Monday, August 30th, 2010

MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick
MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

The Sultry Season: MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) is a deep, dark reddened purple.  It’s not exactly the purple you first think of, but I find myself always gravitating back to using the word purple to describe the color.  It’s incredibly dark, certainly vampy, and it packs quite a bit of color.  It is a little on the dry side, though nothing overwhelmingly dry (a la Ruby Woo), so do take care and prep lips by exfoliating them prior to application.

Is this the right purple for you? Would you wear it?

The Sultry Season is a series of posts featuring deep, rich shades of brown, berry, plum, and wine lipsticks and lipglosses — just right for autumn — that runs through October 2010.

See photos and swatches…

MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

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129 thoughts on “MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Lauren

    Bad news is this is a halloween/artsy/drag type colour for anyone lighter in skintone than Mo’Nique. Good news, you have really white teeth.

    • I completely disagree — I think very pale skin can totally rock this shade, and not just for Halloween. :)

      • Lauren

        I am cool toned and on the pink side of pale, I would look like an angsty teen haha.

        • Etaoin

          I think pale skins can totally rock this colour. It will make you look paler than you are and it will stand out on you more than a darker skinned person. Still vampy colours are in, especially with the whole vampire craze – true blood, twilight, vampire diaries etc! I love it!

      • Brittany

        I disagree also. Christine is many shades lighter than Mo’Nique but it doesn’t look bad on her.

      • Jenine

        Nope, this shade would only be pulled off by an olive to dark skin tone. Pale= nono. Definitely!

        • Totally disagree, but to each their own! :)

          • Vale

            To say the truth, I am a firmly believer that ONLY cool toned pale skintones can wear something like this. You know, gothic, dark styles, metal music, victorian fashion, etc… ?
            The paler, the better. It is so chic on pale faces! :-)

            • I think it reallt depends on how u feel about the whole vampire theme!
              I’m on the goth side so i freaking love it but i know a lot of girls afraid of wearing black nailpolish cause they don’t want to look gothy =)

              So, it’s a matter of tastes!
              I personally adore dark makeup on all skintones <3

  2. bobbie cole

    It kinda reminds me of night violet mattene.

  3. Marian

    Looks vampiresque

  4. Trista

    Christine what does it look like toned down/blotted? This is tone I’ve been looking for and this is perfect!

  5. Diabolyca

    I TOTALLY love these kind of shades. If i didn’t care about what people think/say i’d buy/wear these shades very often..i’m a shame.

  6. Joanna

    This looks fabulous. I love it.

    It’s too bad my lips are too small and thin for this kind of dark colour. Even Violetta is a bit too much on me.

    In my next life, I will ask for lips like yours, Christine! 😮 )

  7. sofia

    omg! i love it! i want it! i am nw20 at mac so i think it will be soooo good on me!! is it permanent colour?

  8. Awesome shade! And saying it’s just for halloween like a previous poster? Never heard of all those people who isn’t interested in looking natural all the time? I’m very, very pale and I always wear dark lipsticks. Yes it loud, but why should loud be bad news? I’d totally wear this for everyday.

  9. Bluebottomfly

    Hi again from Spain :)

    You look great with this colour!!Maybe you could give us some tips on how not to get your teeth painted while you’re wearing coloured lipsticks because I cannot avoid it anyway and that’s the reason I don’t use colour lipstick as often as I would like to. Thanks!!

  10. Patty

    I MUST have this lipstick! Ugh! Gorgeous.

  11. Dawn

    This is a gorgeous colour, but would look extremely Goth on this ultra pale 45 year old – such a shame

  12. stephanie

    I love it. I think it would rock with clear lipglass over it.

  13. This is actually gorgeous, might have to get one!

    Why oh why is Ruby Woo so drying? :(

  14. Steph

    A very pretty colour. Wearable for me, not so much! I have Night Violet Mattene lipstick and I like it blotted down and with gloss on top.

  15. you waited till by birthday for this one! lol :) i seriously LOVE this lipstick!! one of my all-time favorites! i’m so glad you’re including pro colors in the bunch as well. (if this is still just pro that is).

    • Well, DUH. Happy birthday!!

      Yep, just PRO. :) I had to go PRO for some of the shades for the Sultry Season, since they do have some great deep shades!

      • haha :) yay! yes pro has some of the best shades. i like them because they are so pigmented… even if you don’t like really dark or really bright colors, a lot of the pro lipsticks are great for mixing (because they’re so intense).

  16. Stephanie

    Not everybody wants to or can wear the very lightest pink/coral lipstick. Variety is the spice of life and I love this color. Is this a pro color?

  17. aradhana

    this is really pretty, and looks fab on you christine!

    i’m going to have to check this out sometime at the pro store….(but i might wait till my wallet stops reeing from fall collections!)

  18. Bernice

    Wow very nice :)

  19. great fall colour! but i don’t like the matte dry finish like ruby woo :-(

  20. cass

    GORGEOUS. Want. I just picked up the last Kittenish at my MAC counter in Bloomies…now this one has been added to the list, too bad I’ll have to go through the pro store to get it!

