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MAC Style Black: Cream Colour Base & Greasepaint Stick Review, Swatches

MAC Style Black is a deep, dark collection with the rich tones of black as inspiration.  With it, two cream colour bases (kind of like a cream eyeshadow, but it’s really a multi-tasking product), Black and Bat Black; as well as a new product — the greasepaint stick in Black.

Cream Colour Base

  • Black is a solid, creamy black with a slight sheen but no shimmer.
  • Bat Black is a creamy burgundy-black with more burgundy than black and a glossy sheen.

Cream Colour Bases can be difficult to work with.  If you find that a lot of cream-based products crease extremely easily on you, these may require more work than you’d like to do to get these to work on you.  Be sure to read any safety precautions that may come with these, too, for areas that you shouldn’t use these products on.  I like lighter colored CCBs, because I like to use them on cheeks and lips more than I do on eyes.

Greasepaint Stick

  • Black is actually a purple-black with just a little bit of shimmer when you look at it up-close, but the shimmer wasn’t noticeable when I applied it on my eyes.   I found that the greasepaint held up better on my waterline than my lower lash line, as it actually migrated and smudged a bit on the lower lash line but is still on my lash line about two and a half hours later.

  • Product: 8/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Packaging: 7/10

Recommendation: If you like CCBs and need a dark base, try these two.  If you like intense black liners, you may consider the greasepaint stick, but it’s not entirely smudge proof.

Availability: MAC Cosmetics

See more photos and swatches

MAC Bat Black CCB

MAC Black Greasepaint

Swatches: Bat Black CCB, Black CCB, Black Greasepaint

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62 thoughts on “MAC Style Black: Cream Colour Base & Greasepaint Stick Review, Swatches

  1. Macaddict

    I have a question:
    MAC DSquared2 collection will also release a black grease stick (besides a purple and a blue one). I’m curious to know if both black grease sticks are the same or if there is a difference in texture/color/finish.I’m REALLY excited for this collection and the grease sticks. From your swatch, it looks really pigmented and a good waterline liner”

  2. I just want to know if the Greasepaint stick gives a dewy wet finish on the eyes… that would probably be my only reason for purchasing it.

  3. Greasepaint actually looks gorgeous.
    I tend to dislike the cream color bases because they never fully ‘set’ on me and will crease.

    • Yeah – some people can totally use CCBs as bases, others can’t. I can… sometimes. I find the less the better.

      • I tend to do well with TFSI, then a paint pot or nyx jumbo eye pencil or indelible cream shadow, if I’m going for a base. The nyx pencils in particular are great :)
        I could never get the creams to work well on the eyes.

        • Gotcha! I just do one – paint pot or pigment. Any more than that is a bit too much work for me, LOL!

          • Yeah I don’t do it every day, but like, today, I put on TFSI, then I put on Cherry nyx jumbo eye pencil on my lid, then I put a red mineral eye shadow on the lid, then a burgundy in the crease, etc. I just wanted the Cherry pencil to intensify the red :)
            I actually LOVE using MAC’s Blackground by itself, or with other colors like for a smoky eye, or anything really, because it looks good with so many things.

  4. Roberta

    I want the greasepaint stick, why can’t it be Thursday already?

  5. Dani

    Ahhh now I know exactly what to order tomorrow night. Yay for Pro early releases! lol

  6. Rae

    Ooh — the greasepaint looks gorgeous!! I can see why a thinner line of it would just look black, though.

    (Btw, you’ve switched the labels for Black and Bat Black in the last photo if I’m not mistaken!)

  7. hydaia

    can the ccb be used on the eyes and lips?

  8. amy

    I am pretty sure I will pickup the black grease stick, along with the purple and blue on coming out for the D Square collection. I am loving the smudgy smoky eye look! I also like that it has a purple shimmer to it too.

  9. glitter princess

    i think these need to be cheked int he shop as im unsure if i will like them!

  10. Bridgette

    Bat Black CCB and Black Greasepaint Stick look nice but I don’t see myself using them a lot.

  11. Helena

    The point of the Greasepaint stick is to be a bit smudgy–as evidenced in the promotional photographs–so, I love it. :3

  12. Christy

    I think I’ll get the Black CCB and the greasepaint stick. Maybe I’ll pick up Bat Black at the Pro store in the future.

  13. stephanie

    cant wait for thursday!!!!

  14. Alexis

    I preordered both grease stick and Bat Black CCB – I guess I’ll have to play with them to make an honest opinion. That said I am praying they do an earlier release like tomorrow =)

  15. Carla

    I’m curious about the grease stick! Is it meant to be a liner, or kind of a primer like the regular paint sticks? I cannot use the CCBs on my eyes, and the name “Grease Paint” makes me think that this is going to crease and stay sort of oily. I think I will wind up getting it anyway, but I don’t have a counter near me, so I’ll be ordering online and won’t be able to test it for myself! How is it’s staying power? And will it NOT smudge out if you don’t really intend it to? I don’t expect it to have the staying power of a Fluidline, but I’d love it if it were similar to regular Paint Sticks or Paint Pots.

  16. stephanie

    i would have loved if they did the greasepaint in a trueblack instead. those purple flecks, no.

  17. Molly

    I already own sharkskin shade stick, and black ground paint pot and use that as a dark base to apply shadows that I want to pop…is there a real difference between those and the greasepaint stick if I am using them as athe soul purpose of a black base..or is it the same thing?

  18. Cathy

    Christine- I have a ? for you…I got the grease paintstick and the first couple of times i used it, it was very smooth and i used it again the morning and it was very hard to apply and would not spread easily…any suggestions on how to get this to work easier?

    • Does it feel like it’s dried out, perhaps? I might try taking a blow dryer and trying to heat it up a bit.

      • Cathy doesnt really feel like it dried that normal for it to do that? I close the lid and know its closed when the lid clicks/snaps…I have never used greasesticks or shade sticks before so I am not familar with them and I thought the greasestick was better than a shadestick in terms of not having to heat it up before applying…is yours getting harder to apply? I have only used it 3 or 4 times..

        • I’ll have to check, ’cause it wasn’t really working that well for me, so I haven’t reached for it in awhile. You might also try wiping it off on a tissue or something, or maybe even with rubbing alcohol in case maybe some skin cells got stuck (gross, I know) in it.

        • I just checked and mine is fine – feels the same way as it did originally!

          • Cathy

            weird…yeah i just checked mine too and it goes on my hand ok, nice and soft when i swatch it but when i try to smudge/smoke it out on my eyelid its hard to spread.

  19. Cathy

    thanks for the info. Christine! I am taking it to my MAC MUA today and have her look at it for me just to make sure its ok!

  20. i was wondering if i wanted to do a smudgy smoky eye, what do you think would be best? (i’m trying to figure out how they achieved the campaign picture with the girl’s eye makeup, if with these products) i like that the CCB’s are shiny….what do you think?

  21. Mirna

    Hi Christine,

    I have CCB in Black and I have no idea what to do with it! Can you recomend a couple ways to use this?
    Thank you!

  22. Kenneth Alan

    I hope they re-release this greasepaint stick. Every where I went was sold out of it by the time I got around to getting one.

  23. Sarah Reding

    Hi I know this collection was about a year ago but I missed getting the bat black ccb and I thought it was a permanant pro product is this true? If so then is it on the product list now to order as of Oct. 2010? I dont wanna have to order off ebay and pay a arm n a leg! Thanks girl love your site!