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MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot
MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot

MAC Posh Paradise Paint Pots Swatches, Photos, Reviews

MAC Paint Pots ($17.50 for 0.17 oz.) are included in the Posh Paradise collection which hits stores tomorrow. I’m not sure how some shades sold out so quickly on, but all but Half-Wild are in stock at Nordstrom (free shipping). It doesn’t look like it’s launched at Bloomingdales, Dillard’s, or Macy’s (free shipping over $50), but all of these retailers should also launch the collection today or tomorrow.

There are six shades featured in this post: Genuine Treasure (reflects antique gold), Half-Wild (mid-tone purple), Idyllic (mid-tone copper bronze), Nubile (light peachy nude), Pure Creation (mid-tone frosty blue), and Treasure Hunt (light pearled yellow). All products and shades from this collection are limited edition.

  • Genuine Treasure is a glittery bronze with flecks of antique gold, pewter, and a silvery-gray cast. It’s a very complex color, but the texture is less-than-desirable, because of the glittery finish, it’s gritty and rough. It’s harder to blend out and difficult to get a solid, opaque result in color. I also experienced some fall out after a couple of hours. It is a warmer, browner version of Benefit Skinny Jeans (and obviously, it has a glitter finish compared to a cream one!). I didn’t think it compared well with any of MUFE’s Aqua Creams, though. The finish is similar to those from Cham-pale. It seems a bit similar to Inglot #403 for an eyeshadow version.
  • Half-Wild is a red-toned medium-dark purple with subtle shimmer. It’s a grape-esque purple, but it’s not too bright and has significant red undertones. The closest cream shadow dupe I could think of was Benefit Purple Snap, which is lighter and less red-based. For powder eyeshadow dupes, it seems similar to Inglot #386.
  • Hyperviolet is reviewed here.
  • Idyllic is a burnished reddish-brown. It’s an interesting color, because it incorporates brown, burgundy, red, and copper together. It’s not copper, but it’s also not so dark or red that it’s burgundy. It seems like it would be comparable to MAC Artifact but with a frosted finish as well as Benefit stiletto. Illamasqua Resolute is a bit redder.
  • Imaginary is reviewed here.
  • Nubile is a lightly frosted peachy-beige. It’s a lovely shade that would work well as a general purpose eyeshadow base but also as a wash of color on the lid to brighten the eyes. It’s in the family of Painterly and Soft Ochre–not similar in color but in use–and it’s the most versatile of the eight. It’s lighter and less metallic compared to Benefit RSVP. It seems similar to theBalm Luscious Lani as far as a pressed eyeshadow version goes.
  • Pure Creation is a muted medium blue. It’s like a darkened sky blue to me; it doesn’t have the same lightness as a traditional sky blue would have but similar qualities. It’s not navy blue nor is it ocean blue. It’s much more muted compared to Make Up For Ever #20. It reminded me more of theBalm Sensational. It’s not as as silvered as MAC Moon’s Reflection.
  • Treasure Hunt is a pale yellow gold–but it’s not too gold. It’s not like Goldmine, which has a stronger orange tinge to it. This is so yellow that it almost reads like a cool-toned yellow; more comparable to Gorgeous Gold without the duochrome. It has the most metallic finish of the eight.

With the exception of Genuine Treasure, the texture of these was creamy with just the right amount of glide and slip to make for easy blending but not a long dry down time. Paint Pots wear well on me (twelve hours without budging, creasing, or fading) whether as an eyeshadow base or worn alone as a wash of color. They can be sheered out for softer color or applied heavily; the color payoff is more dependent on your application than the product, as the majority went opaque when applied and only sheered out with actual blending. Again, Genuine Treasure was the one that had the sheerest color overall; it reads more like a glittery layering shade.

Paint Pots come in heavy glass jars with a black, rubberized screw-top lid.  I haven’t had issues with Paint Pots drying out over time, and I’ve had some for more than two years.  The only one that has ever dried out was when I left the lid off for two or three days (aka my fault), and I microwaved it for about 10 seconds, stirred, and let it reset–and it was good as new (just make sure to remove the top before microwaving).  Each jar contains a good amount of product; you certainly won’t run through a jar in a month or two, even if you use it everyday.  I like the 242 or 249 to apply these best.  A fluffy brush like the 217 works well to blend out the edges if you are looking to wear it as a wash.

