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i have one sheer – a clear. if i want different shimmer i’ll mix an eyeshadow into it. sheer glosses are a waste of money imho, when it gets to the point where it looks like oil or water on the lip it gets ridic.

2nd this, exactly my issue too. Not that I’m complaining mind you! but still, sheers are usually a waste for those of us they don’t show up on.

Yes, for sure. My lips are very pigmented and it’s not super easy to find really opaque glosses and I hate when I buy a gloss that I thought would work and my natural lip color shows right through it.

I feel the same way.1 sheer gloss is more than enough, because chances are I will hardly ever use it.I love opaque lipglosses.

Haha, that’s an interesting question. I have several sheer glosses and for how similar they are for some reason they still look different on my lips. Personally I don’t like very sheer glosses alone because most of the time they just make my lips look oily as if I didn’t wipe off the pasta sauce from lunch.

Yes you can! Personally, I don’t like sheer lipglosses so I only have one. I’m a lipstick girl. When I buy a lipgloss, I must know that it’s pigmented. I don’t see why you’d have tons of sheer lipglosses, they all look the same!

Im not a big fan of sheer glosses and I almost never wear them on their own. The only sheers I have are unique enough…. such as the effect the shimmer gives it. Im a lipstick kind of boy!

I’m paying for pigment when I buy any cosmetic, so owning tons of sheer glosses does not compute. When I can get an LA Colours clear gloss that hydrates a little, can be tinted at home and costs a buck, why not save money for other items?

i only have a few, as sheer lipglosses do nothing on my lips, and to use it ontop of a lipstick is just a waste of product to me. i have very pigmented lips. im only interested in the ones with sheer colour and have some sparkle to it

For me, no. I prefer sheer glosses because they allow you to mix on the days you would like and wear alone on others. I always have a good laugh getting ready in the morning because I dig through a pile of pigmented gloss to find the same sheer 2 or 3 glosses that go in my bag for work everyday. It never fails.

Lately I have been making sure I swatch glosses before buying because too many look pretty in the bottle and have no pigmentation. Just glitter. One like that is fine. But I agree with another poster. I am paying for pigment and if they can’t deliver there isn’t any sense in getting it.

Yes, BUT I keep them EVERYWHERE–in my car, at my desk, in multiple rooms at home. I don’t have to worry about matching.

I hate sheer glosses because I have pale lips. I need color in my glosses. Reading the responses of the gals who prefer them is a funny reminder to me of how we are all built different. Wish I could send off to some of you some of my glosses that I bought and hate because they have no color!

It’s insane how some companies market sheer glosses. Chanel glosses, for example. Sometimes it gets to a point where you can’t tell them apart once they’re on the lip and it’s ridiculous.

I think one would be my limit, but then again I really prefer bright lipsticks and glosses over clears and nudes, so I might be biased.

*nods* exactly. MAC does it too *hides from flames* Granted, I like a lot of their stuff but I must have five lipglasses that all look nearly the same pink or similar ‘pinky-brown’ color on my lips, usually more sheer than not.

I just did this. I actually swatched all mine on a white paper to see how many looked similar, and it was shocking how many did. I probably purged half and will be a lot choosier in the future. Which is why review sites like this are so great!

Sheer glosses are pointless for me. My lips are too pigmented to notice any slight difference and I prefer to disquise how dark my lips are with pigment. I own several glosses that aren’t pigmented enough that will work for layering, but they mostly sit unused.

I definitely think so. I think the US market makes waaaaay too many sheer glosses. I don’t understand why they don’t make more opaque ones.

I like sheer glosses when they add a subtle bit of tint or have unique sparkle but when they look completely clear or all look the same then I can see that being a little excessive. But I still like the ones I have a lot and reach for them more often than my super pigmented lip products.

I am probably in the minority but I like sheer glosses with shimmer. Unless it is shimmerless and it is sheer to the point of clear, I would dislike it.

When you have lips as pigmented as mine, without going into layering over nude base colors, a decent proportion of lipgloss just shows up sheer. Anything intentionally sheer shows up closer to “absolutely clear” on me, shimmer aside.

So…I guess I find glosses useful as long as they’re…medium pigmented for glosses? They don’t have to be the most pigmented in the world for me to find them wearable.

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