Monday, August 15th, 2011

MAC Posh Paradise Collection for Fall 2011

Launch Date: September 15th, 2011 for U.S./Canada, October 2011 for International

Succumb to temptation in a Paradise that invites taboo encounters. Rare and exotic, these delights are divine; fig leaves meet fashion beneath a jungle canopy where Seeds of Desire sprout. Discover Unknown Pleasures with lavishly lush Nail Lacquers and Mattene Lipsticks. Semi-matte lips get ultra-pure colour in a slinky, slither-smooth formula that feels as light on the lips as lust. Trespass tantalizingly with pearlized Paint Pots in shades that create seamless coverage while blending smoothly over lids. Indulge yourself with a plush, posh and provocative collection of hypnotic hues.

Mattene Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Naked Bliss Neutral light pink
  • Rare Exotic Bright mid-tone blue pink
  • Legendary Mid-tone brick red
  • Unknown Pleasures Deep red blue
  • Seeds of Desire Deep brown plum
  • Eden Rouge Bright blue-red
  • Delectable Orange-beige
  • Potent Fig Deep blue grape
  • Deliciously Foribbden Mid-tone berry
  • Fresh Amour Light lavender

Plus Paint Pots & Nail Lacquers! 

Paint Pot ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Treasure Hunt Light pearled yellow (Frost)
  • Half-Wild Mid-tone purple (Frost)
  • Hyperviolet Deep violet (Frost)
  • Nubile Light peachy nude (Frost)
  • Idyllic Mid-tone copper bronze (Frost)
  • Genuine Treasure Reflects antique gold (Frost)
  • Pure Creation Mid-tone frosty blue (Frost)
  • Imaginary Blackened navy (Frost)

Nail Lacquer ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Immortal Gold Pale gold (Frost)
  • Rain of Flowers Blackened violet with violet pearlized pigments (Frost) (Repromote)

Fresh Amour, Naked Bliss, Delectable, Rare Exotic, Eden Rouge

Deliciously Forbidden, Legendary, Unknown Pleasures, Potent Fig, Seeds of Desire

Immortal Gold, Rain of Flowers

MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot

MAC Half Wild Paint Pot

MAC Hyperviolet Paint Pot

MAC Idyllic Paint Pot

MAC Imaginary Paint Pot

MAC Nubile Paint Pot

MAC Pure Creation Paint Pot

MAC Treasure Hunt Paint Pot

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192 thoughts on “MAC Posh Paradise Collection for Fall 2011 – Official Information & Photos

  1. Noga

    Paint pots, finally! I need to start saving :)

  2. Tiffany

    So many new paint pots!!!

  3. I can’t wait for the new mattene lipsticks! They are TDF!!!

  4. PAINT POTS! Woooooooh!!! 😀

  5. Lulee

    The paint pots sound exciting, particularly Genuine Treasure. If it looks anything like reflects antique gold pigment that I am dying to get my hands on, I’m all over it.

  6. Amanda A

    This sounds awesome! Are the mattene lipsticks a new formula? Or are they something MAC is bringing back. If they are not new, do you have any experience with them Christine?

    • I don’t know if they changed the formula of Mattenes or not, but they have come out before. I believe most recently they were in Style Black. They’re matte lipsticks.

  7. divinem (Melissa)


  8. Ooooh, paint posts! Those will sell out quick!

  9. Chantal

    Will they never release new CREAM shades of paint pots?!? Enough with the frosts, already!

    MAC, why can’t I quit you???

    Um, sorry about that. I feel better now. :)

    • Sandy

      Exactly….creams are my favourite and they’re so versatile!

      • Sarah M

        I suppose the contrast of shimmery eyes and matte lips is what MAC is going for with this collection but I totally agree that we need more cream paint pots!

        • Chantal

          That’s a good point, actually. Having gone back and read the concept, I think you’re right.

          To be honest, I didn’t even look at the collection — I just saw “Paint pot” and checked the list for creams. And then rolled my head back, wailing “KAAAAAAAHNNNN!!”

