Thursday, February 18th, 2010

MAC Riveting Collection

MAC Riveting Collection: Overall Review, Thoughts, & Round-up

Note: This hits stores today :)

OVERALL, Riveting is an interesting collection, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a must-have kind of collection. It’s definitely going to appeal to some, while others will skip it because it’s not as wearable as other collections have been in the past. I think with Spring Colour Forecast just launching, that might be where more are going to put their money, rather than Riveting. Luckily, Riveting is a small and easy-to-swallow collection, unlike Spring Colour Forecast, which would make even the most seasoned MAC addict’s head spin!

I think with the mix of shades in this collection, it’s hard to make recommendations. I found that the product with the highest quality (e.g. good pigmentation, nice feel, etc.) was Show Orchid Lipstick (but it’s PRO, though I think everyone needs to own it… and dance around at home, if you don’t want to rock it to the grocery store!). The blushes are both pigmented, but I think it really depends on if you prefer your blushes intensely pigmented or not (I don’t, actually–I like medium intensity!).

Bubbles and Metal Maven lipsticks are funky shades, good for layering, but it just depends if you’re willing to mix it or if you want something you can wear alone, too. Lipglasses are both cute but pretty dupe-able. The only product that didn’t thrill me, in terms of quality, was the matte nail lacquer. Just not on par with other brands’ matte releases. I’d go OPI or Zoya instead. Studded was the only one I’d consider!

P.S. – Remember, Riveting launches in-stores  next Thursday, the 18th.  It’ll probably pop online either Monday or Tuesday.  (Likely Tuesday, given the Monday holiday.)

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What are your must-haves? What are you skipping?

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51 thoughts on “MAC Riveting Collection: Overall Review, Thoughts, & Round-up

  1. Sixx

    *I think* I’m done with my February goodies…definitely lookin’ forward to MAC Too Fabulous..MAC must know I get paid on Thursdays or somethin’!

  2. liana

    No more mac for me this month, with colour forecast and the awesome vivaglam lipsticks, Im not even sure i will want to spend money on the cremesheen glasses in the Too Fab collection b/c they are permanent.

  3. rashmi

    i have show orchid and i bought that after reading so many good reviews on net and have got compliments whenever i wear it …. its good that it is coming in this coll. otherwise its hard to find the one
    it is a must in ur makeup bag if one finds it hard to use you can always use it as a stain its a lovellllyyyy color
    i love show orchid and if m not going to finish the tube i will pass on to my daughter-in-law hahahahah
    my son is 2 yrs old …..

  4. wow this is such a beautiful collection. i am gonna have to get the lipstick and lipglass for sure

  5. Jasmine

    I’m thinking dirty plum blush (so unique!), show orchid or True babe gloss.

  6. kpenn09

    Whew, I’m going to make it out alive with only Show Orchid and True Babe. I have B2Ms for the lipstick too.

    Next up, Too Fabulous, which looks like it will be problematic for my wallet!

  7. aradhana

    the blushes are a must for me….and probably show orchid and the taupey grey lipstick. possibly totally babe…
    i’m really looking forward to this collection…more so than the Colour forecast, which hasn’t come out here yet! :(

  8. how awesome is that full fuchsia blush?? I WANT IT

  9. Melissa

    thanks! i love your website, I’d be lost with out it!

  10. Kristina

    I’m not even a MAC girl but I have to give them credit for producing the most fashion forward collection in a really long time. I can see how one may argue that most of these shades unwearable, but this is pure artistic genius! This is what makeup art should be, creating pieces to mix, layer and create with. Although so many other recent MAC collections have a more commercial, mainstream appeal, these shades speak to the artist in me. Now if only the quality was as good as the esthetics….

  11. Michele

    I think I’ll pass on this collection. The Show Orchid is pretty but I think it would be too intense on me unless I was going somewhere special. I do like the Studded Nail Lacquer – that might be a possibility.

  12. Rosanna

    Interesting colours….but when I’m I ever gonna wear silver on my lips? Halloween? If I ever feel the need, I’ll mix a silver pigment with a clear lipgloss LOL – at least I won’t be wasting $16.50 just to wear this once. I already get stares for wearing RED lipstick. T_T

    For blushes..not really for me (the glitter & purple…no thanks).

    Show Orchid is a really fun colour (love the name!) but I have access to a PRO 45 mins away. Isn’t “Show Orchid” kind of Similar to “Girl About Town” though?

    • They’re both hot pink, but I think that Show Orchid is brighter and has the cool fuchsia sheen and all that!

      • ALEX

        I once asked a mac artist online to get me a combination to make show orchid (back when it wasnt available at all!) and she told me girl about town and up the amp in the middle top and bottom and of course I have those two (which are essential from MAC if you like fun lips!) and I have to say it is almost dead on. Same brightness with sheen… so if you have those dont buy this one as it does achieve that look so you get 3 lipsticks out of 2!!! I know some people hate dupes and mixing colors to get others but the way i see it is that you only NEED basics, the rest are fun stuff you put on consciously and should play around with anyways.

