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MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast 1
MAC La La Eyeshadow

MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Eyeshadows Reviews, Photos, Swatches

There are eight single eyeshadows that debut in this launch. There are four from part one and four from part two. Additionally, there are two eyeshadow quads being released in parts three and four, respectively, that will be reviewed separately.  My favorites: La La, Very Violet; Hot Hot Hot, Straw Harvest.  What are your favorites?

Spring Colour 1 Forecast — Eyeshadows

  • Rosy Outlook is a dusty medium pink with a satin finish. I think there was a shade called Riviera Rose–this reminds me of it, only not as cool-toned, but still has that dusty pink feel.
  • Very Violet is a crisp darkened violet-purple with very little sheen, not at all frosty like its frost finish would suggest. I can’t remember MAC doing a purple quite like this in recent history.
  • La La is a rich magenta fuchsia with fuchsia shimmer-sheen. It reminds me of Brash & Bold Pigment from Makeup Art Cosmetics last fall, but in eyeshadow form (so more convenient and easier to work with overall). Very nicely pigmented and smooth–and surprisingly not that frosty, despite its frost finish.
  • Da Bling is a slightly paled medium pink with a frosty sheen but excellent color pay off in a veluxe pearl finish. This is a permanent eyeshadow, though, so no need to rush to purchase.

Spring Colour 2 Forecast — Eyeshadows

  • Nanogold is a semi-sheer pinky beige. This is probably one of the nicest lustre-finish eyeshadows I’ve ever come across. It feels nothing like a lustre! This one has come out previously, though always limited edition.
  • Hot Hot Hot is an intensely pigmented orange-based red that looks mostly matte, though it has very subtle shimmer, since it is a satin finish eyeshadow. I don’t think I’ve seen MAC put out a shade like this since being a fan (about five years).
  • Straw Harvest is a gorgeous shade of warmed-up peach gold with a lighter gold sheen in a veluxe pearl finish.
  • Perky is a satin finish light salmon-y pink with good color pay off. Not quite like anything in the permanent line from what I can see.

See product photos & swatches!

Spring Colour 1 Forecast — Eyeshadows

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast 1
MAC Rosy Outlook Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast 1
MAC Very Violet Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast 1
MAC La La Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast 1
MAC Da Bling Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast 1
MAC Eyeshadows: Rosy Outlook, Very Violet, La La, Da Bling

Spring Colour 2 Forecast — Eyeshadows

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast 2
MAC Nanogold Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast 2
MAC Hot Hot Hot Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast 2
MAC Straw Harvest Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast 2
MAC Perky Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast 2
MAC Eyeshadows: Nanogold, Hot Hot Hot, Straw Harvest, Perky

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114 thoughts on “MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Eyeshadows Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Jackie

    MAC Rosy Outlook Eyeshadow looks nice

  2. Jackie

    you should do lipsticks swatches

  3. Angelique

    Wow!! I like Da Bling, Nanogold and Perky! I’m very curious what they will do on very pale skin (i’m NC15), but i’ll have to wait for a while to find out for myself, in the Netherlands collections are always late. Boooo!!!

  4. shay

    Holy cow… i am going totally broke… no idea what to do now!

  5. margot

    Part two is really nice, all of the colors are pretty and exactly what I’d want to wear for the spring. Not very fan of pink on eyes (I have blue eyes, makes them look really weird when I wear pink e/s)

  6. HC

    OMG I can’t wait for the launch party tonight! EEEEE!!

  7. Dori

    OMG this collections is going to break me… sad to say but i’m ready!


    how does la la compare to mac’s fuchsia pigment? and how does very violet compare to makeup forever’s number 92? have wanted that for ages but dont know how to get it where i am….hoping this is a good dupe colourwise?


    thanks in advance for the advice :)

  10. Miranda

    I just bought Satellite Dreams… is it still worth picking up Very Violet?

  11. Nanogold look nice!

  12. Alison

    Straw Harvest looks pretty neat, but I can’t really buy too much right now.

  13. Laura

    Thanks Christine.

  14. HC

    How come in HOT HOT HOT there’s some big brown spots?

  15. Spengl

    OMG. Very Violet, loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. All eyeshadows are fantastic.

  16. daphne

    These are definitely fun! Rosy Outlook is very pretty, might get that. Very Violet is lovely, I’m tempted, but I don’t really use purples much so maybe hold off. I’m in LOVE with La La, but I already have Romping, which is such a similar idea :-/ I have Nanogold in the Spiced Chocolate quad, and I like Hot Hot Hot, Straw Harvest, and Perky, but I will have to wait until I get to stores and swatch myself to decide.

  17. Bobbie C.

    Straw Harvest and Hot Hot Hot will be mines! I am making my list as you post ! LOL

  18. Andrea

    Straw Harvest looks gorgeous!!!!!