          These actually sound nice (hopefully they are pigmented). It’s just that, between Champale and the Big Bounce fiasco, I’ve been getting restless for more cream paint pots. But they aren’t really a flashy L.E. item; I think they’d fit better in the permanent collection (Painterly and Soft Ochre are among my most frequently used makeup items; I just need MOAR!). Now, if only MAC asked me… :)

    • Puffnstuff

      I also agree enough of the tacky frost! Ugh!!!

    • Simone

      I was disappointed too to see no cream paint pots…in bright colors too!

  10. Jette

    I could need a CP for the paint pots. A PP here in Denmark is 30$.. :(

    I own every single PP ever released so I NEEEEEEED these… *cries*

  11. Kara

    Yay for paint pots!!

  12. Nik

    YES!!!! Finally new paint pots :)
    Ooooo I am excited for fall collections to come out now
    Mac needs to stop releasing collections that I need to buy!

  13. Jill

    Hooray!!!!! More paint pots…lots more!!!!

  14. egon

    I love PP but only cream formulas (like painterly & girl friendly) because they work great on my super oily lids (up to 6 hours ) frosts not that much =( but I never tried a Mattene lipstick & I cant wait for U to review them .. Thanks Christine

  15. Jasmine

    Yay!New Paint Pots

  16. Brie

    My poor wallet…

  17. Hendrix

    Oh man, MAC is really killing me with all the purple lipsticks lately… 😀

  18. La.pLebiitah

    I’m sooo getting Rare Exotic & Fresh Amour..<3

  19. Moni

    YAY!!! new paint pots!!!!

  20. Alyson

    I agree–the thought of new paint pots is AWESOME!

  21. Kajol

    OMG MAC! my wallet is crying!!

  22. Devi


    I was just thinking last night about how they needed to launch a collection that had some paint pots that weren’t neutral colors. Kinda wish that they weren’t all frosts though.

  23. Laura

    PAINT POTS YAY!! Getting them all for sure!

    • Laura

      Ok…there’s actually no way I’ll be able to afford all the Paint Pots so I’ll have to narrow it down, especially as I quite like Mattenes too, and there are so many other collections to consider! At the moment I’m thinking I’ll definitely get Half-Wild, Hyperviolet, Genuine Treasure, Pure Creation and Imaginary. Maybe Treasure Hunt too. I’m pretty sure I already have coppery and peachy Paint Pots so I can probably skip those two.

      I have been waiting for new Paint Pots for AGES – especially purple ones, so I really hope MAC doesn’t disappoint with these. The Cham-pale ones were pretty poor :(

  24. bxboricua

    Paaaaiiiint Pots!!!!! :)

  25. Mo

    OMG. I feel like I’m dreaming! MAC overload on Temptalia’s site today. LOL!

  26. Mo

    Sept is my birthday month. I never tell anyone what I want for my birthday but this year I’m telling any and everyone I know that I want a MAC gift card. LOL!!

  27. Antonia

    Yay paint pots!!! Can’t wait!!!

  28. Karli


    ahhhhhhhhhh YAY! :)

  29. kaoyee

    Ooohhh new paint pots!!! *dances a jig*

  30. Lilac

    oh, I had imagined some cream p/p, too, not only frosts. I guess I will try to see how the ProLong-Wear Satins are turning out, maybe those will be better for me. Same as other commenters, the satin p/p are great bases and stick like glue, but the shimmery ones are a creasing mess (only personal opinion, of course). I could not work with Bare Study, for example and sold it, but the Coral p/p from a summer LE (no idea why I bought this, as I am PPP but I guess I was adventurous) is a great base for dark eyeshadows and stays on forever.

  31. Melody

    Oh yeah! I’m dying to try a mattene! And new paint pots!

  32. Leah

    OMG OMG OMG OMG! This is a dream collection!

  33. Marina

    Paint Pots – MUST HAVE:

    Nubile Light peachy nude (Frost)
    Idyllic Mid-tone copper bronze (Frost)
    Genuine Treasure Reflects antique gold (Frost)

    Yeah…I like neutrals…but YAY! PAINT POTS!

  34. New mattenes AND new paint pots?? Pinch me.

  35. YES! FINALLY paint pots!

  36. These paint pots sounds amazing! Too bad they just don’t work for me, no matter what I do, they always crease. Oh well, my wallet doesn’t mind 😉

  37. that’s a LOT of paint pots!