The Glossover


MAC Posh Paradise Paint Pots Swatches, Photos, Reviews

This is a really solid release--they work well overall, and Genuine Treasure is the only finicky one that has a certain appeal but may take more patience and trial/error to get just right. These have a nice consistency and texture so they apply and wear well.











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MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot
MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot

MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot
MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot

MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot
MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot

MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot
MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot

MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot
MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot

MAC Half-Wild Paint Pot
MAC Half-Wild Paint Pot

MAC Half-Wild Paint Pot
MAC Half-Wild Paint Pot

MAC Half-Wild Paint Pot
MAC Half-Wild Paint Pot

MAC Half-Wild Paint Pot
MAC Half-Wild Paint Pot

MAC Half-Wild Paint Pot
MAC Half-Wild Paint Pot

MAC Idyllic Paint Pot
MAC Idyllic Paint Pot

MAC Idyllic Paint Pot
MAC Idyllic Paint Pot

MAC Idyllic Paint Pot
MAC Idyllic Paint Pot

MAC Idyllic Paint Pot
MAC Idyllic Paint Pot

MAC Idyllic Paint Pot
MAC Idyllic Paint Pot

MAC Nubile Paint Pot
MAC Nubile Paint Pot

MAC Nubile Paint Pot
MAC Nubile Paint Pot

MAC Nubile Paint Pot
MAC Nubile Paint Pot

MAC Nubile Paint Pot
MAC Nubile Paint Pot

MAC Nubile Paint Pot
MAC Nubile Paint Pot

MAC Pure Creation Paint Pot
MAC Pure Creation Paint Pot

MAC Pure Creation Paint Pot
MAC Pure Creation Paint Pot

MAC Pure Creation Paint Pot
MAC Pure Creation Paint Pot

MAC Pure Creation Paint Pot
MAC Pure Creation Paint Pot

MAC Pure Creation Paint Pot
MAC Pure Creation Paint Pot

MAC Treasure Hunt Paint Pot
MAC Treasure Hunt Paint Pot

MAC Treasure Hunt Paint Pot
MAC Treasure Hunt Paint Pot

MAC Treasure Hunt Paint Pot
MAC Treasure Hunt Paint Pot

MAC Treasure Hunt Paint Pot
MAC Treasure Hunt Paint Pot

MAC Treasure Hunt Paint Pot
MAC Treasure Hunt Paint Pot

MAC Paint Pot
MAC Paint Pot

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

I'm not sure how some shades sold out so quickly on, but all but Half-Wild are in stock at Nordstrom (free shipping). It doesn't look like it's launched at Bloomingdales, Dillard's, or Macy's (free shipping over $50), but these retailers should carry the launch :) $17.50 each.

Is it limited edition?


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See individual shade description.

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105 thoughts on “MAC Posh Paradise Paint Pots Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. Melissa

    These look great! Thanks, Christine! :)

  2. Will definitely have to pick up Nubile. Looks like it would make a wonderful base!

  3. I’ve never tried any of the MAC Paint Pots before, but would like to. Nubile looks so pretty. Do you know if it contains bismuth oxychloride, though? That’s an ingredient I’m allergic to. Hope it doesn’t have it!

  4. Nessa

    Love the swatches,will you review the rest of the mattenes later on? Xoxo

  5. Garima

    Swatchesssssssss!!! yay You know how much I missed you for swatches.. Finally I can make my final decision about posh paradise more easily.. Thanks :)

  6. Courtney

    Definitely interested in Half-Wild. I would definitely use it as a base for a purple smokey eye.

  7. Vern

    These definitely look better than the promo pics. I want them all.

  8. Jes

    i want them all! lovely!

  9. Yazmin

    i wanted them all before the swatches, now all i want is half wild

  10. Melody

    Glad I didn’t pick up Treasure Hunt. It’s soooo yellow. I got all the others except Pure Creation though.

  11. Lucy

    Still cannot decide which 3 to get. I want something which is very different and has some shimmer in it.
    The only paint pot I have is indianwood.

    Do you think nubille would show up peachy on pale skin tones or would it be not very noticeable?

    I love imaginary and half wild but I worry that I won’t suit them very well as I don’t look good with dark colors on my eyes.

  12. Chelle

    Finally lol! I went ahead and ordered Half-Wild and Hyperviolet as soon as they were available on the website. Good thing too, Half-Wild is sold out…for now at least. Not even Nordstroms has it!

    • So sorry! I just got back from NYFW yesterday afternoon and spent all afternoon photographing but couldn’t force myself to stay awake after 10PM to crop and review.