  19. ilona

    hi christine,
    are straw harvest and flip similar? i already have flip from the blonde brunette redhead collection, do i need straw harvest?

    p.s. thanks for the quick swatches and review! you’re the best :)

  20. Anitacska

    I think I’ll get Da Bling, it is a very pretty shade of pink! Exactly something I don’t have yet, but need, lol. :)

  21. debchik

    This has got to be alot of work! We all appreciate it so much, I look forward to yuor posts everyday!

  22. DonnaN

    one word…..WOW!!

  23. Jillian

    I as soooo screwed lol

  24. Hmmm. I’m curious how these will look on my rosy-toned pale skin.

    Loving Lala, nanogold, Perky, hothothot, straw harvest, and very violet.

    Will have to wait to see what my final haul is in store. Now I’m all excited.

    I hope they move the launch date up! i really want to swatch these!

  25. angela

    This is definately not what the eyeshadows look like on the website, this helped a lot!

  26. Amanda

    really want to see the lipstick swatches! there are so many!

  27. penelope

    very violet is pretty and look similar to makeupforever no.92 e/s,

  28. I like Very Violet and Da Bling but I will skip those. However I may plan on getting Hot Hot Hot and Straw Harvest, just need to see them in person to get the final word.

  29. Nicole

    La La is EXACTLY the color I have been wanting lately! Yay!

  30. rowan

    really pretty shadows. i want la la & very violet. are the photos of the eyeshadows taken with flash, btw? they look deeper swatched

  31. Ooh, Perky is so cute! Surprising you say that about Nanogold… I hate the one in my Spiced Chocolate quad. Did they reformulate it?

  32. Laura

    Oh hell, I want them all.

  33. Nikki

    Is it just me or does Straw Harvest look a lot like Evening Aura?

    • Italia

      that’s the same thing i was thinking!
      i actually bought evening aura at my local cco today and when i got home, i realized THEY’RE THE EXACT SAME COLOR & FORMULA, they just have diferent names. boo! i’m gonna return evening aura and get something else.

  34. abby

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx so much for the reviews and swatches!! now i am convinced i want almost everything lol!!! you are right, very violet and lala are sooooo nice!!!!

  35. RachelMarie

    I didn’t want any of the eyeshadows until I saw the swatches ): Now I want very violet and La La even though I was trying not to buy anymore non-pan eyeshadows. Oh welll… going to Boston for a dance comp/shopping spree and it will probably end up being mostly makeup shopping thanks to this massive collection…

  36. Sarah

    Riviera Rose has more lavender in it and it’s a lustre finish.

  37. Jenni

    Are LE shadows only available in pot form, and not in the pan form even online?

  38. Sam

    Rosy Outlook is beautiful!

  39. Danielle

    Love the Look of Perky and Rosey Outlook, however I just don’t wear the pink eyeshadows I have enough!! Great pics and reviews as always Christine. :)

  40. amy

    I think I may have to get nanogold and Hot HOT HOT

  41. Tiffany

    why was I thinking they were releasing quads instead of singles?

  42. Hannah

    is straw harvest like off the page from Makeup Art Cosmetics collection? I’ve been wanting that shadwo for so long!

  43. I love Rosy Outlook, it’s like snob in eyeshadow form and when I look at Hot Hot Hot I just picture it with a bright turquoise/teal and in my head it looks amazing haha.

    But i’m just starting my kit/collection so i’m not sure about hot hot hot, but I NEED rosy outlook

  44. amber

    how comparable is rosy outlook to whistile from barbie? or do you know of any dupes?

  45. Colleen P.

    Thanks for the swatches, Christine! Question: how does Very Violet compare to Satellite Dreams? I love purple eyeshadows, but I’m really trying to avoid buying more.

  46. Teresa

    Great swatches Christine! Thank you!!
    Is there any dupes for Rosy Outlook and Very Violet? Both perm and LE
    TIA! :)

    • I can’t think of one for Rosy Outlook. For Very Violet, maybe Violet pigment!

      • Teresa

        Thanks a lot! 😀 looks like I’ll be picking up both :)

        La La looks sooooo tempting swatched beside the two, also! Even though I don’t use bright pinks. All 3 look soooo great together! Yum. :)

  47. MichelleNW

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re bringing back nanogold!!!! I need to stock up lol!! I LOVE this color! Yup Christine you just made my day lol!!!

  48. Missy

    I want Very Violet, Lala, & Nanogold!!!

  49. Tracey

    Thanks for these, they’re always so helpful!

    Do you know how perky compares to past LE eyeshadows (such as dear cupcake from sugar sweet?)

  50. Cathy

    any dupes for La La? I have brash and bold pigment…are they so super similar to where if I have brash and bold, you think i would be safe skipping La La? I have romping from Hello Kitty as well.

    • I think you could skip if you have Romping and Brash & Bold. Like for me, I always like having eyeshadows over everything else… because while I LOVE pigments, eyeshadows are just a little easier to use, particularly if you just want a lil’ bit or make a last minute call, so I like having both.

  51. Vness_12

    I won’t be buying these but they are beautiful.