  21. Lizz M.

    This was actually the first lipstick I ever bought from Mac. Well, technically my roommate bought it for me on my birthday, but I picked it out, heh.

    I’ve still got a little left, wear it from time to time. I’m NC25/30 and I think it’s wearable. I’ve never looked at a woman walking down the street wearing a darker shade of lipstick like this and thought, “yikes! who told her that was okay?” Women wear deep reds out all the time, why is a purple shade so taboo? Personally, I feel frosty pinks can be unwearable, but apparently i’m in the minority, haha.

    • Catherine

      I totally agree with you, people wear nude shades that make them look like corpses but fair woman can’t wear deep shades….

  22. T

    This looks yummy. Alot of women of color would look hot in this!

  23. Courtney

    Ooh, pretty! A great dupe (sans the finish) for those looking for Night Violet.

  24. I totally love it, and I would totally wear it. I knit a mohair/silk shawl this exact color and they would be amazing together at night. : )

  25. Thincspot

    I love this color! I wear it with a clean satin finish foundation (I’m NC44), a nice winged black eyeliner on my upper lid and some elongating mascara. It’s a bold but very wearable look.

  26. Leenie

    I love colors like this.

  27. Joy

    Ooh, I absolutely LOVE this! I’ve been looking for a lipstick like this for fall! I’m not sure if it’ll suit me since I’m NW30 but I’m willing to try! 😀

    Question, though, do you know of any cheaper dupes? I try and budget my lipstick purchases by going the extra mile with lipsticks I will/can certainly wear daily/regularly (MAC Thrills is my favorite lipstick ever!) and spending less on products that I don’t think I’ll wear so often. Since this will fall in the latter camp for me (I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear this lipstick to class!), do you know of any similar shades? If you can think of one that is just as pigmented as MAC Smoked Purple, that would be amazing! Maybe NYX Almost Black?

    I ask because I have pretty pigmented lips. For example, when I went to the counter on Thursday to try Drive Me Wild, since it seemed so similar to MAC Thrills that I just HAD to have it, I put it on and couldn’t actually tell I had it on, aside from the gold shimmer. I put it on one lip and left the other one bare and asked the MAC artist if she could tell the difference and she remarked that the lipstick was almost identical to my lipcolor, aside from the shimmer :( I’m not sure if MAC DMW is sheerer than typical cremesheens (as well as creamier), but I think you get the picture 😉

  28. Edani

    The key to wearing “goth” colors like this in a “normal” setting is confidence!! You can pull it off when you know inside that you look fabulous; confidence is the best accessory!

  29. Kacie

    I do love this color. . . and can I make a tiny suggestion? Perhaps with these “season” lipsticks could you denote perm/pro/LE/DC? I’ve seen a couple I LOVED and then gotten disappointed when they were LE or DC. :\

  30. Jody

    Oh, I really do love this. I reallllly, really love this color!
    This coming from a 39 year-old, mid toned, rather thin-lipped woman. 😀

    Some may disagree, and think this is just for the angsty, Goth-y, young, but all in the world that ever matters is how I FEEL wearing it.
    Just last night I wore Night Violet, (dabbed, not slathered on. It was just a steakhouse, lol.), with a touch of gloss in the center bottom lip. I felt fab-u.
    And that’s all that matters.
    I don’t play by any rules that tell me I’m too old, wrong skin tone, etc.

    Thanks Christine! You look gawgeous in this! I’m going to put this one on my “look at next time in MacPro”!

  31. I like it! I’m very pale, but it isn’t hard to avoid the ‘goth look’ when I wear dark (even black) lipstick if I go really light on the eyes and wear a pink blush.

  32. lauraaaaaaaa

    omfg this is sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! im getting it just to wear around the house lol

  33. Vijaya

    You look truly stunning, Christine.

    I totally want this. I love this series, I’m finding so many colors that I feel like I must have!

  34. Dini

    I just got this color a few months ago and I love it! I blot it and wear it on its own, or wear it with shimmering glosses over top.

  35. I have this lipstick and it is actually surprisingly wearable. You can sheer it out a bit with gloss and the natural colour of your lips will redden it up a little.

  36. Lindsay B

    Hey Christine, maybe it’s just the photos, but this looks almost identical to the MUFE #49 lipstick from earlier this season. Is there some subtle difference that I’m not seeing or are they pretty much dupes?

  37. Jess

    That is horrendously ugly.

  38. How does this colour compare to MAC Cyber?

  39. Amber E.

    Hi Christine!
    I’m having the worst time shopping on MAC’s website since their changes. Almost NONE of their products have a description for them. It’s very difficult to buy just a name.
    Getting to my question, where can I find this smoked purple lipstick from MAC? Is this from a collection coming out? I love this color, and have been wanting to go bold this fall season:)
    Thanks again for all your hard work!!

