Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Geo Pink, Looks Like Sin, Natural Flare

MAC Semi-Precious Sneak Peek Swatches

It will be quite awhile before I can get through all of the photos and write-up reviews, so in the meanwhile, here are some group photos and swatches. The majority of reviews will not be posted until tomorrow, sorry!  If it’s not pictured/swatched here, I do NOT have it at this time.  Anything that is missing I will certainly buy as soon as I’m able to, but I cannot swatch what I don’t have, so my apologies in advance!!

I think all the swatches have been corrected – I always swatch in alphabetical order but something happened and they were all OUT of order!

See more photos & swatches!

Geo Pink, Looks Like Sin, Natural Flare

Geo Pink

Looks Like Sin

Natural Flare

Gem of Roses

Gem of Roses

Musky Amethyst

Musky Amethyst

One of a Kind

One of a Kind

Semi-Precious Goldstone (left), Semi-Precious Rose Quartz (right), Semi-Precious Pearl (top)

Semi-Precious Goldstone

Semi-Precious Pearl

Semi-Precious Rose Quartz

Pressed Amber, Feeling Flush

Feeling Flush (Heavy/Blended)

Pressed Amber (Heavy/Blended)

Blue Sheen (Dry/Wet)

Golden Gaze (Dry/Wet)

Hint of Sapphire (Dry/Wet)

Rare Find (Dry/Wet)

Smoked Ruby (Dry/Wet)

Unsurpassable (Dry/Wet)

Jade’s Fortune (Dry/Wet)

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137 thoughts on “MAC Semi-Precious Sneak Peek Swatches

  1. They appear much better when applied wet. Can’t wait for your reviews!

  2. liz

    some of these colors are very prety!

  3. Ooh fun! These look great Christine! Thank you for always swatching popular items and collections so quickly. I wish you didn’t feel like you had to. People are so hard on you, and it’s really unnecessary and out of line. I just want you to know that no matter what, you are EXTREMELY appreciated!

  4. I am so looking forward to the full reviews!

  5. Thinking you may have made a mistake with Feeling Flush/Pressed Amber?

    Gorgeous swatches though!

  6. Jen

    Oh wow, this portion of the collection looks great. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be wanting anything or not but quite a few things just jumped onto my list!

  7. Amanda C

    omg their so beautiful! cant wait for this collection!

  8. Wow! YAAAY! I have been waiting anxiously for swatches from this collection. Sadly, I need just as much from the collection as I feared I would- especially the Cremesheens. Cremesheens aremy favorites glosses ever.

  9. Thanks for these swatches! Are the Rose quartz and pearl swatches switched? I’d expect the Rose quartz to be a lot pinker. Loving blue sheen, so pretty!

  10. La.pLebiitah

    Awww i wanted to see “Warmth Of Coral” Blush.. I’ll have to wait! =)

  11. Jasmine

    Omg these are gorgeous! And they look SOOOOO pigmented! Dang I’m goin to be broke this month…

  12. Erin

    Omg! Love these! I kinda got tired of waiting for swatches of this, but you have revived my interest. I’d love to eventually see Blue Sheen and Golden Gaze next to Gilt By Association and Blue Flame from Style Black.

  13. Kajol

    My wallet is crying!!

  14. Kendall Sinclair

    the lipglasses, lipsticks, and blushes look good but i’m not really too impressed with the eyeshadows

    • Amanda A

      I feel the same. There are only 2 or 3 things that seem worthy of further investigation. But, in all honesty, I’m a bit underwhelmed with these.

  15. C

    nothing is very outstanding for me, i would like the blue sheen though. thats about it really.

  16. Amanda Dubs

    The people at my MAC store said that the thing to get is the brushes. You probably arn’t going to be getting those ones to review are you? Just wondering :) I always like to check with you before I buy things

  17. Rae

    Oh my god, these look absolutely amazing – especially in the pan! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the products themselves :)

  18. Ashley

    Unsurpassable and Golden Gaze look fantastic wet here!!! I swatched these dry at the MAC store yesterday and wasn’t in love…the brushes are very cool though….one side is natural, and the other is synthetic!!!

  19. the shadows look amazing when used wet, so pretty!

  20. bxboricua

    I want Gem of Roses, Geo Pink and Looks like Sin already lol

  21. laura r

    oh dear, i am in lust with all of the lip products. my poor wallet!

    the eye and cheek shades are nice too- some have a pretty duochrome quality- but they aren’t calling to me.