  52. Hot Hot Hot and Straw Harvest look amazing!!!

  53. Ashley

    Is Rosy Outlook e/s similar to Ego from the Starflash line???

    Thanks :)

  54. LaToya

    straw harvest is my favorite and i’m sure it’d look amazing on me, nw55!!

  55. Rowan

    Hey Christine, I couldn’t really ascertain from your review of straw harvest wether you really liked it or not. To me it looks gorgeous! I have blue eyes and I wanted to know if you think it’s worth the purchase (I have limited funds ^_^)

  56. Cherie

    WOW! Thank you so much Christine!

    What colours would you recommend for an NW15 (MAC) gal with brown eyes and medium-brown hair? Any of the quads? I love all colours but seem afraid of the straw harvest / golds… what do you think? I so trust your opinion :)

    • Ohh, you’d probably look really lovely in the Colour 3 Quad, even though it’s not my *favorite* quad ever. But otherwise, I think the pinks (like Rosy Outlook and Perky) would suit you well. I do think the Colour 4 Quad, while warm, is not as warm as a lot of those kinds of colors, so it might be a nice way to try some warmer tones without going quite as far as Straw Harvest (which may feel too orange on you).

  57. Carmen

    Great swatches and reviews as always, Christine! Thanks so much!

  58. Zinnia

    hot hot hot!!!!!!!

  59. Hi,
    I have fair skin w/yellow undertones and hazel eyes…
    I would love to try colors like Hot Hot Hot and Straw Harvest but I’m afraid they would be to orange or yellow on my skin…Since, I can only purchase online could you give me your opinion? I saw them on your eye and WOW they look Gorgeous!! Would you recommend them for a hazel green/blue eye fair skin? Also, what is your favorites in these collections for my type?
    Thanks so much!

    • If you have yellow undertones, I think they would be lovely on you! You could also use a champagne/white-gold base to make them look less orange if they do run that way on you. Sometimes I find a colored base really helps to emphasize a shadow’s true color :)

      I like a lot of Spring Colour 1 Forecast for you. I also think something like Ripe Peach would be lovely!

  60. I love “hot hot hot” but I’m sure I would never wear it so I’ll probably pass. I like perky and straw harvest too.

  61. Kalee

    o0o very violet. im in love. i love purple eyeshadows and have a lot but im always on the hunt for a descent purple because i get dissapointed a lot. some are too warm/red (which makes me look extremely tired), chalky, dont show up as well……..etc. so this one looks pretty good from what i can see! thanks! =)

  62. jillo

    Rosy outlook vs pink mink? If I get the palette with pink mink do you think I should still get rosy outlook??? Would any of them look good with Girl Friendly pp?? oh, is perky at all like perky the paint pot? Oh so many nice things….so conflicted.

    • I like Rosy Outlook more, I think – but it’s rosier and pinker, whereas Mink Pink is a little duller/neutral? (but not necessarily duller in a BAD way, lol!) If you get the palette, I think you could skip Rosy Outlook, though. I think this Perky is a lot pinker.

  63. Jess

    lala looks like romping! must have!!

  64. namie

    would love to see looks with these :)

  65. Anna

    Hi Christine, I want to know how very violet e/s compares to MUFE’s purple 92.

  66. Erika

    How does Hot Hot Hot compare to red brick, orange, and rule? I love orange/reds, but I Feel like it looks slightly similar to red brick… I still want it though!!!

  67. Lee

    Hi Christine,

    Awesome review – Thank you as always.

    How does very violet compare to Vibrant Grape (PRO e/s) (colour wise,and colour pay off wise).

  68. monika

    Hi.Is straw harvest similar to Motif?Guy from MAC said Motif looks good with Straw Harvest in the crease but in my opinion they look alike.

    • Much more orange and brighter/darker than Motif. I wouldn’t do that pairing myself – I’d probably do maybe a gold on the inner lid, Straw Harvest on the outer, and a shade like Antiqued in the crease.

  69. Amy

    Does anyone else think straw harvest looks like evening aura?

  70. Janette

    Does Very Violet compare to Nocturnelle? I have so many purples but i some dissapoint with the pay off or pigmentation

  71. Lisa G

    I’m really torn if I should get Very Violet. I have SO SO SO many purples. I ordered a few e/s from this collection already based on your review but I’m stuck if I should invest in very violet. Is there a decent dup you recommend? Is this a RUN now and get this color?!?!? Thanks girl~ you always do an amazing job!

  72. Jessica

    Is Very Violet similar to Creme de Violet?

  73. aksaiyo

    hmmm hot hot hot looks a lot more orangey on your arm than in the pan…
    But I really love that color in the pan, is it really that different? Do you suppose I could use it as a blush as well? 😛

  74. Sheri

    Nice but nothing really new.

  75. Wow, so many comments… apologize if this has been said. But, Perky = Angelcake from High Tea, and Straw Harvest = Orange Tangent from C Squeeze. http://tweetphoto.com/13129291 No?

  76. yuki


    how different is perky from free to be?