  40. Well I guess I am in the minority, because I think it looks gorgeous and unique! Maybe I just covet these vampy shades because I can’t pull them off myself at all.

  41. Vale

    FANTASTIC! I love it. But I clicked wrong on “leave” instead of “love”… I’m still sleeping!

  42. Vale

    Oh, I was forgetting… does it belong to a particular collection, is it pro…?

  43. Phelpsy

    This color is completely gorgeous on you. I’m a MAC NC50 and I’m ordering this asap.

  44. inaya

    lol. i was stalking your archives..once again; and found you don’t have a review of Ruby Woo. Would you recommend Ravishing on an NC 35 who likes PINKY corals?

  45. selena

    hipster is better than this…!! im sticking with that!

  46. Eli

    Hello Christine! I compared Smoked Purple with Cyber at the PRO store… to me they looked exactly the same! What do you think?

  47. I am about as pale as they come, and I ROCK this type of colour like you won’t believe.
    My eyes look more blue, my teeth look super white and I feel so wicked you could just about put me on a broom and send me on my merry way.

    for some reason, this colour just rings my bells. Love it!

  48. kenneth alan

    LOVE this!

    usually I only like light pinks and corals, but lately I’ve been loving really, really dark colours. I need to buy this.

  49. B

    I really want this color!! I just checked the MAC site and it didn’t come up so I read through your comments and it says it’s from the Pro store :( My cousin is leaving for the US in a few days and I was hoping I could ask her to pick this up for me. Can just anyone shop at MAC Pro or do you need to be a MUA/stylist? :) Thanks!

  50. Luisafer

    insist, black and deep purple lips, not for me…

  51. Sexy Sadie

    Do not do it for me.

  52. ines

    oh my, i’m in love with this shade, i’m in a big search to find colour like this, but we do not have pro here, and i don’t live in the US, so Christine, could you recommend a good dupe for this?

  53. I think Smoked Purple is gorgeous although it is only suitable for certain skin tones and if you are a goth!

  54. Caitlin

    How similar would you say this is to the MAC Cunning lipstick with Fabulous Felines? From the swatches I’ve seen I REALLY want that colour but don’t know if I’ll have the money in time to snag it – so I was looking for a good dupe for it. If so, which lipliner would you say to use it with, if any?

    (Sorry, had to submit again so I could click the “notify me” box! XD

  55. Kaitlin

    Is this color close to violetta? I’m waiting to get it with the disney collection

  56. Leslie

    I’m really fair skinned, but have black hair/green eyes. The hubby thinks this would look hot on me 😉 It’s a supersexy color! Where can we find it?!

  57. Vale

    Please, could you tell me which collection this lipstick belongs to?

  58. Jessica :)

    Woooow!! this color looks sooo good on you Christine! :)

  59. I really wish this wasn’t a PRO product. Is there anything in the normal MAC line that is a dupe for this? Or is it both lines?

  60. hnnnnnnng when am I gonna have money again? ’cause I’m buying this.

  61. Meika

    I’m loving this color. Would you say it’s darker or lighter than MAC’s Cyber?

  62. Kenneth Alan

    This looks exactly like Cyber just in a different finish.

  63. Love it, esp. since this is what they used on the Proenza Schouler F/W 2010 runway show. I think it looked fantastic on the fair-skinned models and would translate well in real life.

    It looks like it’s part of the regular lipstick collection now, too. :)

  64. anne

    will this look good on an N30 asian skin?

  65. Mina

    I really want to buy this lipstick, when you say PRO do you mean only people with a pro card can buy this shade?

  66. Mina

    Sorry posting again so i can be notified of a reply!

  67. Marina

    This color is gorgeous despite being quite strong (and shoking). In fact, it almost looks identical to #C916D Ravin’ Raisin by Wet ‘N Wild. Hell I dare say they’re pretty much the same.
    If you want to tone it down a little, just add some gloss, lip balm, chapstick, etc

  68. In response to all the talk of whether or not it suits pale folk, I’m an NC15 with ginger hair. I own a lot of fairly strong, strange and subversive shades (Illamasqua’s Disciple comes to mind..) including Cyber, and can honestly say I’ve never worn this EXCEPT for on Halloween, when I dressed up as the girl in this video!

    Otherwise it’s just too drying, too messy and too likely to fade unevenly, leaving not a stain so much as a weird patchy lipliner effect. Also it’s REALLY hard to apply. Not a good example of a MAC lipstick by any stretch.

  69. Dani

    What eyeliner are you wearing here?

  70. SkatCat

    Ooh la la. I will be buying this lipstick with the MAC Me Over collection. Such a hot color for the Fall/Winter. I love gothy colors.

  71. I am an African American woman and I have tried this lip color. Smoked purple, and I loved it. Haven’t bought it yet but planning on it. This color goes good with my skin tone, especially when fall and winter come around!

  72. rebelle

    hi christine, is prince noir a permanent?