Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

MAC Ruffian Collection for Summer 2012

Cult New York designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais of Ruffian bring their infamous swagger to M·A·C in three exclusive Ruffian Manicures and Lipsticks. Each ready-to-wear set includes 24 nails that are pre-glued and in assorted sizes to ensure a couture-worthy fit. Touch and go with Spectator ovals, an inky spin on the classic French manicure; turn everything to gold with gilded tips à la Demilune; or push buttons in five-alarm Demoiselle talons. For the power pout: Ruffian Red, Ruffian Naked, a creamy beige, and Ruffian Gold, its 24-carat kin. A triple-threat of colour, texture and style.

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Ruffian Naked Pale peachy nude (Matte)
  • Ruffian Gold Gold glitter metallic (Frost)
  • Ruffian Red Classic rich blue red (Matte)

Ruffian Manicure ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Spectator Cream with black half moon, black French tip and black Ruffian ensignia (Creme)
  • Demoiselle Ruffian red with white half moon and black French tip (Creme)
  • Demilune Matte black with chrome gold half moon (Matte)

Availability: June 18th, 2012 online at maccosmetics.com (North America); September 2012 at select MAC online locations for international

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41 thoughts on “MAC Ruffian Collection for Summer 2012

  1. Margot

    So excited for the nails… it seems to me this is the first time MAC does this, and it’s quite interesting! 

  2. Dominique33

    Ruffian Red is gorgeous but we’ll have to wait until september in Europe I fear, time to save up money !
    thanks for posting this upcoming collection !

  3. coldvault

    This press release is so late! Weird.
    Oh God, I want all the lipsticks…and Spectator. Even though it looks like the insignia nail only comes in one size? And even though I only want them because it’s Ruffian.

    • ChelleBelle

       @coldvault It’s been out for quite a long time now.
      Wonder why they changed the finish of the red lipstick, it was originally amplified from what I’ve read. Might get it, not sure yet.

  4. i’m a little excited for the red lipstick!

  5. Y

    I can’t even express how SICK I am of MAC!

  6. Interesting Collection, although I don’t think I’ll buy anything from this collection…

  7. Not interested in any of the products – but I LOVE the promo photo!

  8. Caitlin Mary

    The nude lipstick might be fun, or the gold…. I am wondering (and hoping) that these are stick-on polishes. 

  9. xamyx

    Maybe it’s just me, but the first thing that came to mind are the fake nails that come in toy “beauty sets” that I buy for my 5 year old. I have to say, though, the lipsticks are pretty, especially the red & the nude.

  10. f0rtunefaded

    no more red lipsticks!

  11. I want to get the gold/black nails, flip them around, file them, and make them gold tips instead.  My big concern is that press-ons aren’t reuseable, so paying $25 for a set is a lot to ask for.

  12. alison p

    i don’t do stick on nails, but i’m SO stealing these designs for manicures! i especially love demoiselle, but i like spectator too!

  13. $25 for press-on nails bahahahhaha

  14. Kafka

    YET ANOTHER collection???  I’m starting to feel as though there is a new one each week. Why stop there, MAC? Why not just issue a new L/E collection every 3 days?  I’m glad for those who love MAC, but….
    Never mind.  <goes to sit in the corner and roll her eyes> 


    seriously mac? tell me someone did NOT get paid for this idea…….this is terrible….

  16. milegolas

    waiting for (in my opinion) the collection of the year: heavenly creature o/

  17. Miss J


  18. Holy cow, those press-on nails are EXPENSIVE for what you get. Yes, they’re pretty, but come on…

  19. Jenny

    The Gold lippie looks FAB…. Can’t wait for swatches!!

  20. hayley_beaumont

    Lipsticks look boring apart from Ruffian gold, although I wouldn’t wear it. The nails just scream tacky.

  21. Nadia B

    I love MAC and I think all their products are great, but is it just me, or does anyone else feel like there are so many many collections lately? I have been using MAC for years, and I notice lately that even before one collection is said and done the next is out? I guess I shouldn’t complain – they are fab!!!

    • angela sutherland

       @Nadia B too many collections and the quality of these special or limited editions are disappointing 

    • divinem1

       @Nadia B Yes, MAC is starting to burn me out, and I’ve been branching out to higher end brands that don’t excessively push LE items. 

  22. Shauna Severance

    I like the look of the nude lipsticks :) Can’t wait to see them swatched!

  23. Beth Ess

    finally a blue red!

  24. Veronica

    The nails do nothing for me, but I do like the lipsticks.  I could see the gold being very interesting layered with a semi-sheer red gloss!

  25. ebonyamberjade

    I’m interested in trying the red lipstick. The black and white manicure is probably the only one I would try

  26. Brittany

    What..the…hell! Mac you have got to be kidding me..a press on nail collection?! Someones really loosing their creativity or just getting lazier and lazier. a press on nails for $25.00 is a joke…Beth Ditto collection was just the start/kicker.

  27. myesha2003

    How does ruffian red compare to red racer lipstick?

    • Ruca

       @myesha2003 I’m sure you’d prefer Christine to answer, but if it helps at all, I’ll know personally about the precise colors in a few days when my Ruffian gets here, and untl then, I can tell you this: the swatches I’ve seen look rather similar, but Rufian is MATTE and Red Racer is SATIN. The finish can make all the difference in the world! The satin finish is one of my favorites–very pigmented with a slight sheen to it without being glossy, while the matte is sure to be a bit more pigmented, shine-free/dry looking, and easier to work with in terms of laying glosses on top of it without the color mixing into the 2nd layer. HTH

  28. Angelo

    Will you be reviewing this collection?

  29. niche

    Just ordered Ruffian Red…I remember it being this lipstick used at a Ruffian runway show that they gave to the attendees. All the people who received it, loved it so much. Since MAC wasn’t planning on selling it originally, you know it was for real. I hope its still the same.

  30. Trudy

    What is the difference between Ruffian Red and Ruby Woo?!  Also, Does MAC really need another pale peachy nude?  It seems that MAC comes out with different “collections” with the same lip colors but with different names. 

  31. Trudy

    Actually, what’s the difference between Ruby Woo, Russian Red, and this Ruffian Red?  They are all described as matte blue based reds.

    • Ruca

       @Trudy I saw swatches of all these colors together, all in a row (yes, Ruffian, too), and they do look different. Not so different that one would need all of them, but different enough that a person with an eye for color differences (a la Christine saying “such and such is more blue”) would see that they are different reds. If you don’t collect these things, then you’re probably fine with just one. If you’re like me and you do collect… that’s a different story. Lucky me, I don’t have Ruby Woo or Russian Red because I never have time to buy perm lippies with all the LEs coming out HAHA!

      • divinem1

         @Ruca Boy, isn’t that the truth regarding the LE items constantly keeping me from purchasing permanents?! I couldn’t agree more!

  32. vanmandm

    Got the red and gold lippie. But the press on-nails are over the top expensive. Are they crazy overthere at MAC? And enough with the wanna be LE collections. Come on. Its like they really want to see us broke…