  38. rowan

    YAY mattenes! my favourite lipstick!

  39. Krista

    Not paint pots! I usually have to buy all of them.

  40. Jessica

    I remember first hearing about MAC…. maybe 4 years ago? But it would still be a few years before I actually bought from them. I remember going on youtube and just dreaming about being able to affored it someday. Anyway I basically became obsessed with Mattene lipsticks but they discontinued them! So now I can fineally fulfill my fantasy. It would seriously be a dream come true if MAC decided to re-release old collections (like neo sci-fi or heatherette….)!!!! I also bought a paint pot and it seriously made my eyeshadow last like 20 hours (until I washed it off) so I am excited for those too!

  41. Judy

    Oh Holy Mother of MAC collections. The Fall is going to break the bank. I’m not complaining. I am in total MAC Heaven right now. I will be getting a bunch of stuff from all the upcoming collections. I need to make time & make a wish list because it’s too many to remember. :-)

  42. Becca

    wtf is with all these MACcollections?!?!?!?!?!!

  43. Emily

    PAINT POTS?!?!?!?! YESSSSSS!!!!!!

  44. Allie

    I’m so happy that Paint Pots are being released with this collection! I love how smoothly they apply and how long they last. I’m probably going to snatch up a few of these, especially the colored ones.

  45. Julia

    OMG!!!! Paint Pots!!! (now I will just have to cross my fingers that they do not have the same finish as the ones from Champale!)

  46. Grace

    PAINT POTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Jennifer

    ooh paint pots! yes sir! i think i want them all! :) hehe

  48. coco72

    oooohhh, new Paint pots! Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  49. This collection sounds interesting. Definately want nubile pp & naked bliss l/s & rare exotic l/s. What do you girls like?

  50. shuz4ever

    Paint pots whoopeeee…ok MAC u are working u’r way closer to being forgiven for my Jealousy Awakes online shopping debacle 😉

  51. Tracey

    I’d like to see a green Paint Pot, something like Moss Scape which I never got to try.

  52. lustrebonbon

    Paint Pots? Color me excited.

  53. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll start saving for all of the fall MAC buying.

  54. What is the finish for a Mattene lipstick like? Is it like a matte/dryer look? :)

  55. OH I’m excited for the paint pots! I’ve been really into cream shadows and I wanna stock up!

  56. kristi

    finally violet paintpots. ive been waiting for this for a LONG time.

  57. Traci

    GASP! Purple paint pots!

  58. Lark

    Paint pots!!!!! I can’t wait; but I thought Paint Pots were August…

  59. JO

    i’ll be getting all the paintpots i collect them :)

  60. antonia

    ahhhhh i’m so excited for those paint pots!

  61. JEN

    Oh geeze! Paint pots!!! I love em all! Too bad there is no green one. I would love if they came out with a color similar to humid e/s.

  62. Frankie

    I want all 8 paint pots! I am so excited for new and bolder colors!

  63. Amber

    10 days before my birthday
    i guess i know what im buying myself for my bday
    been waiting for some new paint pots!!! <3

  64. Christina

    Well let’s see when the Cham Pale Collection came out last year in December I got half of the collection including all 4 of the paint pots. And now that Mac is coming out with a new collection for the fall I see myself getting all 8 of the paint pots and 3 of the lipsticks, but however it would be nice if they can come out with some cream paint pots instead of it being all frost.

  65. Phylena

    I can’t wait to see the swatches and pics so I can weed some of these out, because right now I want it all (especially the paint pots)

  66. Melissa

    How exactly do u use a paint pot? is it just a cream shadow???

    • Ashley

      Yes, it’s a cream shadow and / or eyeshadow base. If you use a nude one as a base, it will not affect your eyeshadow color, but if you use a frost/glitter type, it will enhance or dominate your eyeshadow color (depending on what you use). They’re pretty versatile. :)

  67. Ashley

    OMG Paint Pots! And a blue paint pot! I’ve been waiting for one! (wasn’t really into makeup when the blue one was released years ago) I love the frost-types! So many to choose from. I can’t wait. Thanks for this info!