  13. Angela

    My must haves: True Babe; Fushsia blush

    Skipping: Bubbles, the silver lippies.
    I may get the silver np.

  14. Laudry

    Unlikely, I know – but out of all those choices in the MAC “SPRING COLOUR FORECAST,” only three were interesting enough for me to buy. So I’m UP for whatever any other MAC collections coming out now might have to offer!

    I can’t wait to get & wear “Show Orchid” l/s! “Hollywood Nights” (from MAC “HEATHERETTE”) is my favorite lipstick ever- I get the most compliments on it, it ‘s great with my pale & cool-toned skin skin). “Show Orchid” is gorgeous & in the same color family, so I can’t wait to get it (plus a “Full Fuchsia” blush!).

    ..and maybe a lipglass & another lipstick or two? : – )

  15. Leenie

    It’s not a must have but I’ll be picking up the lipstick in riveting definitely, that’s the only thing I want out of this collection thank god for that I spend so much money on the spring colour forecast collection.

  16. Leenie

    And the dirty plum blush.

  17. Allison H.

    This is a fun collection! Very ’80s punk/glam rock to me… I will probably pick up the pink blush (looks glittery and hot!).

    I like the Studded silver polish, but I don’t care much for matte finishes. Anyone know a close shade (that metallic/glittery silver, but with a glossy finish) in any brand? :)

    • Zoya comes to mind… I’m blanking on the shade specifically though. You could always apply a top coat (like Seche Vite), which I’d normally do anyway, so it’s not an extra step, and it will be glossy.

  18. Ashley

    just the dirty plum blush for me…undecided on if i get a backup…actually probably not, if i get the vintage grape blush ombre!

  19. Luisafer

    I saw the products and didn’t go crazy, so guess agreed with your opinion :)

  20. I placed my order today! [insert dance of joy here] Bubbles, Metal Maven, Rock Out Lipglass, Black Enough? and Studded Nail Lacquers.

  21. Arienne

    Just ordered Show Orchid this morning – can’t wait!

  22. Natasha

    I am loving Riveting and True Babe. I also really like Show Orchid but I don’t know if it will go with my complexion I’m a NC44.I’ll have to test it out once it comes out. I can’t wait!!

  23. kay

    I only like the Wham Bam nail polish.

  24. SiaM

    I couldn’t resist even when I am trying to save up for the cute packaging of the Liberty London and the amazing packaging and shades of the MAC Summer Collection.
    I got online today: Riveting lipstick (I really have to try this shade, it was gorgeous on your swatches somewhat muted, I really hope it complements my skin) and Wham Bam…nail lacquer.

    Your swatches dragged me in….^_^ Thanks!!!

  25. def gonna check out the polishes and skip the rest o_O I’m trying to be selective!! haha

  26. Alexis

    I’m really curious about the Riveting lipstick but after swatching it on my hand I felt that it would look muddy on me. I guess the true test is actually trying it on. Hmm…

  27. That plum blush look so lovely… very unique colour for the cheeks!

  28. Tracy

    Hmm, I think I’m done finished for the month of feb. I would like dirty plum blush but this is being repromoted for liberty of london so I’ll wait since I love the packaging.

  29. I’m not enthused by this collection. I might pick up the blushes at a later date since I have a pro store nearby. I think the only thing I might get is the silver polish, but not 100% on it.

  30. I can easily say that this collection is not for me. Thanks for the reviews Christine.

  31. today I went and got Metal Maven, Bubbles and Rock Out. I don’t know if I really like the lipsticks though. :/ I’ll have to try some combos out with them see if I can change my mind!

  32. Jennifer

    This is random, but I just got “Hush, Hush, Rose” lipglass from spring forecast 1 in the mail and I really love it. I was wondering does MAC have a similar color in lipglass to their permanent line? Or even a lipstick that is the same rose-pink color in the permanent line? Or is Rose Maiden LE lipstick close to it in L/S form? I only ask because I really love this color and am tight on money, but would make room to get a back up should there not be anything similar in their permanent line.

  33. Dee

    I got Show Orchid and the silver lipgloss. I was sooo tempted by Metal Maven, but I don’t even know how to begin mixing things to make them wearable.

  34. Carrie

    I ordered Riveting and Bubbles, and I think that’s it for me. I just bought Cyndi and several things from Spring Colour Forecast.

  35. Vijaya

    Was it supposed to launch at the counters today, too? ‘Cause my local counter was under the impression that it was next week.

  36. Diana

    I picked up the Riveting lipstick today thanks to Christines swatches that are so true to the color. I absolutely love it!! I have very pigmented lips so on me it looks like a nude just a little deeper. Its like a warm nude if that makes sense. And since its a glaze its so smooth on the lips you can wear it without gloss, but I have to have my gloss. Thank you so much for the swatches Christine…I dont know what I’d do without your website….IT’S AWESOME!!!!

  37. Katie

    I was kind of underwhelmed by this at first (other than True Babe, since I already grabbed Show Orchid when it first came out), but I was playing around at the store and tried Riveting lipstick with Rock Out over it- amazing! A very wearable future/metallic plum that really kicks with a dark purple eye. Made the collection worth it!