Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Colour 3 Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Colour 3 Eyeshadow Quad Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Parts 3 and 4 each have an eyeshadow quad, complete in the brand spankin’ new eyeshadow quad packaging. I have to say that I don’t love the new packaging — it’s glossy, so it holds fingerprints a bit, and it looks dirtier once you’ve used the quad a few times compared to the older packaging. It also feels a bit bulkier and not as slim as the older packaging. It looks sleeker and certainly more modern/updated, though. I just hate fingerprints on packaging!

Colour 3 is definitely a cool-toned, purple dominated quad. None of the four shades really grab me personally, but I can see this appealing to others. If you love smoked out purples and plums, this is definitely a quad worth checking out.

Eyeshadow Quad — Colour 3

  • Mink Pink is a soft, dusty fleshy beige pink with a veluxe finish (though it feels more like a matte finish to me).
  • Bruised Plum is a mauvey plum with a silvery sheen. It’s like a more purple version of Shale. It’s a veluxe pearl finish, but it’s not as pigmented as I’d expect for a VP.
  • Black Tulip is dark purple with just a touch of sheen. The finishes of this quad don’t make sense to me, because this doesn’t feel like a frost at all.
  • Jungle Moon is a matte, darkened brown with a plummy feel. MAC describes it as a blackened deep eggplant, and I think that’s a fairly accurate description. It’s a soft, well-pigmented matte eyeshadow that doesn’t feel chalky or dusty.

See product photos and swatches!

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Colour 3 Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Colour 3 Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Colour 3 Eyeshadow Quad: Mink Pink, Bruised Plum, Black Tulip, Jungle Moon

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Mink Pink Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Bruised Plum Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Black Tulip Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Jungle Moon Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Colour 3 Eyeshadow Quad: Mink Pink, Bruised Plum, Black Tulip, Jungle Moon

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81 thoughts on “MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Colour 3 Eyeshadow Quad Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. ilona

    bruised plum looks just like hypnotizing!

  2. Ooh, those swatch on a lot darker/dustier than I had anticipated. Doesn’t grab me either!

  3. penelope

    a pretty purple quad and the colors seems to have a lot of pigments but the case is a fail because like you said it christine, it attracts a lot of fingerprints and eyeshadow dust. i like the old 4 shadows case a lot better than the new one.

    • ak

      The purples in this quad are beautifully pigmented and they show up a deep, dark purple, not in a murky way but in a jewel toned dark amethyst way!

  4. Emm

    More purple! Owww my wallet..

  5. The shades are Ok, but i think that Black Tulip is the only one that GRABS me, and I don’t know if i’d purchase the quad for that.

    I don’t get the finishes-it seems like it would be REALLY difficult to make this quad “work” using all the colors for a look. It doesnt seem to match as well as I would like…

    • ak

      No you are wrong! Follow the instructions from the video on the MAC website under ‘Artists’ and then go into ‘Artists in Action’ and follow the video for the smoky eye using this same number 3 quad and you will see Signs and Wonders!

  6. aradhana

    hmmm…mink pink looks pretty special to me, but i can’t say it’ll justify buying the whole quad for me! any immediate dupes come to mind?

  7. Jennifer

    Mac seems to fail at purple quads…Or maybe it’s just the color itself…

    Purples in the permanent collection are pretty spot on…Maybe that’s why?

  8. Diligent Shopper

    You’re right….

    A lot of the stuff from the Spring forecast collection isn’t as impressive as expected. I was really looking forward to the purple quad and also the pink crushed metal stacked. However, since the crushed metals looked so clumpy and the quad isn’t as pigment as expected, I might skip out on this collection and wait for the next (I’m waiting for the next collection coz I want that MAC 131/130 brush).

    By the way, what’s your favorite product from this collection?? the single eye shadows?

  9. mlou

    Ty for posting these swatches! I was going to order online, but now it looks like Black Tulip is the only cooler shade (NW10-ish) that would work well. Black Tulip would work well w/Digit (perm) es, which is the gorgeous cooler lavender!