  68. Maline

    Girls I think you will be pleased with the paintpots, just today I’ve been to Update and although the paintpots says frost, I can tell you most of them are not frosty. The only ones I saw with real sparkly shimmer to them were Treasure hunt and Genuine treasure. All of the rest were more creamy with maybe a slight sheen (think quite natural or groundwork). PS: the mattene lipsticks are TO DIE FOR! :)

  69. Victoria

    PAINTPOTS!!! EXACTLY what I’ve been wishing for in a MAC collection<3 Can not wait for pictures!!!!:D

  70. VJNS

    I love paint pots. My paint pots last me about 3 years, if not more. Do you think they’re still good? They haven’t separated nor do they smell. I wonder how long they can actually last. Any idea?

  71. Troian

    Looking forward to this collection!!! I just hope the color descriptions are more accurate than in MMO.

  72. 8 paint pots? WOW!!! My wallet is going to hate me…but they will be mine! :) I love Paint Pots!

  73. I’m so exciting to discover new paint pots !!!! I can’t wait !

  74. Kheila

    i cant wait for the paint pots!

  75. Gina

    I’m more excited about the paintpots in this collection. I can’t wait to get them…

  76. Fame

    Since MAC has put paint pots and eyeshadows a dollar more on their website I won’t be getting as much from this collection as I planned.

  77. When will pictures for this collection become available?

  78. Katie

    Well I had my mind set on getting Runaway red from the Make-me-over collection to be my Fall red lippie. However “Legendary” sounds like it could be more my speed being a ‘brick red’ shade. So I’m going to hold out and wait for this collection as these lippies sound pretty promising to this lipstick lover.

  79. Jasmine

    Paint pots! I want Nubile so bad D:

  80. LOVE Paint Pots, so I’ll likely be purchasing some/most/all of them. Christine, were the Mattene’s released in a previous LE collection? I feel like I’ve heard of them before.

  81. lehhhbabe

    I can’t wait for this collection. About time MAC has new paint pots! :)

  82. Love pEace and Mac

    Delicious, I can’t wait!

  83. Judy

    I’m so psyched about this collectio. I’ve wanted Potent Fig since I’ve heard about the color description. Now that I have a picture, I may get two of them. Here’s my list so far. I have never tried a mattene before, but have heard wonderful things about them. I will also try my first paint pot with this collection. Thinking about Half-Wild.

    Potent Fig Deep blue grape
    Deliciously Foribbden Mid-tone berry
    Fresh Amour Light lavender
    Rare Exotic Bright mid-tone blue pink

  84. I have been waiting for new paint pots! YAAAAA!

  85. Kayla

    Why are there great collections when I won’t be able to afford them?! Ugh!

  86. Mariella

    Loving some of the paint pots – they’ve needed more colours for some time (though I’d like to see something more like Green Stroke). I just bought 2 lippies today and want to get Oh, Oh, Oh when it’s released so I may pass on these lipsticks.

  87. Ahhhh…now this was the collection I was waiting for!! Paint pots galore, lots of lovely new toys!! (I think I need all of them.)

  88. Amna Al Marri

    Matt lipsticks , can’t wait for the swatches..

  89. Courtney

    I’m not suddenly thrilled by anything I’m seeing, but I’ll certainly check it out. Might find something good for daywear or a nice shadow base in the paint pots.

  90. Isobel

    wish list- Rare exotic, eden rouge, potent fig, half wild, hypervioler, pure creation, imaginary

  91. I’m relieved that paint pots don’t work for me (at all!), or else this collection would cost me a fortune.

    I may have to indulge in a couple of mattenes though 😉

  92. Rachel W.

    i don’t own any mac paint pots
    i see that’s going to change!

    i want them all

  93. Katie

    Deliciously Forbidden is my lippie of choice.

  94. caroline

    stocking up on the paint pots!

  95. rowan

    can’t wait!

  96. I just passed out at the sight of all of those paint pots!!!!

  97. wow the paint pots & polishes have me excited!!! thanks for the sneak peek!

  98. Tanya

    oh, the blue NP and paintpots are so pretty!!

  99. thepaigest

    I was going to buy a couple of the matte lipsticks from NARS but now thinking wait for these guys?? I looove the polishes too! Very pretty. Must have Treasure Hunt…very cool!