother to try Sweet Thing, but after seeing your lip swatches here, I might go back to try that.

  99. Marie

    i can’t wait to try lollipop loving and touch! you save me so much time by trying these first for us. thank you!

  100. Tamara

    I bought St. Germain even though I’m an NC44/45. To make it wearable on my skintone I first put on Half Red lip pencil all over my lips and then put on two coats of St. Germain and then blend them together with a lip brush. I plan on experimenting with other lip pencils to see what other combos I can come up with. I also bought Lollipop Loving and Sweet Thing. My fave of the bunch is Sweet Thing.