Thursday, April 29th, 2010

MAC Opulash Mascara

MAC Opulash Mascara ($14.00) is the latest mascara from MAC, and it’s exclusively at Nordstrom until May 27th (when it will launch at all MAC locations).  It’s designed to give you “the most extreme volumization ever seen” along with curl without “clumping or Spider-Woman Syndrome” and “superlative separation.”  It’s only available in one shade–Bad, Bad Black.

The wand is incredibly large–probably the largest MAC wand to-date–and reminded me quite a bit of DiorShow, actually.  It’s large, kind of fluffy (but not actually fluffy), and it has a very tapered edge.  I do like the tapered edge, because it does make it easier to reach the lashes on the inner corner of the lid as well as coat the bottom lashes.  Even though the brush is on the larger side, I didn’t find it unwieldy–there wasn’t much of a learning curve.  If you prefer smaller mascara wands, though, this will definitely be a mascara to check out in person first.

The formula itself is very lengthening while doing an excellent job at separating lashes and not clumping–except if you wait too long between coats.  This is a drier mascara; there is no wet, glossy look, and it does dry down quickly, so you need to work fast in order to get the maximum effect with this mascara.  I found it gave me some volume, but it wasn’t over-the-top.  I didn’t encounter any smudging or flaking while test-driving this mascara for the past week either.

I liked the soft, feathery look Opulash gave my lashes along with some very nice length!  I’m actually surprised I didn’t see length pushed in the marketing write-up for Opulash, because I look at the before/after photos, and I see longer, slightly blacker lashes, but not necessarily a ton of volume.  I found two or three quick coats was all you needed to get the feathery lash effect going.  More than that resulted in a bit of clumping, but if you don’t load up your lashes with the product, it’s a nice, full and feathery lash that’s clump-free.

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  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation:  If you love length and volume, Opulash might work well for your lashes.  If you have naturally lengthy lashes (lucky you!), you may want to pass on this one, because it may be super length… like obnoxious length (who knew there was such a thing!).

Availability: Nordstrom

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Opulash Mascara

MAC Opulash Mascara

MAC Opulash Mascara

MAC Opulash Mascara

MAC Opulash Mascara

MAC Opulash Mascara
Before / After

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60 thoughts on “MAC Opulash Mascara Review, Photos

  1. Rosy

    How would you say this compares to plushlash?
    (or, more subjectively – do you like it better ? :) )

    • It doesn’t — Plushlash does different things, so they’re not really comparable. Plushlash thickens quite a bit, while giving volume, but it doesn’t lengthen as much as Opulash. I need thickening, so since this mascara doesn’t do that, it’s not the best mascara for my lashes.

  2. MAC’s plushlash is still way better!

  3. Sounds very promising. I love Diorshow, although the wand is a bit too big for me, but nice and soft, not a big hard plastic blob, lol. :)

  4. Daphnee

    I saw a YT vid yesterday saying that it’s very similar to DiorShow with the results it gives lashes. Do you think they are similar?

  5. Lolly

    I actually quite like this mascara look! They make your lashes nice and full without looking too fake.

  6. I still have yet to be impressed my a MAC mascara. I think I will stick with my drugstore brands for now.

  7. Gloria

    Hey Christine, how would you compare the Opulash to the Plushlash?

  8. I’m definitely going to give this one a shot. I really like Diorshow, but the price is a bit high. So this sounds like a great alternative.

  9. Christina

    worth a try.

  10. Meagan

    Hmm…doesn’t impress me – I was excited for this :(

    For the feathery look, Fresh Firebird does a much better job.

    • Carrie

      I love Fresh’s Firebird mascara! It’s my current favorite. (Supernova is pretty good, as well.) I just wish it were less expensive.

  11. Jami

    I think ill give this a go. I was expecting more. It my do about as good as my fav(urban decay big fatty) mascara already does though….

  12. starr

    wow that is great at lengthening! i might just have to pick one up when it is available. What would you say is the best mac mascara?

    • I like Zoomlash, Plushlash, and Opulash — but it really depends on what you need for your lashes. I need a kind of do-it-all mascara, but I really need thickening, so Plushlash is my favorite.

      • starr

        hmm i have really short lashes so i might have to pick up opulash because your lashes look super long! thanks for the help :)

  13. Christina

    christine do you use a lash curler? is so what kind?

  14. Tiffany

    definitely picking it up when it comes to MAC stores :)

  15. ocelot1

    meh, i tried it at the counter and it did nothing for me- i have straight lashes with average length and volume. this mascara was pretty whack.

    weak mac! weak!