  22. Everything looks amazing :) And please dont feel sorry for not having everything from a collection.. you do such a great job giving us these sneak peeks and reviews anyway :) I (and many else) appreciate you so very much.. dont listen to anyone that gives you a hard time

  23. Moni

    mmmm… Im not getting too excited about this…. I will have to read your opinions on these collection. But the brushes really intrigue me though

  24. Bee

    oh these look gorgeous, especially the blue one ♥

  25. Shannon

    drools!!!! you tease!

  26. Courtney

    Eh…I’m just not sure. Maybe the blue shadow? I wish the MSFs and blushes weren’t all warm-toned.

  27. Edelmc

    Sweet baby Jesus and all that is good in the world – this collection looks amazing! I want creamsheens, eyeshadows and brushes. Silly mac people for not sending you the brushes. Your reviews are worth the wait cause they are so in depth! I think this is going to be my biggest haul this year. Looking forward to seeing what you think of the collection

  28. Brie

    My MAC counter at Nordstrom had the pre-sale available with the full collection on display for swatching. I pre-ordered six of the mineralize eyeshadows and one of the brushes, which I’m super excited to use for liquid foundation! I didn’t pick out any of the MSFs because I can’t stand how they look like they have some sort of infected rash growing in the center of them :-( I can’t wait to pick up my new babies on the 7th though!

    • Lyse

      I feel the same way about the “rash” in the middle. Yuck.

    • Kirari

      I’m glad to see that someone else thinks somethinf likethis, lol. I can’t look at them and not see a giant pimple.

      I do love that blue eyeshadow, though.

    • Sun

      I haven’t been able to bring back interest for the MSFs since someone (on here?) mentioned they looked like nipples >_<

  29. Candace

    I’m not very interested in the products themselves, but I just had to say these swatches and photos are gorgeous! Even more so than all your others, somehow :) thank you so much for these, Christine!

  30. ZoeStellman

    Love Love these swatches :) Thank you Christine. I think the names of the eyeshadows are a bit muddled. may be just me? probably me. Anyway, thank you for the swatches. Your the person i go to before i buy any make up :)

  31. Corinne

    Some of them remind me of the Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows. They’re pretty!

    • Mariella

      I was thinking the same – that Golden Glaze looks like that Armani Eyes to Kill bronzey shade (I think it was the first one that Christine reviewed here) – I hope it’s close because I SO want something at least close to that shade.

  32. Carrie Ann

    Oh, man. My wallet is going to suffer.

  33. Pamela

    Musky Amethyst would be beautiful on a really dark girl but not me.

  34. Maybe Smoked Ruby…maybe not. I have to see the reviews and the complete set. I wish MAC would send the whole lot along so that we could get Christine’s review.

  35. karla

    OMG! The eyeshadows look fabulous!!! so excited!

  36. It’s funny now Jade’s Fortune isn’t a jade green!

  37. Judy

    Thanks for the swatches Christine!!! I LOVE

  38. Judy

    Thanks for the swatches Christine!!! I LOVE the lipsticks and those are the three I have wanted since I heard about this collection. I am so buying Gem of Roses, One of a Kind and Musky Amethyst (I do wish it were more of a smokey purple though…oh well).

  39. Alexis

    Gem of Roses and One of a Kind are my kind of lip colors! Gem of Roses looks a bit similar to Cyndi. I have my eyes on Jades Fortune and Smoked Ruby (reminds me of fall. I must resist Blue Sheen…

    • Mariella

      Same here – I love the look of those 2 but will still want to see how they look against my skin. It’s going to be hard to pare down my purchase in this collection to just 4 or 5 items!

  40. Sara

    Thanks for swatching these! I look forward to your swatches the most, as always, since they are so well-light and the color balance seems true. No pressures though, I won’t send you hate mail if you swatch everything a month after a collection is released. :p I’m just happy you’re big enough that companies will send you things ahead of time.

    Keep up the good work and thanks a bunch for being so awesome!!!

  41. Kristen

    Darn it! I am going to IMATS on Sunday… How do I justify buying things there and then half this collection? :: Sighs :: I need more storage…

  42. Emily

    Hey Christine something just came to me…. How do you rate brushes??
    Also, when you say swatches wet what are you searching with and the method?