      • It’s okay – we knew that you’d do it eventually! For next year, though, please tell them not to have fashion week when MAC drops a major collection ;-P.

      • Chelle

        Oh no don’t force yourself…it’s not that serious! For sure though after looking at your swatches I know I made the right decision in getting what I did. Thanks always for doing all you do!

  13. The Genuine Treasure is gorgeous but it’s sold out already :(

  14. Lulee

    awww man i wish genuine treasure looked like what i imagined in my head :(

  15. Christina

    Genuine Treasure reminds me a bit of the Reflects Gold Glitter. Would you say they’re along the same lines, Christine? If so, maybe the two can be layered to intensify the bronze in the glitter–or maybe that’ll just be overkill!


  16. Daisy

    Nubile, let us take a turn about the room…

  17. Christina

    Ooops, sorry, I think the glitter is Reflects Antique Gold–also the shade description they give for Genuine Treasure. How interesting!

  18. Holly

    As of 2pm EST (Sep 14) ALL products are available on the Canadian MAC website.

    I initially tried placing the order not realizing that it was the US site and, as you mentioned Christine, a number of the paint pots were sold out.

    However, once I switched to the Canadian site, voila! Order placed!

  19. Shannon

    Do you think Nubile is similar to Perky P/P?

  20. I’m getting Nubile for sure and perhaps Treasure Hunt. All the colors are lovely though.

  21. Emily O.

    I’ve never gotten interested in PP in 15 years of purchasing MAC. I’m not sure why they are so coveted. But looks like nice colors for the collector.

    • mumtaza

      the reason i’m so wild about them is that i have very sensitive eyes and i think oily eyelids. my right eye will literally cry upwards and wash off a big hole in my eyeshadow. i appreciate that this may be a wonderful natural defense mechanism against allergens and other substances that might attack my eyes but for someone who loves makeup it is a Major drag. The only formula that seems to be immune to this is the MAC paint pot (and gel eyeliner). that is why they are so beloved to me. i can’t speak for anyone else. also they are the best eyeshadow base i have ever tried bar none, and the application is very near idiot proof for the beginner.

      and Christine, not to worry! These do not launch at all in my town until tomorrow, no matter what, they’re not even taking pre-orders, i know- i was ready to lay down a card and reserve all of the paint pots. so you are still well in advance. thank you so much for taking this as seriously as i do. i rely heavily on your judgment and your passion for what you do!! what i want to know is, if sheered out, Treasure Hunt could be used as an eye brightener/color corrector like Benefit Lemon-Aid?

  22. Marci

    I love the purple and blue!I know I will admire the blue and never use it but I may use the purple. I have a love/hate relationship with your blog.:)

  23. Adaya

    Wow! Thank you Christine. Do you think Idillyic would suit blue eyes or will it make them look ill?

  24. Chelle

    The thing that interested me most about this review is your comment about microwaving your product after it’s been dried out. Do you have any idea if this would also work on stiff fluidlines?

    • No idea – haven’t tried. I’ve only had to bring that one paint pot back since all my fluidlines are still good to go. I do believe EnKoreMakeup has a video on bringing back gel eyeliners by adding silicone-based primer to it!

      • Chelle

        Thank you! I’ll go check out his video on that.

        Fluidlines, for the most part, have been excellent, with no drying out. But I found that two of the ones I got from the MAC Me Over collection are being a bit bothersome.

  25. Nicole

    Are these anything like MUFE aqua creams?

  26. NeenaJ

    Thanks, Christine! I bought Idyllic from Nordstrom’s. I can’t wait to try a brown smokey eye with it.

  27. Elysia

    nubile and treasure hunt are gorgeous!!!

  28. fabiola

    I went to the ppro store and they were sold out in some of them, but one of the girls gave me a sample of genuine treasure, and at firts I did not want it because of the little glitter, but I promise you I does not look like that at all on my eyes, I wore it alone with some dark brown on my outter v and some soft brown on my crease, and it looks beatyful. I am getting it on a mac stand. Thank you Christine, you are always a big help.

  29. Aleena

    I ordered genuine treasure yesterday and I’m sooo excited. I coundt believe that some of the were already sold out though!

  30. Christine, I have painterly paintpot, but I maybe will get nubile to. Is painterly compairable to nubile?

  31. Carrie Ann

    Ooh, wow! Pretty!

