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MAC Stylishly Yours: Overall Review & Recommendations

OVERALL, Stylishly Yours knocks it out of the park in terms of top quality, highly pigmented products–but it’s just a matter of whether or not bold colors are your thing. It is definitely a contrast to Cham-Pale, even in the finishes, as these finishes are mostly creamy.

All four of the Cream Colour Bases work well on cheeks (as blushers) or on lips (as a base, stain, or alone), and since they’re so pigmented, they also stain a little, which also helps them wear well. A little goes a long way, though, so I anticipate a few practice runs to perfect blush application of these–even just a dab may be more than enough on paler skin. The good news is that both lighter and darker skin tones can wear these and achieve a sheer, glowy look or a rich, intense one.

The lipsticks coordinate with the Cream Colour Bases, which is always nice when it is all laid out, but in reality, you could easily just get one product rather than both orange products (Virgin Isle and Neon Orange). The pigments also coordinate, but since the Cream Colour Bases are not eye safe, then they are less redundant. I found the texture and finishes of the pigments to be really gorgeous–pearly sheen over high frosts.

I think the two beauty powders are too pale for most people to get a lot of use out of them; I like them more than the Special Reserve Highlighters from Cham-Pale, but I just seem them looking a little pale, powdery, or ashy on medium to dark skin tones. When I first saw them, I initially thought they would be similar to the Barbie beauty powders from long ago, but texturally, they’re different, and color-wise, I think so, too. Similarly, Style Curve is another sheered out, less-than-potent purple lipstick; with such a bold collection with completely unapologetic colors and pigmentation levels, I don’t know why they didn’t make this a purple with gusto.

I will review New Hue separately and the review is forthcoming, but having worn it twice, on my blacker lashes with no primer, the color is difficult to distinguish. I anticipate that if you have naturally dark lashes, you will definitely need a primer to get more zing from the mascara. Mine also seemed a little dry, even though it is brand new, and Zoomlash can clump if you are not careful.

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Check out my recommendations, what to skip, and recommendations by skin tone…

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-haves: Follow Your Fancy/New Fixation Pigment, Dark Diversion Fluidline, Madly Magenta Cream Colour Base

Nice-to-haves: Neon Orange/Something New Lipstick, Madly Personal Pigment, Movie Star Red/Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base

Skip: There is nothing that is so poor in quality to merit a skip listing.

Skip if you have…

  • Skip MADLY MAGENTA if you have LOVE FOREVER, if you plan to only use it as a lip color.
  • Skip TICKLE ME PINK if you have UNLIMITED, VIVA GLAM GAGA, or SNOB, if you plan to only use it as a lip color; all three are cooler, but they are similar.
  • Skip NEON ORANGE if you have MORANGE; Morange is slightly lighter, but they are quite similar.
  • Skip SOMETHING NEW if you have NARS SCHIAP, SMASHBOX FLIRTY, LOVE FOREVER; there are subtle differences, but it is in line with those shades. It is brighter and lighter than Girl About Town.
  • Skip STYLE CURVE if you have SHOW ORCHID and you want something pigmented, because it is a sheerer, less iridescent version of Show Orchid.
  • Skip MADLY PERSONAL if you have BOLD & BRASH; as they are similar enough to only own one.

Don’t forget to check your stash for…

MADLY MAGENTA (permanent at PRO), VIRGIN ISLE (permanent at PRO), COCKNEY (permanent), NEON ORANGE (permanent at PRO), and VIOLET (permanent).

Recommendations by Skin Tone

Please note that this section is merely suggesting shades that would complement a particular skin tone better than other shades, but these lists are meant to be rather exhaustive of the entire collection; it’s not reflective of must-haves for your skin tone. When it comes to cooler/warmer skin tones, these are products that lean noticeably cool/warm and therefore complement the corresponding skin tone better (but it does not mean you can’t wear a warmer product if you’re cooler!).

  • Best Picks for Light Skin Tones: Madly Magenta/Tickle Me Pink Cream Colour Base, Something New/Style Curve Lipstick, Play It Proper/Too Chic Beauty Powder
  • Best Picks for Medium Skin Tones: Madly Magenta/Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base, Cockney/Neon Orange/Something New Lipstick
  • Best Picks for Dark Skin Tones: Madly Magenta, Movie Star Red, Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base, Neon Orange/Something New Lipstick
  • Best Picks for Cool Skin Tones: Madly Magenta/Movie Star Red/Tickle Me Pink Cream Colour Base, Something New/Style Curve Lipstick
  • Best Picks for Warm Skin Tones: Madly Magenta/Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base, Cockney/Neon Orange Lipstick
  • Universally Flattering Shades: Madly Magenta/Movie Star Red Cream Colour Base, Pigments (all), Dark Diversion Fluidline

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24 thoughts on “MAC Stylishly Yours: Overall Review & Recommendations

  1. I almost made the mistake of getting tickle me pink and movie star red until I realized I already had them.

  2. I realy like the look of the pink lipstick! I’ll probably get that but I’m going to town on the cham pale collection!


    Christine, thank you so much for making all the reviews for ‘stylishly yours'(and all of the reviews you do…) it’s alwasy much easyer for me to decide what products I would like to purchase thanks to your great rewiews 😀
    I appriciate the time and effort you put in your reviews and videos, and i wish you all the best xoxo =D

  4. pearlyn

    if i like both style curve lipstick and madly magenta should i get both? cause theyre pretty similar isnt it? is it worth getting both purples? thanks christine! (:

  5. Deepa

    Could u pls recommend the beauty powder for nc35 from this collection.
    Thanks so much for a detailed review n hard work.
    Happy Holidays.

  6. Silvia

    I must have the Dark Diversion Fluidline!

  7. Carrie Ann

    It’s interesting that those beauty powders are part of this collection. Everything else in the collection is so bright.

  8. MAC is rather clever releasing two collections at the opposite ends of the drama spectrum. This looks great for those who love bold MU, but I’ll be sticking to Champale :-)

  9. Thank for your recommendation!

  10. Megan

    Thanks for the reviews and recomendations Christine! I think I will only purchase Dark Diversion since I adore my Blacktrack.

  11. Rosanna

    I like the pigements but I’m just in love with the cream colour bases!

  12. Keen Janine

    I’m actually excited for Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base. Christine, How do you think that Virgin Isle and a powered blushes like Nars Taj Mahal/Exhibit A or MAC A Bite of an Apple look on top of it look? Hopefully as good as it looks in my head and not crazy bright 😉

  13. I do not know what I’d do without your blog! J’adore the posts so much! :)

  14. Kristen

    i love your use of the word redundant Christine! lol! :)
    thanks for the recomendations!

  15. Divinna

    Great job, thanks!

  16. Mayra

    Christine do the CCBs have MACs signature vanilla scent?

  17. Marie

    Do you think it’ll come out online today? I keep checking but it’s not there….

  18. kris

    it’s for sale at bloomingdales, macys, and nordstroms! had to order off multiple sites to get the colors i wanted.

  19. Bianca

    Hi Christine! Do you think too chic will be too frosty for nc25 skin? Should I get chez chez lame instead?