  10. the new quad packaging is interesting. i wonder if they’ll update the 15x palettes too? i’d LOVE a clear top.

    i’m always a little bummed when they release quads. i like to purchase individually. the darkest two are really the only ones that interest me.

  11. Annie

    Hmm.. to buy or not to buy. I like pinks and purples (and am looking to invest in some good ones), but do you think this quad is completely worth it or would you recommend something else, Christine? Are they smooth and decently pigmented?

    Thanks for the review as always :]

    • I’d recommend the single eyeshadows or just grabbing some permanent purple eyeshadows, to be honest! They’re smooth, and I always find mattes/satins like these work fine in a look, even if they don’t look super awesome in swatch.

  12. Hmmm, not brights, but looks very wearable. Nice. I might suggest this as a starter quad to a friend. =)

  13. HC

    Is Jungle Moon like Shadowy Laady?

  14. I really wish Black Tulip and Jungle Moon was sold separately cause I really love them both.

  15. StellarStace

    Hi Christine! Thank you for the time and effort you put into your website- it’s such a great resource! I was wondering if you could tell me how the Jungle Moon shadow compares to MACPro Indian Ink? Thanks so much for your help!

    • It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve swatched Indian Ink. I think they’re similar, but Indian Ink might be a little more purple — in a look, I don’t think they’d differ very much.

  16. Saira

    I think MAC changed the packageing to make it impossible to de-pot the shadows from quads because people now can depot them and back 2 mac them quicker. People buy palettes and arrange the colors how they want it to be whether in a 4 or 15 empty palette. I assume the single shadow pots will be next inorder to make it impossible to back 2 mac stuff so quickly and you actually have to wait till you hit pan.

  17. Ashlee

    i really like the last three colors.. im a sucker for purple
    probablly will get this

    • ak

      Yeah I wish the darkest two were sold separately myself but I still would like to buy this quad because I’ve been dying to see a very dark purple and especially a shimmery shadow/s to make deep jewel-toned purple smoky eyes with! It’s a shame the Bruised Plum wasn’t darker actually but the other two make up for that anyway.

  18. Vijaya

    I think I need this. xP

    Christine, was the Mink Pink shade hard to get color out of?

  19. Anitacska

    I don’t care for this at all. Might get the other quad, but probably not as I don’t wear those colours much.

  20. Rosanna

    Think I’m better off with the purples in the permanent collection….pass (thank goodness, $43 less to spend, unless its replacing other items…lol!)

  21. DonnaN

    Definately my colors….Chrisine, does the new packaging look like it would be harder or the same, when regarding depotting?

    • Oh, much harder. I have no idea how you can get them out other than using heat to loosen them enough to put a glue dissolver or lift them out using tweezers (or else dumping alcohol and hoping to get enough beneath the shadow… and letting the eyeshadow itself dry out).

      • DonnaN

        Oh, I was afraid of that…..oh, what to do?!?

      • Cherie

        Wow… dumb question… how do you get the eyeshadows out of the old prepackaged quads?? I love to arrange my e/s my colour in the 15 palettes… I didn’t even think it could be done!

        • You can actually pop the quad insert out – it’ll lift the black part out and leave the four pans glued to the bottom, then you just kind of DIY it from there.

  22. ocelot1

    can i just get jungle moon please and not the whole palette MAC? Lol

  23. Sixx

    I was initially excited for this quad but now it doesn’t look that appealing. I’m still waiting for MAC to release a “true” purple shade. Something close to Urban Decay’s Deluxe shadow in ‘Freakshow’.

  24. Lorna

    if i were to get an e/s palette it would be this one but i already have so many similar colors…

  25. amy

    I thought I would love the purple quad but it is not capturing my heart.

  26. Do you think these will be easy to de-pot? They look like the have a lot of extra space around the pans so I hope I can pop them out easily. I wish they just came individually.