  32. Mariella

    I was interested in Buried Treasure til I read your review. Your description reminds me of Dangerous Cuvee paint pot from MAC (the ONLY MAC product I’ve ever returned). It had this gritty glitter that seemed to be the only aspect of the product that showed on my eyes. You’ve saved me a disappointment, so many thanks!

  33. Leah

    Oh, Half Wild is looovely

  34. I’m not sure if in my excitement i’ve missed this but when are these available in the UK? Just got mega excited and filled my basket on nordstrom to find out they don’t ship Mac to the UK. :(


  36. Jessica

    omiword I want all of them…eep!

  37. With It

    Thank you Christine for the excellent review as always!

    Unfortunately, the fact that these are already sold out (as seems to be the usual way for MAC limited items) is indicative of why I haven’t bought anything new from MAC in months. I’m just sick of the scrambling to get the new stuff… I mean seriously.

    I don’t understand their marketing strategy. Are MAC employees the ones selling sold-out items on ebay? Wouldn’t they make MORE money if they made more and sold more?

    Anyway, just my two cents. Maybe a MAC employee will read comments such as this and realize they are LOSING customers with this super-limited edition strategy.

    Thanks Christine, for all you do for us! :)

    • I was talking with LA PRO and they were saying how they only received as little as 15 of certain shades :/

      • When I bought mine at Nordstrom in Chandler, AZ, the girls said it was a good thing I came by yesterday, because they didn’t get a lot of stock ofthe collection. :-(

        • You know, the sales associate this morning at a MAC downtown store told me the same thing! I picked up “Half Wild” and she said that I got the last one 0_o

          Apparently, they only received THREE of them and they didn’t receive any “Deliciously Forbidden” mattens either….indeed weird.

          • With It

            Hi ladies,
            Glad to know I’m not alone! When I said “are MAC employees selling on ebay?” I meant like MAC “corporate” people, not individual employees.

            Personally, I find having SUCH A limited number a turn off from MAC. :( Since I don’t feel comfortable buying anything before reading Christine’s reviews, if it sells out before I have time to read the reviews.

  38. Lauren

    Maybe a stupid question, but can you use some of the darker colors as a eye liner?

  39. summerblue

    Definitely want Treasure Hunt. And it does look cool like you said in your vid. Right now both MAC & PRO are sold out, but the are saying that they will be getting more stock in. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • summerblue

      Wound up picking up Treasure Hunt. Probably won’t wear it alone, but as a base. Good pigmentation. Slightly moister than Painterly or Soft Ochre, but not as moist as Bare Study.

      The other colors weren’t for me as many clash with my yellow undertone. Did wear Genuine Treasure home on 1 eye. It’s a golden brown with the nano-sized gold specs giving it an antiqued gold look. Although it’s something I don’t need as I would rarely reach for it & I do have antiqued gold pigment, I was quite surprised that there was very little fallout; only when I inadvertently rubbed my eye a couple of times, &, even then, only a tad fell out under the eye. Highly recommend this color for anyone who can use it. In incandescent lighting, it sparks teal, red, gold, but very demurely. Very pretty.

      I truly suspect that Treasure Hunt (probably Idyllic & Genuine Treasure)will be repromoted in the future as it sold out so fast online.

  40. Meiya

    Ah, I love these!!! I have a Paint Pot addiction and these shades will fit in nicely.

  41. I already bought Genuine Treasure, Idyllic, and Treasure Hunt. They are amazing! Genuine Treasure is gorgeous! I used my naked pallette over it today. I used Darkhorse on the lid with Half-baked in nd just above the crease to blend out the edges. I also swatched Idyllic with Cranberry over it-it looked awesome! I definitely recommend these. They are unique, and really fun :-)

  42. Lindsay

    Hello, darling! Thanks for all you do! I have a question: how to idyllic compare to artifact paint pot? Can you help me out? Thanks!

  43. rachel

    Hello Christine!
    What colour would you recommend for blue eyes?

  44. Shannon

    Can you tell me how Idyllic compares to the discontinued paint pot Artifact? I am hoping they are as similar as they seem in pictures!

  45. Half-Wild is likely a touch easier – Hyperviolet could end up looking more bruise-like or as if you’d been crying. Hyperviolet is also darker, so it will absorb more color than Half-Wild.

  46. I lving purples lately so Half wild looks great to me!

  47. Nessa

    Asses.. There sold out at all those retailers for the one I wanted. =-/ xoxo

  48. Chelle

    So sad, Half-Wild is no where to be found. I highly doubt MAC will restock this collection or supply any extra to dept stores.

