Sunday, February 27th, 2011

MAC Sheen Supreme: Dupes & Comparisons

If I did not include a swatch or comparison below, it is most likely because I do not own the color to compare.

  • BARE AGAIN is a more opaque version of Hug Me. It is rosier than Cherish, lighter than Kinda Sexy. Woo Me is lighter and pinker.
  • BEHAVE YOURSELF is similar to Viva Glam Gaga and Of RoyaltySnob is cooler-toned and more opaque.
  • CAN’T GET ENOUGH is a little lighter than Sweet Ever After.
  • CAN’T RESIST is slightly less red than Fresh Moroccan. Funbathing is plummier, Rose Maiden is lighter and pinker, Odyssey is much plummier.
  • FULL SPEED is nearly identical to Red Full Stop. Rozz Revival is deeper and redder, while See Sheer is less pink and bright.  Chatterbox and Lustering are really too pink to be anything like it. Vegas Volt is noticeably orange in comparison.
  • GOOD TO BE BAD is a less opaque version of Darkside. Deepest Wish is browner, as is Kittenish. Media has stronger berry tones. Love Peck is also similar, though a touch darker, depending on how you apply it.
  • GOTTA DASH! is lighter than So Vain, more orange and pigmented than Funshine and Blowdry. (I don’t/couldn’t find Ravishing or Shy Girl, unfortunately.)
  • INSANELY IT! is a more fuchsia version of Fusion Pink, while Full Fuchsia is a little too magenta. NARS Funny Face is a little cooler and more purpled.
  • LOOK AT HER! is less red and shimmery compared to Guerlain Ginger, but it is more copper than Bronze Shimmer. Bronzilla is a rosy, pale bronze but not like it.
  • NEW TEMPTATION is pinker and sheerer than Russian Red. I expect it is closer to MAC Red, but I do not own it to compare.
  • QUITE THE THING! is a less opaque, more shimmered version of Rebel. Show Orchid is brighter, more magenta.
  • SUPREMELY CONFIDENT is most like Fleshpot, which is a little darker. Creme d’Nude, Blankety, Myth, and Viva Glam Gaga 2 are all noticeably darker.
  • ULTRA DARLING is a touch darker than NARS Niagara, bit more muted than MAC Crosswires, and little redder than Korres #18. Fast Thrill has more shimmer and less coral.

* I don’t own any comparable to Impressive, though it seems a lot like Modesty and Midi-mauve.

See comparison photos! 

Woo Me, Hug Me, Bare Again, Cherish, Kinda Sexy

Viva Glam Gaga, Behave Yourself, Snob, Of Royalty

Can’t Get Enough, Sweet Ever After

Funbathing, Rose Maiden, Can’t Resist, Fresh Moroccan, Odyssey

Rozz Revival, Red Full Stop, Full Speed, See Sheer

Full Speed, See Sheer, Chatterbox, Lustering

See Sheer, Chatterbox, Lustering, Full Speed, Vegas Volt

Deepest Wish, Darkside, Good to Be Bad, Love Peck, Kittenish, Media

So Vain, Gotta Dash!, Funshine, Blow Dry

Fusion Pink, Insanely It, NARS Funny Face, Full Fuchsia

Guerlain Ginger, Look at Her!, Bronze Shimmer, Bronzilla

New Temptation, Russian Red

Show Orchid, Quite the Thing!, Rebel

Viva Glam Gaga 2, Myth, Creme d’Nude, Supremely Confident

Creme d’Nude, Supremely Confident, Blankety, Viva Glam Gaga 2

Fast Thrill, NARS Niagara, Ultra Darling, MAC Crosswires, Korres #18

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55 thoughts on “MAC Sheen Supreme: Dupes & Comparisons

  1. HM

    Supremely Confident seems like it might be similar to Equality from All ages, all sexes.. Do you have that one to compare?

  2. Faerie

    Wow these comparisons helped me to reduce my wish list so much. Thank you!

    New Temptation looks so much pinker next to Russian Red. Do you think it’s close to Gesina lipstick or Movie Star Red ccb?

    Full Speed looks like a sheerer/more wearable Toxic Tale to me.

  3. what nude would you suggest for indian skin tones around nc35-40 with pigmented lips…hug me or bare again???or something else all together? help!