  43. Leticia

    Mmm, right now I feel I may only want a MSF, but probably this is one of those collections that when I see in person, I will want much more! Can’t wait for your reviews, Christine – they´re always so helpful!

  44. alison

    Rare find…. omg.

  45. Carrie

    Oooh, I rather like Rose Quartz!

    So far I’m feeling kinda underwhelmed by the eyeshadows, the one I was most interested in (Hint of Sapphire) also looks the most patchy. Pity, but good for the wallet!

  46. April

    I LOVE Feeling Flush…it’s so pretty and Gem of Roses…def getting these two!

  47. I really wonder how Musky Amethist compares with Rebel… aside from the obvious difference in finish.

  48. Alex

    Christine, pardon me if this is somewhere on the site, but I didn’t see it in the FAQ. What liquid are you using for those wet swatches? Water? Some kind of mixing medium?

  49. Rachel

    I want all three of those lipsticks. I’ve never been crazy about the mineralized shadows, but it’s been a few years since I’ve tried them and some of these colors are really pretty.

  50. Lyse

    Gem of Roses is SO, SO pretty.
    I’m getting feeling flush for sure. Can’t wait. Thanks so much for the swatches.

  51. stephanie

    Thanks! Musky Amethyst looks like Cunning! Can’t wait for a review!

  52. verybecca

    Some of these swatch so differently than I expected – thanks for posting!

  53. Awww Rare Find is a little disappointing. I expected it to be more on the red side. But I LOVE Blue Sheen. That Blue is gorgeous!

    I like the Musky Amethyst too.

    I won’t go broke thankfully lol.

  54. Nicole

    Goldstone, Rose Quartz, and Precious Pearl look like festering wounds. I am actually grossed out. They look like what happens when you make the mistake of google image searching “what is this thing on my leg that won’t heal.” Urgh.

    Jade’s Fortune is totally gorg though.

  55. I cannot wait to try these! I’m looking forward to the cremesheens and MSFs!!

  56. Daphnee

    Smoked Ruby will be mine!

  57. Daphnee

    That jeweled tone blue is reminding me of Sea & Sky duo.

  58. Mariella

    Oh dear oh dear….I’m seeing 2 lipsticks, the Feeling Flush blush and at least one eye shadow I know I will want. Christine, is Golden Glaze anything like that Armani loose powder shadow you reviewed a while ago – the one that was a gorgeous bronze colour?

  59. Marina


  60. Dana

    Thanks for the sneak peek, can’t wait for the full review 😀

  61. Piper

    Once you get a chance, Christine, can you swatch the coral blush? Thats the one thing i’m looking forward to. Also, Hint of Sapphire seemed good until the swatches came. Is it really that sheer in real life? -Thanks so much!

  62. Claudia Malotti

    Oh boy! How they can???
    Did you know that the colors are about Brazil gems?

  63. Cori

    ugh Geo Pink looks amazing

  64. Ana

    Hmmmm…not feeling it yet. The Blue Sheen is the only item catching my eye (haha, get it?, cuz its an eyeshadow!) Lol! Anyway….. I may have to wait to see the rest of the products and swatches.

    PS– thanks for all your hard work!!!

  65. LU

    Thanks for the swatches! The MSF’s look nice, but since I already have four I feel buying more is ridiculous. But, maybe, just maybe…LOL

  66. Sun

    Hmmmmmmm, the only one I was interested in was Hint of Sapphire, but I see no sapphire in that, not even a hint :-/. BUT, I gained interest in Blue Sheen, Smoked Ruby, and Musky Amethyst :S. I hope smoked ruby looks just as good on the eyelid.

  67. Katie

    LOVING that musky amethyst!!!

  68. Geo Pink, Looks Like Sin, and Musky Amethyst look so much more interesting than any of the mineralized products (well, except as eye candy)!

  69. Dini

    Ooooh, thanks for the swatches. I love a lot more of them than I thought I would so far. Your swatches really help me decide what to buy!

  70. Lindsey D

    I still want all the lipsticks, but now I kinda want some of those eyeshadows ahhh I really shouldn’t, I just spent a bunch of the Blogger’s Collection (can’t wait to try yours, btw). Can’t wait to see the rest of this collection swatched and reviewed, thanks so much!