  27. Ellie

    cant say i love the new packaging, and the colors look like they would look like you had a black eye if you used them together…

    i think ill be skipping this one. what im really excited about in this collection are the blushes!

  28. OOhh, I know I MUST get this!

  29. This palette is pretty but I don’t think I would be using these eyeshadows so much. When I see the colors I’m imagining an evening makeup which I don’t use that often. But still they are pretty :)

  30. Is there a MAC permanent equivalent of mink pink? I feel like I’ve seen one, but then again, maybe not. I really like it, though!

  31. Mary

    I love Mink Pink, but it TOTALLY looks matte! Maybe even matte squared! it’ looks sooo matte. but i’m a huge fan of matte eye contouring, so that’s awesome! :)

  32. I think I’m in love with this palette. I’m such a sucker for purples and neutral pinks. My wallet’s gonna be losing some weight. u_u;

  33. Megan

    Under impressed with this quad…I only want the Bruised Plum e/s:(

  34. kfm

    This was always sort of a given for me, since I absolutely adore anything purple/ plum. I find that the bruised plum looks similar in photos to Illegal Cargo from the Naughty Nauticals collection. Do you find they look similar in person?

  35. Lynn

    I’m getting this quad!

  36. amazing. i’ve been so into purple shadow lately and this is a great mix of shimmer and matte in sophisticated colors. it’s not like grape soda!

  37. Cherie

    URGH… Why can’t these be singles too??? I have mink pink and jungle moon reminds me of shadow lady…. I want the other two though :(

  38. WHY does MAC keep changing they’re packaging on us?
    As for the quad, though, it’s very pretty, but I feel the colors can be duped if you want a smokey dark plum eye.
    For example Jungle Moon = Shadowy Lady (maybe)

    • Most likely because they feel the need to update their line, I’d imagine! They’ve had this packaging for what… at least five years (since that’s about as long as I’ve been into MAC), if not more like seven, eight, maybe even ten!

  39. phuong k

    christine, do you feel that perhaps black tulip may pass for a satin finish? when swatched it looks so dull. i cant believe its the same color as the one shown in the package! :( i’m not sure what to expect from this palette. i would have liked the finishes to be the same.

  40. zeezee

    Very pretty, and very much my colours.
    How does the shimmery one (Bruised Pink?) compare to Mauvement, I wonder…

  41. Lex

    I’m really interested in checking this out, but I’m wondering if the dark colors will compare to Fig 1 and Nocturnelle. I think I can probably live without this quad…… but i’ll still go look :).

  42. Kim

    Hey Christine. I wanted to ask you what you think of the new quad packaging. I would love ur input.

    • Hi Kim,

      Did you see the top of the post? I wrote, “I have to say that I don’t love the new packaging — it’s glossy, so it holds fingerprints a bit, and it looks dirtier once you’ve used the quad a few times compared to the older packaging. It also feels a bit bulkier and not as slim as the older packaging. It looks sleeker and certainly more modern/updated, though. I just hate fingerprints on packaging!”

  43. Adriana

    i thinks is like guerlain’s cherry blossom quad

  44. Kim L

    I think the bruised plum is STUNNING – tried it in the store. Is it worth buying all 4 just for that one? Not sure……

  45. phuong k

    hey christine, how would you compare bruised plum to something like swish or da bling?

  46. Hey I copied and pasted the review you gave on the color, I hope you don’t mind but I linked it back to your post. Black tulip is def. my fav. so far. I haven’t figured out how to use Mink Pink yet >_<. I tried to do a swatch and review on my blog, but yours are wayy more detailed. Thanks :)

  47. ak

    Yay I finally bought this number 3 quad! Woo hoo! Now I can have deep purple smoky eyes! Smoke on the water……fire in the sky….

  48. ak

    I LOVE this number 3 quad! How could you not? It’s for a deep purple smoky eye for heaven’s sakes! I’m wearing it right now in the office. And I look hot in it! LOL

    Stop being scared of dark purple and embrace this heavenly quad today!