Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

MAC Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum for Fall 2011

U.S. Launch Date: July 14th, 2011
International Launch Date: August 2011

Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum ($30.00 U.S. / $36.50 CDN) (Permanent)

The latest addition to our successful Prep + Prime fam ily is a new Patented formula that promotes natural lash growth for longer, thicker, stronger-looking lashes, with dramatic results visible in eight weeks when used twice daily. Designed to enhance over time, this breakthrough patent-pending treatment delivers a measurable, visible difference. Apply a thin line of serum to the base of the upper and lower lashes on clean, dry skin, morning and evening, and watch what happens. from this day forward, there is no looking back!

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38 thoughts on “MAC Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum for Fall 2011 (Official)

  1. adrienne

    Oh this is something I can definitely get on board with! I hope it is as good as Lilash :)

  2. Alyssa

    this looks really cool! never tried one before, christine when should we expect a review on this? not trying to sound impatient but i’m really interested in trying this product!

    • I do not review lash growth serums, sorry!

      • Jessica

        Why not?

        • I don’t feel comfortable testing them – it’s something personal, and while I will do many things that cause reactions on me (e.g. lining my upper lash line and having my lid swell shut), I won’t use any lash serums. I have enough trouble with my lash line that I see no reason why I should use a product I genuinely don’t feel comfortable using for the sake of a review.

          • Maureen

            I heard that Lilash can make your eye color darker. For completely different reasons, I cannot blame you in the least for any sort of reluctance to review a lash-growth product.

            • Anything that can make your lashes actually grow is like, “Whoa!” to me – and even though it seems like a lot of those “this may cause” tales are from products like Latisse, I’m just too wary of this product type! I don’t want longer lashes THAT badly :)

            • Elle

              I agree with you Christine…that’s what mascara is for :)

            • An false lashes for photoshoots. ^_^

    • Maureen

      Alyssa, if you’re super interested in lash-enhancement, Physicians Formula (available at almost any drugstore) makes a thickening eyeliner.

    • Carla

      I ordered a tube today, so when I get mine, and start to see results (or lack thereof), I’ll report back.
      I’m currently using Revitalash, which works fairly well for me, but I’m hoping to love the MAC since it’s so much less expensive. Deep inside, I expect to have to continue buying and using Revitalash, but it will only cost me $30 to try the MAC, so I’m taking the chance.

      • Cyndi

        is Mac available? I have been using revitalash and just loving it, Mac is much less expensive, can’t wait to try it.

  3. Lizzy

    Pass x 100.

  4. This is exciting! I’ve used an Asian product very similar to this to great effect and it worked quite well in thickening and adding some volume, and adding a lot of durability and strength to my lashes. I’m not sure I’ll be picking this up since I’ve found something that works great already for a good price… but this is nice for people in the US!

    • Emily

      Hey aimee can you tell me the name of the product and where to purchase as I’m heading to Bangkok lAter this year xx

  5. Judy

    I’m definitely going to get this & try it out. It sounds amazing.

  6. Amanda Dubs

    naw. Im good with my lash length. Even now when I use lengthening mascara it gets all over my eyeshadow. And it would be evven worse if my lashes were longer XD

  7. At least they’re being completely shameless about the false lashes?? I still can’t stand the sort of false advertising, though.

  8. Kimmy V

    will this be available for pro discount?

  9. Katie

    I have found that using eye makeup remover (I alternate between Neutrogena and L’oreal…whatever is on sale!) has made my eyelashes longer and thicker.

    I’ll stick to mascara for longer lashes. The thought of my eyes possibly changing colors is horrifying. Not worth it!

  10. Kind of off topic- but regarding your allergy with lining your upper eye lid…thats exactly what used to happen to me…i couldnt use any liner..but cliniques quickliners or eyes really came to my rescue…tis the only eyeliner pencil which doesnt cause allergies for me

  11. Sara

    I might give it a try. I’m not blessed in the lash department and have been considering Neulash for quite some time now

  12. Saffy

    I would consider giving this a try (I’m a sucker for lash products), but I’d need to know more about allergic reaction warnings and if there are any side effects. I always feel a bit wary putting things like this so close to my eyes. The price of nearly $40/tube CDN is off-putting, though. MAC products are made in Canada AND our CDN dollar is on par with the US dollar – I don’t know why MAC feels the need to tack on such an outrageous price difference.

  13. CurlyBrunette

    I think I will stick yo my Rapidlash instead. It’s once a day and it works! Now that I have been using it since February I only have to use it every other day. My lashes are amazingly long and I grew lashes where there were none before. MAC’s does sound interesting though. I just don’t like that it’s twice a day.

  14. victoria

    it first says patented, then patent-pending. make up you mind, mac.

  15. vee kay

    cristine I really respect your stance at not trying lash growth serums but I think the l’oreal renewal lash serum is worth a try. it’s not exactly a lash growth serum, it’s more like a lash conditioner. I have seen good results with it, my lashes look stronger and healthier

    • It’s totally not that I don’t think they’d work or show some results, but I just don’t want to even mess with the area since I’m already sensitive at the base of my upper lashes!

    • HoHum

      Don’t mean to burst your bubble or anything, but…
      L’Oreal Lash Serum (and any product like it) is 100% useless and it relies solely on the hype that the parent company built-up about it, to drive its sales. In other words, you could slather some baby oil on your lashes and have the exact same results that you’d get using the “serum”.

      In contrast, Rapidlash, Latisse, and the like DO work for one reason (and one reason alone) which is that: they’re all “Prostaglandins”, containing the active ingredient: bimatoprost (or a relative of it, whose molecular similarity to Bimatoprost is close enough to produce the same results). Prostaglandins are believed to work by prolonging the growth cycle of eyelashes (or other hair folicals it’s applied to, such as eyebrows).

      The main underlying factor, that many people tend to overlook, with such products (including anything that falls under the skincare category) is that, unlike makeup, they have to be formulated to an exact science, and contain active ingredients which are scientifically proven to be effective in a manner consistent with it’s claims …and unfortunately, most skincare and specialty products carry big claims, with little to no substantiated evidence to back them up –and the majority of consumers get blindsided by million dollar advertizing campaigns which use image, hype, and branding as effective distractions.

  16. NessaMBaby

    Thissounds interesting. It prob doesn’t compare to those expensive ones they sell for over $100 though I’m guessing? Xoxo

  17. Brittany

    dang this is coming out tomorrow! Mac is going crazy with collections

  18. Brittany

    eh this is a skip =/

  19. Sherri

    The amazing fact about this specific product is, unlike some other lash growing products that are a prescription drug, this is a cosmetic treatment, not a drug. It’s similar to a protein shake body builders drink to get stronger and bigger; however it’s for your lashes. I have sensitive eyes and I am not having any uncomfortable feeling, not to mention I’m liking what I see so far. If you are skeptical please look up the facts. I promise you all it is not a drug.

  20. Karen

    I think we should wait for the review from Paula Begoun’s cosmetic cop Beautypedia, she makes extreme indepth review on cosmetics products specially SKINCARE!!!!!!!

  21. Ally

    Yay, I got this as gratis at work today, I’m excited to try it!!

  22. steohanie lujan

    i think i might like it