  49. LaceyS

    Thank you so much for the review! You have the best in depth reviews!!! I have to layer paint pots over UDPP or TFSI. I find Painterly to have a difficult formula to blend and it’s not very creamy.

    Christine-assuming you have painterly, can you verify that Nubile is creamier and/or easier to blend than painterly? Would you get a back up of this if you use painterly as your go-to base? Thanks!

    • Hi Lacey,

      Painterly has a thicker consistency than Nubile, so you would probably find it easier to blend than Painterly. I don’t think I’d get a back up of any of these – honestly, a paint pot lasts for SO long. Even if you use it everyday, by the time you finish it, I’m sure something else will have come out.

  50. Maureen

    Super upset that they’re sold out already. Wtf, MAC?

    • Maureen

      So, actually, I was really pissed and aghast that they had sold out online so quickly and that MAC had only sent a few of each color to store locations, especially because basically every loyal MAC customer EVER has begged and begged and begged for more Paint Pot colors. And it’s like, they give us Big Bounce no problem, but now this highly-coveted item is super cool and grossly understocked. But I’m thinking/wishing/hoping/praying that they’ll go all Bloggers’ on this and keep making more.

  51. Diana

    Yay! Paint Pots! I ran to Macy’s after reading this and bought Genuine Treasure, Treasure Hunt & Idyllic. I agree with your assessment of Genuine Treasure, it does seem like it will take some practice to perfect. Thanks Christine!

  52. Xaris

    All i Can say is. I may go broke when this is finally released. Holy moley. I’ve been waiting for good paint pots to splurge on.

  53. Jillann

    Macy’s has them in stock, both in stores and on-line. I bought 3 last night – treasure, half wild & blue. The half wild & blue look wonderful blended together.

  54. lauren

    would genuine treasure look good on fair skin and brown eyes?

  55. Corliss

    I bought 4 paint pots the darkest colors and 2 lipsticks. I wore imaginary paint pot and it was gorgeous.

  56. kisha

    i purchased half-wild, idyllic and pure creation!! love them and yes they are selling out FAST esp half-wild. u gotta swatch em first cuz the pics online do em no justice!!

  57. Pappetee

    Thanks for another awesome review, Christine! Its my first time using paint pots and I couldn’t be happier. I visited my nearest Mac store during the day of the launch and swatched all the pp on my arm. All of them are of good quality. As you have mentioned, the only pp that has issues was Genuine treasure. A few minutes after application, I tried to rub all of them, all 7 shades except GT moved, smudged and was all over the place that’s why I know I need to pass on it. I am currently enjoying 4 of them a- Idyllic, Imaginary, Pure Creation and Half-wild (the 2 latter colors are my favorites).

  58. Michelle

    Hmmm may have to break down and make my first MAC purchase (I know, I have been living under a rock for all of my makeup-loving life).

    Thank you for posting the weight/volume for products consistently. Macy’s website doesn’t even list the volume of the products and it is hard to order online for me if I don’t have a way to determine how much product I will be getting.

  59. I just ordered 2 lipsticks and 3 paintpots Genuine Treasure, Idyllic and Half wild :)

  60. Hi Christine,

    I was wondering if you could compare Treasure Hunt to Urban Decay Greed Primer Potion which is also a yellow colour. Are they similar? Do I need TH if I have Greed? Or will I regret not getting it, lol? Thanks.

    • Treasure Hunt is darker – so it appears yellower. It also seems less metallic and more pigmented. If you rarely use Greed, you don’t need Treasure Hunt, though!

  61. ariana

    I would wear genuine treasure pp all over the lid for a quick rocker chic look!

  62. Joan

    How close is Pure Creation paint pot to Blue Boy paint, in your opinion? I’m so sorry I ever let go of Blue Boy and am hoping this is a close match.

  63. Maria

    Nubile paint pot is very similar to Benefit Honey Bunny creaseless cream shadow (which is discontinued), so this is an excellent dupe for those who are wanting to grab a similar shade (practically identical!).

  64. I don’t have either Delft or Rollickin, unfortunately! Treasure Hunt is similar to Impeccably Rich. Nubile is much less pink. Idyllic is closest to Artifact.

  65. Emma

    I got Genuine Treasure!! :) x

  66. Gemma

    I just bought nubile on the uk mac site. How come they rereleased it? Wanted to get idyllic too but that was sold out.