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MAC Nocturnelle Nail Lacquer

MAC Style Black: Nail Lacquers Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Style Black is a deep, dark collection with the rich tones of black as inspiration.  In the launch, there are three nail lacquers:  Nocturnelle, Seriously Hip, and Baby Goth Girl.

Nail Lacquer

  • Nocturnelle is a creamy, glossy opaque black. There aren’t any subtle nuances really, it’s really just black. This is a repromote, so check your stash before you buy.
  • Seriously Hip is a green-toned black with gold-green-olive shimmer. This is insanely pretty, and it coordinates with Bling Black glimmerglass. It goes on opaque in two medium-thick coats.
  • Baby Goth Girl is a red-toned black with reddish-purple shimmer. It’s dark and fall, but the red-purple shimmer is gorgeous over the black base. Like Seriously Hip, it goes on opaque with just two medium-thick coats.

All three lacquers are intensely pigmented and go on opaquely with minimal effort–no special tricks or techniques required. They have a glossy finish, and Seriously Hip and Baby Goth Girl have shimmer whereas Nocturnelle is a cream. These are really quite stunning, and I love these much more than the shades from Nail Trend F/W, actually. Nocturnelle is your standard glossy, creamy black–not a must-have–but the other two are on my list of must-haves.

  • Product: 9/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 8/10
  • Packaging: 7/10

Recommendation: If you don’t have issues with MAC’s formula and you don’t mind a splurge, Seriously Hip and Baby Goth Girl are both great picks!

Availability: MAC Cosmetics

See more photos and swatches

MAC Seriously Hip Nail Lacquer

MAC Baby Goth Girl Nail Lacquer

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56 thoughts on “MAC Style Black: Nail Lacquers Review, Swatches, Photos

  1. Macaddict

    They are all gorgeous and MUST-HAVEs for me! I believe that Nocturnelle is permanent in MAC stores.

  2. love that last nail color!

  3. How similar is Seriously Hip to Color Club’s With Abandon?

    I thought I’d be all over Baby Goth Girl, but now I’m not so sure. I was hoping it would have more of a black base with just flecks of pink and purple.

    Thank you so much for getting these pictures up! I’ve been impatiently waiting for them to come out.

    • I don’t have that one (and haven’t seen it), but it’s kind of similar to China Glaze’s Wagon Trail, but darker.

      It’s like a black-burgundy base.

  4. Natalia

    Baby Goth is fabulous!

  5. Jennifer

    Baby Goth Girl is nice.

    I don’t know the fascination with this collection, other than it is edgy… I personally can’t wear blacks on my lips or eyes without looking too dramatic or goth. Maybe that’s why I am not too excited about this collection. Maybe the nail polish, violet lipstick, and black grease pain stick would be the only things I could maybe get away with. However I’m broke so won’t be getting any :(

    • I definitely think it can be kind of a novelty thing for some — that’s a lot of what it is to me. I remember purchasing YSL’s Black Pur Gloss mostly just because it was black and trendy and different than anything I already owned!

  6. Nina

    Seriously Hip reminds me of China Glaze Wagon Trail. Baby Goth Girl is not at all what I thought it would look like.

  7. amy

    I thought I would love Baby Goth girl but right now I am not too excited buy it. I thought it would be more of a blackened pink or magenta. In grade 12 I remember having a nail colour very similar to Seriously Hip, a blackened gold. I actually quite like Seriously Hip base on your pictures, but over all my haul for this collection is getting smaller and smaller because I am not getting excited base on the pictures and swatches. I was more excited for it when the preview pictures came out. That is ok because maybe I will stock up on Volcanic Mask and Exfloiators instead!

  8. glitter princess

    loving MAC Baby Goth Girl Nail Lacquer but i thin kil pass just dont wear polish that much!

  9. jessica

    I Totally Want Baby Goth Girl…Its Gorgeous!! :)

  10. Bridgette

    Baby Goth Girl and Seriously Hip are MINE!!!!!!!

  11. Meagan

    The last two colors remind me of the colors Or de Russie and Feu de Russie from Chanel’s Moscou collection, except Seriously Hip looks a bit more black than Or de Russie. Since I already own the Chanel colors, and have numerous black nail polishes, I think I’ll be skipping these.

  12. leslie

    I might have to get Baby Goth when i see it up close in person. I thought i wouldn’t like chanel Vendetta when i seen it online, but when i went into the store i HAD to have it!

  13. Rachel

    hey Christine! i was wondering how many times you had to layer Baby Goth Girl before it showed up like that? just curious because it doesn’t look like one simple coat! TIA<3

  14. Christy

    Oh, these are gorgeous! I am definitely going to get both!

  15. wowww love em alllllllll -______________-

  16. elle

    I love them all but especially Baby Goth. That colour is gorgeous.

  17. Ohh I have to get those. I’ve never used any MAC nail polish.

  18. Sushi Flower

    These are so pretty, I have to get them both.

  19. Reading the descriptions I was sure I wanted baby goth girl, but it seems to look a lot like something I already have. I thought it would be black with fushia shimmer, Ill have to see it closer to decide.

  20. Hinahon

    Posted links to all your “Style Black” reviews on my post about that collection on my forum, credited and everything, thanks for the amazing work:


    The thread:

  21. lovepotion18

    Seriously Hip reminds me of China Glaze’s nail polish in Wagon Trail.

  22. Nicole

    Seriously Hip *looks* like a dupe of China Glaze Wagon Trail from last fall’s Rodeo Diva collection. Baby Goth Girl is GORGEOUS!

  23. Adrienne

    Baby Goth Girl looks a lot like a nail polish by Sinful Colors. It’s basically black with dark reg glitter in it.. the glitter is subtle unless in brightly lit areas and covers very well [here is the only picture i could find It’s only $1.88 at the Meijer by me… I highly recommend Sinful Colors… they have super super cheap high quality nail polish.

  24. girlwithasecret

    Baby Goth Girl embodies me! I never found a nail colour i truly loved so I’m excited to collect that one when it comes out here in October 😀

  25. Michelle

    I went and got Baby Goth Girl and it looks nothing like the bottle on me :( It looked so good on you too! What’s the secret? Am I missing something? I mean, it is still a nice color and all, but on me it just looks kinda like black with a slight red sparkle… not like that nice bergundyish black with super sparkle… boo :(

  26. Summer

    I bought baby goth girl today and i luv it so much!!! I think i might get a backup! =)

  27. I purchased BGG when it 1st came out and now I’m going back on tomorrow to get a backup and Seriously Hip. NEVER, has a polish made me go gaga but BGG has and I know it’s going to be the color I wear predominately all this fall. Thank you for the swatches.