  4. Ana Carolina Ribeiro

    Thanks! I wanted Ultra Darling and Impressive, but since I own Crosswires already, I’m just hauling Impressive when it launches.

  5. Pam

    Thanks for the swatches.. This section is always my favourite part after you do the initial review. Thanks for everything :)

  6. Flavinha

    Hummm… the comparsion between Viva Glam Gaga 2 and Myth! Thank you! :)

  7. Ruby

    Thank You So Much Christine !!

    Also, I hope you do an overall review and recommendations for this one. Looking forward to that !!

  8. Marie

    Wow, these pictures help a ton, thanks so much. It’s especially useful to have the swatches so large!

  9. Jen

    These swatch comparisons are SO HELPFUL, thank you!

  10. Ashley

    So Impressive and Syrup aren’t too close? Its not insane to need both? :-)

  11. Trish

    Looks like I’m only getting Full Speed and Insanely It. This saves me so much $$$!

  12. lauraaaa

    christine, your blog is THE BEST.

  13. I’m always so impressed with your dupe list! It takes a lot of work to round up that many comparisons.

  14. This is so helpful! All I’m going to get for now is New Temptation, and maybe later Ultra Darling, as I don’t have Crosswires.

  15. So many swatches. Thanks so much for doing this Christine, I was going Good to Be Bad, but since I have Darkside, I think I’m gonna skip it.

  16. Thank you for all your hard work, this is very helpful!!!

  17. Bernice

    Thank you!

  18. Jodie

    Is Supremely Confident anything like Nars Madere?

  19. LeslieB

    IS full speed anything like sashimi mimi?? it just looks so familiar to me!

  20. amy

    Thanks for the swatches and comparisons. I decided not to get the Viva Glam Gaga 1 lipstick last year but for some reason this year I all of a sudden want it. Behave yourself is close enough and good enough for me. Luckily it is permanent!

    • jenny

      hy ist der lady gaga 1 jetzt dauerhaft im sortiment? habe ihn und den gloss und wollte mir backups holen von beiden bevor iich gaga 2 lippenstift und gloss kaufe. wenn dauerhaft kann ich ja gleich gaga 2 kaufen:0) bitte um mail danke

  21. Marian

    Thank you! This is so very helpful.

  22. Shayamli Mehrotra

    Amazing! Thank you. :]

  23. Cheryl

    thanks a lot! but i still want to see the comparisons with shy girl and ravishing :( i love these colours

  24. Stef

    Hi Christine,

    Of which collection/brand is Rose Maiden? Is it available now?


  25. Lils

    This is so helpful Christine! I don’t know what I would do without your blog! You are the BEST!

  26. Cassandra

    Do you like the texture of NARS Niagara or MAC Ultra Darling better? I’m not sure which to get!

  27. pearlyn

    hey christine, thanks for the dupes and comparison always help a lot! 😀 but wanna ask you what is the last one from the photo of the comparison of supremely confident theres four swatch but only three names thanks!:D

  28. How about Slimshine Bare? Is it anything like Bare again?

  29. xcarriecx

    Hi christine!

    These colors are BEAUTIFUL!
    I am wondering how does gotta dash compare to cut-a-caper?

  30. Sari

    How does Quite The Thing! compare to Violetta or Style Curve ?

  31. ju

    Hi!! one quick question~ just wonder how gatta dash and cut a caper or ever hip are different in color! thanks Christine<3

  32. What is the best dupe for viva glam wanted it so bad but never got it now its gone need help with a perfect dupe. PS i am fair skin red under tones strawberry blond and blue eyes plz help

  33. Maria

    Thank you so much for posting all of these swatches! They are really helpful! :)

    I was wondering if Full Speed was similar to Impassioned?

    Also, I was wondering if in the photo where you have Creme d’Nude, Supremely Confident, Blankety and Viva Glam Gaga 2 listed, is the one that’s labeled Blankety, actually Fleshpot? It just seems too pale to be Blankety? Thanks for your help!

  34. Charlene

    What MAC lipstick would be the best nude: hug me, viva glam gaga 2, hue, blankety or creme d’ nude? I have light medium skin, black hair :) Can you also recommend some corals? ( light and dark) :) Thanks!

  35. Kitt

    Is Can’t Resist anything like Drive Me Wild?

  36. Emily

    is gotta dash very similar to the limited edition lipstick jazzed?