  71. Sarah

    smoked ruby is the only eyeshadow i want; i hate having to apply shadows wet and it looks the most presentable when dry. i still want every single one of the msfs, none of the lipglosses, maybe a lipstick or two, maybe a mineralized blush or two…. either way i’ll be splurging on this collection.

  72. Emma

    I love Semi-Precious Pearl, Smoked Ruby and Geo Pink! Thank you so much for swatches, Christine. I really admire your complete dedication to providing us with such accurate reviews and swatches.

  73. karen gonzalez

    must. have. SEMIPRECIOUS PEARL!!!!!!!!!

  74. Meganwicked

    I’m really liking the lips for this collection, which is rare, MAC and me don’t ever seem to get along with lip colors for collections, but these are just my taste. The colors of the shadows beautiful and the pigmentation from dry to wet is beautiful. looking forward to the reviews and overall thought on the products.

  75. Lauren

    oh…i can hear my wallet crying already. everything looks so pretty!

  76. Gretchen

    I hate that MAC didn’t send you everything from the collection. They love to mess with us.

  77. Kayla

    Feeling Flush is SO pretty! If I don’t get anything else, I’m definitely going to be purchasing that.

  78. Ebony

    Clearly silly little things like saving money and not giving in to my product junkie-ism should just be thrown out the window. I see myself creating a look with Blue Sheen and Golden Gaze in my future.:)

  79. Katie

    Geo pink cremesheen glass, Semi-Precious Goldstone MSF, and the coral blush have my name on them 😀

  80. I’m with Joyce :) Thanks for swatching everything so nicely! I wasn’t expecting much when I saw the promo pictures for this collection, but now that I see swatches, they are gorgeous! I absolutely love how the lip products and eyeshadows look, might have to go down to the MAC store soon.

  81. Christine

    Does anyone know when this collection comes out?

  82. Liz

    Unsurpassable is like liquid lurex but in eyeshadow form. love!

  83. Kate

    And I though Mac collections wouldn’t phase me..

  84. Mari

    Golden Gaze eyeshadow and Gem of Roses lipstick are probably the best in this collection for me. Gem of Roses is such a pretty summery shade and Golden Gaze is probably the best gold shadow I have ever seen.

  85. Jenna

    ” The majority of reviews will not be posted until tomorrow, sorry! ”
    God forbid people have to wait ONE day haha, I can’t even imagine the work you do in a day.. you are probably exhausted lol.
    Can’t wait to see the swatches :)

  86. Holly

    These will make you LOVE mineral eyeshadows! Trust me, they are wayyyyy pigmented!

  87. Vonvon

    Thanks for the sneak peeks, Christine! Love the swatches!

    Smoked Ruby looks good dry and wet! Golden Gaze comes in 2nd. Blue Sheen is a YES. Unsurpassable is light shade compared to others, but nonetheless, just as beautiful!

    And Rare Find might my eyes look bruised.

  88. Erica

    Oh my god. The eyeshadows. Absolutely gorgeous. I especially like the blue one!

  89. OMFG This is stunning! Thank you Christine!

  90. Oh shit.

    I was going to skip this entire collection, the only thing I was semi-interested in anyway were the lipsticks but the swatches I’d originally seen made me decide to pass – but these..? Oh boy. I must have Musky Amethyst and possibly Gem of Roses. Do you think MA would go well with Vino l/l?

    Can’t wait to see your reviews!

  91. Lolly

    Loving Smoked Ruby! yum!

  92. unique collection! love the l/s can’t wait for the lip swatches :)

  93. Laura

    Eek! So far from this collection I *definitely* want at least 3 of the MSFs, at least 2 of the blushes, at least 4 or 5 of the eyeshadows, and probably 1-2 lipstick and 1-2 cremesheens. HELP!

  94. Vamp

    Thank you a lot for those swatches :)
    I’m loving this collection and I’m waiting eagerly for your review. But please don’t stress you.

  95. Jazz

    I NEED A JOB. lol 2 of the 3 l/g , msf’s naturals and that pink blush are calling me. Oh and one eyeshadow is super pretty

  96. Maribeth

    Looks like a nice collection. Loving the
    lippies and Rare Find, Unsurpassable. Can’t wait for the reviews as well. I’m sort of done with the bright summery collections and am ready for something different. Thanks Christine!

  97. Mo

    Smoked Ruby e/s looks wonderful!

  98. Nlinton

    These are pretty, but not really wanting to run out and get this. Thanks for the swatches!