  16. Mirna

    I get the same effects with zoomlash and its way better. I tried Opulash at a MAC class last Saturday and after 3-4 hours there was fallout from the mascara drying on me :(

  17. shontay

    This mascara makes my lashes pop. I have long lashes already, but I like drama. I didn’t feel like paying for my usual Chanel mascara so I bought this. Well, big mistake in the end b/c this stuff made my eyes burn like hell. I was so disappointed. I love the look of it, but after a few hours my eyes had trouble with it and I don’t even wear contacts. Back to Chanel for me.

  18. Makfan186

    Did it keep your curl or weight it down????

  19. Carrie

    Thanks for posting this. I was curious about this mascara. If it doesn’t tend to clump or flake, I may give this a try. I was wondering, do the mascaras count for the Back to Mac program?

  20. I like the packaging for this one :) Pretty :)

  21. I think this would be a great mascara for those asian lashes (like mine!) which are short and straight.

    I love how opulash is drier formula because that means it’ll keep a curl and I also love that it lengthens with some volume!

  22. BeautyAddict

    I recently purchased this product at Mac Cosmetics in Kingsway Mall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It’s not Exclusive to Nordstrom I guess. It’s a wonderful product!!! This is my favorite of all the Mac mascaras I’ve tried so far!!!

  23. Jen

    Christine, is it the same as Mac’s Zoomlash or is it better?

  24. Christina

    They made your lashes look really beautiful Christine! I actually purchased this last Thursday and only used it once. Unfortunately I was in a rush that day, so it ended up coming out clumpy! =/ But of course, I will be giving this another chance, possibly tomorrow.

    BTW have you ever tried Lash Fusion XL from the Fusion Beauty line? OMG, I totally just sounded like one of their representatives, I’m not! Haha.

    But if you haven’t, you definitely have to! It is the best mascara I have ever tried, although it is fairly expensive ($24) I still love it. I, personally, could never fathom spending that much on a mascara, but at the time it was 10% off at Ulta (not much, I know, but still something) and I got a free lipgloss (from their line as well of course) along with it, so I figured why not! So I bought one for my mom and one for me, she’s a mascara fiend, and she loved it too! Try it Christine!

    • I don’t think I have! I’ll see if I can try it sometime :) I have about 30 mascaras to try right now, LOL.

      • Christina

        I’m the same way though! Lol. Particularly with drugstore mascaras, if I see one I want to try, I have to have it. Even though I have like 7 at home that are still unopened. Lol.
        Take care Christine, thanks again.

        BTW. I just checked the reviews on makeupalley for the mascara and they were pretty dismal, so that kind of bums me out. But I absolutely love it either way, =).

  25. cant go wrong for $14..

  26. Hmm I may have to give this a try. I do have naturally long lashes but I like to make my lashes look extra longer!

  27. Megan F

    Did you notice Opulash smells a little bit odd?? I bought it today and the scent was overbearing!!!

  28. BeautyAddict

    I actually went and got my Opulash and smelled it to make sure mine didn’t smell weird because I don’t usually smell my mascara but have never had one that smelled funny before either. So just so you know, mine smells like nothing reallyin fact I smelled for a weird smell Too much and got it on my nose lol. Take it back!!! Something is not right.

  29. After much anticipation this mascara is NOT good – it takes forever for lashes to look long and full, drug store mascara’s are much better. Very disappointed in MAC – not recommended!

  30. Tatiana

    I found it kind of has a different scent, not like usual Mascara scent, a bit fruity maybe?

  31. harley

    I tried this out once, but my lashes are quit long on there own so with this my lashes where touching the bottom of my brows! i was quit irritating.

  32. eemma

    does tis mascara count on the back to mac scheme?

  33. Gloria

    I have to curl my lashes, will this mascara hold the curl or not? Also wanted to know if any of the MAC mascaras come in waterproof and if so which one??

  34. Grace

    I was very disappointed with my opulash buy.
    It doesn’t last very long, and unlike too faced’s lash injection, it isn’t even remotely waterproof. It smudged all over when I yawned, and it had been dry for a good ten minutes!

  35. laura

    I just stop using this and switch to Revitalash mascara so far its doing good!

  36. andrea

    Seductive eyes start with the lashes…Many thanks to Revitalash for giving me great looking lashes.

  37. madonna

    High definition and luscious volume only from Revitalash. The newest evolution in lash and brow enhancement gives you longer, fuller-looking lashes and brows without a prescription! Just so effective that I wanted to share my great experience to everybody.

  38. stacey

    Eyes sting…funny smrll

  39. Julie

    I used hypnose from lancome and it is very good but it cost twice is much than Mac Opulash and work just is good. I love it and will never go back to lancome.